Today is day 1 of my 30-day hunger strike in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers who will, within days if not hours from now, die for refusing to accept the unacceptable if we do not unite in their defense.

Left to right; Ayman Sharawna, Hassan Safadi & Samer Al-Barq

To those who say ‘Israel does not care what we do, they are merciless’; I say to you that you have fallen into a trap of cynicism that ultimately breeds powerlessness.  The entire system of tyranny as we know it requires such thinking to be maintained.  But make no mistake, when the people begin to exercise the knowledge and corresponding action that is consistent with our real power, the tyrants will cower and slither and beg for a mercy that they were never willing to extend themselves.  Truly the tables will be turned and I for one have no interest in vengeance, it is justice I seek.

The world is the way it is because tyrannical powers have managed to fool and manipulate us on multiple levels.  First and foremost is the false division of humanity along the lines of race, religion, sectarianism, nationalism, gender, etc.  Once divided we can be controlled, and in this state we feel powerless… and this is all by design.

Israel is a primary player in this scheme with its major contribution being that of perpetuating and maintaining perpetual conflict, both regionally and globally.  It manages this through its status as a sort of Rothschild’s fiefdom with its seemingly infinite supply of fraudulent fiat currencies that allow it buy anyone who can be bought.  The US Congress is the perfect example of a government that is bought and paid for under this inherently corrupt system.  Indeed the corrupt are rewarded while the virtuous are punished in every way.  In this way, Israel, a tiny state, has the facade of immense power when in truth it is a house of cards built on fraud.  This is how, in the simplest terms, Israel has managed to maintain an ultimately untenable position for decades now, but it will not last.

Over the decades however this game worked very well, yet it has always relied on people being divided and that is why so much energy and resources are poured into keeping us in this state of ignorance and division.  If the playing field were fair Israel could never have lasted this long.  But the privately controlled, fractional reserve fiat currency fraud system, the same system leading to ‘austerity’ and so forth, is in its dying days.  And the death of that system, symbolic of the ‘head of the snake’, means the unbridled power of Israel and the get out of jail free card it has owned for decades is soon to be no more.
The system is much weaker and vulnerable then people realise.  It has more than one Achilles Heel; it has major chinks in its armor and we need only to realise our power to see just how weak this tyrannical system is.

So let us compare the now with the potential of tomorrow.  When it comes to the Palestinian prisoners, those who are currently rotting away in dungeons, they and their families are violated in the most obscene of ways as a matter of course.  I have personally met dozens and dozens of Palestinian prisoners from the West Bank and Gaza and I can tell you that every last one of them was/is tortured.  There is no time in Israeli prisons for a Palestinian resister without torture; so let there be no mistake, this is the norm.

If a prisoner complains about being kept in isolation for months or even years what do you think is done about it?  In all likelihood the torture will be increased and extended even further.  When a prisoner complains about being kept without charge for months and often years with little to no access to family or legal representation, as is the case with Hassan Safadi, Ayman Sharawna and Samer Al-Barq and so many others, what happens?  Nothing, indeed Israel simply increases the pain and suffering as they are doing at this very moment by shackling these gravely ill hunger strikers and even banging their heads against prison bars and more.

So on an individual level the prisoners are to a large degree powerless, they are expendable sub-humans in the eyes of the Israeli power structure and anything can be done to them for they might as well be dogs in the eyes of a transparently racist, Jewish supremacist state and its managers.  Anyone who takes exception to hearing of the Jewish supremacism that is behind the torture and mass murder of Palestinians is not serious about the truth.  I do not indict all Jews for the actions of the Jewish state, but the fact that people consider themselves ‘chosen’ and by default others un-chosen, is in my opinion highly offensive and dangerous on its own. Combine such a mentality with the power and backing the Jewish state enjoys and you see what we have today, a world on the brink of World War III, being lead by a state that feels it is justified in virtually everything it does.  Whether it is the slaughter of the Samouni family in Operation Cast Lead or the murder/execution of 9 humanitarian aid volunteers aboard the Mavi Marmara or countless other hideous crimes, the supremacist ideology inherent in a Jewish supremacist state makes all such actions not only defensible, but ordained by God himself.  That is what the Palestinians are facing, especially the thousands of prisoners, a rabid form of racism and potentially endless imprisonment mixed with a continuous dose of torture and isolation.

And lest I be accused of that tired old smear of ‘anti-Semitism’, my wife and children are Semitic.
And beyond that, I remain ashamed and disgusted with the conduct of my birth nation, the so-called United States of America.  Without question this nation rightfully holds the title of being ‘The greatest terrorist state of all-time.’  Indeed Israel and America and Britain are one and the same and the powers behind them could care less about the people of any of these nations.  In my opinion Judaism is simply food for the Jewish masses, fostering a manipulated Jewish identity politics in which the eternal victim psychosis is at its core.  But those supposedly at the top of the Jewish pyramid, like the Rothschilds for instance, can and have used ‘Jewish’ people and even financed Hitler for their own personal gain.

George Bush the ‘Christian’ and his War on Terror “crusade” is another example of religion being used to falsely unite people behind a self-destructive ideology and course of action.

Jews and Christians and Muslims are all being manipulated in this way and for the sake of all humanity we should do all that we can to enlighten those being duped in this way.  If your religion breeds anything but love and respect for your fellow human beings then it is a false religion, it is nothing more than a tool of the tyrants to maintain their tyranny.  Nothing exemplifies this more than ideologies wedded to any form of supremacism.

Getting back to my point about our true power as people united.  I look at what happened early in 2012 when over half of the Palestinian prisoners committed to a united hunger strike.  What happened was the pressure on Israel became such that it was compelled to do something that it never had any interest in doing.  There was no choice in this, it was compelled to do so and this fact alone reveals the power of united action, even among those imprisoned.  The level of outrage both within and outside Palestine began to boil.  The true reality of Israel, not the bogus PR image force fed to the world by the prostitutes of propaganda in the MSM (mainstream media) was being dangerously exposed.

I say it again; people make a massive mistake believing and saying ‘Israel does not care what anybody thinks’.  If that were true then why do Jewish Zionists put so much effort into propaganda?  Why does Jewish controlled Hollywood constantly portray Arabs as violent, ignorant buffoons and Jewish characters as sensitive, intelligent and likeable?  Think for yourself and you will know why.

It is an obvious manipulation for people to think the Jewish State of Israel is unconcerned with its image; to the contrary, its ability to carry on is reliant upon ignorance among the human population, in particular the Western population.  Take away the lies and propaganda and see a naked, exposed Israel and you see the end of this tyrannical machine just like the racist Apartheid regime before it.

The CIA of all sources effectively stated in a 2009 report that ‘Israel will fall within 20 years’.  Why do you reckon the CIA would say such a thing?  I will tell you why, because Israel’s position becomes completely untenable when the truth be known and the truth will not be suppressed much longer; no matter how much propaganda the prostitutes pump out.  And united, the hunger strikers of Palestine can compel exposure of the truth like nothing else.  The Palestinian hunger strikers united are more powerful than Israel itself.  This does not mean that some will not die, as many Palestinians continue to die every day, just as the beloved Bobby Sands and many other Irishmen died fighting British tyranny with hunger strikes.  But in the end, a people united and relatively fearless have the power to achieve whatever they set their mind to, when their cause is just that is.  And the cause of Palestine is synonymous with justice.

I have not decided to end my life by committing to 30 days on hunger strike; I have merely decided to express my solidarity with those in Palestine who do risk their lives with open-ended hunger strikes.  I do not want sympathy or concern for whatever discomfort I may feel in this period, I want people all around the world to realise that we the people, united, can achieve anything we set our minds to.  With discipline, strength and determination we are the true power.  In Palestine the absolute end of solitary confinement, administrative detention and denial of access to family and legal representation must end immediately.  If not, then Israel must be made to pay the price in the form of being laid bare, naked for the entire world to see, as she exists today and she has been since her birth, a racist, violent state built on the back of Jewish supremacism and terrorism.

Let us as human beings reject any and all forms of supremacism.  Indeed a sane world, a world built on truth and justice, requires the end of any form of supremacism. Whether it be Jewish or American or Nazi supremacism is not the issue, each is offensive and dangerous and unacceptable.

We can and must celebrate our differences if we want a better world, but to be pitted against each other and falsely divided is to be our own prison keepers.  It is stupid and ultimately it will be self-destructive.  We are all members of one human family and to my Jewish brothers and sisters, I truly want what is best for you.  I want for you what I want for myself, but I will not pander to the racism and supremacism that is seemingly inherent in the so-called Jewish state.  And what that state is doing as the ‘Jewish state’ imparts a great responsibility upon you, whether you wanted it or not.

Whoever is part of a group that feels better than or superior to others is an indoctrinated fool and as an ex-US Marine I must include myself as one that was once within such a group.  The American people have been purposely infected with the idea of their ‘greatness’ and it was in that context that America has committed some of the most hideous crimes in history.  Hiroshima being beyond insane and Nagasaki being downright sadistic in its undeniable lack of necessity.

Let us face the truth and embrace it, we are all part of one human family and if indeed there are ‘others’ among us, i.e. those of otherworldly origins, even they are part of the family of life and if they do exist and they can adopt a sane perspective, great, if they cannot, then like every human tyrant we face we must expose them for who they are and defeat them with that most powerful weapon of all, truth.

These Palestinian hunger strikers are mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, they are our brothers and sisters and we should be willing to do for them what we would for our own blood brothers and sisters.  It is in this context that I have heeded the call of the hunger striker families and if this moves you similarly then now is the time for you to push yourself and act in the boldest, most effective way possible.  If we succeed these brothers will survive, they will be the fathers and sons and brothers they are meant to be.  If we fail these brothers will pass to the next realm and if that be the case we must make sure that they become the Bobby Sands of Palestine and the process of justice for Palestine is only accelerated.

I myself want them to live, I want them and all the other political prisoners of Palestine and beyond to taste the sweetness of freedom, the warmth of the sun and the touch of their loved ones.  I know that I have not done as much as I could for them over the last few weeks and I can only hope that what I do now can be a part of preserving their lives.  I want them to live and serve as an inspiration like brothers Khader Adnan, Thaer Halahleh, Akram Rikhawi, Mahmoud Sarsak and sister Hana Shalabi.

If we as people support the hunger strikers as we are capable they will live, and justice will come to Palestine sooner rather than later.  And on that day of justice all just minded people will feel a joy unlike any other.  Indeed the way of Palestine is the way of the world.

So let us not fall victim to the cynic’s perspective, which is in reality an impregnation of the tyrant’s psychopathic values into the psyche of a whole and healthy human being.  Let us reject this, let us be whole.  As my dear brother Vittorio Arrigoni used to say, “Stay Human”.

Today we are unwittingly our own prison keepers, but renounce the self-destructive ideologies of the psychopaths and truth and justice becomes inevitable.

Absolute love and respect to all the hunger strikers and their families and all who refuse to accept the unacceptable by acting in accord with their conscience.  When it comes to the people of our world who inspire me, you are top of the list.


PS – If you are a Facebook user, in the interest of solidarity with the thousands of political prisoners in Palestine, I ask you to consider using the following graphics as your profile picture(s).