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When Human Rights Become Subordinate to “The Law”, Fuck “The Law” – Why Dale Farm Matters

The prostitutes of propaganda (POPs), otherwise known as the mainstream media, would have you believe that the Irish Traveler residents of Dale Farm are nothing more than miscreants who expect special favours when it comes to the law.  For those who know nothing of Dale Farm, here is a very abbreviated history.

Dale Farm’s residents are Irish Travelers, many identify them as Gypsies, whatever one might wish to call them they are a people who do not fit neatly into the brainwashed consumer culture, to the contrary they are a sort of people that are impossible to tame.  This trait and their Irish roots attracts me to them.  I love free spirits, I am myself a free spirit, so I relate to anyone who would rather die with self-respect and honour rather than capitulate to the tyrants and their minions and live a domesticated, capitalistic, consumer life.

Well those living on Dale Farm are like all travelers and Gypsies in the UK and pretty much everywhere else.  They are pushed to the margins of society, they are discriminated against and often times they are scapegoated by governments and the POPs.  They are soft targets if you like, Hitler didn’t like them either, they have been historically persecuted and if you possess the capacity to empathise then you will understand the healthy dose of mistrust and anger many of the travelers feel towards society at large.

In short, the travelers get fucked left right and centre and have been for a long, long time.  You could very well compare them to black people, the Irish as a whole, immigrants of all sorts, because just about every group of people who are subjected to gross injustice will lash out in one form or another.  And when the oppressed do lash out or resist oppression the powers that be and the POPs will of course seize the opportunity, excuse themselves of their corruption and crimes, and scapegoat the targeted underclass of the day.  This is a pattern that has been employed with great success for centuries, millennia actually.  The targets change, but the pattern continues.

The greatest utility of the scapegoating tactic, from the tyrants point of view, is that it feeds the divide and rule agenda.  Get the working class, the wage slaves of today and the all out slaves of past fighting each other and convince them that the other guy is stealing food from your table.

And so it goes, the Irish Travelers of Dale Farm are the latest targets.

The official version of their story is they purchased “Greenbelt land” (land designated as non-build land as protection against urban sprawl) and proceeded to move onto the land with no respect for the law, laws that require them to submit a planning application to the local council in order for them to get approval to live on the land.  Problem is that nearly every planning application submitted by travelers across the UK is promptly rejected.

Ah but this has nothing to do with racism, nah, this is just a simple matter of the law.  After all, why would the servile, corrupt and greedy little minions of the government and the POPs feed into racism or marginalize undesirables?

So let’s get this straight, the political puppets in government, whether in the UK, Europe or USA, continue to give a blank cheque and moral cover for farcical, criminal wars and crimes against humanity, fighting some ridiculous, invisible and non-existent bogeymen, and to top that off these same traitors just gave the bankers trillions, not billions, trillions… because they were “too big to fail”.  These political puppet minions, servile traitors, whipping boys for the rich and powerful, just gave those same powers that be, the worst scum within our society, trillions.  So the most corrupt and pathetic gave the most ruthless, most pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed and entitled bunch of pricks, the richest of the rich already, trillions… and now they are telling you and I about the millions it will cost to make over 80 families of Dale Farm homeless… because they bought Greenbelt land and built on it!

Ah but it gets better, here are a couple of facts not so hyped by the POPs;

  1. The land the travelers bought was being used as a scrap yard when they bought it, the previous owner affirms this and the counsel themselves had a hard court laid over the field.  This same council (Basildon Council) now says this is “Greenbelt land” in pure Orwellian doublespeak fashion.
  2. Counsels around the UK are compelled by law to set aside land that can be accessed by travelers so as to avoid issues like the pending eviction of over 80 families at Dale Farm.  Problem is a pitiful minority of counsels comply with the law so the amount of land accessible by the travelers is paltry and insufficient.

So when it comes to the law the councils are totally fine with turning “Greenbelt land” into a scrap yard, when it suits them of course, but when it comes to setting aside land for travelers in accordance to the law, well that is a different matter.  Hypocrisy and corruption, same old story, time to call in the POPs.  Time to con the peasant wage slaves into believing that the travelers are the problem, that our financial woes are part and parcel to the travelers disrespect for the law.

It is pathetic and as I get ready to head to Dale Farm and live there until the next period of potential eviction, I feel honoured.  I am genuinely honoured to be welcome on Dale Farm, the people there remind me of another people I know, the Palestinians.  Both of them are facing racist, corrupt and violent powers, both of them refuse to bow to their oppressor.  I love them both for this.

In fairness I will acknowledge that some travelers/Gypsies, not all, can make quite nightmarish neighbors.  Years ago I myself have had property stolen from Gypsies and have had a bottle thrown at me head by one of them.  But I understand their rage, their fuck off attitude to the “settled” population.  We are the ones who have sat by and given cover for the governments right and left to shit on them.  We don’t care nothing for human rights, we care about property values.  We have no sense of community, we willingly live in a dog eat dog world.

The travelers have a community, downtrodden as it may be, and I respect that.  Their mistrust and quite frankly, their anger towards society at large, is from my view totally understandable.  Nonetheless, if I were to be asked by them for my opinion I would encourage them to establish that their cause is every working class person’s cause.  I would encourage them to take their anger, channel it effectively, and expose the government for the craven minions they are.  But you know what, they are pretty much doing that already.

And so it is I am on my way to Dale Farm, from what I know the residents have invited all people of good will to join them.  I reckon that if enough good people do come down, we can force the government to stick their tales between their legs and cower off.

Let us realise more and more the Dale Farm struggle is connected to all just struggles, including Palestine.  A victory for the people of Dale Farm is a victory for all people who love truth and justice.  Sometimes the little battles have great importance, I think Dale Farm is one such battle, and so I head there with optimism and conviction.

Hope to see you there.


Announcing the Gaza to Ireland Youth Exchange

I am beyond excited to announce that we are formalising a partnership that will ensure one of my fondest goals shall be achieved, that of a youth exchange between the children of Gaza and those of Europe. I am even more excited because we are focusing on the youth of Gaza as well as Belfast and Free Derry in the North of Ireland. These kids, ages 15 to 18, all know what violent conflict is about, and all of them deserve a chance to play with and understand their brothers and sisters from distant but all too similar conflict zones.

The measure of our success

Our success will be measured in smiles and laughter and the building of bonds akin to creating a cherished extended family… and we will succeed.

I have wanted to do this for years, giving serious motivation to youth workers in an attempt to make it happen, trying through volunteers to get a program written up and funding to make it so. But with all that I was doing I simply had not managed to secure the right partners and funding, until now that is.

Myself and my partners are now entered into an agreement in principle with Mr. Maamon Hashem Khozendar, a prominent businessman and philanthropist from Gaza. As a resident of Gaza, Mr. Khozender is also witness to the atrocities committed by Israel against the 800,000 plus children there. His people are providing logistical support in Gaza and my team are partnered with people in the North of Ireland who are doing the same. In Gaza and Ireland we are working to identify eight youth to be part of our first exchange.

First we plan to fly the kids from Ireland to Gaza (via Egypt), or possibly carry them on our convoy from London to Gaza in July of this year. After roughly two weeks of educational tours and fun based activities with four youth from Gaza, all will return to Ireland for similar activities there. Mr. Khozendar will be providing the facilities and funds in both Gaza and Ireland and we have high hopes that the program will soon be expanded; which indeed it will if support from people of goodwill is what I think it will be.

I would love to see 50 or 100 children at a time for each exchange, but we shall start with eight kids, and work our way up from there. Plans are flexible, but again we are looking at two weeks in Ireland, two weeks in Gaza, with ongoing support to facilitate continuing communications and hopefully, regular reunions.

If you live in the North of Ireland and wish to nominate a child for this exchange or support this project in meaningful ways, please contact me at Together we are going to do something truly special and everyone will get to see the initial results by July at the latest.




One for the Women

This is one of those very unplanned articles born out of inspiration in Egypt.

I arrived in Egypt after being blocked by the Egyptian security services four separate times over the course of nearly three months.  During this period, with an easy opportunity for attention and exposure, I kept my mouth almost completely shut.  In the meantime I have quietly done what I could to depart Gaza and return to my family and to join my wife for the birth of our second child.  Instead I was repeatedly blocked, missed the birth of our child and have been unable to give emotional, physical and even financial support to my family.  All the while it has never been lost on me that this is only a small fraction of the injustice thrust upon Palestinians every single day.

The blessing in this is that the Samouni Project and other very promising work has transpired, due directly to me ending up in Gaza longer than planned.  I am always keen to turn negatives into positives, and that is exactly what I have done.

In this extra time in Gaza, being separated from my wife and family I have become that much more aware of how ultimately blessed I am as a man.  What my wife endures, all too often without any tangible support from me, is a man who is gone much of the time, who works every single day when he is absent or around, a man who earns almost no money and who by the nature of his work brings danger not just to himself, but possibly to her and our family.  When you add all this up, I have a gem of a woman, the best kind of woman (in my mind anyway), a Palestinian woman, a shining example of womanhood.

It is said that behind every great man you will find a great woman.  I do not look at myself as a great man per se, but I do see the greatness of the women in my life, and if I do indeed succeed in my ultimate goals, you can thank these women every bit as much as me.  They have played the essential role in my character development, they are Goddesses, the fabric of a healthy society and responsible for the most important job that exists, that of being a mother.

My mother, my first great blessing in life.

My mother, my grandmother, and my wife are such women; all of them have shown me a love that is boundless and unconditional.  Because of them, more than any other factors in my life, I hold great love for my fellow human beings and all life in general.  When you combine true love with the understanding of a women’s intimate relationship and experience with injustice, you will be empowered.  The strength that myself and countless others exhibit in the face of the sadistic tyrants and their minions in this world, is derived in great part by the beauty and essence of the women in our lives.  I feel sorry for the lowly men trapped in the simplistic attraction of the sexual essence of a woman, there is so much more, so, so much more, and to know women as I do is to know the whole beauty of them.

I had no plans to write about women when I arrived in Cairo, but something happened and a link in my mind was made between the Egyptian Revolution and the cause of women in general.  And I am always keen to link causes, always.  I have met many people since arriving in Cairo and what has been communicated to me is that the revolution continues as a non-stop endeavor.  I have been told the demands of the revolution are beginning to center around financial justice, workers rights and an egalitarian tax system that would result in a redistribution of wealth.  The achievement of these demands would inevitably lift countless millions of Egyptians out of the deep poverty that Western cultural imperialism and Egyptian corruption have relegated them to.

As fate would have it I watched a movie in Cairo that developed a link worthy of sharing.  I seriously recommend this movie to everyone, but especially to women.  And though it may seem the message of the movie centers around equal pay for women, I have to disagree.  I believe the central theme is justice, and as Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The movie is called ‘Made in Dagenham’, watch it, breathe it in and realize that the struggle for equal pay in Britain, the struggle for redistribution of wealth in Egypt, and every struggle you can think of has just one thing obstructing justice, and that would be unity.  In the movie men and women of the workers unions united, despite the best efforts of the sell-outs, and in the end men and women united and gained.  That is the secret waiting to be figured out by us, we all have the same cause, when we unite, we can achieve anything.

I supported the Egyptian Revolution from the moment I heard of it, which was before it officially began, and that explains the reason I have been blocked by the security services up till now.  But I want Egypt to know, and the workers of England to know, as well as the Palestinians, the American’s, the students, the oppressed everywhere, to know, that you all have the same struggle, against the same centralized enemy.  Think critically, open your heart, shed the fear, and you will know this to be true.

If you see the world the way I do, and I know I am not alone in this, you will see the methods of divide and rule are everywhere.  The powers that be know all too well that we, the masses, the working class, the immigrants, the women, the blacks, the Hawaiians (kanaka maoli), the Palestinians and the occupied, oppressed and violated from all around the world are all fighting the same system.  God help the tyrants should we ever figure this out, because the moment we do, we will begin to experience the sweet taste of justice and the liberation of a dignified life.

And so I go back to the women, the massive numbers of women who have been raped and beaten and exploited and violated, and yet they do what women do, they are moms.  They look after us, love us, nurture us and support us, they shelter us from a cruel world.  God help the child whose mother does not fulfill this role, I reckon you can explain to one degree or another the level of insanity in our collectively insane world, by the success or failure of the mothers in every child’s life.

Zeinat Samouni, a great, great mother.

I was blessed in this regard, my children are equally blessed, and now I finally see my failure as a man, my failure to be the father and husband, something that every woman and child deserves.  As I return home to my family, after 8 months of absence, during almost the entire pregnancy of our second child, I vow to give the time and support my family deserves.  I will finally find the balance of time for my family and time for the cause.  I will not sacrifice my family for the cause any longer, I cannot, simply because I cannot respect myself as a man, when I chose my woman, impregnated her , while not honouring the commitment and responsibility that this inherently involves.

You will see less of me on Facebook and Twitter, but you will get more from me in the end.  Leadership by example is a principle I believe in to the hilt, and to be a good father and husband is essential for me if I am to be considered a leader.

For those of pure heart and genuine support, know this, as I achieve greater success in my stated goals, I am all too predictably to be increasingly attacked by the idiots and agents.  It seems the central charge, although there are so many, is that I do what I do for money and fame.  Make no mistake; the timing of these attacks is not accidental.  This latest round of attacks began just days after the birth of our second son, while I was involuntarily thousands of miles away from my wife.  This attack included an extra charge that I was committing adultery, again within days of my wife giving birth… alone.  Whether Zionists initiated this attack or not, they would be the first to cheer it on.

What can one say who is the target of such libel?  Not many are willing to subject themselves to this type of poison, but putting yourself out there on the chopping block is inevitable should you walk the path that I do.  Again it comes down to the love given to me by the women in my life.  Does a mother abandon her child because her own life or character is at risk?  Of course not, and so it is I will not abandon my brothers and sisters in Palestine, Hawaii, Iraq, Afghanistan, and indeed America and every corner of the Earth were people endure injustice.  We are all family, flawed as we may be, and I am a brother, and I will act as such.

Through the women in my life I have been given love that has afforded me the self-respect so many others can only yearn to know.  Rest assured, I will not abandon my mission for a better world, no matter how vicious the attacks on me.  I prefer to die, as a mother does to protect her vulnerable child, then live and turn my back on my brothers and sisters who constitute my human family.  And the women in my life are every bit as strong as myself, and they too will not be swayed by attacks on me or even themselves.

As for the slander directed at me, slander flying in the face of the facts, those of you who subscribe to this garbage make yourselves out to be dupes and fools.  You are indeed a significant part of the problem.  Do not get me wrong, nobody should be followed blindly, myself included.  Never should a person abandon critical thinking.  But to ignore the obvious commitment a person like myself has shown, by words spoken and deeds carried out, to buy into the slander leveled at me simply because supposed “allies” say it is so, is a disgrace.  In doing this you feed tyranny and division, you attack a brother who has put his life on the line numerous times.  It really is a disgrace, especially since most if not all of you have never risked what I or my family have.

The dupes fail to see that anyone who stands as I do against injustice, especially if they are getting results and inspiring others to act, will be attacked.  They fail to understand the method of divide and rule through slander and liable.  Wake up, smell the coffee, stop being dupes and join the struggle or identify yourselves as the agents of the enemy you are, unwittingly or not.

As the character Forest Gump says in the movie of the same title, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

As yet another means of educating the idiots I shall take an extraordinary step.  My wife and family and all of my closest friends already know this truth, but some of you are suckered into doubting it.  My path has meant an enormous amount of unpaid work; spiritually rewarding I must say, but the vast majority of it unpaid.  And yes many people have helped my along the way, so that I could do what I do.  The result however, in travelling this dubious, perilous path, for my wife and kids, is a sacrifice in which they are deprived of the resources required for financial security.  I could make money a priority, but I have not.  Nonetheless, I am not willing to subject them to this insecurity any longer; accused or not of doing what I do for money, I will secure a modest paycheck earned out of an honourable and altruistic job.  My benefits will derive from the benefits of others.  If you see me sporting flashy cars and living in a mansion, then you will have every right to sling mud my way, but bank on this, that will never happen.  Riches for me are measured in terms of what you give, not what you take. And in this sense, I am one of the richest men on the planet, I will continue to give everything I have, except my self-respect.

And as I venture to earn this pay, to honour my duty as a father and a husband, I will submit my bank statements for the world to see.  Thus you will all be able to see that while I have risked life and limb, as do so many others, I have done so with little to no reward in financial terms; and yet some very stupid or very evil people, have been spreading the lie, that I do what I do for money.  I do not say this to defend myself, really I don’t, I say this to help others understand, because enough of us must understand in order to create a better world.

But I am telling all the idiots right now; I will not take on the full time job of responding to every spurious claim made about me.  After I show my bank statements, the next charge will be that I have taken cash payments which were never deposited.  How will I prove this false?  The answer is there is no way to disprove this, and that is why such charges will inevitably come.  The idiots will buy it, I do accept this, but the thinking people, those not clouded by jealousy, insecurity, cynicism and outright stupidity, you are the ones I am talking to now.  You are the ones that matter, idiots do as idiots do, it is irrelevant as long as thinking, conscientious people do what they can do.  And that really is the question, will enough of us do what we are capable of doing?

I have made it a goal of mine to help the stupid people who bite hook, line and sinker into the slander written and said about me, and I will help you.  I will help you see the character assassination trash for what it is, and how it makes the Zionists and the tyrants smile.  But I will not dedicate limitless time to this endeavor.  I will do it because I know many of the idiots, like myself when I was a US Marine, are not bad people.  You are just stupid, and easily manipulated, a crime worth forgiving.  Like myself 20 years ago you deserve some love and effort, how could I not extend to you what was given to me when I was once you?

But the rest of you, the insidiously false “allies”, you I am happy to expose.  You are often the neo-liberal wanker “activists”, you make us Western people of good heart look like the enemy.  You are even worse then the direct enemies, at least they are much more honest about where they stand.  You on the other hand are the people who destroy the capacity of good people in the West to express genuine brotherhood and sisterhood with our non-Western family.  The damage you do is incalculable, and exposing you is a task of significant importance.

And so I return to the women, the women in my life are the core of my strength.  Ultimate love and respect to all the sane and beautiful women out there.  In me you have a brother or a son, look at me as you would your blood brother or your beloved son, and I in turn I shall give what you deserve of me.  You, the true woman, you are our greatest hope; you are at the center of a just and peaceful future, I am born of you, and I will die of you.


Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine, Trade Not Aid

Today my team heard from mothers, fathers and children of the Samouni family their story of the Hell on Earth created by Operation Cast Lead.  Twenty-nine people were killed in this family: children shot in front of parents, parents shot in front of children, 97 people in one home blasted to bits by rockets and mortars.  They were made to live amongst the mutilated and dead for several days; while ambulances were kept away some died slowly over hours and even days. 

Ken O’Keefe (Gaza, March 2011)

Our Mission
Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine (SIP) is a social enterprise international trade mission. We endeavour to catalyse the end of Gaza’s charitable dependency through import and export trade.  We do not seek simply to alleviate the suffering of the people in Gaza. Our ultimate objective is to eliminate preventable, blockade-derived suffering.  We recognise the loss of dignity that is inherent in compelling a people to live on aid.  We are focused on the root of the problem and thus we are committed to replacing aid with trade.

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine logo

Our motives are humanitarian and non-profit. Our objective is to regularly transport people and cargo through Rafah Crossing without obstruction, which is an essential prerequisite for viable trade.  In the long-term, our goal is for Gaza to be rebuilt with its infrastructure functioning to capacity, for an egalitarian economy to develop and a transformation from despair to prosperity to take place.

First Board Meeting for the Samouni Project

Our Method
We will take an international trade convoy from London on July 2, 2011, intending to arrive in Gaza on July 22.  Among our drivers will be members of the Samouni family.  Our cargo will include raw materials such as textiles and building materials, industrial machinery and equipment geared towards economic development and the rebuilding of Gaza.  Upon offloading our cargo we will immediately begin to reload our trucks with ‘Made in Palestine’ products. Our task then will be to export these products to markets abroad.

Aloha Palestine CIC & the Samouni Project

This convoy is comprised of two primary partners, Aloha Palestine CIC and the Samouni Project.  Both are EU registered, non-profit companies, with Aloha Palestine being a community interest trading company.

The Samouni Project mission is to provide long-term quality education along with community services to over 200 members of the Samouni family, as well as residents of the surrounding community of Zeitoun in Gaza.  To date the Samouni Project has planted an olive tree orchard, built a playground, procured our classroom/community centre, and recruited teaching staff who are currently developing the curriculum.  In addition, we have painted the classroom and collected textbooks, computers, arts and crafts, school supplies, a microscope, telescope, globe, screen projector, and musical instruments in order to create a welcoming and well-supplied classroom.  Our next essential task is to transport all these materials from London and to secure running costs for teaching staff and administration of approximately £2400 a month.

Samouni family members authorising Samouni Project Mission

The aims of the Samouni Project complement and empower the mission of Aloha Palestine, whose function is to transport the cargo in order to complete the classroom and begin classes.  Any attempt to block Aloha Palestine will be publicised as highly injurious to the Samouni family, and tantamount to denying this family and its children the education they deserve.

Trade Not Aid
Many people do not appreciate the damage caused to a society when citizens are compelled to live long-term on hand-outs as opposed to being able to provide for themselves.  Normally aid is provided to people in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  But in the case of Gaza it is political corruption and the failure to defeat this corruption that has resulted in the people of Gaza enduring more than four years as a charitable dependency.  The result of this is devastating. In simple terms the parents are not only unable to protect their children from Israeli aggression, but are also incapable of providing even the bare essentials without aid.  Children become both witnesses to and victims of this reality. Many begin to lose respect for their parents, which in turn causes parents to suffer from diminishing self-respect and depression.  If no other options exist and aid becomes institutionalised, as it has become in Gaza, people begin to see it as their only means to live. Dignity is stolen from the recipients, and an insidiously destructive weapon becomes self-feeding, destroying a society from within.

At the root of this all is the blockade and the inability to conduct trade.  At a certain point, it becomes arguably criminal to relegate people to living on hand-outs.  SIP’s position is that Palestinians are more than capable of standing on their own two feet, but our collective failure to direct our energy at the root of the problem has relegated them to the status of beggars.  Doctors and engineers are picking up trash in Gaza today because it is the only job they can find.  And they are the lucky ones who at least have a job.  SIP intends to confront the problem head-on, to strike at the heart of the problem and eliminate this injustice by proactive, as opposed to reactive, means.

Wael Samouni holding the first Samouni export of Chilies

Social Enterprise

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine is a social enterprise collaboration. The nature of a social enterprise is to confront social problems and effect solutions through intelligent business models. Contrary to the standard business model, financial profits are not “the bottom line”.  The key here is self-sufficiency and social impact.  Social Enterprises do not rely upon donations for survival; this makes them much less susceptible to coercion from large donors.

Most of all, success for a social enterprise is measured by it’s impact on society.

SIP’s success will translate to the creation of jobs in Egypt, Europe and Palestine and intrinsically, stimulating the economies of each nation.  Among the Palestinian jobs created in Gaza, 10 positions for teachers, counsellors and administrators for the Samouni Project’s education program, 2 positions for truck drivers, both to be filled by men of the Samouni family.  Within our business model we work with the Palestinians as partners, as equals, not benefactors.

As the Managing Director of the Samouni Project I answer to the members of the company, who happen to be the Samouni family, if I do not carry out their will, they have the power to remove me.

The "Mukhtar" gives direction for the Samouni Project

We are not a charity; we are a partnership of Palestinians and internationals working together for common and mutually agreeable goals.  Together we have the wisdom of Palestinian culture, the understanding of the Western market and mind-set. We are young and old, we are Internet and social media savvy, and we have significant backing from around the globe.

Make no mistake, the people of Palestine have determined SIP’s priorities and they are the primary stakeholders in our mission.  As a social enterprise our success will not be measured by profits. It will be measured by the ability of the people of Gaza to work in dignified jobs, create and run their own businesses, rebuild their homes and factories, conduct international trade profitably, and develop their economy in order to shed their charitable dependency status.  That is our ultimate mission.

Ken O'Keefe takes direction for the Samouni Project


All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

We are committed to manifesting the transformation of the world’s largest open-air prison into a thriving Mediterranean metropolis.  We will not celebrate the ‘breaking of the siege’ upon arrival in Gaza; instead we will offload our cargo, reload our trucks with cargo ‘Made in Palestine’, and then set off to export these products to markets abroad.  Then we will repeat the cycle.

Ultimately this is a matter of the people of Gaza being able to exercise self-determination, which inherently includes the ability to conduct viable international trade and commerce.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

The declaration is intended to establish a comprehensive Euro-Mediterranean partnership in order to turn the Mediterranean into a common area of peace, stability and prosperity through the reinforcement of political dialogue and security, an economic and financial partnership and a social, cultural and human partnership.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership/Barcelona Declaration

Reading the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) agreements reveals continuous proclamations compelling respect for “human rights”, “democracy”, “free-trade” and “shared prosperity”.

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership claims to focus on three key objectives:

·      fostering “peace and stability”

·      “promote understanding between cultures and exchanges between civil societies”

·      and the “creation of an area of shared prosperity” in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Under the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Israel has done extremely well, prospering to the tune of roughly 25bn Euros a year in trade with the EU.  Palestinians, on the other hand, conduct a miniscule amount of trade by comparison.  Even worse, the people of Gaza are almost completely barred from international trade and have been made to endure a brutal and illegal blockade for over four years.

Adding insult to injury, the Palestinians of Gaza are compelled by lack of choice to increase the profitability of their Israeli oppressors by buying the products Israel exports to Palestine.

Samouni Children

EU Obligations with Regard to the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

There are 27 Member States of the European Union who have entered into treaties that mandate a ‘Free Trade Zone’ in the Euro-Mediterranean region.  The multi-lateral and bi-lateral treaties are contracts with ‘partner countries’ in the region. These countries include Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, all of which we will travel through en route to Gaza.  Importantly, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership includes a treaty between the EU and the Palestinian Authority, identifying the ‘Palestinian Territories’ as a partner country, under this treaty, import/export bans are prohibited and free trade is sacrosanct, at least when it comes to Israel.

Legal precedents have been established to protect against import/export bans.  Over the course of two years Aloha Palestine has been committed to due diligence by investing nearly one third of its entire budget on legal advice, with emphasis in public international law, human rights law, and international trade law.  We have retained some of the top legal minds in preparation for the trade mission we are set to conduct this June.

Cultural Imperialism
Cultural imperialism is domination through policies that exploit the economic and/or technological superiority of one over the other, in this case the West over the Arab world.  The EU and Israel are partners in cultural imperialism and the EMP has been one of their primary tools, especially with regard to Palestine.  No significant challenge to this injustice has been conducted by trading with Palestine as Israel does with the EU, but that is exactly what SIP intends to do.  We shall challenge the cultural imperialism of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership while citing the agreement itself.  And we shall expose the hypocrisy of the EU should it not protect the interests of an EU-based trading company.

SIP intends to have top attorneys on retainer, prepared to take legal action should SIP be blocked or unjustly delayed.

Historic Role of the European Union

As an occupying power controlling Gaza’s air, land and sea space, Israel has been in grave breach of its obligations under international law.  In addition, Israel has continuously violated the stated principles of the Euro–Mediterranean Partnership.  Despite this, the EU has supported Israel without pause, firmly establishing its complicity in the crimes committed against the people of Gaza.  Making this particularly reprehensible is the presence of over 800,000 children in Gaza.  The reality is that innocent children in the eyes of the EU do not warrant even a fraction of the favour that the EU affords Israel.

The justification for the EU’s complicity in Israeli crimes is the democratic election in which Hamas came to power, since Hamas is listed as a terrorist organisation.  A worthwhile comparison to Hamas however would be the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the African National Congress (ANC), both of which were deemed to be terrorist entities, both eventually having the opportunity to utilise politics as an alternative to violent resistance.  Hamas, however, has repeatedly been denied this opportunity, despite making repeated offers for a long-term truce and a negotiated settlement.

It bears repeating, the EU has collaborated in collectively punishing the people of Gaza while rewarding the state that is guilty of the crime.

As an EU-based company, Aloha Palestine will demand the right to trade with Palestine just as other EU companies trade with Israel.  If the EU fails to do this, we will employ every means possible to expose the EU not just for complicity, but active participation in the collective punishment of the people of Gaza.

Egyptian Blockade of Gaza
It must be said that the Israeli-led blockade of Gaza is in itself useless unless Egypt conducts its own blockade of Gaza.  Under Mubarak Egypt did precisely that, justifying the blockade by citing agreements brokered for Israeli/US interests and at a terrible cost to Palestinians.  However with the rising of the people of Egypt and the subsequent fall of Hosni Mubarak, the people of Egypt, especially the youth movements, hold the key to Gaza’s future.

First Bag of Cement through Rafah Crossing Since Blockade

Egypt’s new Foreign Minister Nabil al Arabi has stated that the time to end the Egyptian blockade of Gaza is now, and he further clarified that the blockade “is contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law which prohibits the siege of civilians, even in times of war.”

In this context we shall cooperate with the post-Mubarak government so as to ensure the economic and human rights of the people of Palestine are finally respected.  On April 28 2011 Egypt formally announced the end of the Egyptian blockade. The stage is set for SIP to conduct a historic mission that should spell the end of a shameful chapter in Egypt’s history.

The timing of our mission could hardly be better.

Regional Security

…it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law…

 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

SIP’s position is that respect for human rights, ending of the blockade, normalising trade and the establishment of legitimate security procedures at the Rafah Border Crossing is in the best interest of security for every nation in the region.  We argue that by reviving the crippled economy of Gaza/Palestine and boosting the ailing economy of Egypt, stability through prosperity will develop.  Stability is a prerequisite for security and we must not ignore the fact that corrupt economic and political systems, inequitable distribution of wealth and the deep poverty that results, are at the heart of the civil unrest reshaping the Middle East at this critical point in human history.  Therefore, the development of the Egyptian and Palestinian economies is essential for a just and peaceful Middle East.

Safe Trade

Aloha Palestine is committed to enhancing regional security by conducting Safe Trade:

 The commercial exchange of non-hazardous items; trade that stimulates economic growth while posing no danger to society. Trade involving transparency, fairness and social responsibility that fosters prosperity while enhancing security in the regions of the world in which it is conducted.

Unlike the free trade that is conducted between Israel, the EU and the United States, there will be no trading of weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction.

SafeTrade - No Guns - No WMD

… recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world…

 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine is indeed a trade mission, but our motives are grounded in humanitarian principles.  While the past is characterised by a system of tyranny, concentrated wealth, power in the hands of the most corrupt and violent, and ceaseless suffering and injustice, the future holds great promise for a better world.

Like the mythical phoenix, a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal, we see Gaza/Palestine at the end of its period of fire. From the ashes Gaza will be rebuilt, and the people will rise to claim their inherent right of self-determination.  And it will start with connecting Gaza to the world once more with viable international trade.

Slander vs. Sanity

The last week and a half has been increasingly entertaining, albeit in a seriously dangerous way.  First I had the head of an Irish charity send me a message threatening to expose me as a fraudster and extortionist.  My plan, apparently, involved producing a video of a poor and suffering child in Gaza (Areej) and soliciting funds to be given not to me, but to the Irish charity.  Then I would extort the money from the family by use of a Palestinian collaborator (a Facebook “friend”), but of course, only after the charity gave them the money I had raised with the video.  They never really explained why I had the money sent to their charity in the first place.

I responded to the threat by posting her accusations on Facebook and soliciting facts about how much money was sent to the charity.  I then visited the family to hear their side of the story.

Revisiting Areej & family in order to get to the bottom of what I am being accused of.

A few days later I received the following email through a close friend and Chief Legal Advisor to Aloha Palestine CIC, the non-profit social enterprise I set up in 2008 to conduct trade with Palestine.


I am wondering of you are still acting for Ken O’Keefe – you are still on his Aloha (Palestine) Website. I wish to sue him from here to eternity and want to be sure where to send the letters.

Kind regards, 

Felicity Arbuthnot.

I responded on April 26th with the following.

Aloha Felicity,

First off let me thank you and all the others who are a continuous source of motivation, I simply could not have done all that I am doing without you. 

FYI; Daniel Machover is a dear friend and has been invaluable for Aloha Palestine’s mission, but he will be of no use to you with regard to any legal matters directed at me.  He is not my personal legal counsel.   

I have been living in Gaza for 5 months now and I can receive mail at our Samouni Project address;

Samouni Project 

Al-xxxxxx Street

Gaza City

Gaza Strip

Palestinian Authorities

DHL is just about the only way for delivery, I should have the papers in less than a week if you can get them in the mail right away.  Wish that there were a quicker way, but I will just have to wait unless you would be so kind as to send me an email copy as well.  That would be lovely, can’t wait to hear from you, please do keep up the good work. 


Ken O’Keefe   

I am awaiting Felicitiy’s response.

Now Felicity is one of the many figures in and around the Human Shield Action to Iraq that I created in late 2002.  She is also one of the “seasoned activist” nut cases whose mission in life is to convince the world that the devil incarnate is alive, and his name is Ken O’Keefe.

Joining the circus yesterday was another Facebook “friend”, one who had supposedly put me in her will as the beneficiary of her land in Texas.  In a shocking turnaround, over the course of less than 24 hours, she realised that my upcoming trade mission to Gaza was merely a ploy to exploit the suffering of the Palestinians in order for me to make “millions”.  She provided no evidence of this, but also decided to name my wife several times and stated that I was committing adultery here in Gaza; all this just 4 days after my wife gave birth in London… without me.

In the case of accusing me of having sex with women in Gaza, this accusation puts me, and the woman I know here at serious risk.  The accusation of a married, non-Muslim man, committing adultery with Palestinian women is reckless endangerment at best, a willful intent to do harm at worst.

Should I be compelled to dignify these charges with a response?  I think not.  But for the sake of everyone’s safety, I categorically condemn such charges as criminal and 100% false.

UPDATE – I have just been given messages sent to two other Facebook friends in which the following was said;

OMG!!!!! I had that go through my mind to!! Because, ken has taken money from everyone! In the thousands! Wonder how much he got from Vik (Vittorio Arrigoni)!!! There is this other guy that is going with ken and I know he is going to die while he is there. He put $45,000 dollars into ken just a few days ago. And he will be along side Ken. I think it will be easier for Ken to kill him than be obligated to him for the money or even pay him back some of the money. Ken is suppose to make millions on the gig and the guy who put in $45,000 is promised that he will get a little something back. But, I don’t this this (sic) guy will make it back alive. – Jo Ann Wescott

Jo Ann Wescott’s profile picture complete with my TJP logo.

Two of these cases involve Facebook hero worshippers becoming highly injurious to my interests, with the latter case becoming as hateful as a jilted lover… despite me never having never met her personally.

So what does all this mean?  Well I guess from the point of view of those who are not me, and thus do not know the truth as only God and myself can know it, questions will arise, doubts will form.  And that’s really the point now isn’t it?

The other point of slander is to divert attention from more useful matters, such as setting up the Samouni family classroom and community centre, or from challenging the Israeli blockade of Gaza on every level.

It goes without saying that the real winners in a slander campaign like this is the enemies of Palestine.  When you say and do the things I do, there is simply no way to secure the favour of everyone, to the contrary, the Zionist and American imperialists and their minions will come after you.

I accept this, I really do, I have never been one for popularity contests and I have always chosen quality over quantity.  Idiot allies are liabilities more than friends; I count myself lucky to shed them.  I also realize that my path is inherently dangerous, with the ever-present possibility of torture, kidnapping, imprisonment and death by murder.  So slander is, quite frankly, a rather mild and amusing tactic of my enemies.  But there can be no ignoring the fact that the frequency of these attacks, and I am sure moving forward, the intensity of the attacks, will run parallel to my increasing ability to get good and meaningful things done for the cause of justice.

In my chosen path success is inherently proportionate to risk, so over the coming weeks I volunteer myself as a sort of human bait, my mission, to lure the nut cases, to expose the nature of subversion through slander.  Together we shall take a course in how it works and who is behind it.

Lesson number one, the actual agents who direct slander campaigns, those working for MI6, CIA, Mossad and other so-called “intelligence” agencies, they and their tactics are rendered useless without the presence of the most important element for successful subversion, and that would be… the idiots.

Make no mistake, the idiot is the key to subversion, and we as a movement have a ready supply.  Indeed they are pervasive throughout our so-called “movement”. Without the idiots, or as I choose to refer to them, the clowns who comprise the circus, the agents of tyranny would easily be exposed and their tactics rendered utterly useless.  This being one massive step in the right direction.

Thankfully, more and more of us are capable of using our brain and thus we aware of the tried and true tactics of divide and rule; in other words, more and more of us are not idiots.  This is promising, gives me increased confidence that we as a people are about to behold a great irony, that we are indeed our own gatekeepers, holding the keys to the prison to which we have constructed for ourselves, haplessly awaiting liberation at the behest of some illusory saviour.

It has been said, “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”  Ain’t that the truth.  You gotta laugh really, if you fail to maintain a sense of humour, end up taking all this madness to seriously, you will indeed become a participant in the collective state of insanity that defines human kind for many millennia.  We are indeed nuts; clowns in our own mad circus.

As amusing as it all is, and it is amusing, I am wanting for something more, something sane, something just, something human.  And then I look to the younger ones and I smile.  I look to them and I see those who are leading the Arab revolutions.  I look to them and see the coming Global revolution.  Whereas I was part of Generation X, I see them as Generation TJP.  The next generation is bringing Truth Justice & Peace and I can see it all too clearly.  They are the younger ones, and they just aren’t buying the bullshit.

I do not intend to be one of the old farts feeling nostalgic about yesterday’s world; yesterday’s world is bullshit.  The “War on Terror”, “austerity measures”, presidential and prime ministerial puppets, economic slavery and the prostitution of journalism, all of it, bullshit.

Instead I intend to collaborate with the younger ones, the ones of wisdom and integrity, people who are breaking free of the chains of indoctrination and ignorance, who can see the forest through the trees and who know a brother when they see one.

As long as I am on Facebook I accept that the nutters and the false allies will stalk me, but as long as I continue to enjoy the benefits of working with people of conscience in the creation of a better world, it is worth it.

Through me, let us look at the clowns as entertainment, and try not to get to distracted.

Stay tuned for the executive summary of my “millionaire” making trade convoy, to be announced in the next 24 hours.


Samouni Family Responds to Goldstone Backtrack on Israeli War Crimes

During Operation Cast Lead Israel committed massive war crimes for all the world to see.  Among these crimes the use of White Phosphorus in densely populated areas, use of Depleted Uranium, bombing civilian targets of all sorts without military necessity, destroying civilian infrastructure with no military justification and the infamous massacre of the Samouni family… among many other crimes.

In the aftermath of Cast Lead, Justice Richard Goldstone, a Zionist Jew, was commissioned by the United Nations to write a report on the alleged war crimes.  Although the report did not go nearly far enough in exposing the brutality of all the crimes committed, crimes committed by the fourth largest military in the world against a essentially defenceless and captive population, it did allege that Israel (and Hamas) was almost undoubtedly guilty of war crimes and possibly, crimes against humanity.

But on April 1st, 2011 Justice Goldstone had an apparent change of heart and effectively said that he was wrong.  With regard to the Samouni family he said, Israel simply made a mistake.  It seems that the world in which we live in, a world of impunity for the favoured Israeli state, is set to continue.  Unless of course we the people decide enough is enough. – Ken O’Keefe

Samouni Family Community Centre & Classroom

We are looking at sending at least one bus from the UK to Gaza, loaded with materials to set up the Samouni Family Community Centre/Classroom.  We would like to do this in the next couple of weeks so we need many things to happen very fast if we are to meet such a deadline.  Keep in mind that there are about 112 Samouni kids, two years on from Operation Cast Lead with hardly any support in so many regards, so the sooner we make a difference the better.  For 112 kids the requested items that follow are pretty modest; we will look to expand the facilities for sure, with a full educational complex planned, but the goal at this moment is ambitious yet realistic, it really is up to all of us.  I am hoping everyone who reads this will give something, big or small.  Now is the time to have a functioning classroom and community centre ASAP for this family. We have met with the family and consulted them at length, what they want, including the children, is a real learning facility where the kids can get back to where they were before Operation Cast Lead.  We have the teachers ready to go here in Gaza, teachers the kids love, we just need to get the classroom up and running.



Yesterday we managed to arrange an Internet connection for the classroom; this took some bargaining I can tell you as the Samouni’s are not in the urban part of Gaza.  We are building the official Samouni Project website right now, we have some great people on this; the site is going to be outstanding.  The website will have photos and videos of the family, the children are keen to begin writing blogs (with automatic translations from Arabic to English), and there will eventually be a forum where the family can interact with people from around the world.  This is one of my primary goals, to connect people outside of Gaza with the family, to create an extended Samouni family.



Items/Materials/Support sought immediately;

1)    A UK based coordinator to facilitate this project, this is a volunteer job.

2)    A mechanic or someone very good with vehicles that can travel to Retford, Nottinghamshire, in order to make sure the vehicle is sound and as purchased.

3)    We need the vehicle MOT’d and taxed by hopefully the same person above.

4)    Costs covered to put vinyl graphics on the bus, such as the Samouni Project logo as well as the logos of our sponsors.

5)    Costs for food, fuel, tax, MOT, and insurance for the drive to Gaza.

6)    Sponsors; we seek sponsors from unions, organizations, Mosques, community and Palestine Solidarity groups.  We propose a minimum donation of £100 to become a sponsor, but anything will help so we encourage everyone no matter what you can contribute.

7)    We will need at least two or three drivers who will have to sleep in or just outside the bus in order to ensure security.

8)    More Vehicles: if we can get a couple more vehicles, possibly even a bus that can carry the whole family in Gaza, which would be great.  There are good deals on vehicles and maybe people will have a vehicle or two that they would like to donate to the family, a work van would be ideal, but any working vehicle will be extremely valuable to the family.

9)    Computers: Ideally we will bring 12 desktop computers, mouse, keyboard, computer speakers and if possible, 12 laptop computers so each household will also have something in their home.

10) Office Chairs – 12 is perfect.

11) Webcams with Microphone Headsets for Skype calling.

12) Laser Jet Printer/Copy/Fax/Scanner with refill ink cartridges.

13) Laminating Machine with lamination sheets.

14) Digital Cameras, the more the better, all the kids love cameras.

15) LCD Projector and screen.

16) Small generator, big enough to power a small home.

17) A nice Globe for teaching.

18) Large World Map for wall.

19) Quality books with emphasis on education, history, science, etc.  English is great, but if people have Arabic language books as well, that will be fantastic.

20) We hope to bring 50 English teaching books which we already have a teacher to teach with, here is the link to the book we need;

21) We are looking for a carpenter to build Custom Bookcase and deliver to London very soon.

22) If a carpenter can work right away, we can give dimensions and precut some material for long desktops to be used for the computers and classroom.

23)  Lighting, good quality lighting, LED’s lighting would be ideal so the electricity consumption is low.  But we want something other than fluorescent lights, something warm and nice to read and learn with.

24) Musical instruments, if you have an instrument that you can give for these children to experiment with and play; this will be a beautiful contribution.  Does somebody have a Piano?

25) Office supplies, paper, paper clips, notebooks, pens, pencils (coloured as well), markers, pencil sharpener, etc.

26) Arts & Crafts of all sorts.

27) Puppets and educational toys.

28) A telescope, this has been asked for, would be great.

29) Tiles to lay on the floor, this is roughly a 10×15 metre space.


Items that would be good to bring now as well;

1)    Blankets.

2)    Clothes.

3)    Kids football shoes.

4)    Anything of value that might be useful.


If you have or are willing to purchase any of these items then please do so and email me at (please put ‘Samouni Project’ in the subject field).  If you can provide a service, volunteer to drive to Gaza or be a coordinator then again, please email me.


The following are not likely to be arranged immediately, but maybe, you never know.  But even if we cannot get these things now, I would like people to know of our longer-term goals and start looking around for ways to make this happen as well.


Supporting Independence for the family; long-term items sought;

1)    We would bring a machine that can process Tomatoes into sauce.  The Samouni family are farmers and if they had an industrial machine of this type they would be able to really get back on their feet and be independent soon.  I will get more details of the exact type of machine that would be ideal tomorrow, if you think you can help with this then message me please.

2)    A loom, an industrial loom that would allow the family to make Kuffiyeh’s, if we do this I am sure the family will have a real income with exported Kuffiyeh’s, made in Gaza, with the Samouni Family brand on it.

3)    Building materials to make a small factory/warehouse.


And last, something that would just be wonderful for the entire family, especially the boys;

1)    1) The materials to build a 5 on 5 football pitch, the cement for the foundation, the padding and artificial grass, the walls, goals, bleachers, lighting for night time play.


I am already planning to make a video with the kids inviting FC Barcelona to come out this summer and do a football camp.  I am making it clear to the kids that there are no guarantees, but if we try, we have a good chance of getting a result.


I would like to say to everyone reading this just one thing.  If we really care, we will make this next phase happen and we will do so within a couple of weeks.  We can do anything we set our minds to and what is asked for to make this project happen is completely doable.  We all have something to offer, the question is what do you have to offer?


To my Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters, the Samouni’s are your direct family; please make this project happen now.  As a community, you alone could make this happen within a week.


Love and respect to everyone who is helping with this, you are blessing yourself big time by contributing, believe me I know this all too well.


To make a contribution right now go to;


Ken O’Keefe

The Egyptian Blockade of Gaza – March 4, 2011 March to Gaza

To join the March to Gaza click here

There is much talk about who and what is behind the popular revolts in the Arab world and I find such talk as interesting as anyone.  But more than talk I am interested in action.  Indeed that is why tears of joy streamed down my face as I watched the Egyptian people cleansing themselves of the shame brought upon them by Mubarak and his fellow thieves and traitors.  Clearly however, the job is far from complete.

Tahrir Square Cairo Feb. 11, 2011

The Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions are not actually Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions as much as they are part of a Global Revolution.  For no matter how much effort is exerted by the powers that be to divide the masses, we are all connected.  And within the Western nations lie the very same justifications for revolution.  The truth is we are hard pressed to find a government that honours its people; the real question is to what degree does a government disrespect and violate it’s people?  And does it confine it’s crimes to it’s own population?  Or does it export these crimes as well?  I am obliged to mention that in this latter category the world champion of global oppression is of course, my birth nation, the United States of America.

And they have junior partners in the global tyranny business, and Egypt has been, and remains at this moment, one of them. Ever since the so-called peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, Egypt has become a key partner in America’s greatest export, terror.  For more than 30 years Mubarak was little more than a pimp and a prostitute, ordering the people of Egypt to bend over while the American imperialist machine penetrated the Egyptian people as a rapist does his victim.

Meanwhile Mubarak mocked the people of Egypt, his henchmen (Omar Suleiman) tortured and terrorized them while he and his family plundered the nation and swallowed American bribe money by the billions; all the while the comatose American taxpayer paid this pimp and his family those billions.

For a little comic relief, listen to what you, the American taxpayer are being told about how you’re hard earned tax dollars go to work in Egypt;

“For over three decades, the United States has worked to improve the quality of life of all Egyptians through programs supporting economic development and regional stability. USAID assistance has totaled $28.6 billion since 1975. Current programs focus on economic growth; education; healthier, planned families; and democracy and governance.” USAID website

And so, for the bargain basement price of $28.6 billion the American people managed to buy Egyptians a lifestyle of deep poverty in which 40% of the 80 million plus of them live on less than $2 a day.  Way to go America!

I am curious to know how many reading this are like me; tell me, when you see Obama or Hillary Clinton dare to talk of Egyptian “democracy” and solidarity with “the people”, do you wish as well that someone would walk up, stare them square in their eyes and slap them with a thundering clap right in the face?  I sure do.  And I damn sure wish that famous and heroic Iraqi shoe thrower hit George Bush right in his mouth.  One can dream.

Ah but we can do better than wish for things that will likely never happen, we can act, we can create our own reality; just as the Egyptians and Tunisians and many others are showing us right now.  We can do anything we set our minds to, ANYTHING!

And that leads me to the people of Palestine.  As I sit here in Gaza I can tell you that these people are as deserving of real support as any people on Earth.  For decades our actions (or lack thereof) have translated to a brutal existence with perpetual trauma and violence.  Despite this the people of Palestine have not become the monsters that imprison and slaughter them.  They remain Palestinian; among the most generous and hospitable people you will ever meet.  And so I say to the world, now is the time to begin acting as brothers and sisters and commence to the liberation of the people of Palestine.

To everybody who knows injustice, everybody who knows tyranny, we are all brothers and sisters with the people of Palestine.  Let us act like it and let us march on Gaza on February 26th, 2011.  Let us amass in the greatest numbers possible, and let us march week after week if necessary, to make Rafah Crossing and open border.  To achieve this would be to render the Israeli/American lead blockade useless.  That would signal another mortal blow to American Imperialism and Israeli Zionism.  If that isn’t worth fighting for then I have no idea what is.

I realize this was not the primary objective of the peoples revolt in Egypt, but it can become a primary result of it.  Why not?  Is it not possible?  Of course it is.  Egyptians have just shed their puppet dictator; they rendered his weapons and henchmen impotent.  We can now remove one of the most shameful policies of this dictator; I say again, we can do whatever we desire, if we are serious that is.

I am serious, and I know many more who are serious as well.

Let us take note, lower ranking Egyptian commanders disobeyed direct orders by Mubarak and his generals to murder the people in Tahrir Square.  So the Army did not slaughter the people as ordered, so clearly there is honour within the Egyptian military.  But it cannot be ignored, there are still higher-ranking officials who followed Mubarak’s orders and themselves ordered the lower ranks to commit mass-murder.

Let us remember that it is such people that were punished by death as a result of the Nuremberg Trials.  And let us realize that for the moment such people still hold positions of power and influence in Egypt.  And let us not be fools, they remain of course the servile minions of their Zionist and American imperialist masters.  Let us not ignore the fact that the American bribe money is still flowing.

To rest, to allow them to corrupt the will of the people into a new dictatorship is to abandon our role in the Global Revolution.

As I have said, this is not an Egyptian/Tunisian Revolution, their battle is ours and vice versa, and it intertwines with Palestine directly.

I know this for sure; there is not one Egyptian in their right mind that would endorse a continuation of the Egypt under Mubarak blockade of Gaza.  To the contrary, it has shamed the people of Egypt for far too long.  Why not end it now?

Is there any sane, right-minded person who supports the blatant and brutal collective punishment of the people of Gaza?  So why would it carry on?  There is only one reason, because we allow it. I say we carry on with what the people of Egypt started, they got rid of the dictator, let us, people of conscience, once and for all smash to pieces the abominable Egyptian blockade of Gaza.

Why not?

Let us commence to exposing anyone intent on subjecting the 800,000 plus children of Gaza to this cruel and inhuman blockade.

I say shame on us all if we do not march on Gaza with significant numbers and soon.  I see no reason why sufficient numbers cannot be mobilized for February 26th.  If our lives or the lives of our loved ones depended on it, we would mobilize by the thousands.

As I write this there are people in Gaza who will likely die soon if they cannot access medical treatment outside of Gaza.  Among them is a 14 year-old boy who needs a kidney transplant, which his father is ready to provide.  Shall this boy be left to die?

Needing Kidney Transplant

There are students being denied access to education abroad.  There are building materials needed yet denied, and thus the rebuilding of Gaza remains impossible.  All of this preventable suffering and death continues, day-by-day, a human caused catastrophe, due to the Egypt under Mubarak blockade of Gaza.  But there is no Mubarak, so there is no excuse.

Having met children all over Gaza I can tell you that virtually every one of them has been and continues to be traumatized by the ongoing blockade and terrorism of Israel.  All of this is compounded massively by the blockade.  If this were your child you would not rest until there was justice.  But if you see them as I do, you would see them as your children, and with that comes a duty.  Let us not fail.  We cannot do too much for the children of Gaza; to do less then everything within our power is the continuation of collectively dishonouring ourselves and degrading our humanity.


It seems at this stage in human development the only way to make sure that governments serve the people, is to ensure that they fear the people.  If indeed that be the case, let them fear us.  Let them feel the wrath of our will and let them know that the Egyptian blockade of Gaza is in its dying days.  If this inevitability requires bloodshed then it will be because those entrusted to serve the people have instead chosen to serve the Israeli/American tyranny under which Mubarak ruled.  If that be the case then there shall be an absolute need for Nuremberg Trials of today.

But I think none of that is necessary.  I think the Egyptian Military can honour the people rather than the paymaster.  We shall see.

Here is what I propose: People of conscience, supporters of Palestine and Egypt, wherever you come from, come to Egypt in the days leading up to February 26th.    Travel to the port city of Al Arish and prepare to march on “The Day of Liberation” for the people of Palestine in Gaza.  From the Egyptian side we shall march from Al Arish to Rafah Crossing (about 35 km/22 miles).  On the Gazan side we shall demonstrate in support of this peoples liberation and we shall greet the marchers when they arrive.

Transportation via taxis can easily be arranged for those unable to walk such a distance.  The goal will be to enter Gaza with the full cooperation of the Egyptian Military/officials.  We seek no confrontation, but we demand the end of the Egypt under Mubarak blockade of Gaza.

If the marchers are blocked, attacked or arrested, we will do as the people of Egypt have done, a Tahrir style camp will be created as close to Rafah Crossing as possible.  We will maximize exposure of the march via social media such as Twitter and Facebook and the world will surely be watching if we do what we are clearly capable of doing.  People will camp out and more marchers will come, if we do as we are capable of doing our numbers will swell and our power increase.  Each and every day will bring us closer to the end of the Egypt under Mubarak blockade of Gaza.

Power to the people – Global Revolution 2011 – TJP

To join the March to Gaza click here

Global Revolution 2011

It is 5:30 pm here in Gaza and reports are coming in of 2 million in the streets in Cairo, over 2 million for their “1 Million March”.  February 1 could still be the day that one brutal dictator flees the Middle East.  But more important than one fleeing tyrant are the seeds that are being sown.  If we nurture these Tunisian and Egyptian seed, identify the powers that be, hiding, conspiring, attempting to co-opt as they always do, we can end their game once and for all.  Think about a world in which there are no secret negotiations like those revealed in the Palestine Papers.  Think of a world in which “politicians” are replaced by representatives, real and genuine representatives, honouring the will of the people at all times.  Why not?

Politicians not Representatives

We can achieve anything we set our minds to.  We can expose the tyrants and their minions.  We can end the scourge of endless war, especially the farcical “War on Terror.”  Let us begin to acknowledge every institution and person who perpetuates this illusion for who they are, dupes and/or servants to tyranny.  The former must be seen with understanding and support, they are brothers and sisters caught in the web but we can help free them.  The latter on the other hand must be exposed and warned that there are consequences for such allegiance.  People die and suffer in legions for their work, there must be consequences, and there must be responsibility.  Ignorance of a crime and following “just following orders” is not a defence.

How many of us know the truth and can see through the propaganda?  I do not know the number but is massive.  And we are the ones that truly matter; we are the most powerful force on this planet.  We have just been in a slumber.  We are Muslims, we are Christians, we are Atheists, we are Communists, we are black and white, male and female, we are Chinese and Peruvian and Hawaiian, we are liberal and we are conservative, we are all people who know right from wrong and we are fully capable of agreeing to disagree on matters of lesser importance.  What do we agree on?  That is what matters most.  Do we agree that people should be free to live life as they see fit, so long as we do not adversely affect others?  Then we agree on a most important matter.  Do we agree that human rights are inherent?  If so then we agree on a most important matter.  What we agree on is far more important than what we disagree on.

I have longed for the day that we can celebrate our differences, where we would shed the labels and the treatment of others based on whether they fit into “my” group.  To all my Muslim brothers and sisters I say that I am not a Muslim, to all my Atheist friends that I am not an Atheist, nor am I any label that would ever satisfy me, but one thing is for sure, I am your brother.  I will always be your brother, and I will treat you as I would treat my brother/sister… because we are indeed family.

As for my lost brothers and sisters who subscribe to “chosen one” ideologies, providing preferential treatment for themselves and often times grave injury to others, you are a threat to all people for the logical consequence of your power expanding is more injustice.  Yours is a tribal ideological relic of the past, one that fits perfectly into the tyrants scheme, feeds into perpetual war, it divides and does so expressly for the empowerment of the few.  That was yesterday; let us never forget.  But today we are thinking differently, we are acting differently, and tomorrow we shall act as one.

For those of my brothers and sisters so indoctrinated that you cannot fathom what it is to treat others as you would yourself, you have been conned.  You have been stripped of your humanity; you are a threat to the whole.  What difference does it make whether it is Hitler or any other supremacist?  Anybody who supports persecution or denial of rights based on values of supremacy is an enemy to the people.  We can say this of all sorts of people, elitists, racists, religious extremists, no one group has a monopoly on such thinking, and each of you is essentially the same.


Mubarak Burns in the Egyptian Revolt


I do not believe myself much different from most people in that I am happy to share this world with all people, people of all religions, orientations, cultures, the only thing I require is respect and freedom for myself the rest of my human family.

I believe the time has come to unite, those of us who are sane, who can see that the masses are comprised of so many cultures and vastly different ways of life, yet we all demand essentially the same things.  We demand to be treated with respect.  We demand the right to a decent way of life.  We demand to be free.  We demand to be treated as a human being and afforded all the rights of a human being.  How many of us are there?  I don’t know but it is a huge number.  We need only unite and we will expose and root out the tyrants and their servants quite quickly.

And to my Egyptian and Tunisian brothers and sisters, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Revolutions & Manipulations

If there is one thing we must do in order to understand the way in which our world functions, it is to look at it through the eyes of pure evil and insanity. Looking at the world as a human with a conscience will only make things very confusing. You need to think like a tyrant, drunk on power, and totally insane. OK, get into that mode, let’s take a walk down the path if insanity.

On June 8, 1967, during the Six Day War in which the vast majority of Americans were rooting for our Israeli allies to kick the shit out of the Arabs, American traitors and Israeli psychopaths conspired and committed an act of mass-murder, as yet unpunished. I am talking about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in which 34 American sons were murdered.

On a clear sunny day in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Gaza, the American naval ship Liberty was carrying out its work as a spy ship. Its job was to listen in on the ongoing slaughter of the Arabs and all the chatter going on around it. On that morning a friend of mine, Phil Tourney, was on the Liberty and was one of the 300 or so crewmembers onboard. I am not going to get into details here because this article is an actually an attempt to expose a very possible future treachery. I use the Liberty incident purely as an example. But I would be remiss if I did not recommend Phil’s book, every red blooded American patriot should read it… and learn; “What I saw that day.”

On that fateful day Phil and many other crewmembers watched as low flying Israeli jet fighters flew overhead, and he himself actually waved to the pilots. Let there never be any doubt, the Israeli military was fully informed of the presence of the Liberty and Israeli pilots verified the ships presence by sight, America’s flag waving proudly in the Mediterranean breeze.

Not much later, that calm sunny day erupted into bloody hell. It started with coordinated air attack with explosions that took out all of the Liberty’s communications. Unmarked jets began pummeling the ship with bombs, including napalm bombs targeting crewmembers who were attempting to repair the lost communication antennas in order to make a call for distress. Nobody on the Liberty knew what was happening, but slaughter with unidentified culprits ensued.

The unmarked jets hammered the Liberty mercilessly, and then came the torpedo boats. And since these were marked, everyone now knew who the attacker was, America was under attack by America’s best friend and ally, Israel. These torpedo boats fired several torpedoes and the captain miraculously avoided all but one. That torpedo was only inches away from breaching the boiler room and blowing the ship to Kingdom Come, sinking the ship and killing everyone onboard. But God and/or the universe had other plans that day.

The torpedo blew a 22×39 foot hole in the ship, it listed badly to one side and while the blood was spilling, the ship was on the verge of sinking. Life rafts were launched and the order to abandon ship was nearing. But that option was nixed when the torpedo boat operators blew the life rafts out of the water as soon as they were launched. These same demons fired 50 caliber machine gun rounds directly into the hull of the ship in the area of the boiler room. It was clear, the intention was to hit the boiler and sink the ship, along with every last crewmember onboard.

Since you probably never heard much about the Liberty, you surely do not know about US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordering the recall of the fighter jets coming to the aid of the Liberty (after communications were patched up and a distress call was made). But know now, the American leadership then and know is rife with traitors. Eventually the torpedo boats left, thousand of rounds, rockets, torpedoes and napalm had turned the once proud Liberty into a burning hulk.

And then came the helicopters, just like the ones I saw on the Mavi Marmara when the Israeli’s carried out their most recent act of piracy and mass-murder. In 1967 it appears that last minute orders came to recall the Israeli commandos, who almost certainly were preparing to fast rope down, plant explosives, sink the ship.

Act of God, that is a very good way to explain how the Liberty stayed afloat, because had the plan been carried out as intended, the ship would have been sunk and 300 American sons would have been dead. Nobody was meant to survive and share what they saw that day, nobody. Why? Because the attack on the Liberty was a classic false flag attack, just like 9-11, and the plans involved yet another manipulated entrance into war. Yet again American sons and daughters were to be used as canon fodder in a Grand Chessboard game for lunatics.

Make no mistake, the Liberty was meant to be sunk and with everyone dead, and the plan was to blame Egypt. America would have then invaded and occupied Egypt in 1967… were it not for a torpedo missing its mark by no more than 1 foot.

USS Liberty False Flag Attack Israel

Before you let sanity take over, remember, you are a tyrant drunk on power, you are a psychopath, and you want war! But that bastard ship did not sink, there were witnesses, and the planned invasion and possible nuclear attack on Cairo was averted. Yes I said nuclear attack; that day two Phantom jets were launched from the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean, when it appeared the Liberty was sinking, only because it did not sink were those jets recalled. And those jets were nuclear armed… and flying to Cairo.

This is the world we lived in then, it is the one we live in now, false flag attacks are the method of choice for the powers that be, and they are the ultimate tool of manipulation, until that is we finally realize who is the number one culprit behind these attacks; our own governments. In particular the United States and Israel, although they are by no means the only state sponsors of terrorism, there are dominant forces in it.

The Liberty attack brought us very close indeed to a nuclear attack on Egypt, and very possibly a nuclear exchange with the then Soviet Union (Egypt’s primary backer at that time). We have come close to this self-induced Armageddon many times, and we will continue to tempt fate with self-destruction, unless of course we realize the truth, we have allowed our world to be run by psychopaths, and they have their fingers on the buttons of the nukes.

And so that brings me to the point of this article. It is a time sensitive article, one that deserves some serious immediate attention. I have sources who I trust, and although I cannot say for sure that what is written next is true, we better damn well be aware of the possibility. That is why I am sharing this. Indeed information is power, and if the plan below is true, we would do well to avert it, and for that to happen we must be aware of it. The words italicized below come straight from the sources.

While millions of Egyptians are in the streets, in one of the most dramatic spontaneous uprisings in recent years, in an attempt to overthrow 30 years of Mubarak rule, a regime propped up by Israel and the United States, an undercurrent of opportunist plots threaten to turn this hopeful situation into an epic disaster.

A cadre within the governments of Egypt, Israel and the United States, is seeking to exploit these events and expand Israel’s influence to the Nile and into Africa, this cadre is behind Egypt’s new Vice President, Omar Suleiman, Israel’s “man in Cairo.”

Suleiman, the current power in Egypt as Mubarak crumbles away, has been a longtime ally of Israel. Reports from intelligence sources in Europe and North Africa, sources with a good track record, tell of Israeli mobilization and troop movements toward the border of the Sinai.

Sources indicate that Suleiman is looking for an Israeli move into Sinai, a “preemptive security deployment” to justify a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, a group already targeted over the last 4 days.

Reports indicate that Suleiman has pulled all police and army out of the Sinai, just hours ago. This has left the Rafah crossing into Gaza open, something that would never be allowed unless as a pretext for a security crackdown, perhaps tied to a convenient incident which can be blamed on Hamas.

The long term objective of US, Israeli and Egyptian aims, plans hatched over the past 72 hours, is to use the current unrest to split Egypt, followed by a destabilization based on the Tunisian model, of Northern Sudan.

(Southern Sudan is currently under defacto US control.)

The next scheduled targets are: Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea and Kenya.

Suleiman has, however, inadvertently overstepped the prerogative of other military leaders and has already been targeted for elimination.


Factions opposing Suleiman are currently being armed across Sinai and a staged defense is being planned with fallback position all the way to the Suez Canal.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is said to be consulting with the Palestinian Authority to coordinate all information reaching the media regarding Israeli troop movements.

This is the information I have been given but I only I know one thing for sure regarding current events, there are powerful forces who will do anything to see this revolution works to their advantage. And yet we can make their plans a miserable failure and secure real gains for the people of Egypt and beyond. Mubarak must go and he will, but let us not be manipulated anymore. I have just seen reports that Hamas has now moved into Egypt and is working with the Muslim Brotherhood; that is all is needed for the Israeli pretext to invade the Sanai.

Our world is run by psychopaths, beware of this fact and be prepared for the next attempt at manipulation. If Israel launches a “pre-emptive” offensive into Egypt, if any elements within Egypt play into that hand, we know what the real game is. It would be ideal to avoid this scenario and if we are armed with the truth we have a better chance of avoiding it. But let us be damn sure these bastards fall flat on their face if they take this path; let us make sure the sacrifice and strength of the rebelling people in Tunisia and Egypt is a massive victory for humanity and nothing else.

‘Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world…’