Dale Farm


As I look over Dale Farm today I see the inevitable world envisioned by the 1%


A toxic, scarred, inhospitable landscape, a terrestrial hell suitable for Satan himself


I see a socio/psychopaths delight, a delectable appetiser… with a main course of World War III… and a desert of nuclear Armageddon


“Coming soon to a theatre near you” (very, very short pause)  as it were


I see the 99% constructing the ultimate prison, a prison large enough to imprison everyone… minus the 1% and their minions that is


I see the 99% voluntarily entering the prison and locking the prison door behind the last man, woman and child


I see the 1% with devils smiles as the 99% grovel


I see the 99% begging to be liberated by the 1%


I see the 1% laughing fiendishly, uproariously, as they eye the key to the prison door locked within the petrified hearts of a traumatised, mind controlled and compartmentalised 99%


I see the irony of humanity endowed with mastery of its collective fate… locked within a prison of it’s own making


I see Lemmings, I see Sheep


I see wage slaves and collective insanity


I see people fearing their governments instead of the other way around


I see Apartheid South Africa, Jim Crow America… I see Palestine


I see Soviet Gulags, Robben Island, FEMA Camps, Bagram, Abu Ghraib, San Quinton and Guantanamo


I see Iwo Jima, the Battle of the Somme, the Nanking Massacre The Battle of Stalingrad, I see cannon fodder all


I see Baghdad, Gaza, Beirut, Belfast, Kabul and Tripoli… I see Hiroshima and Nagasaki


I see my human family, intentionally, manipulatively, sadistically, divided…(longer pause) and yet I see my family igniting, uniting


I see Dale Farm… a microcosm,


I see Dale Farm… a wake up call


What do you see?