The last week and a half has been increasingly entertaining, albeit in a seriously dangerous way.  First I had the head of an Irish charity send me a message threatening to expose me as a fraudster and extortionist.  My plan, apparently, involved producing a video of a poor and suffering child in Gaza (Areej) and soliciting funds to be given not to me, but to the Irish charity.  Then I would extort the money from the family by use of a Palestinian collaborator (a Facebook “friend”), but of course, only after the charity gave them the money I had raised with the video.  They never really explained why I had the money sent to their charity in the first place.

I responded to the threat by posting her accusations on Facebook and soliciting facts about how much money was sent to the charity.  I then visited the family to hear their side of the story.

Revisiting Areej & family in order to get to the bottom of what I am being accused of.

A few days later I received the following email through a close friend and Chief Legal Advisor to Aloha Palestine CIC, the non-profit social enterprise I set up in 2008 to conduct trade with Palestine.


I am wondering of you are still acting for Ken O’Keefe – you are still on his Aloha (Palestine) Website. I wish to sue him from here to eternity and want to be sure where to send the letters.

Kind regards, 

Felicity Arbuthnot.

I responded on April 26th with the following.

Aloha Felicity,

First off let me thank you and all the others who are a continuous source of motivation, I simply could not have done all that I am doing without you. 

FYI; Daniel Machover is a dear friend and has been invaluable for Aloha Palestine’s mission, but he will be of no use to you with regard to any legal matters directed at me.  He is not my personal legal counsel.   

I have been living in Gaza for 5 months now and I can receive mail at our Samouni Project address;

Samouni Project 

Al-xxxxxx Street

Gaza City

Gaza Strip

Palestinian Authorities

DHL is just about the only way for delivery, I should have the papers in less than a week if you can get them in the mail right away.  Wish that there were a quicker way, but I will just have to wait unless you would be so kind as to send me an email copy as well.  That would be lovely, can’t wait to hear from you, please do keep up the good work. 


Ken O’Keefe   

I am awaiting Felicitiy’s response.

Now Felicity is one of the many figures in and around the Human Shield Action to Iraq that I created in late 2002.  She is also one of the “seasoned activist” nut cases whose mission in life is to convince the world that the devil incarnate is alive, and his name is Ken O’Keefe.

Joining the circus yesterday was another Facebook “friend”, one who had supposedly put me in her will as the beneficiary of her land in Texas.  In a shocking turnaround, over the course of less than 24 hours, she realised that my upcoming trade mission to Gaza was merely a ploy to exploit the suffering of the Palestinians in order for me to make “millions”.  She provided no evidence of this, but also decided to name my wife several times and stated that I was committing adultery here in Gaza; all this just 4 days after my wife gave birth in London… without me.

In the case of accusing me of having sex with women in Gaza, this accusation puts me, and the woman I know here at serious risk.  The accusation of a married, non-Muslim man, committing adultery with Palestinian women is reckless endangerment at best, a willful intent to do harm at worst.

Should I be compelled to dignify these charges with a response?  I think not.  But for the sake of everyone’s safety, I categorically condemn such charges as criminal and 100% false.

UPDATE – I have just been given messages sent to two other Facebook friends in which the following was said;

OMG!!!!! I had that go through my mind to!! Because, ken has taken money from everyone! In the thousands! Wonder how much he got from Vik (Vittorio Arrigoni)!!! There is this other guy that is going with ken and I know he is going to die while he is there. He put $45,000 dollars into ken just a few days ago. And he will be along side Ken. I think it will be easier for Ken to kill him than be obligated to him for the money or even pay him back some of the money. Ken is suppose to make millions on the gig and the guy who put in $45,000 is promised that he will get a little something back. But, I don’t this this (sic) guy will make it back alive. – Jo Ann Wescott

Jo Ann Wescott’s profile picture complete with my TJP logo.

Two of these cases involve Facebook hero worshippers becoming highly injurious to my interests, with the latter case becoming as hateful as a jilted lover… despite me never having never met her personally.

So what does all this mean?  Well I guess from the point of view of those who are not me, and thus do not know the truth as only God and myself can know it, questions will arise, doubts will form.  And that’s really the point now isn’t it?

The other point of slander is to divert attention from more useful matters, such as setting up the Samouni family classroom and community centre, or from challenging the Israeli blockade of Gaza on every level.

It goes without saying that the real winners in a slander campaign like this is the enemies of Palestine.  When you say and do the things I do, there is simply no way to secure the favour of everyone, to the contrary, the Zionist and American imperialists and their minions will come after you.

I accept this, I really do, I have never been one for popularity contests and I have always chosen quality over quantity.  Idiot allies are liabilities more than friends; I count myself lucky to shed them.  I also realize that my path is inherently dangerous, with the ever-present possibility of torture, kidnapping, imprisonment and death by murder.  So slander is, quite frankly, a rather mild and amusing tactic of my enemies.  But there can be no ignoring the fact that the frequency of these attacks, and I am sure moving forward, the intensity of the attacks, will run parallel to my increasing ability to get good and meaningful things done for the cause of justice.

In my chosen path success is inherently proportionate to risk, so over the coming weeks I volunteer myself as a sort of human bait, my mission, to lure the nut cases, to expose the nature of subversion through slander.  Together we shall take a course in how it works and who is behind it.

Lesson number one, the actual agents who direct slander campaigns, those working for MI6, CIA, Mossad and other so-called “intelligence” agencies, they and their tactics are rendered useless without the presence of the most important element for successful subversion, and that would be… the idiots.

Make no mistake, the idiot is the key to subversion, and we as a movement have a ready supply.  Indeed they are pervasive throughout our so-called “movement”. Without the idiots, or as I choose to refer to them, the clowns who comprise the circus, the agents of tyranny would easily be exposed and their tactics rendered utterly useless.  This being one massive step in the right direction.

Thankfully, more and more of us are capable of using our brain and thus we aware of the tried and true tactics of divide and rule; in other words, more and more of us are not idiots.  This is promising, gives me increased confidence that we as a people are about to behold a great irony, that we are indeed our own gatekeepers, holding the keys to the prison to which we have constructed for ourselves, haplessly awaiting liberation at the behest of some illusory saviour.

It has been said, “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”  Ain’t that the truth.  You gotta laugh really, if you fail to maintain a sense of humour, end up taking all this madness to seriously, you will indeed become a participant in the collective state of insanity that defines human kind for many millennia.  We are indeed nuts; clowns in our own mad circus.

As amusing as it all is, and it is amusing, I am wanting for something more, something sane, something just, something human.  And then I look to the younger ones and I smile.  I look to them and I see those who are leading the Arab revolutions.  I look to them and see the coming Global revolution.  Whereas I was part of Generation X, I see them as Generation TJP.  The next generation is bringing Truth Justice & Peace and I can see it all too clearly.  They are the younger ones, and they just aren’t buying the bullshit.

I do not intend to be one of the old farts feeling nostalgic about yesterday’s world; yesterday’s world is bullshit.  The “War on Terror”, “austerity measures”, presidential and prime ministerial puppets, economic slavery and the prostitution of journalism, all of it, bullshit.

Instead I intend to collaborate with the younger ones, the ones of wisdom and integrity, people who are breaking free of the chains of indoctrination and ignorance, who can see the forest through the trees and who know a brother when they see one.

As long as I am on Facebook I accept that the nutters and the false allies will stalk me, but as long as I continue to enjoy the benefits of working with people of conscience in the creation of a better world, it is worth it.

Through me, let us look at the clowns as entertainment, and try not to get to distracted.

Stay tuned for the executive summary of my “millionaire” making trade convoy, to be announced in the next 24 hours.