UPDATE – For the idiots who bought the lies and slander of Catherine Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald), Saeb Shaath, Jez Cuthbert, Cath Jenkins, Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn), Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana & Maitreyi Atmaja), Mary Rizzo, Mary Shepherd, Miri Wood, Jo Ann Westcott and court jester Ismail Patel (aka Iggle Piggle), here is a little revisit of a post that shows just how stupid some of you can be.

Say hello to the Trade Not Aid hijacking crew; Catherine Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald), Saeb Shaath, Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana & Maitreyi Atmaja), Jez Cuthbert, Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn) Ismail Patel (aka Iggle Piggle), Cath Jenkins and Yousef Khalfan.

You see, a pack of lies, repeated parrot style, is all that is needed to dupe the idiot.  For the robber barons named above the justification for the theft of the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid was based on me being a;

1) Liar

2) Thief

3) Womaniser/Adulturer

4) Nazi/white supremacist

5) Zionist/CIA

6) Money launderer

7) Wealthy landowner

8) Murderer (yes I murdered or was involved in the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni according to some of these people)

9) Blackmailer

10) Violent thug

11) Abuser of women

12) Media whore

13) Basically I am simply a conman using Palestine and human rights to rake in millions.

More lies from Catherine Myles, once again no contact from any police because I did nothing she says or implies here.

For the idiot, the fact that so many people can say or repeat so many bad things is all that is needed.  So who pays?  This may seem a rhetorical question but it is not; so seriously who pays?  Well hard as it is to believe a person like me, someone grounded in morality and genuine brotherhood can never be victimised because victimisation is rooted in denying ones humanity, and I will never do that.  So I am not the victim here, I am fine, continuously blessed actually, despite the personal discomfort and injustice of the hijacking.  The truth is that not being on the road for at least two months has resulted in me spending more time with my family than I had thought possible.  As a result I am a better, hands on father.  A true blessing if ever there was one, turning a negative into a positive big time.

Slanderer Jo Ann Westcott

So if I am not the victim, who is?  Well first let me say that I have experienced for many years this smear tactic, I have been accused of being a thief and CIA and other such slanders since 2003 when I lead the Human Shield Action to Iraq.  It was at that time that the powers that be could see that I might present a bit of a problem for them.  I am not alone in this characterisation, so it is nothing new at all to any of us who have stood up and faced the tyrant’s head on.  To the contrary, it is an inevitability to be slandered, as this is one of the favourite tactics of the tyrants and their minions.  If you are doing something real, you will be attacked, end of.

Slanderer Mary Rizzo

If I was not being attacked you could rightly write me off as a blow hard that the tyrants can ignore.  Clearly the tyrants, the Zionists, American imperialists and so on do not like me at all, and they have a supply of money that has up to now been as abundant as the paper they print their fiat, monopoly money on.  And so it goes they will do all they can to assassinate me physically (although this would have to look like an “accident” or like Muslims or Palestinians did it).  Or they will do all they can to assassinate my character, which is exactly what this well orchestrated campaign is all about, such is the reward for the type of work I do.

So let us return to who are the real victims in the campaign to smear me and steal my mission?  No surprise here, first among them is the Samouni family.  The bond that we created is a powerful one, one that has lead to more people being aware of the hideous crimes Israel committed against this family.  For this reason alone these tyrants are scared about me being part of the Samouni family, because I have the ability to make their story more well known, and importantly, to show the American people how they are guilty of slaughtering Samouni family members and more.  Of course any intelligent observer would already have figured this out.  Here is just one video that shows what I am talking about;

If the slander campaign against me were to be truly successful I would give up or rendered useless and the Samouni family could go on as they have, suffering, traumatised and to a great degree, hopeless.  So let this be clear, those that have abandoned me and/or my mission, based on a pack of lies no less, have in truth abandoned the Samouni family.  I could not steal from this family any more than I could steal from Palestine, to do so would be to steal from my own family.  Did I leave Hawaii, my own business, money, life in paradise doing something I loved so I could take great risk with my life in order to exploit the people of Palestine and a family like the Samouni family?  Idiots and dupes can believe such nonsense, and that is precisely who the slander crews prey on.

The slander continues and these same people (Saeb Shaath & Catherine Myles) are to this day attempting to steal all that was given to the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid and turn it into their disgraceful 'Palestine Aid' sham.

So this brings us to the ultimate victims, the people of Palestine as a whole.  Allies like myself, like my brother Vittorio Arrigoni, do not grow on trees.  There are very few of us and although we are flawed human beings, our hearts and our conviction drive us to support justice in Palestine in every way possible.  To kill people like Vittorio or assassinate my character serves nobody more than Israel because Palestinians lose essential allies whose only agenda is for truth and justice.

So as per usual it is lies and the gullibility of people that maintains the victimisation of the people of Palestine.  As an example of just how stupid people can be, take a look at slanderer idiot Ismail Patel’s (aka Iggle Piggle) post and my response from September 22.

http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=234620566586881 (since removed by Facebook, what a surprise)

This joker (Iggle Piggle) is part of the Catherine Myles, Saeb Shaath ‘Palestine Aid’ monstrosity, an ‘Aid’ organisation that is seriously attempting to steal vehicles, cash and cargo/aid given to me for the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid, and pass it off as something given to them and their disgraceful project.  Iggle Piggle announced last month that he proudly serves this pack of thieves.

What I am going to say here is critical to understanding how easy it is to manipulate some.  Iggle Piggle stated in the linked post above that he had been “threatened” by me, a direct threat to his life and his “family”!  And he further stated that he had this threat recorded and that the recording had been “handed to the police”.  In addition his farcical “legal team” was advising him, that is code for Catherine Myles and the slander crew were guiding him in his lying ways.  Iggle Piggle also said that I was a “bully” and that he and his family feared for their safety!

Iggle Piggle slander and lies

Here is the thing, an idiot who knows nothing of how slander works and whose memory is so Goldfish like that all the good work a person has done can vanish in the wake of a lie(s), will believe such lies because “surely he/she would not say he/she had recorded evidence of such threats if he/she did not have it.”  Ah, actually, that is exactly what a pathological liar and slanderer will do.  This is just one tactic of the slanderer, and an effective one for the idiot, the idiot will believe or at least give certain credence to the lie and when the evidence is never provided or the arrest of the alleged criminal never happens their Goldfish memory forgets such matters and all that sticks is the mud of the mudslinger.

Never once contacted about any of this rubbish because it is all lies. Shamefully using now departed Patrick McManus (a friend and supporter) as cover to curry Irish favour just like the Chameleon Catherine Myles does with less intelligent Muslims.

And you know what, if you have no morals, if lying is a thing that comes easy to you, as it most certainly does to the Israeli’s, then this is a great tactic.  If you are like me however, unwilling to return lies with more lies, and your only weapon is the truth, you are at a disadvantage as the position of attack with such lies is more damaging then the defence of ones character with truth.  Lack of evidence matters not to the dumb witted, outrageous accusations ala News of the World sensationalism is all that is needed.

Anyway, here it is over one month later, my alleged threat to Iggle Piggle and his family that was recorded and handed to the police has resulted in… nothing.  I have received no call, no visit, no nothing.  Apparently I can violently threaten an entire family and nothing happens to me… right.

The truth is Iggle Piggle, along with the Catherine Myles, Saeb Shaath hijack team are pathological liars.  Saeb Shaath will go down as among the most treacherous and treasonous of all, he has been party to a theft of goods destined for the Samouni family.  He has acted to cut the family out altogether and this is proved by his own words, he is a traitor in this regard.


“The best thing is to make Trade Not Aid block Aloha Palestine and Samouni Project.” – Saeb Shaath July 25, 2011

Never mind me, this has never been a personal dispute, this is about infiltration, lies and Zionist styled treachery, taken right out of the Zionist handbook.  But despite the early success of this plan it is beginning to crumble, and soon enough even the idiots are going to take a big bite of humble pie and admit, “I was a flippin idiot!”  Bank on this.

And a special note of shame shall go to any and all Muslims who bought into, fed or spread this backbiting and slander, something that every genuine Muslim knows is expressly condemned in Islam.  Here is an example of how you have been played, by a false Muslim like Catherine Myles;

Catherine Myles pretending to be a Muslim in order to dupe less intelligent Muslims.

This email was sent to a witness of the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid fraud and theft, this witness was subsequently unsuccessfully blackmailed by the fork tongued, false Muslim Catherine Myles.  It is just this same type of sweet-talkin, false Muslim chatter that is used to prepare the unwitting dupe into believing the next stage of slander;

Yes I am a Nazi & white supremacist with a Palestinian wife and two Palestinian children. How many Muslims believe this?

Some Muslims in particular have turned your back on a brother, me, a genuine brother who has done more than his fair share justice.  You turned your back and in a cowardly way let some false Muslim con artists spread filthy lies in true Zionist style without so much as a peep.  You have not only acted an idiot, you have partaken in a plot to steal from the Samouni family.

For my part, I deserve to be condemned for my horrible judge of character, although we must have some level of trust in order to effectively work for justice, there were things I could have done to prevent them from driving off with vehicles, cash and donated goods.  For my part I will do as I have always done, learn, grow, be that much stronger.

Slander accusing me of stealing money from the campaign.
Truth showing Catherine Myles trying to get me to keep funds for my expenses.

To my Muslim brothers and sister, with regard to what these vipers have accused me of, Allah knows the truth, as do I.  As a Muslim I believe your duty was to repel any accusation not based on verifiable fact… especially since the verifiable truth of my work for justice is undeniable.  According to my understanding of Islam a brother would have stood by me until the accusations were made consistent with the facts.  But that was never the case for too many of you.  When it comes to friends like these, they are not really friends at all.

Disgusting falseness from Catherine Myles

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful”

[al-Hujuraat 49:12]


Let me repeat one thing, I along with Allah know exactly what I have done.  I know the truth, and the truth is I could not give any more for the cause and thus I am blessed.  Only the most infantile and mentally stunted man believes that “an easy life” is a blessed life.  My life is full of challenges because I fear not the consequences.  My love of truth and justice is such that I will never sacrifice my honour, I will die with my self-respect and that is not something many people can honestly say to themselves.  To say such a thing and to have it be true requires that a person do right no matter what the cost.  I can say this… can you?

For a person to say of another, “He cannot control his tongue (or he has a loose tongue)” is undoubtedly one of those things that a person would dislike to have said about him. If it is true, then it is gheebah (backbiting), and if it is not true then it is buhtaan (slander).

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2317


Simply praying five times a day does not a Muslim make, even I know this as a non-Muslim.  With regard to Catherine Myles or Saeb Shaath I have spent considerable time with both, months together all tolled, and I have seen neither pray even once, much less act like a Muslim in terms of honesty, fairness, loyalty and justice.

Disgusting falseness from Saeb Shaath (Birthday Card to me 4 days before he and Catherine Myles instigated the theft of the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid.

And this brings me to my last point on this matter, does it matter that I am not a Muslim?  The Islamaphobes want people to believe that deep down all Muslims see non-Muslims as infidels and much like the Talmudic version of Judaism, the fingernail of a Jew/Muslim, is worth more than all of the goy/infidel life.  To some Muslims I have never truly been a brother, I am simply a non-Muslim, slandered and easily abandoned despite the good work I have done and continue to do for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

So read the above post again (removed by Facebook) and know that Iggle Piggle and that whole clan are nothing but a pack of lying thieves, and know that I will recover most of the stolen goods, but not all, because WE did not confront these miscreants as We should have.

No worries, a few good people and myself are doing the work that needs to be done, the Samouni family will have justice, and the mission I created will achieve its goal, because WE shall indeed make it so.

As a last note here, I have far too much fruitful and important work to spend much more time on the assets and agents of deception and or defending myself.  The only real reason I am doing this is to help people understand the nature of deception and how it is used to divide and control.  It is important we understand these methods and what is happening to me offers a great opportunity to educate those who are otherwise oblivious to these tactics.  The lying and slandering, infiltrating and subverting strategy is an immensely effective one and it has prevented much good work from being done.  Learn through me and let us become wiser and stronger together.

The divide and rule strategy is essential to the maintenance of tyranny, we as people must transcend the artificial barriers put between us by these tyrants and realise that we are all part of one human family, our collective fate inseparably intertwined. Using lies to foster division is as old as tyranny itself, they are one and the same because a people in the knowledge of the truth could never be so stupid as to fight each other while the tyrants look down on them as the dupes they are. This is our prison, and only we can free ourselves from our self-imposed prison.