30th Legislative Convention - June 14, 2008Hawai’i shall always be one of my greatest blessings, not in the standard way however, that of the obvious joy of living in paradise, but in the reality of working with people (the kanaka maoli) who quietly and courageously confront the most powerful nation in the history of our world. It is humbling and almost always brings out the best in me, a continual source of inspiration.

Outside of Hawai’i very few know anything of the Hawaiian Independence Movement, mostly due to its remarkable adherence to peaceful, lawful resistance. If it were violent you would have likely been aware of it, albeit in the form of western propaganda spouting hyper-hypocritical labels of “terrorism”. But you will not hear of any such resistance in Hawai’i because the Hawaiian people have set their course and violence has no place within it. The American bully is set to trip and fall flat on his face, spellbound by the power of Aloha that remains despite the ongoing crimes America commits to pervert or destroy it.

Success or failure in the liberation of Hawai’i from the American Empire however, will hinge on the complicity or conscientiousness of the rest of us.

Representative Samuel Kaleleiki Jr. - Uncle samWhy should anyone care about Hawaiian Independence? With all the horrible hot spots of war, famine, natural disaster and injustice “why should I care?” In short, the Hawaiian Independence Movement is leading the way in confronting American Imperial power, and it does so with “Weapons of Mass Aloha”. By the passage of its latest law, Hawaiian Independence is now synonymous with a better world, inherently reducing the global nuclear stockpile, and absent of WMD within Hawai’i. A Free Hawai’i is an American Military in withdrawal, Hawaiian Independence is American Imperialism in reverse… and that is precisely why all sane, just minded and peace loving people will learn to care about Hawai’i. Nothing offers greater capacity to steer the world in the right direction.

30th Legislative Convention - June 14, 2008Through the passage of this law the Hawaiian Nationals have decided that no future deal will be cut with America, or any other nation, to allow the use of Hawai’i as a launching pad for war. This law eliminates an option that America may well have accepted if push came to shove, the option of a quasi-independent Hawaiian Nation compliant with the “Global Spectrum Dominance” agenda that defines American foreign policy. In taking this path the Hawaiian Nationals are in the front line of resistance against American hegemony and more importantly, the ultimate representatives of what our world could be, a world “where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.” With one fell swoop this tiny Hawaiian Nation is set to deliver the body blow that will keel over the American Imperial Goliath. But it is not a death blow; it is more a wake-up call, for America and the world, a wake-up call that declares the world is indeed what we make of it. Hawaiians are saying truth, justice and peace is what this world needs and better yet, they are acting in accord with that statement. Who will be joining them?

Ken O’Keefe – Representative District 6 Oahu, Reinstated Hawaiian Government

Full text of Hawaii’s newest law follows;

A RESOLUTION. To Declare Hawai’i a Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nuclear Free State and to Establish the ‘Hawai’i WMD/Nuclear Free Zone’.Hawaiian Nationals March on Maui - June 15, 2007

WHEREAS, the legal pretext for the pre-emptive invasion of Iraq by the United States hinged on the alleged Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the threat they posed to the United States. As regards Hawai’i, we cannot afford to ignore the much larger and undisputed presence of American WMD in our islands, which, according to America’s application of law, provides equal cause for North Korea, China, Russia and others to pre-empt the United States threat by attacking said United States in Hawai’i. Accordingly, the presence of American WMD in Hawai’i constitutes a grave threat to the safety and security of the Hawaiian Nation and compels us to remedy this threat via the application of Public International Law. Furthermore, our cause is emboldened by the indefatigable will of the international community who overwhelmingly reject imperialism, reject war, who demand justice and peace through global disarmament. From this day forward let it be known, the cause of the Hawaiian people is the cause for all humanity.

WHEREAS, an estimated 30,000 nuclear warheads are maintained among global nuclear powers, of these, approximately 96% are held by the United States and Russia, with China maintaining approximately 1-2% of the global nuclear stockpile.

WHEREAS, there are an estimated 2500 nuclear warheads on hair trigger alert between the United States, Russia and China, with approximately 3,000 U.S. warheads deployed within Hawai’i, hundreds of which are directed at North Korea, China and Russia.

WHEREAS, official U.S. policy “reserves the right” to conduct “pre-emptive” nuclear strikes against enemies who attack, or whom U.S. intelligence services perceive as a threat to attack, “the United States, its troops or its allies”.

WHEREAS, Nuclear War by virtue of political instability, mistaken identity and human error has been narrowly averted on at least dozens of occasions, most notably; the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 and the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

WHEREAS, the reality of North Korean, Chinese, Russian and American nuclear arsenals each directed at the other represents a grave threat to Hawai’i that is capable of exterminating all life within our nation.

WHEREAS, hundreds of Soviet era nuclear warheads are indisputably unaccounted for and terrorists seeking such weapons may already have acquired them. This reality represents a grave threat to Hawai’i that is capable of exterminating all life within our nation.

WHEREAS, the United States Department of Defense has stated that at least 32 nuclear “accidents” have occurred between 1950 and 1980, therefore, the presence of a single nuclear weapon in Hawai’i represents a grave threat that is capable of exterminating all life within our nation.

WHEREAS, the United States Military confirms the existence of unknown amounts of Depleted Uranium (DU) dust from exploded DU munitions in Hawai’i and on April 22, 2008, Colonel Howard Killian of the United States Army declared that the unknown levels of DU in Hawai’i are, according to American standards, “safe”. Thus the U.S. Government wishes to legally absolve itself of any liability. The Reinstated Hawaiian Government rejects this position and acknowledges that DU is in fact nuclear waste which has been directly linked to sharp increases in birth defects and child cancers in Southern Iraq immediately following the 1991 Gulf War in which DU was used and never removed. Furthermore, our islands are held sacred and accordingly we demand the removal of all DU.

WHEREAS, the Reinstated Hawaiian Government resolves to cooperate with all people, organizations and governments, including the United States Government and its citizens, who in good faith wish to assist us in the end goal of exercising our sovereign right of self-determination to protect our citizens and nation. Additionally, the legislature of Hawai’i supports our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister in the solicitation of a “declaration of intent” from the North Korean, Chinese and Russian Governments committing them to dismantle all nuclear weapons directed at Hawai’i upon the verified removal of all such weapons from Hawai’i. Success in this matter shall result in greater security for Hawai’i, North Korea, China, Russia, the American people and indeed people of the world. In our cause to reduce the global nuclear arsenal we further desire to create a Nuclear Free Pacific and accelerated global disarmament above and beyond the terms of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

In the presence of Almighty God, in accord with our Oath of Allegiance to faithfully support the Constitution of Hawai’i, ARTICLE 2, Section 1;

‘The natural right to life of all living people shall be held sacred.’

In accord with our Constitutional duty the Reinstated Hawaiian Government declares all nuclear materials, WMD including but not limited to, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons unlawful within Hawaiian National Territory. In order for the sacred life of Hawai’i to be honored we hereby require the peaceful, orderly removal of said weapons and materials without delay. We hereby SERVE NOTICE to the Government of the United States of America; your lawful obligation to remove WMD and nuclear materials shall be inviolable.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of Hawai’i:

SECTION 1. Hawai’i hereby declares Weapons of Mass Destruction unlawful within Hawaiian National Territory.

SECTION 2. Hawai’i hereby declares nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors, nuclear fissile materials and nuclear waste unlawful within Hawaiian National Territory.

SECTION 3. Hawai’i hereby declares the creation of the Hawai’i WMD/Nuclear Free Zone which shall prohibit by law all WMD and nuclear materials within Hawaiian National Territory and extending 200 nautical miles seaward to include Hawaii’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

SECTION 4. That this resolution shall be in effect until June, 2009. Review for amending shall be pursuant to Article IV of the Constitution.

Approved this 14th Day of June, A.D. 2008. Signed by the Prime Minister of Hawai’i