This is so worthwhile for every Christian to consider. Especially supposedly patriotic American Christians; think about what this short video is saying. Imagine that you, unwittingly or not, are paying for the murder of Jesus Christ’s blood relatives. Actually, do not imagine it; know it, and soak it up.

No matter how ignorant and manipulated we have become there is something so beautiful, about the truth… it knows nothing of ‘politics’ or ‘patriotism’, it is what it is, regardless of such things.

And while you ponder that, know that the little boy pictured in this video is 4-year-old Ahmed Samouni from Gaza. Murdered in cold blood by Israeli’s during so-called ‘Operation Cast Lead’. This little ‘terrorist’ is no more thanks to American ignorance manifested in Israeli mass-murder.  Make no mistake however, this co-operation not only marks the end of this little boys life, but the unfolding destruction of the once great American nation… right before (y)our eyes.

For more about Ahmed Samouni and his grieving mother, here are two videos I produced while in Gaza.