Getting ready to set the record straight on the Richie Allen Show tonight at 8pm UK time. We will be posting evidence to refute Max Igan’s slanderous charges on Facebook and Twitter. Ask Max Igan for some evidence as well, seems appropriate I reckon.


I will be happy to see it and if you believe in justice you will know that criminal accusations in a public forum that lack evidence is in fact slander, a criminal offense in itself.

Seems far too many people in this “scene” like a good show more then truth however, public accusations of criminal activity are simply entertainment for many. Guilty until proven innocent, “cause Max says so”, nice world that makes for us, Guantanamo for everyone, hip hip hooray!

max igan - anal sex chain saw

To be honest I knew this and more was coming when I decided to launch this mission, what I did not see coming was Max Igan as the front man for those seeking to destroy the world citizen mission. For my part I truly wish Max the best, he is not in a good place, he is lying more and more to cover his original lies and there is no way he will avoid the force of the truth coming his way. When this force becomes unavoidable for him, I will extend a hand of support and forgiveness should he ever find the integrity and strength to do so. In the meantime I am forced to disprove his treacherous lies regarding the accusations that I;

1) Have no viable legal/lawful strategy for the world citizen mission (just wait until I share what we have in hand today)

2) That I have stolen money from mission funds.

3) That I have used mission funds to “buy land” in the Caribbean.

4) That I am “COINTELPRO”.

5) That I am a “Fraudster”.

6) That I committed “Blackmail”.

7) That I am a “Sociopath”.

8) That Max led the way through a Gaza tunnel and “Ken was scared” and didn’t want to go (are you having a laugh or what?).
9) That I have set up a pyramid scheme to make “millions”.

10) That I set up this mission to fail and my decades long period of activism was merely a ploy to steal a little over 100k and “retire” in the Caribbean.

All pure, unadulterated bullshit absent of ANY EMPIRICLE EVIDENCE apparently because I am not Zen Gardner, who deserves this sort of treatment from Max;
“While I most certainly have questions, and am in no way defending him, without proof of guilt I will not be jumping on the bandwagon to defame someone, nor will I be participating in any kind of trial by media, and nor will I automatically assume guilt by association…”

“Frankly the way this issue has been handled has seriously caused me to question the future of this species, it really has. People have too eagerly embraced one possibility, based on MSM reports, without ever, even for a moment, considering the other. They have embraced their altruistic ego selves and set themselves as judge, jury and executioner simply because it satisfies their blood lust and inner frustrations to do so.” – Max Igan (August 27, 2016 – one day before launching public attack against me/world citizen mission)

So let’s be clear here, Zen Gardner, a man who spent 27 years as a member of a cult that at its core routinely practiced sexual abuse of children, who actually was the Public Relations Director charged with making David Berg (the leader of the cult) look like some sort of Christian Saint, a man who was totally silent about what he must have known in his top level leadership role in this cult, this man after leaving the cult said nothing, insuring more children would be victimised, this man according to Max Igan is guilty of nothing, because he has not been charged with a crime (yet) himself. Zen deserves the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and barring a criminal conviction must be treated as innocent period.

Max Igan Supporting Zen Gardner
Max Igan Supporting Zen Gardner

And here is Max’s view of me as recorded on the Richie Allen Show last week;
Richie: “
Is there any way that even a tiny percent in your mind that you think there’s a possibility you’ve gotten this wrong? And that Ken might just have made a complete bollocks of this but made a complete bollocks of it with the best of intentions, is there any way that, and I’m not just… being the devil’s advocate, I’m being fair here, is there any way that that remains a possibility for you?”

Max: “It was a possibility for me until he sent me the Subversion Report, now… no there is no possibility in my mind that this is not a scam.”

So by Max Igan’s logic Zen is totally cool unless he is convicted and I am well… guilty as charged by judge, jury and executioner Max Igan. So HE ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE CRIMINAL CHARGES levied against me… right? He simply must have it, because Max could never lie right?

Zen Gardner KOK Hypocrisy

There is so much self-reflection coming out of this, for so, so many of you. Because many of you are being manipulated with the effectiveness of the brainwashing we see in the Christian Zionist movement, these people have their anointed leaders who speak with the authority of God, and for the Max Igan sycophants, God himself has spoken… and Ken O’Keefe is guilty and needs to “crawl under a rock.” It is stunning, shame, shame, shame to those who bought into this lynch mob insanity just because their chosen one says so.

So after me and my team destroy these spurious, slanderous, libellous attacks, we will not be distracted again, we will carry forward the world citizen mission. So good luck to all our enemies, this is a battle I decided to take on no matter what the cost a long time ago, bring it on.

For those who want the truth, watch my interview on Richie Allen tonight, 8pm UK time.