What follows is just one more step in the process of exposing the fact that Max Igan and Richie Allen are colluding in monumental lies so as to harm or destroy my integrity and by default kill the World Citizen Mission.  This is a short and sweet post that proves beyond any doubt that Max Igan is knowingly lying while Richie Allen is just a bumbling idiot in this case who has failed to even do the most basic of journalistic inquiries (more on that in a moment).  Having said that I will give Richie credit for the good work he has done in the past, this is sensible and fair.  But I will repeat as many times is as relevant, he is an affront to genuine journalists, in my case at least, and an enemy of the people in this position;

“You are OBLIGED to prove they are telling lies.” Richie Allen on the Richie Allen Show September 5, 2016 (reinforcing the guilty until presumed innocent, Guantanamo Bay reality he apparently wants – at least in my case)

Richie Allen, as you will see in this post and future posts, actually takes provably slanderous and baseless criminal accusations made by Max Igan as truth, summarises them as fact, and then later demands that I “prove” my innocence.  You could hardly make this stuff up, I can just see the “enlightened” Western audience that is so “aware” of the mainstream media (MSM) propaganda and thus waaaaaay beyond being useful idiots in the MSM crowd.  Can you picture them?  With their Starbuck’s coffees and “Not in my name” bumper stickers, cause I see them, soaking this bullshit right up.  I am actually happy for all of this stupidity because it offers many would be do gooder’s to seriously self-reflect, and if you bought into this shit, acknowledge you got taken for a long ride by your chosen Guru, Maxwell Igan.

This post deals with just one of the multitude of lies, for brevities sake.  As I say in the video, how many lies do I need to disprove before the liars become answerable to their lies.  Max Igan proudly declared he was putting his reputation on the line for these accusations.  So how much integrity is lost with this lie being exposed?

To see the evidence for yourself simply listen to and watch the videos and audio samples of selected clips from Richie Allen’s interview of Max Igan on August 28, 2016, along with a few very short videos from me.  TJP & enjoy.

So Richie Allen is stating Max’s claim that I am running off to Dominica with donated money because Dominica has no extradition treaties as if it is a fact.  Now let’s hear Max say it himself.

So Max says, “It looks like a pyramid scheme” (more on that in a subsequent post) and with Ken sitting in “no extradition” Dominica “people can charge him with whatever they want, they won’t be able to touch him and he will bring down the entire alternate media because the mainstream media will hear about (thanks for that Max) and they will have a field day with this”.  And the stunning reality is this, the MSM will not touch this story because there is nothing to support it at all!  Max Igan says it is so with his mates, and if the MSM did bring me on, or Max on, and the types of slanders that were said on Richie Allen’s show were said on the BBC, CNN, Fox, Sky, whatever, I would be in for a nice payday because all of these lies are slanderous lies intending to provably harm my reputation.  They are in truth an assassination attempt and thus a very serious crime.

Getting back to the delusional world of Max Igan/Richie Allen “alternative media”, apparently my real plan is to commit open fraud, steal donated money, live out the good life in Dominica and bring down the entire “alternate media” to boot.  Wow, Maxy has it all figured out… only there is a problem, quite a big one when it comes to this particular knowing, slanderous lie.

So what follows is proof of what I say in the video above, I never said to Max I was going to Dominica because it had no extradition treaties, that was a blatant lie that the newly identified pathological liar Max Igan sold, and which the incompetent “journalist” at best, Richie Allen, bought hook, line and sinker.  What fools, both of them.  Because Dominica, get ready for it, has an extradition treaty with the USA!  A nation that treats me as a terror suspect every time I touch their God forsaken soil.  Because their master Israel says it is so no less.In terms of Israel’s position with regard to me, and Max Igan’s self-appointed judge/jury & executioner God position with me, they are one and the same.  Maybe they should share some of their “evidence”?

“I don’t care what it does to my reputation I will put my life on the line for this, I will put my reputation on the line”.  Well there you have it folks.
Stay tuned.  TJP