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So this is Christmas, here we are in 2011, full scale World War III ever so close, so many of us wrapped up in the consumer culture that has relegated masses in the West and beyond to wage slavery. At the same time the ever-growing numbers of conscientious people is simply staggering. The powers that be are panicked and their propaganda machine is in overdrive in an attempt to maintain the “necessary illusions” intended to keep us peasants in line. American Presidential candidates are falling over themselves to profess their treasonous loyalty to a foreign power (Israel), and these same prostitutes are falling like leaves in autumn because the people, who used to swallow this garbage up whole, ain’t buying it. 2012 looks to be the year where we go to one extreme or the other, collective insanity and self-destruction, or sanity, justice and ultimately peace.

On this Christmas Day, like many Christmas Day’s past, I hope to do something good, as opposed to the base level conditioned craving for material crap. So today I give a gift to the residents of Dale Farm, to all Gypsies and Travelers who know all too well the sting of injustice. I only wish I could give you more, but the most I can manage is to expose the incredible injustice you experience to this day. England is not a “civilised” nation, nor is the western world civilised, and the ethnic cleansing that just took place at Dale Farm is a stark reminder that illusions aside, we are barbaric in our apathy and actions alike.

When all hell breaks loose, let it be known, I am not with the government, the police, the powerful and the rich, I will stand side by side with the poor, the Gypsies, the downtrodden and the free people who do not buy the bullshit that has been spoon fed to us our entire live’s. As George Bush said “Either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists”; well in this 1984esque Orwellian world I state for the record, I ain’t with George Bush nor the individuals he represents or the class he associates with.

Let it be known to the powers that be, many of us fear you not, your days are numbered and there will be justice.