Off to the “Land of the Free”

Well after being denied the ability to board my flight to Portland nearly two weeks ago I am now set to depart for the States in less than 24 hours.  I depart looking forward to meeting some great people in the Pacific Northwest and Kansas.  I was originally to give a presentation at the International Eco-Tourism Conference, the largest of its kind in America, but Uncle Sam was busy protecting the homeland so that went by the wayside.

We shall see just how much stock US Homeland Security puts in the Israeli charges that I am an “operative of the Hamas Terror organization” who was going to Gaza to “form and train a commando unit for the Palestinian terror organization.”  If I were Arab you could bank on me going to some torture chamber long ago, but now I will test once again just how much we white folk can get away with. Meanwhile of course our darker skinned brothers and sisters, especially Arabs and Muslims, continue to be treated as sub-humans.

If I do end up “detained” or if God forbid the powers that be attempt to charge me with any acts or planned acts of “terrorism”, I say for the record that it is absolute bullshit.  And since my DNA in the form of my toothbrushes, blood stained clothes and so on have been in the custody of the Israeli’s I would reject any DNA evidence as well.  If I am charged with “terrorism” it is a classic set-up; let me say pre-emptively, if this happens I am being framed.  The last fifteen years of my life have been dedicated to truth, justice and peace and if I am imprisoned it is because of my commitment to the liberation of the Hawaiian, Iraqi, Afghani, Palestinian and in fact all oppressed, occupied and violated peoples.

If I am to be free in the land of the free then I will be meeting people and discussing the ways in which we can affect a better world.  For those who are still oblivious to the way the working class people of America are being used as worthless pawns, how American sons and daughters are being sacrificed in far off lands to make the rich richer, I say to you that they, the powers that be are mocking you.  They are laughing at you and the irony that you would see someone like me as your enemy is enough to make them laugh all the more.  For now, in your manipulated state, you are the tyrants’ best friend and you are anything but patriotic.  But it is not too late, America could be a great country, and I would very much like to see that happen.

In that interest I will be speaking all over the Northwest, whether you are friend or foe I look forward to seeing you and what changes may have occurred in mainland America since I left in 2001.