This report has been written primarily with the donors and supporters of the World Citizen Solutions Mission in mind and shall include all of the topics in the Syllabus at the bottom of this post. This task is however more complex due to a very direct attempt to assassinate my character and by default destroy the mission. While the practitioners of betrayal who utilise “the big lie” have an advantage over the truth teller in the short run, in the end the “truth always comes out”.

In practical terms we will be dealing with six slanderous accusations in this report. Ask yourself, if even one can be proven false, what impact does that have on the integrity of the accuser(s)? Better yet, what if all six can be proven false, what conclusions might we draw of the accuser(s) then?

My question is this, at what point will people who have been sitting in judgement recognise that they have been monumentally duped?

1. That I have stolen donated funds from the mission I created
2. That I am buying land with donated funds
3. That I have not paid people the wages they were owed
4. That I have no legal strategy or one that legal experts reject
5. That I have committed blackmail
6. That I am committing fraud

Indeed we have the evidence to expose every one of these accusations false. Furthermore, we have the proof that Max Igan and Richie Allen have provably lied to the public on two of the above accusations.

The money issues are the easiest of all to disprove since all accounting is documented, can be verified and ultimately undeniable. Soon people who will be forced to confront the reality that I not only did not steal, but that I have taken no pay for the entirety of this mission because of my dissatisfaction with poor work progress by the original team. Add to that the fact that I can prove over $10,000 of personal debt in support of this mission. And add to that the fact that I provably lost the one piece of land I ever “owned” due to my inability to pay. Provable and only a matter of time, so what then. What of Max Igan and Richie Allen’s integrity then?

But the deeper issue is this, are we seriously aware, wise, ethical beings and if so how is it possible that we so wilfully supported the destruction of the presumption of innocence and modern day lynch mob justice? Character Assassination is not dissimilar to the assassination of a human life, both are intended to destroy the individual and I have long ago accepted the objective reality that the powers that be cannot make a martyr of me, they must instead attempt to destroy my integrity.

Enter Max Igan and his public condemnations of me;
“This is absolute bullshit and it has the potential to do so much damage that I will not stand by and allow this to happen. And I don’t care what it does to my reputation, I will put my life on the line for this, I’ll put my reputation on the line, I will stand up and call this out.”

These are Max’s words, a bold statement for sure, enough to convince many, and yet number 1, 2 and 3 above will be proven lies upon people verifying evidence within this report. Number 4, 5 and 6 will likewise be destroyed by the truth within 14 days. Then what? More accusations and more defensive action on my behalf? Not even close, this mission will instead move forward, stronger and better and ready to face any future challenge. And those who bought into the current circus will be forced to realise that they were in fact played by a Radio Talk Show Host who lied and a “journalist” who supported those lies with the abandonment of the presumption of innocence.

With the publishing of this report there is officially NOTHING of SUBSTANCE, NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE, to support any of the accusations against me. And it will remain that way I am sure. Soon the position one will take is Max Igan’s provable lies absent of evidence vs. verifiable evidence. Forgive me the ease with which I am able to endure this madness but I have a faith in the truth every bit as strong as a truly religious man or woman has faith in God, indeed they are one and the same.

The syllabus at the bottom of this post reveals the content that what will be released over the next 14 days, section 1 & 2 of the syllabus addresses the accusations of misappropriation of funds, this is what we are releasing in Part 1 of the entire report today. Sections 3 & 4 (Part 2) will be released by September 25, 2016. The reason for releasing the report this way is that there is so much evidence it is very time consuming and challenging to decide what to edit out, understanding that people have limited attention spans.

For those of you who genuinely wanted this mission to succeed but got caught up in the lies, get ready to be humbled. But then get excited, the mission will not only survive this substantial attack, it will come out the backend and thrive.


World Citizen Solutions Financial Report
Written by Ken O’Keefe (September 11, 2016)

1. Finances

1.1 Introduction

When the World Citizen crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo in December of 2015 the target budget was $79,000. Due to nearly 1400 donors however the campaign received over $113,128 to date. Protecting and allocating these funds effectively is my sole responsibility and this is why all funds raised have come into accounts I control. Financial responsibility is one of my most critical charges and I treat this and every responsibility I have as a matter of honour.

Below is a screenshot of the original (and unchanged) pledge to donors as to how the Indiegogo funds would be utilised if our crowdfunding campaign was successful. As you will see the funding was allocated for Legal, Copywriting, Website Development, Staff Costs, PR/Media/Branding, Video Production and Administrative costs. I shall repeat, nothing at all has changed with this financial pledge.

Indiegogo sceenshot of ‘World Citizen Solutions’ campaign page (February 2016)

1.2 Unavoidable Fees

It is important to note that over $7000 of the total amount donated is paid out in Indiegogo fees as well as Paypal/merchant processor fees. In addition there are bank transfers fees, currency conversion fees and other such financial costs of simply moving money. All tolled when the campaign ended in February of this year we had a net budget of approximately $100,000. Of that, $56,414.80 remains today. Accordingly we have spent 43% of the original funds raised, with just over 56% remaining accessible and ready for utilisation today.

1.3 Shareholder Loans & the Potential Freezing or Seizing of World Citizen Funds

Subsequently we have received further donations and in fact the largest donor to the mission is myself, or my deceased mother depending on how you look at it. When my mother passed on in 2014 she left me an inheritance that has made it possible for me to inject funds as needed into the World Citizen Mission. In the course of money transfer security issues and other such challenges I have been compelled to inject my personal funds so as to keep important work progressing. Thus far I can document providing over $10,000 of ‘shareholder loans’ for World Citizen business and I have not claimed any of this back. The primary reason I have made this extra investment is because of ongoing and serious mission challenges associated with shifting large amounts of money and the ever present possibility of funds being seized or frozen by institutions of the powers that be. This is not an unfounded concern, it is in fact very real.

Many are unaware that no matter how moral, necessary and legal a transfer of tens of thousands of dollars is, when you are confronting power head on it involves inevitable vulnerability to an attack by those who do not wish to see this mission succeed, and who also happen to control the global banking system.

1.4 Breakdown of Expenses

As stated previously our total expenses for the mission to date amount to $49,115.33. The following graphic breaks down our expenditures per category in the areas we pledged to spend in the original and unchanged Indiegogo campaign. The figures used in this graphic are taken directly from the ‘World Citizen Solutions Profit & Loss Statement’ of August 31, 2016.

Report: Profit and Loss
Breakdown of World Citizen Solutions Expenses (year to date)

1.5 Responsibility to Donors

I will note here that the accounting information we are releasing now is not required by law and indeed there is no evidence at all that any of our funding has been misappropriated. Nonetheless we are releasing this information out of respect for the donors. It should further be noted that no expensive equipment, including valuable assets like computers, photo and video equipment and other such items have been purchased with mission funds. Absolutely nobody has been financially or materially rewarded with mission funds beyond a justifiable wage, thus any accusations to the contrary are baseless. Let us be clear, if there is any doubt regarding our accounting we will only address such doubts in the context of evidence to support the concern. Barring evidence there is nothing but rumours and heresay and we will not sacrifice further time to address irrational and unsupported claims against me or the mission. To do so would in fact be irresponsible and counter to the interests of those who invested in this mission.

2. Assessment of Work Completed To Date

2.1 Team Number 1 Assessment

The first thing to acknowledge here is that there have been two World Citizen Mission teams. The first team initially carried out valuable work and a successful crowdfunding campaign was the result. Immediately after the campaign however these same team members became involved in a conspiracy to “expose” me for lack of a “viable legal plan” along with accusations, mostly in the form of Chinese whispers (gossip) of fraud and theft. In short, there was a conspiracy to subvert the mission and the ultimate method employed to achieve that end was for Max Igan, a supposed friend, to publicly slander me with not one shred of credible evidence to support the charges. It is the “mud sticks” approach and I will address both conspiracy and subversion by team number 1 later, in Part 2 of this report.

When I look back and assess the amount of work that has been done as compared to the money paid out in wages and expenses to the first team I have to say I am distinctly unhappy with the overall performance. The total cost for bringing that team together and carrying out research, networking, social media campaigns, video production, copywriting, etc, was just over $22,000. My primary reason for dissatisfaction is that essential work that was paid for, was in the end not completed.

The following email reveals some of this essential work but it is just one example of the very significant and negative impact of subversion that has delayed the mission by approximately five months. The email exchange below is from William Genske to Mat, the would be programmer who had agreed to a timeline and fee to build the World Citizen website (a critical duty for the mission). William’s primary duty was managing the completion of this website development and keeping me abreast of any challenges or delays along the way. William also had lessor responsibilities such as the development of a networking database and was paid over $5000 in total for this work.

william-proof-of-duty-highlightedHi Mat,
Firstly, Ken asked me to express to you that we are ready to make a first payment to you in the amount of $1,000 (NOTE: Mat declined the initial payment of $1000 and agreed to start work with the deposit to be paid later).   We would then figure out a schedule for the rest of the payments based of delivery over the next three months.   Please let me know how we can best get this first payment to you – account number, PayPal account, whatever works best for you.

Secondly, I need to come up with a system that will allow us to capture as much significant data from participants in the upcoming conference in Acapulco.   This needs to be available on desktops, tablets and phones alike, and should be as powerful as is available on the market, which will easily integrate with the back end of our new system.   To date I have prepared a simple contact form that is tied to our CRM, which allows us to capture any data we wish to gather: (    I know there will be some very powerful tools available on the market, ones that will allow for advanced functionality and will be designed specifically for these purposes. Alternately, you may have developed something along these lines.   This is very important since the departure date for the conference is around the corner.   Anything we integrate must be well understood by everyone who will be using it.   This is a priority item from our perspective. end

Looking at the February 7, 2016 email to the left we see that a three month schedule was agreed to complete the website programming/development work. So by this timeline we expected to have a deliverable website by early May. Once again it was William’s top priority to make sure this work was kept at pace. According to William’s reports to me, as late as early April, all work was going at pace, two months into our three month work schedule. Genske resigned on April 13 however, and NONE OF THE ABOVE WORK WAS COMPLETED. This was a significant blow to the progress of the mission that caused a five month delay and it is a primary reason that a second team was formed.

The reason cited for William’s resignation is as follows;
“I am writing to inform you that as a result of a lack of communication after 2 requests for some disclosure of where World Citizen stands with respect to the legal status behind the solution which you have identified on several occasions – I must at this point resign from the team.”William Genske (April 13, 2016)

In Part 2 of this report we will thoroughly disprove the lie that I withheld damaging information about legal work, or that anything at all was awry with the legal work. To the contrary we will prove that the legal aspect of this mission remains rock solid, as it has been since day one, and that all critical legal work required to move forward confidently is already completed. But I want to point out something that should be obvious. William Genske was legally and provably paid to carry out specific duties, a contractor paid by World Citizen Solutions. I am the Director of World Citizen Solutions, the “boss” as it were. William’s duties did not include being privy to sensitive legal work, nor to approve of that work, and of course there is no evidence to show otherwise. So why is it that the boss is having to answer to the employee in order to get verifiably paid work done? It almost seems that the so-called activist scene is a very unhealthy alternate reality on numerous fronts.

Moving forward, the first team did not produce nearly enough work to satisfy me as Director and my reasons for not sharing certain information is equally simple. Matters of strategy such as legal/lawful tactics are not something to be shared if there is no need. It should be self-evident why such information is not to be shared unless it is necessary and beneficial to the mission and in fact my point is undeniably made by the subsequent public attacks by Max Igan and William Genske and others. Imagine if I had shared the entire legal strategy? Every bit of that sensitive information would be public by now. And just why would I do that when we are not ready for launch?

2.2 William Genske – Fired or Resigned?

Recently great effort has been employed to call my integrity into question by saying that I lied about “releasing” the former team when in fact William resigned, but the truth of the matter is that I had already decided to let William go before he resigned, due to provable subversion that was revealed in emails between a mission supporter and William himself. For obvious reasons however I did not want to fire William and lose the essential work that he was overseeing (website & database). So I did what was possible to secure that work, unfortunately for the mission however the top duties in William’s charge were never completed despite him being paid. In the end he managed to simply resign, cementing the loss of essential work for the mission.

It is worth noting that since William’s departure he and his wife have managed the time to build a website and share it extensively via social media, this website however is dedicated to disinformation and ridicule of myself and the World Citizen Mission. One wonders how much he is earning to do this work? Knowing what I know, knowing the extent of the lies that he and Max are promoting, this is yet more evidence leading to the conclusion of subversion; but more on that later.

2.3 Basic Tasks & Commitments Not Carried Out

One more critical point to make is that the Project Manager for the World Citizen Mission essentially failed to carry out any of his primary duties to oversee critical work and make sure all work was on pace. The reason for this is that his father took ill immediately after the raising of funds in February 2016 and over the following two to three months his father was on a rollercoaster of near death and recovery until he finally passed on. All through this period I was carrying out a speaking tour across the US and Canada so I was unable to take up the slack. The amount of resultant damage is undeniably serious and substantial, but this damage, it is important to note, was in my opinion not due to any intentional subversion by the former Project Manager. This is very different from the conduct of Samantha Bachman, William Genske and Max Igan, all of whom have actively sought to disinform the public and harm this mission. Nonetheless the crucial work not carried out by the Project Manager is hard to calculate, but certainly damaging in itself… and I am quite sure that he would be the first to acknowledge this.  If you ask me why I did not replace him sooner? It was simply because I truly wanted him to return and he never made me think otherwise, until his father passed on and his family duties increased to the point that it made his commitment to the mission impossible.

2.4 Baseless Accusations Justifying Abandonment of Vital Paid Work

Inventing problems so as to justify the desired course of action is how our world currently functions and the clearest and most stark example of this is the so-called ‘War on Terror’. In this War on Terror paradigm we have for more than a decade and a half been sold on the idea that the “terrorists” are the problem, so we must give up some freedom in order to maintain our “security”. The fact that the CIA created “Al Qaeda” is not seriously in question, so the CIA literally invented Al Qaeda, which in turn necessitates a solution, a solution manipulated and intended by those who created the problem in the first place. The tactic is rudimentary but sadly effective and it is one the powers that be employ continuously. In this case the subversives have invented problems that “justify” their “speaking out” and ultimately dishonouring their commitment to complete paid work.

2.5 Subversion Resulting in 5 Month Delay to the Mission Minimum

The second team was brought into the mission in July 2016 as a result of the need to release the first team. So realistically speaking the period from February to July 2016 was not productive enough at all and that equates to essentially a 5 month delay. And this is also why I have provably not taken pay in the entire 9 months of this mission. At great cost to me financially I might add.

2.6 Team Number 2 Assessment

The second team was organised in June 2016 and formed in Dominica in July 2016. This team includes 8 people, we have a Certified Public Accountant from the US, a Cambridge Law Student from England, as well as professionals in IT, logo design, social media, web design and programming and various other skills that are in line with our needs. I am happy to report that a massive amount of work has been done since July. I do not feel it wise to get into the details of that work however, what I can say is that the legal work remains on pace, the accounting work is up to date and professionally done, and the website is developing very well indeed. But we will not launch until all mission imperatives are met, this is a matter of discipline and strategic wisdom. No matter what the provocations, no matter what the accusations, we will not reveal anything that is mission critical and sensitive unless it is in the best interest of the mission. This is something I take responsibility for and will protect vigorously.

In terms of the cost of bringing the team to Dominica and paying for other essential services and work, the total cost to date is approximately $27,000. Dominica offered an ideal work environment because there are no major cities or night clubs nor other such distractions. The cost of a three bedroom house with the local rates I have access to is $250-$330 a month. The highest paid employee earned $1000 a month, but some just $500 a month.

With regard to the timeline for launch, the one major benefit we will claim from this circus of lies courtesy of Max Igan, Richie Allen, William Genske and Samantha Bachman, is that the launch date will not be estimated until we feel we can launch in 30 days. When we reach that point we will announce it immediately. Until that time, the public circus we did everything possible to avoid is now a matter of public record, which means the delays resulting from this subversion are on record, and that takes pressure off me, because previous to this public display I was holding back the real reasons for the delays and missed obligations. What I will promise now is to continue to do my very best, and believe me I want to launch this more than anyone. And we will launch, one way or the other, as soon as possible.

2.7 Conclusion

We invested in professional accounting as a basic duty of course, but I also made sure of this because I knew spurious accusations would be levied no matter how clean our management or accounting. Whether people wish to acknowledge or accept it or not, missions I create inherently involve such spurious accusations… among others, because of the nature of the powers we are all facing. The predictable result of accusations that clearly favour the powers that be, is to drain resources from our mission and force us to shift from important and productive work to these unfounded and nonsensical claims.

Understanding the above let us make clear that we are not required by law to issue accounting information on demand. Our accounting year is not up for many months now, so we will not be providing anything more than this until the accounting is due by law. As said it is already draining/delaying the mission so we will not invest more. And if someone wants to challenge the figures without evidence, which is sure to happen, we will ignore these accusations. But we will point out the uncritical, anti-natural rights, knee-jerk and dangerous mentality of those who accept criminal accusations without evidence, especially “journalists”.

Either way we know that some will say the profit and loss is falsified and should that chorus of cynics be loud enough what we will do is carry out a crowdfunding campaign to pay for an independent audit of all our accounting. But for obvious reasons we will not use existing funds to do this, that is why a new crowdfunding campaign will be utilised if calls of fraud and theft become impossible to ignore. If we are to carry out this crowdfunding effort we will also seek to obtain the funds required to form a Trust that will detail the structure of management and the means of expenditure for all future funding. This was always to be the case and even the first team was fully aware of this. Claims that I will make money beyond a very justifiable salary, or even more absurd that I am to make “millions” from this mission is simply farcical, and a transparent defamation tactic intending to destroy the mission by defaming me.  Astute observers know this.
Upon launch there will be absolute transparency with regard to all accounting, and we will cap the amount of money ANYONE can earn full stop so that only justifiable, dignified wages are earned. Nobody will earn 6 figures, nobody. And the lowest paid employees of World Citizen will earn an equally respectable and justifiable wage that cannot be distant from the highest paid.

The truth in all respects is on our side and the integrity of this mission is not seriously in question by anyone who requires proof before judgement. It is just such people we are seeking to participate in the World Citizen Mission and that is why we are not overly concerned about slanderous side shows and distractions of little to no merit, indeed their presence is a sure indication that what we are doing has great power.

I highly recommend people go and watch Max Igan’s interview with Richie Allen on August 28, 2016.  Every single accusation Max has made is slander, Richie Allen enabled that slander, and some of you have bought into it.  There is a very powerful lesson in this and I seriously hope everyone sitting in judgement makes the most of it.

Ken O’Keefe


1. Finances
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Unavoidable Fees
1.3 Shareholder Loans & the Potential Freezing or Seizing of World Citizen Funds
1.4 Breakdown of Expenses
1.5 Responsibility to Donors

2. Assessment of Work Completed To Date
2.1 Team Number 1 Assessment
2.2 William Genske – Fired or Resigned?
2.3 Basic Tasks & Commitments Not Carried Out
2.4 Baseless Accusations Justifying Abandonment of Vital Paid Work
2.5 Subversion Resulting in 5 Month Delay to the Mission Minimum
2.6 Team Number 2 Assessment
2.7 Conclusion

3. Subversion
3.1 World Citizen Mission – A Prime Target for the Powers That Be
3.2 Due Process of Law & The Presumption of Innocence
3.3 Hearsay
3.4 Consequences of Abandoning the Presumption of Innocence
3.5 Character Assassination
3.6 Reality Check
3.7 The “Big Lie”
3.8 Commitment to Expose the Tactics of Subversion
3.9 Sustained Damage from Team 1 Subversion
3.10 The Biggest Lie – “No viable legal strategy”
3.11 Max Igan – Mr. “Non-compliance” Requires UCC Compliance for World Citizen
3.12 Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
3.13 Subversion Definition
3.14 Jealousy as a Motivating Factor
3.15 Proof Max Igan Has Lied Since March 22, 2016
3.16 Contract to Commission the Legal Services of Dr. Doebbler
3.17 Conspiracy
3.18 Evidence that Richie Allen Has Lied Since September 5, 2016
3.19 Witch Hunts &Trial by Public
3.20 Richie Allen as Authority in Law
3.21 Guilty Until Proven Innocent
3.22 Character Assassination
3.23 Guarding the Donors Support
3.24 Natural Rights vs. Trial by Public
3.25 Journalism

4. Conclusion

Report: Profit and Loss
World Citizen Solutions Profit and Loss