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My sincerest thanks – While I have not reached the target goal with just 20 hours left, I want to thank everyone who has shared and supported my crowdfunding campaign. Believe me when I say that I know I am blessed to have the kind of support that translates to good people shelling out what they can to help me do what I do. In a way I really do work for you, most of the last many years this work has been unpaid and yet I am grateful to have done what my heart required me to do. If I can I will continue to do this but now I must find a way to pay bills as well.

It is worth noting that in all this time I have not taken one penny from the UK government, although I qualify for financial entitlements. My attitude there is fuck’em, I ill not be beholden to their corrupt system. Aside from that you could bank on me having been portrayed as a social leach if I had taken any of the money available to me through the system. Instead I have simply done what I needed to do and had faith all that I would require would be there for me. This approach has worked, it allowed me to express myself as I need to do, and again I am grateful, so very grateful, so thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. TJP

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