For those that watch Press TV you will know that I continue to do regular, proper interviews with them, that being said, I will do an actual interview with legitimate independent media today (Monday, September 19, between 1-2 am (London time) on the John Barbour Show.  The host will be news analyst Joe ‘JP’ Sottile.  I will of course be talking about the latest slander campaign along with actual information regarding the World Citizen Mission.  All many of you have heard lately is bog standard disinformation by enemies of the mission, not the same thing I can assure you.

As is required for any genuine interview, respect is given and respect is returned.  Whether it was BBC prostitutes playing their game of disinfo and character attacks, or “independent media” hacks actually inviting open and provable slander, I will never bow before such nefarious agents, nor should anyone else for that matter.

In the case of the BBC interviews, they were hostile and interuptive, but they were otherwise civil.  Thus the results you see in terms of how I dealt with them.

I must say however, Richie Allen has done some very good work in the past, many important subjects not covered by the MSM have been covered by him and for this he is due respect.  But his shameless abandonment of the presumption of innocence and hospitable hosting of relentless slander by his buddy just a week before makes clear, this man’s journalistic integrity was completely and totally abandoned when it came to the World Citizen Mission and more directly, me.  And this begs the question, why?

“You are OBLIGED to prove they are telling lies.” – Richie Allen’s position regarding slanderous criminal accusations made against yours truly on his program (September 5, 2016)

Many astute observers, including myself, recognise our current reality as a period of cleansing on planet Earth.  Many of us have little doubt that as this process plays out, those who defend natural rights and adhere to natural law, God’s law, whatever you wish to call it, will be on the right side of the line when the “day of judgement” comes.  The World Citizen Mission is in large part a mission directed at people across borders and cultures and around the world who are prepared to affirm and defend natural rights for everyone… with as much courage and resolve as they would employ in the defense of their own children.

In truth, a world governed by absolute respect for natural rights and a viable future for our children and future generations is one and the same.  It is that simple, and that is why this mission will be attacked throughout its birthing process.  And they will fail in their ultimate goal because indeed, “ideas are bullet proof”.

Gonna be a good interview, if you want another side show you will be disappointed.  Please share.  TJP

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