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Evidence – Ken Fleeing to “No Extradition Treaty” Dominica is a Knowing Lie

What follows is just one more step in the process of exposing the fact that Max Igan and Richie Allen are colluding in monumental lies so as to harm or destroy my integrity and by default kill the World Citizen Mission.  This is a short and sweet post that proves beyond any doubt that Max Igan is knowingly lying while Richie Allen is just a bumbling idiot in this case who has failed to even do the most basic of journalistic inquiries (more on that in a moment).  Having said that I will give Richie credit for the good work he has done in the past, this is sensible and fair.  But I will repeat as many times is as relevant, he is an affront to genuine journalists, in my case at least, and an enemy of the people in this position;

“You are OBLIGED to prove they are telling lies.” Richie Allen on the Richie Allen Show September 5, 2016 (reinforcing the guilty until presumed innocent, Guantanamo Bay reality he apparently wants – at least in my case)

Richie Allen, as you will see in this post and future posts, actually takes provably slanderous and baseless criminal accusations made by Max Igan as truth, summarises them as fact, and then later demands that I “prove” my innocence.  You could hardly make this stuff up, I can just see the “enlightened” Western audience that is so “aware” of the mainstream media (MSM) propaganda and thus waaaaaay beyond being useful idiots in the MSM crowd.  Can you picture them?  With their Starbuck’s coffees and “Not in my name” bumper stickers, cause I see them, soaking this bullshit right up.  I am actually happy for all of this stupidity because it offers many would be do gooder’s to seriously self-reflect, and if you bought into this shit, acknowledge you got taken for a long ride by your chosen Guru, Maxwell Igan.

This post deals with just one of the multitude of lies, for brevities sake.  As I say in the video, how many lies do I need to disprove before the liars become answerable to their lies.  Max Igan proudly declared he was putting his reputation on the line for these accusations.  So how much integrity is lost with this lie being exposed?

To see the evidence for yourself simply listen to and watch the videos and audio samples of selected clips from Richie Allen’s interview of Max Igan on August 28, 2016, along with a few very short videos from me.  TJP & enjoy.

So Richie Allen is stating Max’s claim that I am running off to Dominica with donated money because Dominica has no extradition treaties as if it is a fact.  Now let’s hear Max say it himself.

So Max says, “It looks like a pyramid scheme” (more on that in a subsequent post) and with Ken sitting in “no extradition” Dominica “people can charge him with whatever they want, they won’t be able to touch him and he will bring down the entire alternate media because the mainstream media will hear about (thanks for that Max) and they will have a field day with this”.  And the stunning reality is this, the MSM will not touch this story because there is nothing to support it at all!  Max Igan says it is so with his mates, and if the MSM did bring me on, or Max on, and the types of slanders that were said on Richie Allen’s show were said on the BBC, CNN, Fox, Sky, whatever, I would be in for a nice payday because all of these lies are slanderous lies intending to provably harm my reputation.  They are in truth an assassination attempt and thus a very serious crime.

Getting back to the delusional world of Max Igan/Richie Allen “alternative media”, apparently my real plan is to commit open fraud, steal donated money, live out the good life in Dominica and bring down the entire “alternate media” to boot.  Wow, Maxy has it all figured out… only there is a problem, quite a big one when it comes to this particular knowing, slanderous lie.

So what follows is proof of what I say in the video above, I never said to Max I was going to Dominica because it had no extradition treaties, that was a blatant lie that the newly identified pathological liar Max Igan sold, and which the incompetent “journalist” at best, Richie Allen, bought hook, line and sinker.  What fools, both of them.  Because Dominica, get ready for it, has an extradition treaty with the USA!  A nation that treats me as a terror suspect every time I touch their God forsaken soil.  Because their master Israel says it is so no less.In terms of Israel’s position with regard to me, and Max Igan’s self-appointed judge/jury & executioner God position with me, they are one and the same.  Maybe they should share some of their “evidence”?

“I don’t care what it does to my reputation I will put my life on the line for this, I will put my reputation on the line”.  Well there you have it folks.
Stay tuned.  TJP







An Actual Interview!

For those that watch Press TV you will know that I continue to do regular, proper interviews with them, that being said, I will do an actual interview with legitimate independent media today (Monday, September 19, between 1-2 am (London time) on the John Barbour Show.  The host will be news analyst Joe ‘JP’ Sottile.  I will of course be talking about the latest slander campaign along with actual information regarding the World Citizen Mission.  All many of you have heard lately is bog standard disinformation by enemies of the mission, not the same thing I can assure you.

As is required for any genuine interview, respect is given and respect is returned.  Whether it was BBC prostitutes playing their game of disinfo and character attacks, or “independent media” hacks actually inviting open and provable slander, I will never bow before such nefarious agents, nor should anyone else for that matter.

In the case of the BBC interviews, they were hostile and interuptive, but they were otherwise civil.  Thus the results you see in terms of how I dealt with them.

I must say however, Richie Allen has done some very good work in the past, many important subjects not covered by the MSM have been covered by him and for this he is due respect.  But his shameless abandonment of the presumption of innocence and hospitable hosting of relentless slander by his buddy just a week before makes clear, this man’s journalistic integrity was completely and totally abandoned when it came to the World Citizen Mission and more directly, me.  And this begs the question, why?

“You are OBLIGED to prove they are telling lies.” – Richie Allen’s position regarding slanderous criminal accusations made against yours truly on his program (September 5, 2016)

Many astute observers, including myself, recognise our current reality as a period of cleansing on planet Earth.  Many of us have little doubt that as this process plays out, those who defend natural rights and adhere to natural law, God’s law, whatever you wish to call it, will be on the right side of the line when the “day of judgement” comes.  The World Citizen Mission is in large part a mission directed at people across borders and cultures and around the world who are prepared to affirm and defend natural rights for everyone… with as much courage and resolve as they would employ in the defense of their own children.

In truth, a world governed by absolute respect for natural rights and a viable future for our children and future generations is one and the same.  It is that simple, and that is why this mission will be attacked throughout its birthing process.  And they will fail in their ultimate goal because indeed, “ideas are bullet proof”.

Gonna be a good interview, if you want another side show you will be disappointed.  Please share.  TJP

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EVIDENCE – World Citizen Solutions Financial Report (Part 1)

This report has been written primarily with the donors and supporters of the World Citizen Solutions Mission in mind and shall include all of the topics in the Syllabus at the bottom of this post. This task is however more complex due to a very direct attempt to assassinate my character and by default destroy the mission. While the practitioners of betrayal who utilise “the big lie” have an advantage over the truth teller in the short run, in the end the “truth always comes out”.

In practical terms we will be dealing with six slanderous accusations in this report. Ask yourself, if even one can be proven false, what impact does that have on the integrity of the accuser(s)? Better yet, what if all six can be proven false, what conclusions might we draw of the accuser(s) then?

My question is this, at what point will people who have been sitting in judgement recognise that they have been monumentally duped?

1. That I have stolen donated funds from the mission I created
2. That I am buying land with donated funds
3. That I have not paid people the wages they were owed
4. That I have no legal strategy or one that legal experts reject
5. That I have committed blackmail
6. That I am committing fraud

Indeed we have the evidence to expose every one of these accusations false. Furthermore, we have the proof that Max Igan and Richie Allen have provably lied to the public on two of the above accusations.

The money issues are the easiest of all to disprove since all accounting is documented, can be verified and ultimately undeniable. Soon people who will be forced to confront the reality that I not only did not steal, but that I have taken no pay for the entirety of this mission because of my dissatisfaction with poor work progress by the original team. Add to that the fact that I can prove over $10,000 of personal debt in support of this mission. And add to that the fact that I provably lost the one piece of land I ever “owned” due to my inability to pay. Provable and only a matter of time, so what then. What of Max Igan and Richie Allen’s integrity then?

But the deeper issue is this, are we seriously aware, wise, ethical beings and if so how is it possible that we so wilfully supported the destruction of the presumption of innocence and modern day lynch mob justice? Character Assassination is not dissimilar to the assassination of a human life, both are intended to destroy the individual and I have long ago accepted the objective reality that the powers that be cannot make a martyr of me, they must instead attempt to destroy my integrity.

Enter Max Igan and his public condemnations of me;
“This is absolute bullshit and it has the potential to do so much damage that I will not stand by and allow this to happen. And I don’t care what it does to my reputation, I will put my life on the line for this, I’ll put my reputation on the line, I will stand up and call this out.”

These are Max’s words, a bold statement for sure, enough to convince many, and yet number 1, 2 and 3 above will be proven lies upon people verifying evidence within this report. Number 4, 5 and 6 will likewise be destroyed by the truth within 14 days. Then what? More accusations and more defensive action on my behalf? Not even close, this mission will instead move forward, stronger and better and ready to face any future challenge. And those who bought into the current circus will be forced to realise that they were in fact played by a Radio Talk Show Host who lied and a “journalist” who supported those lies with the abandonment of the presumption of innocence.

With the publishing of this report there is officially NOTHING of SUBSTANCE, NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE, to support any of the accusations against me. And it will remain that way I am sure. Soon the position one will take is Max Igan’s provable lies absent of evidence vs. verifiable evidence. Forgive me the ease with which I am able to endure this madness but I have a faith in the truth every bit as strong as a truly religious man or woman has faith in God, indeed they are one and the same.

The syllabus at the bottom of this post reveals the content that what will be released over the next 14 days, section 1 & 2 of the syllabus addresses the accusations of misappropriation of funds, this is what we are releasing in Part 1 of the entire report today. Sections 3 & 4 (Part 2) will be released by September 25, 2016. The reason for releasing the report this way is that there is so much evidence it is very time consuming and challenging to decide what to edit out, understanding that people have limited attention spans.

For those of you who genuinely wanted this mission to succeed but got caught up in the lies, get ready to be humbled. But then get excited, the mission will not only survive this substantial attack, it will come out the backend and thrive.


World Citizen Solutions Financial Report
Written by Ken O’Keefe (September 11, 2016)

1. Finances

1.1 Introduction

When the World Citizen crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo in December of 2015 the target budget was $79,000. Due to nearly 1400 donors however the campaign received over $113,128 to date. Protecting and allocating these funds effectively is my sole responsibility and this is why all funds raised have come into accounts I control. Financial responsibility is one of my most critical charges and I treat this and every responsibility I have as a matter of honour.

Below is a screenshot of the original (and unchanged) pledge to donors as to how the Indiegogo funds would be utilised if our crowdfunding campaign was successful. As you will see the funding was allocated for Legal, Copywriting, Website Development, Staff Costs, PR/Media/Branding, Video Production and Administrative costs. I shall repeat, nothing at all has changed with this financial pledge.


Indiegogo sceenshot of ‘World Citizen Solutions’ campaign page (February 2016)

1.2 Unavoidable Fees

It is important to note that over $7000 of the total amount donated is paid out in Indiegogo fees as well as Paypal/merchant processor fees. In addition there are bank transfers fees, currency conversion fees and other such financial costs of simply moving money. All tolled when the campaign ended in February of this year we had a net budget of approximately $100,000. Of that, $56,414.80 remains today. Accordingly we have spent 43% of the original funds raised, with just over 56% remaining accessible and ready for utilisation today.

1.3 Shareholder Loans & the Potential Freezing or Seizing of World Citizen Funds

Subsequently we have received further donations and in fact the largest donor to the mission is myself, or my deceased mother depending on how you look at it. When my mother passed on in 2014 she left me an inheritance that has made it possible for me to inject funds as needed into the World Citizen Mission. In the course of money transfer security issues and other such challenges I have been compelled to inject my personal funds so as to keep important work progressing. Thus far I can document providing over $10,000 of ‘shareholder loans’ for World Citizen business and I have not claimed any of this back. The primary reason I have made this extra investment is because of ongoing and serious mission challenges associated with shifting large amounts of money and the ever present possibility of funds being seized or frozen by institutions of the powers that be. This is not an unfounded concern, it is in fact very real.

Many are unaware that no matter how moral, necessary and legal a transfer of tens of thousands of dollars is, when you are confronting power head on it involves inevitable vulnerability to an attack by those who do not wish to see this mission succeed, and who also happen to control the global banking system.

1.4 Breakdown of Expenses

As stated previously our total expenses for the mission to date amount to $49,115.33. The following graphic breaks down our expenditures per category in the areas we pledged to spend in the original and unchanged Indiegogo campaign. The figures used in this graphic are taken directly from the ‘World Citizen Solutions Profit & Loss Statement’ of August 31, 2016.

Report: Profit and Loss

Breakdown of World Citizen Solutions Expenses (year to date)

1.5 Responsibility to Donors

I will note here that the accounting information we are releasing now is not required by law and indeed there is no evidence at all that any of our funding has been misappropriated. Nonetheless we are releasing this information out of respect for the donors. It should further be noted that no expensive equipment, including valuable assets like computers, photo and video equipment and other such items have been purchased with mission funds. Absolutely nobody has been financially or materially rewarded with mission funds beyond a justifiable wage, thus any accusations to the contrary are baseless. Let us be clear, if there is any doubt regarding our accounting we will only address such doubts in the context of evidence to support the concern. Barring evidence there is nothing but rumours and heresay and we will not sacrifice further time to address irrational and unsupported claims against me or the mission. To do so would in fact be irresponsible and counter to the interests of those who invested in this mission.

2. Assessment of Work Completed To Date

2.1 Team Number 1 Assessment

The first thing to acknowledge here is that there have been two World Citizen Mission teams. The first team initially carried out valuable work and a successful crowdfunding campaign was the result. Immediately after the campaign however these same team members became involved in a conspiracy to “expose” me for lack of a “viable legal plan” along with accusations, mostly in the form of Chinese whispers (gossip) of fraud and theft. In short, there was a conspiracy to subvert the mission and the ultimate method employed to achieve that end was for Max Igan, a supposed friend, to publicly slander me with not one shred of credible evidence to support the charges. It is the “mud sticks” approach and I will address both conspiracy and subversion by team number 1 later, in Part 2 of this report.

When I look back and assess the amount of work that has been done as compared to the money paid out in wages and expenses to the first team I have to say I am distinctly unhappy with the overall performance. The total cost for bringing that team together and carrying out research, networking, social media campaigns, video production, copywriting, etc, was just over $22,000. My primary reason for dissatisfaction is that essential work that was paid for, was in the end not completed.

The following email reveals some of this essential work but it is just one example of the very significant and negative impact of subversion that has delayed the mission by approximately five months. The email exchange below is from William Genske to Mat, the would be programmer who had agreed to a timeline and fee to build the World Citizen website (a critical duty for the mission). William’s primary duty was managing the completion of this website development and keeping me abreast of any challenges or delays along the way. William also had lessor responsibilities such as the development of a networking database and was paid over $5000 in total for this work.

william-proof-of-duty-highlightedHi Mat,
Firstly, Ken asked me to express to you that we are ready to make a first payment to you in the amount of $1,000 (NOTE: Mat declined the initial payment of $1000 and agreed to start work with the deposit to be paid later).   We would then figure out a schedule for the rest of the payments based of delivery over the next three months.   Please let me know how we can best get this first payment to you – account number, PayPal account, whatever works best for you.

Secondly, I need to come up with a system that will allow us to capture as much significant data from participants in the upcoming conference in Acapulco.   This needs to be available on desktops, tablets and phones alike, and should be as powerful as is available on the market, which will easily integrate with the back end of our new system.   To date I have prepared a simple contact form that is tied to our CRM, which allows us to capture any data we wish to gather: (    I know there will be some very powerful tools available on the market, ones that will allow for advanced functionality and will be designed specifically for these purposes. Alternately, you may have developed something along these lines.   This is very important since the departure date for the conference is around the corner.   Anything we integrate must be well understood by everyone who will be using it.   This is a priority item from our perspective. end

Looking at the February 7, 2016 email to the left we see that a three month schedule was agreed to complete the website programming/development work. So by this timeline we expected to have a deliverable website by early May. Once again it was William’s top priority to make sure this work was kept at pace. According to William’s reports to me, as late as early April, all work was going at pace, two months into our three month work schedule. Genske resigned on April 13 however, and NONE OF THE ABOVE WORK WAS COMPLETED. This was a significant blow to the progress of the mission that caused a five month delay and it is a primary reason that a second team was formed.

The reason cited for William’s resignation is as follows;
“I am writing to inform you that as a result of a lack of communication after 2 requests for some disclosure of where World Citizen stands with respect to the legal status behind the solution which you have identified on several occasions – I must at this point resign from the team.”William Genske (April 13, 2016)

In Part 2 of this report we will thoroughly disprove the lie that I withheld damaging information about legal work, or that anything at all was awry with the legal work. To the contrary we will prove that the legal aspect of this mission remains rock solid, as it has been since day one, and that all critical legal work required to move forward confidently is already completed. But I want to point out something that should be obvious. William Genske was legally and provably paid to carry out specific duties, a contractor paid by World Citizen Solutions. I am the Director of World Citizen Solutions, the “boss” as it were. William’s duties did not include being privy to sensitive legal work, nor to approve of that work, and of course there is no evidence to show otherwise. So why is it that the boss is having to answer to the employee in order to get verifiably paid work done? It almost seems that the so-called activist scene is a very unhealthy alternate reality on numerous fronts.

Moving forward, the first team did not produce nearly enough work to satisfy me as Director and my reasons for not sharing certain information is equally simple. Matters of strategy such as legal/lawful tactics are not something to be shared if there is no need. It should be self-evident why such information is not to be shared unless it is necessary and beneficial to the mission and in fact my point is undeniably made by the subsequent public attacks by Max Igan and William Genske and others. Imagine if I had shared the entire legal strategy? Every bit of that sensitive information would be public by now. And just why would I do that when we are not ready for launch?

2.2 William Genske – Fired or Resigned?

Recently great effort has been employed to call my integrity into question by saying that I lied about “releasing” the former team when in fact William resigned, but the truth of the matter is that I had already decided to let William go before he resigned, due to provable subversion that was revealed in emails between a mission supporter and William himself. For obvious reasons however I did not want to fire William and lose the essential work that he was overseeing (website & database). So I did what was possible to secure that work, unfortunately for the mission however the top duties in William’s charge were never completed despite him being paid. In the end he managed to simply resign, cementing the loss of essential work for the mission.

It is worth noting that since William’s departure he and his wife have managed the time to build a website and share it extensively via social media, this website however is dedicated to disinformation and ridicule of myself and the World Citizen Mission. One wonders how much he is earning to do this work? Knowing what I know, knowing the extent of the lies that he and Max are promoting, this is yet more evidence leading to the conclusion of subversion; but more on that later.

2.3 Basic Tasks & Commitments Not Carried Out

One more critical point to make is that the Project Manager for the World Citizen Mission essentially failed to carry out any of his primary duties to oversee critical work and make sure all work was on pace. The reason for this is that his father took ill immediately after the raising of funds in February 2016 and over the following two to three months his father was on a rollercoaster of near death and recovery until he finally passed on. All through this period I was carrying out a speaking tour across the US and Canada so I was unable to take up the slack. The amount of resultant damage is undeniably serious and substantial, but this damage, it is important to note, was in my opinion not due to any intentional subversion by the former Project Manager. This is very different from the conduct of Samantha Bachman, William Genske and Max Igan, all of whom have actively sought to disinform the public and harm this mission. Nonetheless the crucial work not carried out by the Project Manager is hard to calculate, but certainly damaging in itself… and I am quite sure that he would be the first to acknowledge this.  If you ask me why I did not replace him sooner? It was simply because I truly wanted him to return and he never made me think otherwise, until his father passed on and his family duties increased to the point that it made his commitment to the mission impossible.

2.4 Baseless Accusations Justifying Abandonment of Vital Paid Work

Inventing problems so as to justify the desired course of action is how our world currently functions and the clearest and most stark example of this is the so-called ‘War on Terror’. In this War on Terror paradigm we have for more than a decade and a half been sold on the idea that the “terrorists” are the problem, so we must give up some freedom in order to maintain our “security”. The fact that the CIA created “Al Qaeda” is not seriously in question, so the CIA literally invented Al Qaeda, which in turn necessitates a solution, a solution manipulated and intended by those who created the problem in the first place. The tactic is rudimentary but sadly effective and it is one the powers that be employ continuously. In this case the subversives have invented problems that “justify” their “speaking out” and ultimately dishonouring their commitment to complete paid work.

2.5 Subversion Resulting in 5 Month Delay to the Mission Minimum

The second team was brought into the mission in July 2016 as a result of the need to release the first team. So realistically speaking the period from February to July 2016 was not productive enough at all and that equates to essentially a 5 month delay. And this is also why I have provably not taken pay in the entire 9 months of this mission. At great cost to me financially I might add.

2.6 Team Number 2 Assessment

The second team was organised in June 2016 and formed in Dominica in July 2016. This team includes 8 people, we have a Certified Public Accountant from the US, a Cambridge Law Student from England, as well as professionals in IT, logo design, social media, web design and programming and various other skills that are in line with our needs. I am happy to report that a massive amount of work has been done since July. I do not feel it wise to get into the details of that work however, what I can say is that the legal work remains on pace, the accounting work is up to date and professionally done, and the website is developing very well indeed. But we will not launch until all mission imperatives are met, this is a matter of discipline and strategic wisdom. No matter what the provocations, no matter what the accusations, we will not reveal anything that is mission critical and sensitive unless it is in the best interest of the mission. This is something I take responsibility for and will protect vigorously.

In terms of the cost of bringing the team to Dominica and paying for other essential services and work, the total cost to date is approximately $27,000. Dominica offered an ideal work environment because there are no major cities or night clubs nor other such distractions. The cost of a three bedroom house with the local rates I have access to is $250-$330 a month. The highest paid employee earned $1000 a month, but some just $500 a month.

With regard to the timeline for launch, the one major benefit we will claim from this circus of lies courtesy of Max Igan, Richie Allen, William Genske and Samantha Bachman, is that the launch date will not be estimated until we feel we can launch in 30 days. When we reach that point we will announce it immediately. Until that time, the public circus we did everything possible to avoid is now a matter of public record, which means the delays resulting from this subversion are on record, and that takes pressure off me, because previous to this public display I was holding back the real reasons for the delays and missed obligations. What I will promise now is to continue to do my very best, and believe me I want to launch this more than anyone. And we will launch, one way or the other, as soon as possible.

2.7 Conclusion

We invested in professional accounting as a basic duty of course, but I also made sure of this because I knew spurious accusations would be levied no matter how clean our management or accounting. Whether people wish to acknowledge or accept it or not, missions I create inherently involve such spurious accusations… among others, because of the nature of the powers we are all facing. The predictable result of accusations that clearly favour the powers that be, is to drain resources from our mission and force us to shift from important and productive work to these unfounded and nonsensical claims.

Understanding the above let us make clear that we are not required by law to issue accounting information on demand. Our accounting year is not up for many months now, so we will not be providing anything more than this until the accounting is due by law. As said it is already draining/delaying the mission so we will not invest more. And if someone wants to challenge the figures without evidence, which is sure to happen, we will ignore these accusations. But we will point out the uncritical, anti-natural rights, knee-jerk and dangerous mentality of those who accept criminal accusations without evidence, especially “journalists”.

Either way we know that some will say the profit and loss is falsified and should that chorus of cynics be loud enough what we will do is carry out a crowdfunding campaign to pay for an independent audit of all our accounting. But for obvious reasons we will not use existing funds to do this, that is why a new crowdfunding campaign will be utilised if calls of fraud and theft become impossible to ignore. If we are to carry out this crowdfunding effort we will also seek to obtain the funds required to form a Trust that will detail the structure of management and the means of expenditure for all future funding. This was always to be the case and even the first team was fully aware of this. Claims that I will make money beyond a very justifiable salary, or even more absurd that I am to make “millions” from this mission is simply farcical, and a transparent defamation tactic intending to destroy the mission by defaming me.  Astute observers know this.
Upon launch there will be absolute transparency with regard to all accounting, and we will cap the amount of money ANYONE can earn full stop so that only justifiable, dignified wages are earned. Nobody will earn 6 figures, nobody. And the lowest paid employees of World Citizen will earn an equally respectable and justifiable wage that cannot be distant from the highest paid.

The truth in all respects is on our side and the integrity of this mission is not seriously in question by anyone who requires proof before judgement. It is just such people we are seeking to participate in the World Citizen Mission and that is why we are not overly concerned about slanderous side shows and distractions of little to no merit, indeed their presence is a sure indication that what we are doing has great power.

I highly recommend people go and watch Max Igan’s interview with Richie Allen on August 28, 2016.  Every single accusation Max has made is slander, Richie Allen enabled that slander, and some of you have bought into it.  There is a very powerful lesson in this and I seriously hope everyone sitting in judgement makes the most of it.

Ken O’Keefe


1. Finances
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Unavoidable Fees
1.3 Shareholder Loans & the Potential Freezing or Seizing of World Citizen Funds
1.4 Breakdown of Expenses
1.5 Responsibility to Donors

2. Assessment of Work Completed To Date
2.1 Team Number 1 Assessment
2.2 William Genske – Fired or Resigned?
2.3 Basic Tasks & Commitments Not Carried Out
2.4 Baseless Accusations Justifying Abandonment of Vital Paid Work
2.5 Subversion Resulting in 5 Month Delay to the Mission Minimum
2.6 Team Number 2 Assessment
2.7 Conclusion

3. Subversion
3.1 World Citizen Mission – A Prime Target for the Powers That Be
3.2 Due Process of Law & The Presumption of Innocence
3.3 Hearsay
3.4 Consequences of Abandoning the Presumption of Innocence
3.5 Character Assassination
3.6 Reality Check
3.7 The “Big Lie”
3.8 Commitment to Expose the Tactics of Subversion
3.9 Sustained Damage from Team 1 Subversion
3.10 The Biggest Lie – “No viable legal strategy”
3.11 Max Igan – Mr. “Non-compliance” Requires UCC Compliance for World Citizen
3.12 Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
3.13 Subversion Definition
3.14 Jealousy as a Motivating Factor
3.15 Proof Max Igan Has Lied Since March 22, 2016
3.16 Contract to Commission the Legal Services of Dr. Doebbler
3.17 Conspiracy
3.18 Evidence that Richie Allen Has Lied Since September 5, 2016
3.19 Witch Hunts &Trial by Public
3.20 Richie Allen as Authority in Law
3.21 Guilty Until Proven Innocent
3.22 Character Assassination
3.23 Guarding the Donors Support
3.24 Natural Rights vs. Trial by Public
3.25 Journalism

4. Conclusion

Report: Profit and Loss

World Citizen Solutions Profit and Loss

Max Igan on Ken O’Keefe – Guilty Until Proven Innocent… Right?

Getting ready to set the record straight on the Richie Allen Show tonight at 8pm UK time. We will be posting evidence to refute Max Igan’s slanderous charges on Facebook and Twitter. Ask Max Igan for some evidence as well, seems appropriate I reckon.


I will be happy to see it and if you believe in justice you will know that criminal accusations in a public forum that lack evidence is in fact slander, a criminal offense in itself.

Seems far too many people in this “scene” like a good show more then truth however, public accusations of criminal activity are simply entertainment for many. Guilty until proven innocent, “cause Max says so”, nice world that makes for us, Guantanamo for everyone, hip hip hooray!

max igan - anal sex chain saw

To be honest I knew this and more was coming when I decided to launch this mission, what I did not see coming was Max Igan as the front man for those seeking to destroy the world citizen mission. For my part I truly wish Max the best, he is not in a good place, he is lying more and more to cover his original lies and there is no way he will avoid the force of the truth coming his way. When this force becomes unavoidable for him, I will extend a hand of support and forgiveness should he ever find the integrity and strength to do so. In the meantime I am forced to disprove his treacherous lies regarding the accusations that I;

1) Have no viable legal/lawful strategy for the world citizen mission (just wait until I share what we have in hand today)

2) That I have stolen money from mission funds.

3) That I have used mission funds to “buy land” in the Caribbean.

4) That I am “COINTELPRO”.

5) That I am a “Fraudster”.

6) That I committed “Blackmail”.

7) That I am a “Sociopath”.

8) That Max led the way through a Gaza tunnel and “Ken was scared” and didn’t want to go (are you having a laugh or what?).
9) That I have set up a pyramid scheme to make “millions”.

10) That I set up this mission to fail and my decades long period of activism was merely a ploy to steal a little over 100k and “retire” in the Caribbean.

All pure, unadulterated bullshit absent of ANY EMPIRICLE EVIDENCE apparently because I am not Zen Gardner, who deserves this sort of treatment from Max;
“While I most certainly have questions, and am in no way defending him, without proof of guilt I will not be jumping on the bandwagon to defame someone, nor will I be participating in any kind of trial by media, and nor will I automatically assume guilt by association…”

“Frankly the way this issue has been handled has seriously caused me to question the future of this species, it really has. People have too eagerly embraced one possibility, based on MSM reports, without ever, even for a moment, considering the other. They have embraced their altruistic ego selves and set themselves as judge, jury and executioner simply because it satisfies their blood lust and inner frustrations to do so.” – Max Igan (August 27, 2016 – one day before launching public attack against me/world citizen mission)

So let’s be clear here, Zen Gardner, a man who spent 27 years as a member of a cult that at its core routinely practiced sexual abuse of children, who actually was the Public Relations Director charged with making David Berg (the leader of the cult) look like some sort of Christian Saint, a man who was totally silent about what he must have known in his top level leadership role in this cult, this man after leaving the cult said nothing, insuring more children would be victimised, this man according to Max Igan is guilty of nothing, because he has not been charged with a crime (yet) himself. Zen deserves the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and barring a criminal conviction must be treated as innocent period.

Max Igan Supporting Zen Gardner

Max Igan Supporting Zen Gardner

And here is Max’s view of me as recorded on the Richie Allen Show last week;
Richie: “
Is there any way that even a tiny percent in your mind that you think there’s a possibility you’ve gotten this wrong? And that Ken might just have made a complete bollocks of this but made a complete bollocks of it with the best of intentions, is there any way that, and I’m not just… being the devil’s advocate, I’m being fair here, is there any way that that remains a possibility for you?”

Max: “It was a possibility for me until he sent me the Subversion Report, now… no there is no possibility in my mind that this is not a scam.”

So by Max Igan’s logic Zen is totally cool unless he is convicted and I am well… guilty as charged by judge, jury and executioner Max Igan. So HE ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE CRIMINAL CHARGES levied against me… right? He simply must have it, because Max could never lie right?

Zen Gardner KOK Hypocrisy

There is so much self-reflection coming out of this, for so, so many of you. Because many of you are being manipulated with the effectiveness of the brainwashing we see in the Christian Zionist movement, these people have their anointed leaders who speak with the authority of God, and for the Max Igan sycophants, God himself has spoken… and Ken O’Keefe is guilty and needs to “crawl under a rock.” It is stunning, shame, shame, shame to those who bought into this lynch mob insanity just because their chosen one says so.

So after me and my team destroy these spurious, slanderous, libellous attacks, we will not be distracted again, we will carry forward the world citizen mission. So good luck to all our enemies, this is a battle I decided to take on no matter what the cost a long time ago, bring it on.

For those who want the truth, watch my interview on Richie Allen tonight, 8pm UK time.


Ritchie Allen Show Tonight

I will be on Richie Allen’s radio programme tonight (21:15 GMT) to discuss the murders in Paris today. Of course the critical question to ask, no matter where responsibility for this act lies, is who stands to gain? For sure this act will support our corrupt and treasonous governments in the undeniable agenda of concentrating power even further and achieving a ‘New World Order’ agenda that is good for nobody, even the bastards running our world. Having watched one of the videos that shows a French policeman being shot dead while lying injured on the ground.
Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 16.41.53

It is clear that the murderers were well trained and obviously very proficient in their mission. The killers also appear to be quite white, so the dark skinned patsy Muslim may not be possible if indeed this is a false flag. They also apparently spoke perfec French, a detail that may become relevant. It is curious that there were not French police swarming the area within the first shots being fired; in a place full of ‘protected’ journalists, and in a very central Paris location no less. I do not know the total time required for this operation, but any more than 4 or 5 minutes should have resulted in the area being swarmed with French police, especially since France was already on high alert. Many questions must be asked, and for sure, we cannot trust one damn word of what the mainstream media tell us, much less the experts they parade in front of us. Please share. TJP

Here is the link to listen to the programme;

Deep Ecology Hawaii – End of an era?

I have never once posted information about the dive business I founded in 1996, Deep Ecology Hawaii, because I always knew that my enemies would increase attacks against it. Indeed I have watched my mother weeping on the phone to the IRS who was threatening to take away her home if she did not pay more taxes. So my silence regarding this business was to protect my mother who took it over in 2001 when I fled the United States and sought political asylum in The Netherlands. My name was officially taken off the company shortly after I left the stolen Nation of Hawaii, it was time for this anyway as I had not paid personal income tax for years. The truth can now be shared however as my dear mother passed away last February and in my absence the business has been shut down due to a perfect storm of sabotage and debt. Of course my enemies have accused me of being rich from this company and even slandered my mother on more than one occasion, claiming she was a thief and fraudster just like me. Of course it stung to hear such lies about her, she was a dear, dear woman and my saving grace. Deep Ecology itself was a truly remarkable company, the is a marine sanctuary on the North Shore of Oahu that was created as a direct result of the work we did. This in a Hawaiian state that has less than 1% of its coastline protected. The following video will tell part of the story of the making of that sanctuary. I personally rescued 46 endangered Green Sea Turtles, many of which would have died or lost limbs were it not for these interventions. I taught others how to conduct these rescues and all in all over 55 turtles were rescued by Deep Ecology. We recovered 13 Ghost Nets, two of them at over 200 feet deep. We recovered several tonnes of marine debris from Hawaiian beaches before most knew anything about the swirling pool of trash in the North Pacific.

Sadly more than one employee betrayed Deep Ecology, taking the goodwill and love of my mother and returning it with theft of resources and customers. Some employees left us in the direct aftermath of my moms passing, at a most vulnerable time and I was told that the military had an undeclared boycott of the company when I returned to Hawaii earlier this year, in the aftermath of my mother’s passing, so as to preserve her spirit in the company. Indeed she killed herself keeping the company going, partly because she wanted to hand it back to me and my children. Many attacks came at the company and I did my best but my life and commitment was to my family in London and so I had to entrust others and hope for the best. Without any warning whatsoever the company was shut down and as it stands Deep Ecology is no more and there is debt to be paid. I say all this because I could never say anything about this beautiful company and my beautiful mother who ran it for 13 years. We have left a legacy, and likely the path will be to liquidate assets, pay off the debt and call it a day. But I will be posting a crowd funding campaign proposal that will allow for the company to be saved and run by investors who want to see this company saved. The total amount required to make this so will likely be in the area of $80,000. This is no small amount and I am willing to accept whatever is meant to be. But before I accept the end of Deep Ecology’s legacy, and my mothers legacy, I will see if investors want to revive it and become owners of this incredibly unique and special company. It’s history is unparalleled, there simply is nothing like it, and its customer base goes back 18 years. Our mission statement was as follows:

To provide superior service and customer satisfaction.
To protect and defend the marine environment we operate within.

We fulfilled this mission in spades, and this company could come back stronger than ever. And if it is revived I will likely do it under the Lawful Hawaiian Government, not the criminal US Government. But that is neither here nor there unless serious investors decide to make it so. There is still great staff left, with a marketable company that never reached its potential largely because I could not promote it. But if it is revived I will promote it with the understanding of those who take it over. Or I will walk away and those investors can carry it on only if they maintain a written commitment to maintain our mission statement.

Please enjoy the video, please share far and wide, and if you or someone you know might be able to invest and run a company in Hawaii, then contact me and we shall look at that possibility. As I said I will post a crowd funding campaign soon. Thank you to all who share, help or otherwise assist in the revival of this great social enterprise. TJP

20 Hours Until End of Crowd Funding Campaign

Click on picture to support

Click on picture to support

My sincerest thanks – While I have not reached the target goal with just 20 hours left, I want to thank everyone who has shared and supported my crowdfunding campaign. Believe me when I say that I know I am blessed to have the kind of support that translates to good people shelling out what they can to help me do what I do. In a way I really do work for you, most of the last many years this work has been unpaid and yet I am grateful to have done what my heart required me to do. If I can I will continue to do this but now I must find a way to pay bills as well.

It is worth noting that in all this time I have not taken one penny from the UK government, although I qualify for financial entitlements. My attitude there is fuck’em, I ill not be beholden to their corrupt system. Aside from that you could bank on me having been portrayed as a social leach if I had taken any of the money available to me through the system. Instead I have simply done what I needed to do and had faith all that I would require would be there for me. This approach has worked, it allowed me to express myself as I need to do, and again I am grateful, so very grateful, so thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. TJP

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Programme 3 – 9/11

Programme 1 – Palestine

Merry Chistmas

Support Ken O'Keefe's Middle East Show on TPV

Support Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show on TPV

While I consider Christmas to be a most commercialised and materialistic manipulation for the vast majority of people, there is in this time an idea of helping others, and when that becomes primary and the materialistic crap becomes irrelevant then we know we are nearly there as a people. Anyway, I wish everyone all the best during this Christmas and New Year.

My way of giving back is pretty clear for those who see me fairly and I will continue to give what I have to the best of my ability, until the goal of a better world is achieved. Until such time let us never forget that the world is a reflection of our virtues and inadequacies.

If you can help me stay on air at The People’s Voice by allowing me to pay bills and produce quality programs I must thank you in advance. For those who have shared the attached link and supported, thank you very, very much. Until we destroy the financial fraud that is central banking, fractional reserve, debt based money fraud, we will continue to endure the carefully manipulated scarcity that makes noble work either unpaid or little paid, so under these circumstances we must decide what is the best way to invest what little we have. If you feel my Middle East show is on the list of worthy causes then let it be because what I am discussing is that important, not simply because you like me. TJP

Appeal for Support to Keep Middle East Show on Air

I really despise fundraising and genuinely think this may be the last such campaign I will involve myself in. But the reality is that I must find a way to fund this show or simply take paid work elsewhere. For me the time to work for free is nearly done, it has been a blessing to only do what I choose to do, but family obligations make this a non-option in 2014. If you can support this campaign please do, if you cannot then please write and share why you think my Middle East Show is worth keeping on air and share this link to support. Some of you have good skills in this regard, any help you give to help me achieve this goal is seriously appreciated.

Here are some subjects already partially recorded or in the works, soon to be aired;
1) the USS Liberty
2) 9/11
3) War crimes & treason charges so as to purge the traitors among us.

If you look at the first two shows I think it is fair to say that the content is groundbreaking and complimentary to the process of creating a better world.

My ultimate goal includes eliminating the private control of debt based money with a truly publicly controlled, transparent, non-debt based system that serves people around the globe and creates abundance for all. With this achieved, fundraising campaigns like this will become unnecessary. I cannot wait for this, let us make it so ASAP!

Thank you in advance for sharing, either way 2014 is going to be an amazing year. TJP

Former US Marine: President Obama should be tried for treason

Below is the transcript and video for what might be my best interview ever.  There are more things I would have liked to touch on, such as 9/11 and Palestine, but in 25 minutes there is only so much one can say and I was guided by the questions.  For those who do not know I have a new show called Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East on The Peoples Voice and as a volunteer producing and presenting this show I need some support to carry on.  I simply cannot work full time and take care of family responsibilities.  Your support is given with a promise that I will speak about issues like the ones below and more with the best platform possible.  The image below is the link to support and/or share far and wide;

This show is really only possible to continue with viewer support.

This show is really only possible to continue with viewer support.

Reposted from Russia Today
The Middle East is at its boiling point. Syria is devastated by raging war. Israel threatens to deal with Iran once and for all – with Washington towering over regional affairs. What is at the cornerstone of American foreign politics? With Iran and the US going through a diplomatic thaw, what game will Tel Aviv play? Today we look at these issues through the eyes of a member of the few, but one not proud: a former US marine who burned his passport and became an anti-war activist.


Sophie Shevardnadze: So I am here with activist Kenneth O’Keefe, it’s really great to have you on our show. Kenneth, I know that you’ve led a human shield action in Iraq, right before the war started and then you were deported – do you follow what’s going on in Iraq right now? For example, the November death toll was almost 1,000 and 2013 is the deadliest year since 2008. Why do you think the removal of Saddam hasn’t improved the lives of Iraqis? – Or has it? I don’t know…

Kenneth O’Keefe: Well, I think if you really want to know the truth about the invasion in Iraq, there are clearly some incentives from the invasion: oil, securing oil was one of them, establishing prominent military bases in the region was another one, but the far less talked about reality is Israeli plans which made clear that the Balkanization of surrounding countries and particularly Iraq, if we go to Odid Yinon’s plan for Israel in the 1980s, it lays out very clearly a strategy of destabilizing all of the areas surrounding Israel, this includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and even Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This long-term goal is a part of a Greater Israel project, so in terms of sectarian divide you see happening in Iraq today it’s actually all part of the very well designed plan to try and secure this fantasy goal of the Greater Israel project.

Perhaps best interview yet on RT

Perhaps best interview yet on RT

SS: Why would Israel benefit from an unstable Middle East, unstable Arab nations? Because what we see is that this instability actually is followed by fundamental Islam. People who are overthrown are either replaced by fundamentalist powers or there’s just more sectarian violence that grows…

KK: Yes, if would seem on the surface from a sane point of view that everything is going wrong, but in fact, when you fracture a country along sectarian divides, ultimately you weaken the country. The last thing Israel or US wants is a strong Nasser-type leader, an Arab nationalist who will seriously ensure that the resources of that country are taken and protected and used for the benefit of the people – that’s the last thing that the empire wants and Israel wants. While you have these religious fundamentalist nutcases who are running around bombing and doing all sorts of stuff like that, you have a weakened, fractured country in Iraq, and that is the prerequisite for ultimately expanding Israel into a fantasy of a Greater Israel project. It doesn’t seem sane and it’s not sane because those who are trying to carry out these agendas are pure and simple psychopaths.

 So you think that American administrations, one after another, have been following this plan for 30 years?

KK: If you ask me how the world functions, then you have to understand one thing plain and simple – the head of the snake, the system of power is headed by the financial system. The bankers rule the Earth, through the private control of issuance of money, debt-based money which we all are supposed to pay. Ultimately with all of these things that they call “austerity” and whatnot, the bankers, basically, through the control of issuance of money which allows them to provide themselves with an infinite supply of money, means that they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought – so if we look at it, the vast majority of governments around the world, they are nothing more than puppets carrying out an agenda for the bankers, and the bankers at the top of this pyramid are, as I’ve said, plain and simple psychopathSS: they’re drunk on their own power, they are used to getting everything they want, they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought. This explains the corruption of virtually every government we can look at, and the policies do not reflect the interests of the people. They reflect, pure and simple, the interests of the bankers.

SS: So if what you’re saying is true, that governments obey the big banks and the big money, then it would really take the people and a revolution in each country that you have named to actually change things around. Do you really see revolution taking place in America, for example?

KK: It’s already happening. I’ll give you a great example why I’m optimistic about things in America. You know that the president of the US, traitor that he is, is actually a constitutional lawyer? He actually has trained at the highest levels [of academia] in constitutional law. Do you know how obscene it is that somebody who was trained in constitutional law, giving himself the authority to execute anyone, anywhere, in any part of the planet with no jury, no trial, no conviction, nothing – this man is a dictator who has assigned himself the right to execute anyone, including US citizens. I am confident that at some point the American patriots, who seem to be in a bit of a coma and have been sleeping for a long time, are going to wake up soon and realize that when they took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US, the president of the US also took that oath and has breached it so badly that he should be arrested and charged with treason right now – and ultimately all of the sycophants of the US Congress who pass things like the Patriot Act and the NDAA, again, completely a contrary to the US constitution, which is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. These people need to be arrested, and a government needs to be put in place that actually honors the US Constitution, and I honestly believe that’s going to happen, one way or another.

SS: But you just started your answer by saying that the revolution is already happening and then you went on by citing everything that’s going wrong in America, like for example the NSA leaks, right – you kind of touched upon them – nothing is really changing within the American society. I don’t see people coming out on the streets and protesting, even though they know they are being listened to. Even Europe, look at Europe – they expressed their outrage at the fact that they have been listened to, including presidents, but nothing is really happening. It’s not like America is cutting on the NSA programs, and it’s not like people aren’t listened to anymore. So where’s the revolution that you are talking about?

KK: I’ll tell you where – this is another thing that really excites me, Sophie, because while you’re not seeing it, apparently and many other people may not be seeing it, let me give you a perfect example that the revolution has already occurred and first step of that revolution is awareness. No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. The people of the world are starting to realize they have been enslaved, enslaved in the financial system which is effectively selling the future of their children down the river. More and more people are becoming aware of that. They’re also sick and tired of being lied to about one boogeyman after another and ultimately what happened in Syria – this is a key point and I really want to make this point before we move on to the next one, because it’s talking about the revolution that you are referring to. The reason why we did not hit Syria, the reason why we did not start bombing Syria is at one simple thing, and that is that the people of the West and the world simply did not buy it. They didn’t have to go on a street and protest – keep in mind, back in 2003 we had a largest protest in the history of the world, [but] it did not stop the invasion in Iraq. But, I’m telling you, the invasion and occupation and ultimately the bombardment of Syria has been planned long ago. It’s a stepping stone toward Iran, which is the ultimate goal for these psychopaths, and [they] could not bombard Syria. The reason why they couldn’t even secure that vote to favor that, here in Britain, is because the people overwhelmingly did not buy it. In the US the approval for bombardment of Syria was about 9 percent – that’s why the US Congress, which is a treasonous body of the government, couldn’t even go to a vote about it. Because if they went to a vote on it and actually voted for another war in this farcical war on terror (where [the fact that] the fantastic American servicemen took pictures of themselves saying: “I did not join the US military to fight with Al-Qaeda in Syria” says it all), if they had made that move, there would have been an open revolution. The powers that be know that people are primed and ready to take major steps to stop this, and again, American patriots are going to go [into] Congress and the White House eventually and arrest these cowards and traitors. But it’s under the surface right now, it’s getting ready and to show the power of the people – ultimately we did not go into Syria; this is because people did not provide one key element for the powers that be, and that is their consent. If they don’t have our consent, they can’t do a damn thing.

SS: So you actually bring me to my next point, which is Syria. You’re saying the allegations in the Western press that it wasn’t Syria but Iran that was the actual goal, the final goal, are true. What happens now if Assad starts to look like he is finally achieving a decisive victory, how will the US respond, do you think?

KK: Again, keep in mind that the real problem that Assad faces is that, well, yes, there are major human rights violations that happen in Syria and then in every other Arab country, and the US and the Western world – ultimately there are human rights violations of obscene levels, especially in the US. So they are in no position to talk about other leaders – our leaders, the US president can execute anyone, anywhere, anytime – and he does. So how can we talk about Bashar Al-Assad seriously and say that this man is a problem…

SS: Oh, Kenneth, they will talk about that and [say] the world listens to the American president, that’s the difference. They will talk about that, they keep talking about it. That was the whole purpose of why they wanted to overthrow Assad, because there were supposedly human rights violations in Syria.

KK: The point that I’m making is that the US has given himself the authority to execute anyone, anywhere, anytime for any pretext, any bogus reason. Is that more of a problem to the world than Bashar Al-Assad? Of course it is! It’s much more of a problem that the president of the US says he can execute anyone, anywhere anytime, and yet we’re sitting here talking about Bashar Al-Assad which, granted, this man has committed crimes in Syria, there’s no question of that. But when we look at the US president, when we look at Israel, we look at Britain – that alliance, this true Axis of Evil between these three countries. The amount of devastation that has occurred in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in other parts of world – Yemen, Pakistan – it’s so devastating, I think its beggars belief that we as people can be conned into thinking that Bashar Al-Assad is the problem, or that Ahmadinejad was the problem. We are the problem; we in the West are the problem, especially the US government. It really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into saying, “Oh, we have to take care of this problem over there.” The problem is in our own backyard, and we know this. We better take care of our dirty, filthy House of corruption. The US Congress is nothing but a den of traitors, the most sycophantic, disgusting traitors you can imagine, and the White House has got a dictator. This is a problem; this is a major problem, a much bigger problem than what’s happening in Syria or Bashar Al-Assad.

SS: Now, you have great knowledge and strong opinions about events in the Middle East. Iran has recently softened its attitude toward its opponent after decades of deadlock. Israel is annoyed. How do you see that developing?

KK: I think it’s a reflection of the sanity of people around the world who realize that any kind of attack on Iran is tantamount to initiating a full-scale Third World War, which of course could very well and almost inevitably would lead to a war with China and Russia. This is pure madness and those of us who’ve lost loved ones or who have served in combat like myself, and others who know the devastating cost of war, not just for the so-called “victor” – because the only victor really is the bankers, quite frankly – but even those who are supposedly on the winning side suffer greatly, and testimony to that fact aside from 1 million to 2 million dead in Iraq is the 22 American servicemen a day who are committing suicide because of the horrendous things that they were told to do in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. This policy, this shift in policy to actually resolve this conflict with Iran, this false conflict, in truth – is a reflection of the will of the people, if you ask me, who are starting to achieve their goal.

SS: You think Netanyahu is bluffing, because I’ve spoken to a couple of Israeli parliamentarians, I’ve spoken to Israelis – and they all are for a strike.

KK: No, I don’t think he is bluffing, he is an absolute psychopath and he reflects the agenda for the powers that be in Israel. Each one of these players – Netanyahu, George W. Bush, Obama, Cameron – they are all puppets and they all are supposed to read a different script at different times, depending on what the agenda is. The agenda is shifting slightly. It looks like Israel and the people of Israel, the Jewish state of Israel, are like sheep being led into slaughter, because ultimately the policies of Israel are completely and totally unsustainable. Even the CIA said in 2009 that Israel would not even exist within 20 years. Henry Kissinger himself said it wouldn’t exist in 10 years, and the reason why is because its policies are totally self-destructive. The puppet masters are quite happy to sacrifice the people of Israel, they are going to destroy themselves if they do attack Iran, because Iran can fight back and does have allies, and a lot of countries are sick and tired of Israel’s threats to both its immediate neighbors and even the rest of the world. When we look at the Samson Option, I encourage people to Google “Samson Option” and look at the threat Israel has posed to the world if things don’t go its way.

SS: When you talk about the US, [it’s] Israel’s main supporter – but right now we see that it’s kind of open to Iran as well, knowing, how much anxiety that raises among Israelis – what does it tell you about the US?

KK: It tells me that people are beginning to realize their power. I think there are things that correlate – the approval rating for Barack Obama and the US Congress is as low as it’s possible to get, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 percent, 20 percent maximum. The people have come to a point where they are sick and tired of being lied to, they know they are being lied to, and when they see their so-called leaders try to cooperate with Israel and get another war that would lead to disastrous consequences for the region and for the US and every other person involved – they’ve had it. The reflection of the policies is indeed that of the people, it’s the people who are sick and tired. I do see that there is some demarcation going on between Israel and the US, but this is because the power of people is rising – and as we saw on Syria, the Congress and the president were all basically saying, “The red line was crossed, blah-blah-blah,” and this blatantly false flag attack in Ghouta in Syria has backfired, they were not able to carry out this agenda, and this is only empowering the people that much further.

SS: So you think Iran should be allowed to develop its nuclear program?

KK: I think it’s absolutely hypocritical and insane that we would sit here and fixate on Iran and its supposed nuclear weapons program, which I don’t believe exists, but nonetheless, who could blame Iran if they were developing nuclear weapons? If the US and the West taught any lessons to the rest of the world with the invasion and occupation of Iraq it was that Saddam Hussein was a fool for actually disarming, because by disarming all he did was make that much easier for the empire to come in and destroy the entire country. So the lesson we teach to the world is that the best way to defend yourself is to get yourself a nuclear weapon, and of course the biggest culprit of using nuclear weapons and producing nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction is my birth nation, the US, and I find it absolute insane that we sit here and talk about Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons program when we know the US is producing every kind of weapon under this sun. It is spending more than any other military on the planet combined, and it’s involved in more war, more death and more suffering than any other nation combined. And yet it’s sitting there on a pedestal talking about other nations developing weapons of mass destruction? It is insane that we even allow them to do this, the first nation that needs to disarm without questions is the US, and the first nation to be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity is my birth nation – the United States. Once we start seeing actions like this, then we’ll know the people in positions of power are serious, because ultimately the rest of the world is sick and tired of the impunity and continuous threats of a Third World War. We’ve reached the point now when human beings around the planet are realizing we can’t do this. We can’t have a Third World War, this is not a game.

SS: But you haven’t answered my question – do you think Iran should be able to develop its nuclear program?

KK: I think that every nation should disarm right now, every nation that has a weapons program should be inspected by a legitimate international body and those nations with the highest amount of WMDs, nuclear weapons should be the first ones to start disarming. When those nations start disarming, then I would say that the rest of the world will also have to show that it’s disarming as well. While the US is able to maintain the largest military might in the history of the world and continues to use those weapons against all other countries, I only see it as a pure hypocrisy that the West would say that other countries can’t have such things. I don’t want any weapons in this world, but it’s not right for us in the West and particular for the US to say that we can have all these weapons and for the rest of the world – we’ll bomb you to the Stone Age if you even try to think to defend yourself. It’s beyond hypocrisy, it’s ridiculous. The US needs to disarm first, and the world needs to assist on that.

SS: I’ve read in your blog that you said this world needs one thing above all others – and that’s sanity. But doesn’t sanity depend on what side of the argument you’re on?

KK: No, I think we were all sane when we were children and unfortunately what passes as education is actually an indoctrination and through indoctrination we’ve turned into really largely a bunch of dupes who’ve enslaved ourselves without even knowing it, but when you regain the capacity to think for yourself, to actually become human, it becomes very clear. For instance, if we look at these politicians who are historically lying to us, over and over and over again, and we realize that the war-making are absolutely inherently interested in perpetuating war, and if we look at the people in the positions of power, we see how they continuously reap major bonuses with the banks – they get bailouts to the tune of trillions and yet we’re being told that we’re not working hard enough, that we’re in debt. All of these things combined lead us to the point when we reach a certain level of sanity, and realize: “You know what? This entire system does not represent me,” and in fact every person on this planet is fighting the same enemy. That enemy uses the financial system to enslave all of us. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out; in fact more and more people are figuring this out. A point of sanity brings us to the point when we realize: “Enough, this is a game that cannot be played, we’re risking our own collective suicide here and as a sane person I will not contribute in any way towards this never-ending policy of war which is leading us to the brink of destruction”. This is not about being intelligent, this is about being sane first and foremost. The average person can understand this very easily.

SS: I know that you have renounced your US citizenship more than twice, three times I think. Having a US passport is a dream for so many people. What’s so wrong with it, I mean you don’t have to agree with US policies, but is America all that bad?

KK: When you look at citizenship, you have to understand that citizenship is a social contract between the state and the citizen. Under that contract you have, supposedly, rights and you also have obligations. Now, I look at the obligations of being a US citizen and I realized I cannot pay into a tax system which is basically paying up debt to the bankers, but nonetheless, we pay into a tax system which is used to produce military capability that is also ultimately used in other parts of the world, which is ultimately killing my brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. I do not agree to contribute to a tax system that is being used to commit mass murder against people I consider to be my brothers and sisters halfway around the world. It’s violation of my ethics as a man, of someone who believes in justice for everyone and wants a better world for everyone. I cannot pay for the murder of my brothers and sisters – and that’s part of the contract of citizenship. So I said, which was to me a sensible thing and a moral thing to do, “Take my name off of that contract, because I do not agree to it and ultimately I will walk away.” I left a paradise life in Hawaii, had my own business, I was making money, lived on the beach, and did something I loved. I had a beautiful, beautiful life and I walked from that, because I absolutely, 100 percent disagree with the actions of my birth nation and I find them so criminal that I need my name taken off that list. I will enter into a contract again with the US if indeed it carries itself with honor and will respect the US Constitution; if the US Constitution is indeed made the supreme law of the United States, then I will happily come back to my nation and adhere to the contract.

SS: Why did it take so many times to renounce this citizenship to actually terminate it? Were the Americans holding on to you for some special reason? Should it be just easy to renounce, to say, “I don’t want to be a citizen anymore, period”?

KK: It’s a difficult process. It’s costly, you have to leave the country, you have to swear under oath, you have to hand over your passport, you have to fill up the forms – I’ve done all that. I would argue that probably the reason why they have not honored my right of self-determination, a human right of self-determination, is because it could have set the precedent, which could spark an imaginative idea that people can look out around the world and say, “You know what? I don’t actually agree with this contract with my nation any longer, I want to enter into a new contract.” This is why I refer to myself as a world citizen, we’re all world citizens. My human family is where my allegiance goes; I don’t give my allegiance to one unit, one group, one nation, one religion. My whole human family is my brothers and sisters and ultimately I give my allegiance to them. That’s the contract I will honor and if any other contract, inferior to that one, will try to compel me to pay for the murder of my brothers and sisters – I will not partake in that contract. I’m living here in the UK and haven’t made enough money to even be taxable for the last 12 years, but I might make enough money this year to actually be taxable, and I’ll tell you what: I will not pay into the UK tax system and fund the murder of my brothers and sisters halfway around the world. I simply refuse to do it, and I would argue that other people should look at the contract like that and, maybe, if we all decide to enter into a new contract like that we can end war for good.

SS: So you say you’re a world citizen. Is there any place that you love more than others? Why are you living in the UK if you don’t like UK policies?

KK: I love Hawaii. My adopted homeland is Hawaii, and the Hawaiian Nation was stolen by the US in 1893, and yet, there are my Hawaiian brothers and sisters who are Hawaiian nationals and who know who they are and have not forgotten who they are, and take pride in who they are. If they have their way, and I have my way, the Hawaiian Nation will no longer be a military outpost for the US launching its wars of aggression against everybody, the latest boogeyman. Hawaii is the place that I long to live, I plan to return there, but I want the empire out of Hawaii – Hawaii is not an extension of the US empire, it is a Hawaiian nation, and the people of Hawaii, the Kanaka Maoli deserve to have their nation back.

SS: Thank you for so much for this wonderful, interesting interview. That’s it for today, folks, and we will see you in the next edition of Sophie & Co.