Written by Ken O’Keefe (September 25, 2016)

Max Igan Lies
Ken took Max Igan to Gaza in 2012 where he met the Samouni family.

NOTE: If you read this document fully and view the EXHIBITS, images and videos in order, the verifiable evidence within establishes that Max Igan, William Genske, Susanne Pietz, Samantha Bachman and Richie Allen have executed a disinformation campaign targeting the World Citizen Mission. Additionally, Max Igan and Richie Allen have verifiably slandered and/or libelled myself, Ken O’Keefe, in violation of natural rights that are at the very heart of the World Citizen Mission.

In terms of the smear campaign against me I can honestly say that I have expected nothing less, in fact I expect much more, the only surprise at this point is that Max Igan, wittingly or unwittingly, has played the vital role. Perhaps unusually however, my faith and confidence has never become weaker for such betrayals, indeed they have always made me stronger. TJP


The original ‘Subversion Report‘ that that I authored in May of this year was released by Max Igan and friends, it was NEVER intended for public release. As a man who is 100% committed to the World Citizen Mission, I am doing now what I always intended to do if I had no choice in defence of the mission. Exposing Max’s provable disinformation and subversion is not something I enjoy, it is simply necessary at this point. Therefore I am releasing a proper report, formatted for public consumption, supported by verifiable evidence that affirms the integrity of the mission and the power it has to change the world for the better. I have to say I did not expect Max to act in such an irrational and immoral manner, launching into a full blown slander campaign intending to assassinate my character.


With regard to the allegation that the World Citizen Mission is a “pyramid scheme”, there is no basis for this accusation, the mission will never allow anyone to make money beyond a dignified and justifiable wage, this will never change. The slanderous accusations that I will run off to “untouchable Dominica” with “millions” is as unfounded as any of Max’s countless slanders. So for those who question whether this mission has within it any way for anyone to get rich, the answer is a categorical no that will be in writing and within the internal governance of the mission upon launch.

Max Igan Hypocrisy Regarding Zen Gardner

Now Max Igan has publicly put is his “reputation” on the line over what he has said about me, which means his integrity, like mine, is a legitimate issue. The little time I will dedicate to the issue of Max Igan’s relationship with Don Fergusen, who later became known as ‘Zen Gardner’, is an issue of integrity and morality especially since Max Igan has presented himself as judge, jury and executioner in my case. The vast majority of this report, roughly 90%, deals directly with Max’s slanderous accusations and straw man manipulations that have nothing to do with Zen Gardner, so any attempt to claim I am deflecting to Zen is unfounded. Which brings us to Max Igan’s position regarding Zen Gardner.

I will not get into all the details of the Zen Gardner affair, but I will supply a few relevant and verifiable facts. In early August of this year Zen Gardner was forced to come out and explain his 27 year membership in the ‘Children of God‘ cult, including his position as the Director of Public Relations (PR). As head of PR Zen worked directly for David Berg, the disgraced leader of the cult and serial paedophile, during a period of rampant sexual abuse of children at least as young as 5 years old. There can be no serious doubt that Zen’s time and position within the cult makes it a virtual impossibility that he did not know child abuse within the cult, indeed his position as head of Public Relations would have required him to know all relevant and sensitive internal matters and ultimately to cover up child abuse above all else. After all, as head of PR one of his primary duties would be to whitewash problematic internal realities in the eyes of the public and presumably he was in the PR position because he was capable of doing the job. Ultimately Don Ferguson left the cult in 1999 and rebranded himself as ‘Zen Gardner’, keeping silent about his life and position in the cult for 17 years!

On August 27th Max Igan effectively came out in support of Zen Gardner based on the principle of… get ready, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty!

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.1 – Max Igan displays incredible generosity when it comes to Zen Gardner, the principle of innocent until proven guilty is sacrosanct for Max as it regards Zen.

Max Igan Statement regarding Zen Gardner – August 27, 2016

“Frankly the way this issue has been handled has seriously caused me to question the future of this species, it really has. People have too eagerly embraced one possibility, based on MSM reports, without ever, even for a moment, considering the other. They have embraced their altruistic ego selves and set themselves as judge, jury and executioner simply because it satisfies their blood lust and inner frustrations to do so… I would like to get to the truth of this matter but that will only happen when its approached openly and rationally. Unfortunately, there is little likelihood of that ever happening now as people have already made their minds up. After all, who needs any real facts, and why bother to examine things from all angles – when you can have a good lynching”

The backlash from Max’s position was immediate and damning in no small part because Max uses the same straw man tactic, something that he is doing with increasing frequency. In the case of Zen Max uses the straw man in a highly favourable way, in my case however, he uses it is in a highly negative way. More on that in a moment.


Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.2 – Max Igan Integrity and State of Mind. Max says “it frustrates the hell out me” that “pedo” cases often turn the presumption of innocence on its head. Not an issue for Ken O’Keefe however.

Max Igan Statement regarding Zen Gardner – August 27, 2016

”Personally I think people should consider both options before judging, consider what evidence they are basing that judgment on and consider as I previously said, that if he is indeed guilty as charged, then please bring forth the victims he abused and have them now speak and gain their healing. All I know so far on this issue is that the man I have met, whose eyes I have looked into is a kind caring and compassionate individual and there is no way he should be receiving the trial by mob mentality he is being subject to without both possibilities first being rationally considered without judgment.”

What Max has done here is create the argument that there are just two possibilities, either Zen is guilty of child abuse directly (Zen participating in the abuse), or he is innocent (Zen not participating in the abuse). And in order for Zen to be found guilty no less, Max says we need to “bring forth the victims he abused and have them now speak and gain their healing“.

This is a straw man manipulation.

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.3 – Max Igan Integrity and State of Mind. Tells a critic of his defence of Zen Gardner to “go have anal sex with a chainsaw”

“A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not advanced by that opponent.”

“This technique has been used throughout history in polemical debate, particularly in arguments about highly charged emotional issues where a fiery, entertaining “battle” and the defeat of an “enemy” may be more valued than critical thinking or understanding both sides of the issue.” – Wikipedia

In the case of Zen, Max is manufacturing the false choice of innocence or guilt being solely determined by Zen’s actual physical involvement in the child abuse. He does this so as to deflect the blatantly obvious moral crime that Zen is guilty of, remaining silent for 17 years when his information and testimony could have saved untold amounts of children from further abuse. In other words, Zen did nothing to protect these children when he was perfectly placed to help them. How much additional abuse this resulted in we will never know.

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.4 – Max Igan Integrity and State of Mind. “Come and say that to my face instead of trolling the net you gutless fucking rodent turd… man enough? Go fuck a porcupine fuckface.” – Max Igan

If we are to consider the possibility that Zen was every bit as guilty as other leaders known to be preying on children sexually. This would explain his silence very well indeed. We do not need to condemn Zen Gardner, for those of us who believe in karma or some version of what comes around goes around, he is a man facing a form of justice that is governed by natural law.

“Please, be a voice for truth and sanity. Make your conscious, loving and caring presence known for the sake of the suffering. Speak up and make a difference. Our future and that of our children and fellow humans is at stake.”Zen Gardner

Is Max is so mind numbingly stupid, incapable of acknowledging the insane hypocrisy and duplicity of protecting Zen Gardner, a man preaching “love and light” while committing the moral crime of remaining silent for 17 years and ultimately condemning more children to sexual abuse? Or is there some other reason for his position?

And is the timing of Max’s support for Zen just a coincidence? Occurring just one day before unleashing an unholy slander campaign against me. Is the timing a deflection of the righteous condemnation of Max’s support Zen, to me? I believe people who support the World Citizen Mission or me personally should look into this matter, emails or Skype chats between Zen and Max could be very revealing. And Max’s history has become of interest to me for obvious reasons, might Max’s childhood reveal something about the role he is playing today? I do not know, but based on what Max has told me himself, he has experienced extreme childhood trauma. Even now however I will not get into the details of what he told me. There is every reason to be curious about Max’s past given his actions and affiliations today. What I know for sure is trauma based mind control is a matter of public record and Max appears to me a man possessed and now incapable of rational and logical thought… at least in my case. The timing of Max’s support for Zen Gardner has the signature of a classic deflection tactic, Max was predictably getting beaten in a backlash for his support, but bashing me…with absolutely NO EVIDENCE, solved that PR problem to a significant degree.


Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.5 – Another example of how Max Igan treats those expressing righteous indignation over Max’s support for Zen Gardner.

Given that Max Igan has been so adamant in maintaining the principle of innocent until proven guilty for Zen Gardner, while declaring publicly that I am guilty of “Blackmail, “Fraud”, “not paying people”, planning to steal “millions” of dollars, etc., then the only logical conclusion is that Max HAS THE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THESE CHARGES… So how many of his supporters, or how many of my enemies, will demand Max produce such evidence? And if they do not, and Max maintains his lynch mob crusade, am I wrong in suggesting that Max’s integrity is seriously in question as well as many of his supporters being cult like idiots or agents?

Any serious look at Max’s hypocrisy on this issue is compelling and damning.

Subversion Report

Indeed this private document was sent to one person and one person only, Max Igan, in May of 2016, and the reason this report was ONLY SENT TO Max was in order to KEEP THIS MATTER PRIVATE. I had proof back in April that he was publicly disinforming his talk show audience about the World Citizen Mission and privately doing the same to the point that I was getting increasingly negative feedback with a particular signature. The general theme was that of people questioning my integrity regarding the donated funds, questioning whether I had any “viable” legal strategy, and worse that I was “doing a runner” (stealing money) and going to Dominica because it has “no extradition treaties” (proven lie). None of these things had any merit, ever, but that did not keep them from coming up continuously, and it all began within days of departing the Anarcapulco Conference in February of this year, where I last met Max. These are not my opinions, these are facts that are verified by a chain of evidence that includes emails, Skype chats, Max’s weekly radio show, Max’s written statements, and at this point, the Richie Allen Show in which the presumption of innocence has been turned on its head… ala Guantanamo Bay.

So it is relevant to note that it was Max Igan, William Genske, Samantha Bachman and William’s wife, Susanne Pietz, who collectively published the Subversion Report, and they did so with the support of Richie Allen to make the report look like a rambling waste of time when in fact the report proves Max Igan’s subversion on numerous levels. They were counting on people not reading the report and in fact discouraging them from doing so by perverting the meaning and value of it upon publishing it.

Once again, I never planned to release that report to anybody but Max. It was in truth compiled at significant cost in time and energy so as to give Max Igan the opportunity to halt his disinformation and slander. That is why I get into matters regarding Max’s obvious jealousy over my girlfriend, but these were never of any interest for me to publish online. I could have seized the advantage by delivering the first blow in publishing an edited version of that report, but I did not because I knew it would be a divisive tool that favoured the powers that be. Max however, chose otherwise. Instead Max chose to take advantage of me showing him what I had and commenced to perverting the meaning of the report while coordinating with others to defame me and harm the mission. If you want to see the version Max and friends published click Original World Citizen Subversion Report. Just read page 30 and 31 if you want to verify what I have said about the intent of that report.

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.6 – World Citizen Mission Accounting up to August 31, 2016

Part 1 & 2

In Part 1 of this report (released on September 11, 2016) we addressed financial matters and publicly posted our ‘Profit and Loss’ (P & L) statement. This P & L was produced by our Certified Public Accountant who was paid for two months of work to get our accounting in order. All of this accounting work was done previous to any public accusations of misuse of world citizen funds. That P & L makes clear that just over 55% of the original funds raised with our Indiegogo campaign are still held, unused.

The report also shows that I have not taken any pay or derived any material benefits such as the attainment of valuable resources such as computers, video and camera equipment or anything similar for over 10 months now. Furthermore I can show that I have personally invested something in excess of $10,000, which was only possible due to an inheritance from my mother who passed on in 2014.

We have publicly offered to have our accounting challenged by an independent audit, so long as the expenses for such an audit do not create a financial burden for the World Citizen Mission. So what we have now is public slander with no evidence to support it vs. a publicly posted P & L by a Certified Public Accountant with verifiable integrity. People can chose for themselves which they prefer to believe.

We also stated in Part 1 of this report that we have allocated, from the beginning, the funds required to set up the legal structure of the World Citizen Mission and that this structure, likely a Trust, will be publicly, contractually obligating mission managers to utilise the funds in the most transparent and honourable of ways. NOBODY will be able to derive an income beyond a completely justifiable, modest but dignified salary. Nobody can possibly “get rich” from this mission, to the contrary, money can only be spent in ways that are publicly declared and transparent and perfectly inline with the principles of the World Citizen Social Contract. This is why we always required money to carry forward this mission. There are a multitude of requirements to launch this mission correctly and maintain it properly. Indeed much of the required work for this mission is of a legal and professional nature that requires funding. It is laughable that some think what we are doing “shouldn’t require any money”. This is a naive mentality at best, but consistent with manipulated and planted thinking by the powers that be, through their minions, because they know that as long as we are outspent a billion to one we hardly have any chance of liberating ourselves. Unity and resources and an intelligent course of action is essential, full stop.

As far as what has been alleged there is nothing but hearsay regarding allegations of misappropriation of funds. But some of the supporters of this mission have been caught up in the slander campaign against me personally and this is why we have provided financial information publicly, it is primarily for them. Note that Richie Allen said he would enthusiastically post our financial report on all his social media and other related websites when we have posted it… this is an apparent lie unless someone can find evidence of him honouring this commitment.


People can decide for themselves what view they want to believe, but our commitment to the mission will not allow unjustified distractions that prevent meaningful work from being done when all the evidence in the public domain supports our position. To allow this disinformation and slander campaign to halt essential work would be to dishonour our commitment to those who support this mission in good faith and who very enthusiastically want the mission to be launched in the most intelligent and powerful way possible.

Going back to Part 1 of this report we also provided publicly verifiable information that deals with three of the six criminal and non-criminal accusations below. That report proves number 1, 2 and 3 below are lies. In this report we will prove 4, 5 and 6 are also lies.


    1. That I have stolen donated funds from the mission I created – VERIFIABLY DISPROVEN

    2. That I am buying land with donated funds – VERIFIABLY DISPROVEN

    3. That I have not paid people the wages they were owed – VERIFIABLY DISPROVEN

    4. That I have no legal strategy or one that legal experts reject – VERIFIABLY DISPROVEN IN THIS DOCUMENT

    5. That I have committed blackmail – VERIFIABLY DISPROVEN IN THIS DOCUMENT
    6. That I am committing fraud – VERIFIABLY DISPROVEN IN THIS DOCUMENT

In a separate report published on September 19, 2016 entitled ‘Evidence – Ken Fleeing to “No Extradition Treaty‘ Dominica is a Knowing Lie’, we have indeed proven that Dominica has an extradition treaty with the United States! Nonetheless Max Igan and Richie Allen have very ignorantly spread a “theory” that I am in the midst of an elaborate scam in which I intend to retire to Dominica where I will be “untouchable”. But Max Igan provably lied about Dominica. And now our accounting provably verifies that I have taken no pay even though I have every right to. And now people can verify that I have not stolen from the mission, instead I have invested thousands of my own money. And now people can verify that I have paid former members of the team thousands of dollars even though I was not happy with their performance, proving another lie by Max. Now that we can verify all of these things is it really necessary for us to answer any of the remaining, unsupported, slanderous, ‘guilty until proven innocent’ accusations? The answer to that is undeniably no, we have no moral or legal obligation to address any of this baseless nonsense.

Nonetheless we persist in the release of evidence supporting our position because the real issue is not the baseless claims against me, rather it is that former team members, led by Max Igan, aided and abetted by Richie Allen, have attempted to destroy the World Citizen Mission with disinformation and slander. This is a fact and will be known, the only question is when? For now we will prove accusations 4 through 6 to be false, quickly and swiftly. When we reach the topics in the syllabus of this report our focus will then shift to enlightening people as to the real reasons Max Igan and others, some paid by World Citizen funds no less, have betrayed the donating public. The syllabus section of this report will be released in the coming week. With that said let us expose the following lies;

4. That I have no legal strategy or one that legal experts reject

5. That I have committed blackmail

6. That I am committing fraud

It is very relevant to point out the inherent advantage of the accuser, it takes just seconds to sling mud, it takes considerable longer to clean it off. Make no mistake this principle is well known to the powers that be, fortunately for us however, the evidence/truth is on our side so we can and will expedite this “cleaning” process.

ACCUSATION: 4. That I have no legal strategy or one that legal experts reject – Max Igan Quote “I will put my reputation on the Line”


Max Igan is flat out lying and this is easily proven with Skype chat screenshots between myself and Max below. These communications go back to February of this year and yet the lie of “no viable legal” strategy or contract has been employed repeatedly since Max knew this a lie on March 22, 2016. How will that affect Max’s credibility in the eyes of those who have bought his lies and fed into the infighting Max set off by his slanderous attempt to destroy the World Citizen Mission? And that is just one lie, click here for another damning lie.

EXHIBIT 3.1 – Skype Chat Verifiably Proving Max Igan Lie of “No Legal Strategy”

Max Igan Lying
EXHIBIT 3.7 – Skype Chat Verifiably Proving Max Igan Lie of “No Legal Strategy”

Skype chat Max Igan to Ken O’Keefe – Feb 25, 2016

People have donated a lot of money to a man they believe in with all their hearts, and they are expecting a solid, cohesive, legally sound initiative to be launched very soon with complete transparency on how the funds were spent creating it. They are expecting that because that is what you promised, and a lot of prominent voices such as myself and Sacha Stone have got behind it. Now maybe that is being done, I honestly don’t know, but if it does not happen, it will destroy everyones faith in the entire independent media completely and the domino effect will be staggering brother. People trust you and believe in you and if you mess this up, it will put an end to all fundraisers, an end to all trust and an end to any voice that put their name to the project. It will also effectively put an end to any coordinated response to this system. Now, maybe Im just being a jerk here and you do actually have people working on the framing of a legally viable UCC contract that will serve to compel us to stop funding war, or maybe you have gathered the advice that such a thing is not legally possible and so intend to either return the funds or spend them on working out a viable alternative,

Ken reply to Max – Feb 25, 2016

If you want to know more about the legal channels I have in place let me know, I will explain it again with perhaps more detail than last time. end

Skype chat Ken to Max – March 22, 2016

This is not to be shared brother, with anyone, and I mean anyone, including Sam or the rest of the team, I will share with each one of them as I feel it best. I have to say as well brother, the way that i find you have acted towards me as a result of whatever it is that seems hard for you to either forgive or accept with regard to my actions in Acapulco is unfortunate. The idea that I would shirk my commitment to doing my best to contribute to a better world is unfounded and from my end, judgemental in a very negative way. My commitment is rock solid and I would have thought you would know that even when I apparently let you down.

Anyway, here is what will be happening with my legal man in international law, and the first draft legal briefs for the UK and US have been completed, we are moving forward with perfecting those as well. I am very excited about it all and I reckon you should be as well, and accordingly every bit as enthusiastic about the mission. TJP

Again – do not share with anyone. end

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.8 Contract between Ken O’Keefe & Dr. Curtis Doebbler to conduct essential legal work for the World Citizen Mission (Part 1).


I, Ken O’Keefe, (The Client) residing at _ hereby instructs Dr. Curtis FJ Doebbler, of The Law Office of Dr Curtis FJ Doebbler, 1003 K Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20001 USA, and Mr. Inder Comar of Comar Law, 995 Market St. (2nd Floor), San Francisco, California, 94103, USA, (hereinafter The Lawyers) to provide a written Legal Opinion addressing the law applicable to the questions that follow and to be completed by 30 April 2016 and to be communicated to The Client by email on that day or as soon as possible thereafter. The Client agrees to pay the hourly rate of two-hundred and fifty (250) US dollars per hour for legal research and writing by Dr. Curtis Doebbler, and one hundred and fifty (150) US dollars per hour for legal research and writing by Mr. Inder Comar and thirty (35) US dollars per hour for non-legal services such as editing. It is agreed that the cost of the total work shall not exceed five thousand (5000) US dollars. The Client agrees to make a payment of two-thousand and five hundred (2500) US dollars by 31 March 2016 to the below account of Dr. Doebbler at Capital One Bank, account 113117741, Routing #: 031176110, and to pay the remaining fees or expenses within seven days of delivery of the Opinion to The Client by email to the same bank account.

1. Does international law recognize any human rights that can justify an individual’s failure to pay public revenue charges or taxes?

2. Do individuals have a right or an obligation not to support violations of international law by their State?

3. Do national courts have a duty to recognize individual rights that are part of international law applying to a particular State?

4. What legal recourse does an individual have if his or her State forces him or her to contribute to taxes that are used to finance an action that violates international law?

Finally, and in the unlikely event that some controversy erupts that we cannot resolve between The Client and The Lawyers (or any of our successors), The Client agrees that any such dispute will be submitted to

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.9 Contract between Ken O’Keefe & Dr. Curtis Doebbler (Part 2)

confidential mediation before a neutral mediator in New York, New York. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, the dispute will then be submitted to binding arbitration before a single neutral arbitrator in New York, New York, who will abide by the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The entire arbitration will be treated as confidential, including the results of the arbitration. The result of the arbitration will be binding on the parties and the judgment can be entered into any court with jurisdiction. In proceeding this way, The Client and the Parties both waive any rights to a jury or court trial, or the possibility of an appeal from the results of the arbitration.

The undersigned agrees to all of the above provisions and requests The Lawyers to begin work on the Legal Opinion without delay.

Signed: Ken O’Keefe (The Client) Dated: April 2, 2016 end

Max reply to Ken – (regarding contract to hire Dr. Doebbler) – March 22, 2016
all good ken, my message was simply the result of external forces pressuring me for information. end

Now this should have been the absolute end of any issues with Max, at least with regard to the bogus legal non-problems he was creating. I had a signed contract with a top level International Human Rights Attorney dealing squarely with the legal work required to implement a strategy which had been formulated over years, partly with Dr. Doebbler’s advice and feedback. The idea that I was simply winging it with my legal strategy and postulating about legal matters is just one of seemingly countless lies that Max Igan is now on record as spreading. Max Igan had been given that sensitive information, a signed contract to hire Dr. Doebbler, so surely we can move on now constructively and build this mission together right?… wrong. Here is what Max says publicly on August 28, 2016 and who knows how many times he has told this lie privately and how many people have been disinformed by him total.

In the following video Richie Allen asserts that Ken O’Keefe’s World Citizen Mission no longer has a legally viable strategy. Furthermore, Allen asserts that O’Keefe has gone back on his pledge to provide a viable legal strategy and now claims there is no need for one. Richie Allen is basing this position purely on the hearsay of Max Igan and friends, as well as some “communiques” that he refers to in this clip. I am now publicly requesting that these “communiques” be made public. If the source and content of these communiques that serve to defame Ken O’Keefe is not revealed, it is possible that it is because the “communiques” are indeed fraudulent. Which means Richie Allen could well be guilty of the criminal offence of conspiracy to commit slander.


Richie Allen Show – Interview of Max Igan (August 28, 2016)
Max Igan – I’m talking about money ken, I’m talking about the fundraiser; I’m talking about the fact that you haven’t paid anyone (proven lie), I’m talking about the fact that the contract is supposed to have legal standing (it does). You know… but what he’s done is sen me this subversion report and I think, okay so this is black male (sic), you’re telling me, if you hear one whiff of your bullshit from you and your friends, then this report goes public. That’s Black Mail (soon to be proven lie).

Richie Allen – We’ll ask every single one of the questions that you’ve posed to ken on the program on Monday. The subversion report (pause, sigh). You know, reads, it reads like you’ve (Max igan) said it. I mean taken what you’ve said at face value, the questions you where asking about whether the legal work had been done, whether there was a frame work had it been produced by the legal team and how could it proceed without all of that. That stands up in the communiques that we’ve seen (what communiques? – publish them Richie Allen!) and then you have the subversion report. So he’s gotta answer those questions, he seems willing to do so because, he’s gonna come on the program on Monday.

Max Igan There is no legal standing to this document, there’s absolutely none, he’s going around recruiting ambassadors to get other people to sign to the contract because we need lots of people so that we’ve got the numbers to make it happen but everybody’s got to sign up for a $12 dollar payment for this piece of paper they’re gonna get and by the time they figure it all out he’s on Dominica where there’s no extradition (proven lie. You know he was very careful, “come and live on Dominica Max, this is the place to be there’s no extradition from Dominica” (bald faced lie). He told me all these things. There is no legal standing for this document he is creating so what is the document? And he’s oh well we need, we need lawyers so that we need all the money, the money’s gonna be used for the legal, legal battles people fight. What legal battles will people fight? Why are they going to be fighting legal battles with a document with no legal standing? end

The Skype dialogue between Max Igan and myself above establishes beyond any reasonable doubt that Max Igan was fully aware of the essential legal work being conducted way back in March 2016, this proves Max Igan has been WILFULLY/INTENTIONALLY LYING TO THE PUBLIC SO AS TO DEFAME ME, DESTROY THE WORLD CITIZEN MISSION & GIVE COVER TO HIS SUBVERSION. This is not opinion, it is provable fact.

Richie Allen Disinformation

Richie Allen has been absolutely essential in maintaining Max Igan’s keystone lie that there was no viable legal strategy. On September 12, 2016, three days before my “interview” with him on the Richie Allen Show, I sent him EXHIBIT 3.1 (Skype screenshot) proving Max has been aware of the essential legal work since March 22, 2016. I also sent him Dr. Durtis Doebbler’s ‘Instructions for Opinion’ contract with the following message.

Skype Message to Richie Allen by Ken O’Keefe – September 2, 2016
You did not push Max on lies that you could prove if you truly read my (subversion) report. I will discuss this publicly before the Monday show brother… because it is terribly relevant. I suggest you read page 12 and get back to me, if you do that and acknowledge the slip up on your part privately I will approach this differently. I am set for Monday either way. end

As you see later in this report on September 2, 2016 Richie Allen affirmed with me on Skype as well that he had read the Subversion Report “thoroughly”. What follows is page 12 of the report, the one page I recommended he read if he had any intention of questioning Max Igan’s lies.

Richie Allen Lies
EXHIBIT 3.10 Page 12 of the ‘Subversion Report’ – Sent to Richie Allen September 2, 2016

Skype Message to Richie Allen by Ken O’Keefe – September 2, 2016
If you require any more proof my brother please let me know. TJP end

Although Richie Allen did not question the authenticity of the screenshots proving Max’s legal lies, . So I followed up and on September 5th, the day of my “interview”, and I wrote the following.

Richie Allen Lies
EXHIBIT 3.11 – Richie Allen being provided the evidence proving Max Igan lie of no “viable” legal strategy.

Skype Message to Richie Allen by Ken O’Keefe – September 5, 2016
I would like to know your opinion of the evidence I have supplied you Richie, do you consider this proof that Max was fully aware that I had tremendous legal and lawful work underway and that I had told him this many times? Accusations take seconds to lodge, defending against such things takes longer, so I want to cut to the chase on this issue and others by supplying evidence as opposed to unsupported heresy and slander. Please let me know your thoughts on the evidence supplied. I am ready. end

Richie Allen once again did not question the authenticity of the evidence I had sent to him, at this point I did not know for sure if Richie was;

1) A genuine journalist seeking truths supported by verifiable evidence

2) A non-journalist rejecting evidence and colluding in Max Igan’s slander campaign for reasons impossible to know

3) An agent of some sort working for or cooperating with intelligence services

I cannot prove any of the above, but it is surely one of the above, and option 3 is much more possible then most people realise.


One of the primary purposes of this entire slander campaign is to try and get us to release bits and pieces of the strategy so as to reduce the impact of the launch, it is sort of like launching over weeks or months with a slow fizzle vs. a big bang all at once, no element of surprise. In other words the enemy knows what’s coming, it is akin to a Martial Arts fighter telling his opponent exactly what method of attack he will employ; in short it is nonsensical and tactically stupid. The demand for us to release the social contract or entire legal strategy is a blatant attempt to derail our overall strategy by dictating when and how we release information. I have always said that we will not launch until all mission imperatives are in place and that WILL NOT change. However, what I am willing to do is release just enough of the legal opinion that more than backs up the soundness of our legal strategy. Not only is our strategy “viable”, to any objective observer the legal opinion we have in hand is monumentally powerful, especially if this legal and lawful approach inspires millions of people to get behind it.

Max Igan Lies
Max Igan employs the well known straw man argument so as to maintain lies about Ken O’Keefe & World Citizen Mission.

Max Igan employs the well known straw man argument so as to maintain lies about Ken O’Keefe & World Citizen Mission.

The legal opinion written by Dr. Doebbler is 20 pages, it provides a rock solid legal defense that in itself is powerful, but one of the major manipulations in this slander campaign is the idea that the legal aspect of our mission is the most important aspect of all, it most certainly is not. The idea that any strategy I initiate would have some sort of “legal loophole” to liberate humanity is nonsensical and there is nothing that anybody can produce that would have me endorsing such a view… but that does not stop Max and his cohorts from wilfully lying in this matter. Max’s disinformation campaign is all about explaining my strategy in a knowingly bogus and perverted way, passing it off as my actual strategy and then rubbishing it in public. That is called the “strawman argument” and it is another example of a wilful attempt to disinform the public. If you are taking Max’s word regarding the strategy of the World Citizen Mission you are being intentionally disinformed.

Here is a summary of Dr. Doebbler’s opinion and it affirms the power of the legal aspect of our mission. When the entire strategy is revealed it will become crystal clear why the powers that be, and sadly Max Igan and company, did not want this mission to be launched, especially the way that we are committed to launching it.

Dr. Curtis Doebbler – Extract of 20 page Legal Opinion for World Citizen Mission

Dr. Curtis Doebbler

Summary of Opinion

Richie Allen Lies
Ken took Max Igan to Gaza in 2012 where he met the Samouni family.

Questions of the legitimacy of State action, however, arise when a State uses its resources for activities that are inconsistent with its international obligations. In such cases, individuals who are able to articulate their opposition to State policies because they are inconsistent with international law, including international human rights law, have a right and an obligation to refuse to act in a manner that supports such illegal activities. Such action is not inconsistent with an individual’s duties towards his or her State because that duty also requires individuals to not support violations of international law.

  1. Does international law recognize any human rights that can justify an individual’s failure to pay public revenue charges or taxes?
    The answer to the first question is that international human rights law can be a justification for an individual’s failure to pay public revenue charges or taxes when it can be proven that the payment of taxes contribute to an illegal action.
  2. Do individuals have a right or an obligation not to support violations of international law by their State?
    The answer to the second question is that individuals have a right and an obligation not to support violations of international law by any State.
  3. Do national courts have a duty to recognize individual rights that are part of international law applying to a particular State?
    The answer to the third question is that national courts have a duty to recognize individual rights that are part of international law applicable to a particular State. This is the case because under international law, national law can never be a justification for a violation of international law.
  4. What legal recourse does an individual have if his or her State forces him or her to contribute to taxes that are used to finance an action that violates international law?
    Finally, the legal recourse an individual has if a State forces him or her to contribute to taxes that are used to finance an action that violates international law will depend, at the international level on the procedures to which a particular State has agreed. International human rights mechanisms may be approached to determine a States responsibility for forcing an individual under its jurisdiction to contribute to a violation of international law. end


Richie Allen Lies
EXHIBIT 3.13 – Legal Opinion of Professor Dr. Curtis F.J. Doebbler and Mr. D. Inder Comar – ‘Withholding Taxes Used for Illegal Military Action by One’s State.’ – Prepared on the Instructions of Mr. Kenneth O’Keefe


The question we shall put to people now is why has Max provably lied when he says we have no viable legal strategy? And another question Max’s fans might want to ask is why did Max require a “viable UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) contract” of me and this mission? The latter question should be deeply disturbing to those who love Max for his position regarding “non-compliance”; more on that later.

ACCUSATION: 5. That I have committed blackmail

Max Igan and Richie Allen have gone out of their way to accuse me of the criminal offence of Blackmail.

Richie Allen Show – Interview of Ken O’Keefe (September 5, 2016)
Richie Allen – Blackmail, Ken, is when you say to somebody, ‘I’ve got some information that’s going to be embarrassing for you and if I hear a whiff of anything from you, at all, I’m gonna publish it’. That’s blackmail, Ken. By any definition.Timestamp 4:11

So let us look at the legal definition of Blackmail, since Richie Allen is on record as saying on his radio program that I am guilty of this criminal offence that carries up to a 14 year prison sentence in the UK.

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.14 – Max Igan Lying about Alleged Blackmail

EXHIBIT 3.4 – UK Legal Definition of Blackmail

(1) A person is guilty of blackmail if, with a view to gain for himself or another or with intent to cause loss to another, he makes any unwarranted demand with menaces; and for this purpose a demand with menaces is unwarranted unless the person making it does so in the belief—

(a) that he has reasonable grounds for making the demand; and

(b) that the use of the menaces is a proper means of reinforcing the demand. – Legislation.Gov.UK

EXHIBIT 3.4 – US Legal Definition of Blackmail

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.15 – Max Igan Lying about Alleged Blackmail – US Definition of Blackmail

Blackmail is the crime of threatening to reveal embarrassing, disgraceful or damaging information about a person to the public, family, spouse or associates unless money is paid to purchase silence. It is a form of extortion. Because the information is usually substantially true, it is not revealing the information that is criminal, but demanding money to withhold it.USLegal.com

Max Igan and Richie Allen have committed provable slander by accusing me of a criminal act when they both know my only intention was to prevent the public circus of infighting and division that

has all too predictably resulted in Max continuing to disinform and lie. What was I supposed to do? Simply ignore Max’s public disinformation and do nothing? As the truth always comes out in the end I have no doubt that it will soon be known that Max Igan initiated a process of infighting that is perfectly inline with what the powers that be want. Richie Allen has provided the much needed platform for Max’s agenda and so he deserves special attention, especially since he is on record as publicly slandering me with the following statement.

Richie Allen Show – Interview of Ken O’Keefe (September 5, 2016)
Of course it’s blackmail, Ken. Kennnn! That’s how you treat your friends.Timestamp 1:15:01


This accusation stems from a classic example of Max Igan and Richie Allen cherry picking a small portion of a Skype chat that was intentionally taken out of context in yet another wilful attempt to deceive the public. The extract Max and Richie chose to share and repeatedly claim was “Blackmail” follows.

Skype chat Ken to Max – June 6, 2016

Ken O’Keefe – Goodbye, what I said in the report will be made public the moment I get one whiff of your bullshit from you or your friends. end

Based on the above extract I can see how some have been manipulated into believing that I was committing Blackmail, a very deliberate manipulation indeed. It was made more effective by accusing me of everything else under the sun as well. But again this is only because of the cherry picking, out of context tactic that Max and Richie Allen employed. So what follows is the essential context of my communication to Max, which is found in the very same Skype chat from the very same day, June 26th. Keep in mind that I was getting increasing chatter about me “doing a runner” (stealing donated funds) to Dominica and accusations that I “have no legal plan” and more, this coming from various sources including supporters and detractors of the mission, but all of whom were connected directly or indirectly to Max.

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.16 – Skype chat verifiably proving Max Igan is lying when he accuses Ken O’Keefe of Blackmail.

Skype chat Ken to Max – June 6, 2016
I have my legal opinion from the international attorney now Max, and my position is as strong as can be. In fact, what I now have in hand will destroy any bs accusations against me, including your “doubts” and demand for a “UCC viable” approach.

The truth is Max that I have not given an update on the mission because you have instigated a mutiny that lost me the programming work, William left and did not complete what he was paid to do, again due to you, and Blair lost his dad and did not do what he committed to. This is the truth, and I may have to say it.

If it comes down to it Max I may have to publicly challenge you to a debate on the mission, since you have continued to take a negative position against it, even in your last podcast from what I have been told; I never asked for this Max, and whatever you want to say your reasons were, you have made this reality not me.

I have been as honourable as I can be by not making things public. I did not want to feed into infighting.

This is total bullshit and the powers that be have used you to facilitate their divide and conquer strategy. So Max I am going to ask you once more, as I did in the report, what would you have me do?

Shall I express the truth as I know it and can prove? Or do you have any other option that could protect the mission?

Please tell me, these are my questions to you. end

If that does not convince you what my intentions were in providing the private ‘Subversion Report’ to Max on May 10, 2016, here are relevant extracts of the infamous ‘Subversion Report‘. But first let us first prove that Richie Allen had full knowledge of the intent of the subversion report. Three days before my September 5 interview with Richie Allen I asked him in a Skype chat the following question.

Richie Allen Lies
EXHIBIT 3.17 – This screenshot of a Skype chat between Ken O’Keefe and Richie Allen proves that Allen read the 31 page Subversion Report “thoroughly” and thus must have known this report was an attempt to prevent a public circus of infighting

EXHIBIT 3.7 – Skype chat Ken to Richie Allen – September 2, 2016
Ken O’Keefe –
First things first Richie, have you read the subversion report?

Richie Allen
 replyOf course mate, I read it thoroughly. end

So as you read these extracts from the Subversion Report that Richie Allen is on record as saying he read it “thoroughly”, ask yourself, how is possible that he not only let Max Igan call it Blackmail, but called it Blackmail himself?

Subversion Report Extracts (pages 30, 31) – May 10, 2016

The source of all of these issues with Max and his friends in my “team” were unavoidable after Max became upset with my relationship with Sophia. Accordingly, all of my effort to resolve the professed “legal” issues and apparent concern for the utilisation of funds was a lost cause. Nothing I said or supplied resulted in anything but the temporary illusion that things had been resolved. Instead it has been an ongoing drain on the mission to try and deal with the stated objections and worse yet, a damaging loss of critical paid work that has set the mission back in its ability to be launched with all mission imperatives achieved pre-launch. The end result is thus a delay in the launch and the need to form a new team, which is still underway but nearly complete.

What I face now as the mission leader is how to explain to the public who has funded this mission – why the delays? Let it be known that I am now completing this report after a major investment in time and I am soon to send this report to Max himself with the question put to him, “what would you have me do Max?” If it is possible to verify real and significant damage control on Max’s behalf then I will seriously consider not making this report public. My problems however include the fact that I surely do not know all the people Max has influenced and how far this negative influence has reached. Indeed I do not know the extent of the damage and even if I get Max to make serious moves to remedy the problems he has instigated, that damage may well spread from those he has influenced and whom I do not know about.

Additionally I am still forced to explain to the public the delays that are directly attributable to Max’s actions, so if I am to explain these delays without mentioning Max I am in truth withholding critical information. The bottom line is that I am in a very difficult position in which I would much prefer to cause no harm to Max’s reputation so as to protect his ongoing work, but at the same time find it impossible to justify knowingly endangering the missions prospects of success by protecting a man who has actively harmed the mission.

I look at it this way, I am literally risking my life with my role in leading this very powerful mission and I do so because I put the interests of the whole of humanity above my personal safety. So how can I put the interests of a single man who has actively sought to harm me and my mission, above the mission I am willing to die for?

If anyone other than Max is to read this report, i.e. I go public with this report, then it will be because I felt the best for the mission I created in the interest of creating a better world.

Understanding that I am just about to send this report to Max himself, and that the direction I take with this report is directly reliant on Max’s response, I shall in conclusion quote Max himself;

“So, I love you like a brother Ken, but what do I do now? What would you do if the positions were reversed?” TJP,

Ken O’Keefe signed May 10, 2016 end

Max Igan Lies
EXHIBIT 3.18 – One of numerous examples of Max Igan Libel on Youtube

So as I have said all along, the Subversion Report was my best attempt to halt Max’s active disinformation campaign that was provably harming the World Citizen Mission. While I will detail more of this later, here are a few selected transcriptions of Max’s podcast released on his Youtube Channel on April 15, 2016 which has 6,806 views to date. The important thing to note is that while Max does not name me or the World Citizen Mission specifically, even he will not deny that all of the extracts that we have transcribed are indeed in direct reference to me and/or the World Citizen Mission. It was Max who spoke these words, but it was William Genske, Susanne Pietz and Samantha Bachman who were backing him and planning to defame me with zero evidence to support their slanderous claims.

Max Igan Disinformation Podcast ‘The Monkey Mind in a Predatory World’ – April 15, 2016

And what a year this has been already ladies and gentlemen, its the Year of the Monkey of course, the year of the trickster, and who knows, that could be why we are seeing so much trickery in the world today.

Of course there is an awful lot going on as well, there’s a lot of things I have to deal with that are just coming up, theres actually the very distinct possibility of a rather large and very disturbing announcement that I have to make within the next week or two, well I anticipate I will have to make anyway, I won’t be able to confirm my thoughts until I have had a conference with certain individuals but that will be occurring this weekend (at the Free Your Mind Conference) and so you can expect to hear something about that probably within the next week or two. And that is something that I am certainly not looking forward to, but it is something that simply needs to be done.

I mean there is so many ways we can do things but the government won’t let us so why on Earth would anyone seek remedy with government? There is no remedy to be found with government. The best you can hope for is legal loopholes that alert people to the fact that there is no remedy in government , but that’s about all your gonna get. Your never gonna get any remedy by dealing with the system not unless you do it in such a way that simply exploits a loophole in a manner that will awaken people. But that would be about it folks, there is no form you can fill out or contract you can enter into…

There is no piece of paper or form or contract you can use folks and if you enter into a contract which you believe will grant you remedy, if your gonna just go and wave this piece of paper in front of someone and say “now I’m free”, then what makes you think you need the piece of paper to begin with?

You know if you are not prepared to stand up for what you are then your not gonna find remedy in any piece of paper, any legislation or any contract, not a legal contract or a social contract. The only contract you need to enter into is with yourself. You know, all of these things are saviour programs folks, all of them, looking for the one contract, or the one piece of paper that’s going to free you, the one thing that you can do which is going to establish remedy for you. And again its always the narcissistic approach that we have, its always freedom for me, and freedom for me within the confines and parameters that are acceptable by the system.

Even when you get angry, even I get angry, I rant I rave, but when you have these rants, why are you doing them? Is it from frustration? That’s understandable. Is it from passion? That’s also understandable. Is it from anger? Well that’s also understandable but what is the anger based in? Is the anger based in hatred of another? Or is it based in love? Is it based in your offence or at your affront at what someone’s done to somebody else or what someone’s done to you? Is it righteous anger or is it just a reaction of the monkey mind? end


What is stunning about Max’s disinformation is that he has attempted to effectively “reveal” the truth about the World Citizen Mission when in fact he is badly and knowingly perverting the strategy and the only reason this can be explained is he is attempting to destroy the mission. Why?

There is more provable evidence of this disinformation and subversion but the above alone proves that Max has been knowingly disinforming his audience and world citizen supporters since April 15th of this year. I sat on this knowledge and attempted many times to remedy this in private with Max for the sake of the “movement” that Max claims to care about so much. I never wanted the infighting, it is Max and his fellow conspirators who chose this and as more and more of the lies are exposed you can bank on all of his incredible lies unravelling and ultimately inviting the real question, why has Max Igan knowingly defamed me and ultimately attempted to destroy the World Citizen Mission?

ACCUSATION: 6. That I am committing fraud

This accusation is based on the already proven lies that I;

1. Have stolen donated funds from the mission I created

2. Am buying land with donated funds

3. Have no legal strategy or one that legal experts reject

Based on the above being verifiably proven lies there is no evidence whatsoever to support that I have done anything other than honour the commitments made to the donating and otherwise supporting public. Thus the lie that I have committed the criminal act of fraud is in truth, a criminal slander that can be proven in court… if I had the resources and desire to invest in a very expensive legal process. That I will not do, unless someone would like to fund such an effort, which I might agree to if I honestly felt it would be constructive for the mission. In the meantime I will simply keep my focus and that of the team on the mission and the many tasks we have to complete.


What we have experienced as the participants in the World Citizen Mission is an active campaign of character assassination that has employed multiple websites, coordinated social media disinformation, public displays of slander on the Richie Allen Show and a complete reversal of the essential principle of innocence until proven guilty. All of this intending to destroy the mission by smearing my reputation and integrity. I have zero doubt as to the reason why this is happening, simply put this mission is just that powerful, it is unlike anything else on the table, it does not resemble the blatant disinformation that Max Igan, William Genske, Susanne Pietz and Samantha Bachman, along with Richie Allen have initiated and supported with substantial material and human resources. It is my belief, although I cannot prove this, that one or more of these individuals are agents of the enemy whose agenda is to destroy the World Citizen Mission for the reasons I have already stated. It is also my opinion that Max Igan is likely not one of these agents, although I am by no means sure of this as there is growing evidence to the contrary, nonetheless it is Max’s ego driven jealousy and apparent emotional pain have resulted in him being easily manipulated by whatever agents surround him.

Unlike Max Igan I will not get up and condemn him for anything other then his provable disinformation and slander, where I have no proof I will only express my opinion of him, an opinion that has been acquired through personal experience and an overwhelming amount of evidence. If I venture further into conjecture however, it is my equally informed experience along with compelling evidence, that Samantha Bachman, William Genske and Susanne Pietz fit the profile of paid subversives tasked with the objective of destroying the World Citizen Mission through disinformation and slander. Opinion for sure, but a very well informed one and one that I would invite investigation of by legitimate journalists and researchers.

The Positive Side

There are many very positive aspects of this entire affair despite appearances otherwise. First of all this publicity fits into the very well understood principle that “The only bad publicity is no publicity at all”. This principle is based on the fact that many who never heard of me or the mission will have been introduced to the mission they otherwise never would have been aware of, albeit initially in a very negative way. At the end of the day however this controversy has been built on numerous provable lies. In other words, the “controversy” got people to look at something they otherwise would not have known about, and many of these people are going to learn the truth and realise that the real reason for the controversy was to destroy a very powerful and totally unique plan. And many of these people will end up supporting this mission.

Another potential benefit is that people will become more informed of the very destructive reality of infiltration and subversion. The enemy who is inside our gates, in the halls of power that we are subject to whether we are from the United Kingdom, the USA, the West as a whole and indeed every nation on Earth to one degree or another, is stunningly affected by the destructive effects of “the enemy within”. The suffering that occurs due to this reality is incalculable. We can argue until the end of time as to just who these enemies are, indeed I speak about this regularly, but to doubt their presence and destructive effect will doom us to perpetual war and quite likely nuclear annihilation in a World War III scenario. We must face this reality and deal with it squarely and this slander campaign is almost assuredly going to shed light on this very important subject.

Lastly, this affair has highlighted the core value and power of the World Citizen Mission, that of people across the planet, of every colour, race, religion, non-religion, people across the spectrum, uniting within a social contract that demands respect for EVERYBODY’S Natural Rights. If we as people around the world stand up and affirm these rights, obligate ourselves to respect everybody else’s natural rights, you can bet it will send a shockwave throughout the halls of power and reveal who has the true power in this world. This is the real reason this mission is so dangerous for the powers that be, this is why the enemies from within must be employed, because those in power and their minions have no defence for such a mission. They must destroy it or it will destroy them. This affair has served to bolster that understanding and ultimately it will result in greater interest and most importantly of all, participation.

If you want to know the truth about what the World Citizen Mission is really about, watch the following video from timestamp 21:28… or better yet watch the whole thing.


As promised, for those who want to look deeper at the latest attempt to assassinate my character and ultimately learn more of the ways and means of infiltration and subversion, I will cover all of the topics in the syllabus below in a blog post in the next week. That will be, for the most part, the extent to which I will invest energy in what was always nothing more then a smear campaign headed by a former, disgruntled friend who has now revealed just how capable a liar he is. As he said his “reputation” is on the line. Given that he is verifiably, provably a liar, it seems only Max’s cult following that suffer from serious cognitive dissonance and the agents/shills/trolls who are permanently assigned to me will be taking any stock of this sordid affair. For our part, the work continues. TJP



3. Subversion

3.1 World Citizen Mission – A Prime Target for the Powers That Be

3.2 Due Process of Law & The Presumption of Innocence

3.3 Hearsay

3.4 Consequences of Abandoning the Presumption of Innocence

3.5 Character Assassination

3.6 Reality Check

3.7 The “Big Lie”

3.8 Commitment to Expose the Tactics of Subversion

3.9 Sustained Damage from Team 1 Subversion

3.10 The Biggest Lie – “No viable legal strategy”

3.11 Max Igan – Mr. “Non-compliance” Requires UCC Compliance for World Citizen

3.12 Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

3.13 Subversion Definition

3.14 Jealousy as a Motivating Factor

3.15 Proof Max Igan Has Lied Since March 22, 2016

3.16 Contract to Commission the Legal Services of Dr. Doebbler

3.17 Conspiracy

3.18 Evidence that Richie Allen Has Lied Since September 5, 2016

3.19 Witch Hunts &Trial by Public

3.20 Richie Allen as Authority in Law

3.21 Guilty Until Proven Innocent

3.22 Character Assassination Revisited

3.23 Guarding the Donors Support

3.24 Natural Rights vs. Trial by Public

3.25 Journalism

4. Conclusion