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20 Hours Until End of Crowd Funding Campaign

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My sincerest thanks – While I have not reached the target goal with just 20 hours left, I want to thank everyone who has shared and supported my crowdfunding campaign. Believe me when I say that I know I am blessed to have the kind of support that translates to good people shelling out what they can to help me do what I do. In a way I really do work for you, most of the last many years this work has been unpaid and yet I am grateful to have done what my heart required me to do. If I can I will continue to do this but now I must find a way to pay bills as well.

It is worth noting that in all this time I have not taken one penny from the UK government, although I qualify for financial entitlements. My attitude there is fuck’em, I ill not be beholden to their corrupt system. Aside from that you could bank on me having been portrayed as a social leach if I had taken any of the money available to me through the system. Instead I have simply done what I needed to do and had faith all that I would require would be there for me. This approach has worked, it allowed me to express myself as I need to do, and again I am grateful, so very grateful, so thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. TJP

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Merry Chistmas

Support Ken O'Keefe's Middle East Show on TPV

Support Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show on TPV

While I consider Christmas to be a most commercialised and materialistic manipulation for the vast majority of people, there is in this time an idea of helping others, and when that becomes primary and the materialistic crap becomes irrelevant then we know we are nearly there as a people. Anyway, I wish everyone all the best during this Christmas and New Year.

My way of giving back is pretty clear for those who see me fairly and I will continue to give what I have to the best of my ability, until the goal of a better world is achieved. Until such time let us never forget that the world is a reflection of our virtues and inadequacies.

If you can help me stay on air at The People’s Voice by allowing me to pay bills and produce quality programs I must thank you in advance. For those who have shared the attached link and supported, thank you very, very much. Until we destroy the financial fraud that is central banking, fractional reserve, debt based money fraud, we will continue to endure the carefully manipulated scarcity that makes noble work either unpaid or little paid, so under these circumstances we must decide what is the best way to invest what little we have. If you feel my Middle East show is on the list of worthy causes then let it be because what I am discussing is that important, not simply because you like me. TJP

Appeal for Support to Keep Middle East Show on Air

I really despise fundraising and genuinely think this may be the last such campaign I will involve myself in. But the reality is that I must find a way to fund this show or simply take paid work elsewhere. For me the time to work for free is nearly done, it has been a blessing to only do what I choose to do, but family obligations make this a non-option in 2014. If you can support this campaign please do, if you cannot then please write and share why you think my Middle East Show is worth keeping on air and share this link to support. Some of you have good skills in this regard, any help you give to help me achieve this goal is seriously appreciated.

Here are some subjects already partially recorded or in the works, soon to be aired;
1) the USS Liberty
2) 9/11
3) War crimes & treason charges so as to purge the traitors among us.

If you look at the first two shows I think it is fair to say that the content is groundbreaking and complimentary to the process of creating a better world.

My ultimate goal includes eliminating the private control of debt based money with a truly publicly controlled, transparent, non-debt based system that serves people around the globe and creates abundance for all. With this achieved, fundraising campaigns like this will become unnecessary. I cannot wait for this, let us make it so ASAP!

Thank you in advance for sharing, either way 2014 is going to be an amazing year. TJP

Former US Marine: President Obama should be tried for treason

Below is the transcript and video for what might be my best interview ever.  There are more things I would have liked to touch on, such as 9/11 and Palestine, but in 25 minutes there is only so much one can say and I was guided by the questions.  For those who do not know I have a new show called Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East on The Peoples Voice and as a volunteer producing and presenting this show I need some support to carry on.  I simply cannot work full time and take care of family responsibilities.  Your support is given with a promise that I will speak about issues like the ones below and more with the best platform possible.  The image below is the link to support and/or share far and wide;

This show is really only possible to continue with viewer support.

This show is really only possible to continue with viewer support.

Reposted from Russia Today
The Middle East is at its boiling point. Syria is devastated by raging war. Israel threatens to deal with Iran once and for all – with Washington towering over regional affairs. What is at the cornerstone of American foreign politics? With Iran and the US going through a diplomatic thaw, what game will Tel Aviv play? Today we look at these issues through the eyes of a member of the few, but one not proud: a former US marine who burned his passport and became an anti-war activist.


Sophie Shevardnadze: So I am here with activist Kenneth O’Keefe, it’s really great to have you on our show. Kenneth, I know that you’ve led a human shield action in Iraq, right before the war started and then you were deported – do you follow what’s going on in Iraq right now? For example, the November death toll was almost 1,000 and 2013 is the deadliest year since 2008. Why do you think the removal of Saddam hasn’t improved the lives of Iraqis? – Or has it? I don’t know…

Kenneth O’Keefe: Well, I think if you really want to know the truth about the invasion in Iraq, there are clearly some incentives from the invasion: oil, securing oil was one of them, establishing prominent military bases in the region was another one, but the far less talked about reality is Israeli plans which made clear that the Balkanization of surrounding countries and particularly Iraq, if we go to Odid Yinon’s plan for Israel in the 1980s, it lays out very clearly a strategy of destabilizing all of the areas surrounding Israel, this includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and even Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This long-term goal is a part of a Greater Israel project, so in terms of sectarian divide you see happening in Iraq today it’s actually all part of the very well designed plan to try and secure this fantasy goal of the Greater Israel project.

Perhaps best interview yet on RT

Perhaps best interview yet on RT

SS: Why would Israel benefit from an unstable Middle East, unstable Arab nations? Because what we see is that this instability actually is followed by fundamental Islam. People who are overthrown are either replaced by fundamentalist powers or there’s just more sectarian violence that grows…

KK: Yes, if would seem on the surface from a sane point of view that everything is going wrong, but in fact, when you fracture a country along sectarian divides, ultimately you weaken the country. The last thing Israel or US wants is a strong Nasser-type leader, an Arab nationalist who will seriously ensure that the resources of that country are taken and protected and used for the benefit of the people – that’s the last thing that the empire wants and Israel wants. While you have these religious fundamentalist nutcases who are running around bombing and doing all sorts of stuff like that, you have a weakened, fractured country in Iraq, and that is the prerequisite for ultimately expanding Israel into a fantasy of a Greater Israel project. It doesn’t seem sane and it’s not sane because those who are trying to carry out these agendas are pure and simple psychopaths.

 So you think that American administrations, one after another, have been following this plan for 30 years?

KK: If you ask me how the world functions, then you have to understand one thing plain and simple – the head of the snake, the system of power is headed by the financial system. The bankers rule the Earth, through the private control of issuance of money, debt-based money which we all are supposed to pay. Ultimately with all of these things that they call “austerity” and whatnot, the bankers, basically, through the control of issuance of money which allows them to provide themselves with an infinite supply of money, means that they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought – so if we look at it, the vast majority of governments around the world, they are nothing more than puppets carrying out an agenda for the bankers, and the bankers at the top of this pyramid are, as I’ve said, plain and simple psychopathSS: they’re drunk on their own power, they are used to getting everything they want, they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought. This explains the corruption of virtually every government we can look at, and the policies do not reflect the interests of the people. They reflect, pure and simple, the interests of the bankers.

SS: So if what you’re saying is true, that governments obey the big banks and the big money, then it would really take the people and a revolution in each country that you have named to actually change things around. Do you really see revolution taking place in America, for example?

KK: It’s already happening. I’ll give you a great example why I’m optimistic about things in America. You know that the president of the US, traitor that he is, is actually a constitutional lawyer? He actually has trained at the highest levels [of academia] in constitutional law. Do you know how obscene it is that somebody who was trained in constitutional law, giving himself the authority to execute anyone, anywhere, in any part of the planet with no jury, no trial, no conviction, nothing – this man is a dictator who has assigned himself the right to execute anyone, including US citizens. I am confident that at some point the American patriots, who seem to be in a bit of a coma and have been sleeping for a long time, are going to wake up soon and realize that when they took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US, the president of the US also took that oath and has breached it so badly that he should be arrested and charged with treason right now – and ultimately all of the sycophants of the US Congress who pass things like the Patriot Act and the NDAA, again, completely a contrary to the US constitution, which is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. These people need to be arrested, and a government needs to be put in place that actually honors the US Constitution, and I honestly believe that’s going to happen, one way or another.

SS: But you just started your answer by saying that the revolution is already happening and then you went on by citing everything that’s going wrong in America, like for example the NSA leaks, right – you kind of touched upon them – nothing is really changing within the American society. I don’t see people coming out on the streets and protesting, even though they know they are being listened to. Even Europe, look at Europe – they expressed their outrage at the fact that they have been listened to, including presidents, but nothing is really happening. It’s not like America is cutting on the NSA programs, and it’s not like people aren’t listened to anymore. So where’s the revolution that you are talking about?

KK: I’ll tell you where – this is another thing that really excites me, Sophie, because while you’re not seeing it, apparently and many other people may not be seeing it, let me give you a perfect example that the revolution has already occurred and first step of that revolution is awareness. No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. The people of the world are starting to realize they have been enslaved, enslaved in the financial system which is effectively selling the future of their children down the river. More and more people are becoming aware of that. They’re also sick and tired of being lied to about one boogeyman after another and ultimately what happened in Syria – this is a key point and I really want to make this point before we move on to the next one, because it’s talking about the revolution that you are referring to. The reason why we did not hit Syria, the reason why we did not start bombing Syria is at one simple thing, and that is that the people of the West and the world simply did not buy it. They didn’t have to go on a street and protest – keep in mind, back in 2003 we had a largest protest in the history of the world, [but] it did not stop the invasion in Iraq. But, I’m telling you, the invasion and occupation and ultimately the bombardment of Syria has been planned long ago. It’s a stepping stone toward Iran, which is the ultimate goal for these psychopaths, and [they] could not bombard Syria. The reason why they couldn’t even secure that vote to favor that, here in Britain, is because the people overwhelmingly did not buy it. In the US the approval for bombardment of Syria was about 9 percent – that’s why the US Congress, which is a treasonous body of the government, couldn’t even go to a vote about it. Because if they went to a vote on it and actually voted for another war in this farcical war on terror (where [the fact that] the fantastic American servicemen took pictures of themselves saying: “I did not join the US military to fight with Al-Qaeda in Syria” says it all), if they had made that move, there would have been an open revolution. The powers that be know that people are primed and ready to take major steps to stop this, and again, American patriots are going to go [into] Congress and the White House eventually and arrest these cowards and traitors. But it’s under the surface right now, it’s getting ready and to show the power of the people – ultimately we did not go into Syria; this is because people did not provide one key element for the powers that be, and that is their consent. If they don’t have our consent, they can’t do a damn thing.

SS: So you actually bring me to my next point, which is Syria. You’re saying the allegations in the Western press that it wasn’t Syria but Iran that was the actual goal, the final goal, are true. What happens now if Assad starts to look like he is finally achieving a decisive victory, how will the US respond, do you think?

KK: Again, keep in mind that the real problem that Assad faces is that, well, yes, there are major human rights violations that happen in Syria and then in every other Arab country, and the US and the Western world – ultimately there are human rights violations of obscene levels, especially in the US. So they are in no position to talk about other leaders – our leaders, the US president can execute anyone, anywhere, anytime – and he does. So how can we talk about Bashar Al-Assad seriously and say that this man is a problem…

SS: Oh, Kenneth, they will talk about that and [say] the world listens to the American president, that’s the difference. They will talk about that, they keep talking about it. That was the whole purpose of why they wanted to overthrow Assad, because there were supposedly human rights violations in Syria.

KK: The point that I’m making is that the US has given himself the authority to execute anyone, anywhere, anytime for any pretext, any bogus reason. Is that more of a problem to the world than Bashar Al-Assad? Of course it is! It’s much more of a problem that the president of the US says he can execute anyone, anywhere anytime, and yet we’re sitting here talking about Bashar Al-Assad which, granted, this man has committed crimes in Syria, there’s no question of that. But when we look at the US president, when we look at Israel, we look at Britain – that alliance, this true Axis of Evil between these three countries. The amount of devastation that has occurred in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in other parts of world – Yemen, Pakistan – it’s so devastating, I think its beggars belief that we as people can be conned into thinking that Bashar Al-Assad is the problem, or that Ahmadinejad was the problem. We are the problem; we in the West are the problem, especially the US government. It really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into saying, “Oh, we have to take care of this problem over there.” The problem is in our own backyard, and we know this. We better take care of our dirty, filthy House of corruption. The US Congress is nothing but a den of traitors, the most sycophantic, disgusting traitors you can imagine, and the White House has got a dictator. This is a problem; this is a major problem, a much bigger problem than what’s happening in Syria or Bashar Al-Assad.

SS: Now, you have great knowledge and strong opinions about events in the Middle East. Iran has recently softened its attitude toward its opponent after decades of deadlock. Israel is annoyed. How do you see that developing?

KK: I think it’s a reflection of the sanity of people around the world who realize that any kind of attack on Iran is tantamount to initiating a full-scale Third World War, which of course could very well and almost inevitably would lead to a war with China and Russia. This is pure madness and those of us who’ve lost loved ones or who have served in combat like myself, and others who know the devastating cost of war, not just for the so-called “victor” – because the only victor really is the bankers, quite frankly – but even those who are supposedly on the winning side suffer greatly, and testimony to that fact aside from 1 million to 2 million dead in Iraq is the 22 American servicemen a day who are committing suicide because of the horrendous things that they were told to do in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. This policy, this shift in policy to actually resolve this conflict with Iran, this false conflict, in truth – is a reflection of the will of the people, if you ask me, who are starting to achieve their goal.

SS: You think Netanyahu is bluffing, because I’ve spoken to a couple of Israeli parliamentarians, I’ve spoken to Israelis – and they all are for a strike.

KK: No, I don’t think he is bluffing, he is an absolute psychopath and he reflects the agenda for the powers that be in Israel. Each one of these players – Netanyahu, George W. Bush, Obama, Cameron – they are all puppets and they all are supposed to read a different script at different times, depending on what the agenda is. The agenda is shifting slightly. It looks like Israel and the people of Israel, the Jewish state of Israel, are like sheep being led into slaughter, because ultimately the policies of Israel are completely and totally unsustainable. Even the CIA said in 2009 that Israel would not even exist within 20 years. Henry Kissinger himself said it wouldn’t exist in 10 years, and the reason why is because its policies are totally self-destructive. The puppet masters are quite happy to sacrifice the people of Israel, they are going to destroy themselves if they do attack Iran, because Iran can fight back and does have allies, and a lot of countries are sick and tired of Israel’s threats to both its immediate neighbors and even the rest of the world. When we look at the Samson Option, I encourage people to Google “Samson Option” and look at the threat Israel has posed to the world if things don’t go its way.

SS: When you talk about the US, [it’s] Israel’s main supporter – but right now we see that it’s kind of open to Iran as well, knowing, how much anxiety that raises among Israelis – what does it tell you about the US?

KK: It tells me that people are beginning to realize their power. I think there are things that correlate – the approval rating for Barack Obama and the US Congress is as low as it’s possible to get, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 percent, 20 percent maximum. The people have come to a point where they are sick and tired of being lied to, they know they are being lied to, and when they see their so-called leaders try to cooperate with Israel and get another war that would lead to disastrous consequences for the region and for the US and every other person involved – they’ve had it. The reflection of the policies is indeed that of the people, it’s the people who are sick and tired. I do see that there is some demarcation going on between Israel and the US, but this is because the power of people is rising – and as we saw on Syria, the Congress and the president were all basically saying, “The red line was crossed, blah-blah-blah,” and this blatantly false flag attack in Ghouta in Syria has backfired, they were not able to carry out this agenda, and this is only empowering the people that much further.

SS: So you think Iran should be allowed to develop its nuclear program?

KK: I think it’s absolutely hypocritical and insane that we would sit here and fixate on Iran and its supposed nuclear weapons program, which I don’t believe exists, but nonetheless, who could blame Iran if they were developing nuclear weapons? If the US and the West taught any lessons to the rest of the world with the invasion and occupation of Iraq it was that Saddam Hussein was a fool for actually disarming, because by disarming all he did was make that much easier for the empire to come in and destroy the entire country. So the lesson we teach to the world is that the best way to defend yourself is to get yourself a nuclear weapon, and of course the biggest culprit of using nuclear weapons and producing nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction is my birth nation, the US, and I find it absolute insane that we sit here and talk about Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons program when we know the US is producing every kind of weapon under this sun. It is spending more than any other military on the planet combined, and it’s involved in more war, more death and more suffering than any other nation combined. And yet it’s sitting there on a pedestal talking about other nations developing weapons of mass destruction? It is insane that we even allow them to do this, the first nation that needs to disarm without questions is the US, and the first nation to be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity is my birth nation – the United States. Once we start seeing actions like this, then we’ll know the people in positions of power are serious, because ultimately the rest of the world is sick and tired of the impunity and continuous threats of a Third World War. We’ve reached the point now when human beings around the planet are realizing we can’t do this. We can’t have a Third World War, this is not a game.

SS: But you haven’t answered my question – do you think Iran should be able to develop its nuclear program?

KK: I think that every nation should disarm right now, every nation that has a weapons program should be inspected by a legitimate international body and those nations with the highest amount of WMDs, nuclear weapons should be the first ones to start disarming. When those nations start disarming, then I would say that the rest of the world will also have to show that it’s disarming as well. While the US is able to maintain the largest military might in the history of the world and continues to use those weapons against all other countries, I only see it as a pure hypocrisy that the West would say that other countries can’t have such things. I don’t want any weapons in this world, but it’s not right for us in the West and particular for the US to say that we can have all these weapons and for the rest of the world – we’ll bomb you to the Stone Age if you even try to think to defend yourself. It’s beyond hypocrisy, it’s ridiculous. The US needs to disarm first, and the world needs to assist on that.

SS: I’ve read in your blog that you said this world needs one thing above all others – and that’s sanity. But doesn’t sanity depend on what side of the argument you’re on?

KK: No, I think we were all sane when we were children and unfortunately what passes as education is actually an indoctrination and through indoctrination we’ve turned into really largely a bunch of dupes who’ve enslaved ourselves without even knowing it, but when you regain the capacity to think for yourself, to actually become human, it becomes very clear. For instance, if we look at these politicians who are historically lying to us, over and over and over again, and we realize that the war-making are absolutely inherently interested in perpetuating war, and if we look at the people in the positions of power, we see how they continuously reap major bonuses with the banks – they get bailouts to the tune of trillions and yet we’re being told that we’re not working hard enough, that we’re in debt. All of these things combined lead us to the point when we reach a certain level of sanity, and realize: “You know what? This entire system does not represent me,” and in fact every person on this planet is fighting the same enemy. That enemy uses the financial system to enslave all of us. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out; in fact more and more people are figuring this out. A point of sanity brings us to the point when we realize: “Enough, this is a game that cannot be played, we’re risking our own collective suicide here and as a sane person I will not contribute in any way towards this never-ending policy of war which is leading us to the brink of destruction”. This is not about being intelligent, this is about being sane first and foremost. The average person can understand this very easily.

SS: I know that you have renounced your US citizenship more than twice, three times I think. Having a US passport is a dream for so many people. What’s so wrong with it, I mean you don’t have to agree with US policies, but is America all that bad?

KK: When you look at citizenship, you have to understand that citizenship is a social contract between the state and the citizen. Under that contract you have, supposedly, rights and you also have obligations. Now, I look at the obligations of being a US citizen and I realized I cannot pay into a tax system which is basically paying up debt to the bankers, but nonetheless, we pay into a tax system which is used to produce military capability that is also ultimately used in other parts of the world, which is ultimately killing my brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. I do not agree to contribute to a tax system that is being used to commit mass murder against people I consider to be my brothers and sisters halfway around the world. It’s violation of my ethics as a man, of someone who believes in justice for everyone and wants a better world for everyone. I cannot pay for the murder of my brothers and sisters – and that’s part of the contract of citizenship. So I said, which was to me a sensible thing and a moral thing to do, “Take my name off of that contract, because I do not agree to it and ultimately I will walk away.” I left a paradise life in Hawaii, had my own business, I was making money, lived on the beach, and did something I loved. I had a beautiful, beautiful life and I walked from that, because I absolutely, 100 percent disagree with the actions of my birth nation and I find them so criminal that I need my name taken off that list. I will enter into a contract again with the US if indeed it carries itself with honor and will respect the US Constitution; if the US Constitution is indeed made the supreme law of the United States, then I will happily come back to my nation and adhere to the contract.

SS: Why did it take so many times to renounce this citizenship to actually terminate it? Were the Americans holding on to you for some special reason? Should it be just easy to renounce, to say, “I don’t want to be a citizen anymore, period”?

KK: It’s a difficult process. It’s costly, you have to leave the country, you have to swear under oath, you have to hand over your passport, you have to fill up the forms – I’ve done all that. I would argue that probably the reason why they have not honored my right of self-determination, a human right of self-determination, is because it could have set the precedent, which could spark an imaginative idea that people can look out around the world and say, “You know what? I don’t actually agree with this contract with my nation any longer, I want to enter into a new contract.” This is why I refer to myself as a world citizen, we’re all world citizens. My human family is where my allegiance goes; I don’t give my allegiance to one unit, one group, one nation, one religion. My whole human family is my brothers and sisters and ultimately I give my allegiance to them. That’s the contract I will honor and if any other contract, inferior to that one, will try to compel me to pay for the murder of my brothers and sisters – I will not partake in that contract. I’m living here in the UK and haven’t made enough money to even be taxable for the last 12 years, but I might make enough money this year to actually be taxable, and I’ll tell you what: I will not pay into the UK tax system and fund the murder of my brothers and sisters halfway around the world. I simply refuse to do it, and I would argue that other people should look at the contract like that and, maybe, if we all decide to enter into a new contract like that we can end war for good.

SS: So you say you’re a world citizen. Is there any place that you love more than others? Why are you living in the UK if you don’t like UK policies?

KK: I love Hawaii. My adopted homeland is Hawaii, and the Hawaiian Nation was stolen by the US in 1893, and yet, there are my Hawaiian brothers and sisters who are Hawaiian nationals and who know who they are and have not forgotten who they are, and take pride in who they are. If they have their way, and I have my way, the Hawaiian Nation will no longer be a military outpost for the US launching its wars of aggression against everybody, the latest boogeyman. Hawaii is the place that I long to live, I plan to return there, but I want the empire out of Hawaii – Hawaii is not an extension of the US empire, it is a Hawaiian nation, and the people of Hawaii, the Kanaka Maoli deserve to have their nation back.

SS: Thank you for so much for this wonderful, interesting interview. That’s it for today, folks, and we will see you in the next edition of Sophie & Co.

Egyptian Blockade of Gaza, Israeli Trade for West Bank

This is simply amazing, the border that Israel controls 100%, the border between Jordan and the West Bank, is now open for the very first time… for TRADE!

Yet, the border controlled by the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, the border between Gaza and Egypt, remains virtually closed to trade.

Let me get this straight, Israel is opening trade in the West Bank, Egypt is maintaining a blockade in Gaza. Even recently pumping raw sewage into the tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, tunnels that are a lifeline of trade since that Egyptian border is closed to trade.

Is this not shocking beyond belief? Is this ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in any way a reflection of Islam? I find this so shocking and so disgusting it makes me want to vomit.

Let us be clear, the blockade of Gaza is now, 100%, a Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian blockade. Every bit as much as it is an Israeli blockade.

I am embarrassed that the events leading to the removal of Egyptian puppet Mubarak that I supported 100%, have lead to this. God help the true people of Islam, with so many treasonous false Muslims representing you. It seems you need just as much help as we poor souls of the Western hypocrisies that feign ‘democracy’ but in truth are nothing more than governments run by prostitutes in the service of tyranny.

001_Mubarak Morsi

This world needs one thing above all others, sanity. Sane human beings of all colours, all religions or non-religion, all nationalities, we the sane people of the world must unite. Enough already.

PS – I must repeat yet again my absolute position that aid is almost always nothing more than a ploy for infiltration and subversion.  Aid is suffocation, it is being buried alive, it is dependency on the tit of tyranny.  It is a dead end.  Only self-sufficiency and independence is acceptable.  This is the only way to a dignified life.  I wish and support the way of true independence for Palestine and all of humanity.

Ken O’Keefe in Tehran – “Iran is not the threat, we are.” – American Patriots Rise

It is time to stop being Israel’s Bitch!

I renounced my US citizenship and the United States of Hypocrisy refused to acknowledge my right, our right, to self-determination. Alright then, I am thinking now that maybe I just needed to leave for 10 years or so and reflect on things, now that I have, I have made some important conclusions.

First among them is that it remains an embarrassment, that idiot flag waving Americans have sat by while their Constitution was used like toilet paper and their government became a bought and paid for circus of clowns.

Ken O'Keefe & William Rodriguez, the "Last Man Out" of the Twin Towers on 9-11

Ken O’Keefe & William Rodriguez, the “Last Man Out” of the Twin Towers on 9-11

Second is that due to this despicable state of affairs of failing to pay attention on our watch we Americans have continued to be complicit in mass murder that is truly unparalleled in the modern age. God help us for what we are collectively responsible for.

Third, our American sons and daughters continue to be used as the meaningless pawns they are and ultimately, aside from those our sons and daughters murder in foreign lands, aside from those we rape and torture, our sons and daughters themselves are the biggest victims of all. We so pathetically spouted “support our troops”, like idiots, incredible idiots, while effectively sentencing them to a fate that makes post-traumatic stress disorder almost inevitable. Look at the drug abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide rates of returning soldiers and compare it to the returning soldiers of Vietnam, what the fuck are we doing to our supposedly cherished sons and daughters?

I have come to another conclusion, America is almost assuredly going down and going down hard, so hard that it might just bring the whole world down with it, for this reason more than any other I feel a need to exercise the best virtues I obtained as an American born son and do my best to sound the alarm. To reach out to every genuine, not fake ass idiot patriot, but to reach out to the genuine patriots.

And lastly, we need to acknowledge 100% that the American government is bought and paid for by the Zionist, Jewish supremacists, Israeli “dual citizens”, which in truth is a pyramid with the Rothschild’s and their bankster kin at the top. These are the puppet masters and they have used America as their strong arm, if we are so blindingly stupid as to continue this role as their enforcers, we will exterminate not only ourselves but possibly this beautiful world we live in.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof of just how horrendous we have been and thus are capable of being today.

It is time to stop being chumps, it is time to actually give some meaning to the word patriot. It is especially time for those in the police, military and government who took an oath to uphold the Constitution to honor that commitment. Are you a person of honor? Or are you a fraudster? A coward?

I couldn’t care less about fake patriots, but real patriots, I am serious about working with you. Get the fuck up and take the fake ideals of America and make them real. If that were to happen I will happily ask for my citizenship back… until such time I do not give my allegiance to this criminal entity and thus I am not a citizen regardless of the judgments of this corrupt government and its minions.

When America truly becomes a nation of honor I will be proud to stand among its citizens as a genuine member of the family. Let us make this so.

Thank you to Anthony Lawson for his reading.

Ken O’Keefe


Words from an Honest, Intelligent & Compassionate Jew – Rich Siegel

Words from an honest, intelligent and compassionate Jew… words from a respected brother with a hugely important message that should be heeded by every single Jew on this planet.

“It is so terribly and dramatically disturbing to have been raised Jewish and Zionist, and to see the death and destruction that my people are bringing to the world. It is so frustrating to say, “Grow as I have grown, see what I see” and to only hear the same broken record of Jewish victimization and accusations of “self-hating Jew” in response. If I, as one born and raised in this death-crazed narcissistic cult, don’t know how to resolve this desperate situation, how will anyone else figure it out? Please- Jews- my people- you are desperately sick. The whole world sees this and knows it, and yet so many are afraid to say so for fear of being called “Anti-Semite”, while you kill children and refuse to be embarrassed by your blatantly evident tribal mental illness. But the world will stop being afraid of you, and cease to tolerate your murderous narcissism, and the result will be terrible for you. Please, please stop before this happens. Stop before you kill another child in Palestine! STOP THE KILLING IN GAZA!” Rich Siegel

Trade Not Aid Update – November 6, 2012 – UK Judge Orders Return of Stolen Vehicles & Property

Support the Trade Not Aid Mission by donating here;

Today was the final hearing for the case against the Trade Not Aid hijackers Cate (Catherine) Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald) and Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana & Maitreyi Atmaja).  It cost over £600 in court fees, money that should have gone directly into the cause.  It took countless hours of work collecting evidence to establish the crime, something I wish I could have avoided.  But today District Judge Evans actually infused just a bit of honour into the embarrassingly corrupt UK system… a system so blatantly servile to Israel/Rothschildland.  Today Judge Evans ordered that the stolen 18-ton Renault truck and Metrorider Minibus, along with all donated goods onboard are to be returned to Aloha Palestine CIC & Samouni Project within 28 days.

We also managed to affirm with the judge the need to assess the condition of the vehicles and the likely theft of stolen property onboard before we can identify any necessary financial compensation; thus this can only be assessed when we get access to the vehicles, so within 28 days we shall see.

In the course of the hearing Cate Myles acknowledged that hijacker Cath (Catherine) Jenkins has been in possession of the vehicles on behalf of Catherine Myles, Sammi Coulthard and the so-called “committee” that includes essential hijacker Saeb Shaath. Let it be known however that since Cath Jenkins has had physical possession, any damage to these vehicles will be her direct responsibility.  To be clear, hijack “committee” includes Saeb Shaath, Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn), Douglass Myles (aka Gabriel Standish), Jez (Jethro) Cuthbert, and of course Cate Myles, Sammi Coulthard and Cath Jenkins.

Cate Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald), Jez (Jethro) Cuthbert, Saeb Shaath, Cath (Catherine) Jenkins, Ismail Patel (aka Iggle Piggle), Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn), Sammi Coulthard, Amir Khan and Doug Myles (aka Gabriel Standish – not pictured)

Let it be clear that the Facebook slander that sufficed for the UK police to protect these criminals and convince some of you that I am a bad person was pathetically transparent in a court room and the judge appeared genuinely awed by Cate Myles claim to be the “owner” of these vehicles.  The judge several times asked hijacker Myles how it was that she could claim ownership when “she had supplied nothing” to support her claim?  But again, let us remember that these same bogus arguments worked fine for the corrupt UK police… so Cate Myles was emboldened to lie… continuously… on record and in writing  Something I am so grateful for as the official court transcript will be the final nail in Cate Myles coffin proving that she is without doubt, a fraudster, thief and one who has willfully, intentionally perverted the course of justice.

 Perverting the course of justice is a serious offence. It can only be tried on indictment and carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The offence is committed where a person:

  • does an act (a positive act or series of acts is required; mere inaction is insufficient)
  • which has a tendency to pervert and
  • which is intended to pervert
  • the course of public justice.

Cate Myles claimed numerous times in court and in writing that Trade Not Aid was a “voluntary collective” and get this, that the stolen vehicles were the property of “the people of Gaza”.  Oblivious to her own bullshit she unashamedly claimed to be the self-appointed “owner” of the property of the “people of Gaza”.  In the course of this argument she supplied not one witness statement, not one bank statement, not one shred of evidence to support that she raised the money or bought the vehicles.  It all came back to this illusory “voluntary collective” spiel that is code language for the hijack crew who conspired to steal the Trade Not Aid mission.

Let it be clear that, although I am directly responsible for raising the money to buy these vehicles, I am not now nor was I ever the “owner” of these vehicles, they are in fact the assets of the non-profit companies I formed, companies formed for the expressed and legally mandated benefit of the people of Gaza/Palestine.  Aloha Palestine CIC and Samouni Project were formed for reasons of accountability and credibility and the fact that some people were so blind as to not see this only shows the gullibility of many so-called “allies” of Palestine.  Let it be clear that I am happy to say good riddance to all those who have judged me negatively and falsely, especially given the fact that Zio/Facebook slander was the primary method of their Godlike judgement.  Thank you to the idiots, thank you for exposing yourselves.  I will take one known friend over ten thousand false ones any day.

So one step forward, but there is still the matter of the at least £20,000 that was deposited into Cate Myles account in trust for the Trade Not Aid mission.  I have compiled a detailed and comprehensive report of 336 pages that exposes the sordid, criminal actions of the hijacking crew, and this evidence has been submitted by me personally to the Hamas Government in Gaza in September 2012.  I can assure everyone reading this, that 336 page document makes painfully clear that Cate Myles has stolen this money and fraudulently claimed I was the criminal so as to deflect attention away from her.

While the police in the UK have protected Cate Myles from criminal prosecution here in the UK, I can tell you that the government in Gaza does not blindly swallow the rubbish that incessantly spews from the mouth of Ms. Myles.  Evidence is evidence, slander is slander, and that is why I have offered to pay for Cate to travel to Gaza, all expenses paid.  Will she take me up on this offer?  Of course not, but please Ms. Cate, prove me wrong and take your slander and lies to Gaza and respond to the 336 pages of irrefutable evidence I have submitted to the authorities there.

What is needed now is a genuine revival of support for the Trade Not Aid mission and that means money to get the vehicles inspected, repaired if necessary, stored safely and prepared for the journey to Gaza.  But this time I am not going to work seven days a week for free to make it happen.  I accept the fact that it is not up to me, it is up to US.  It is up to WE the people.  I will work a reasonable amount of time, free of charge once again, but only when the money is raised to pay for drivers, and yes I mean paid drivers, will this mission go forward.  How long it will take to get the needed funds to purchase the ‘Made in Palestine’ products for export to Europe and beyond is unknown to me and not up to me.  It is up to US/WE the people.

So if you really want to make this happen, go to the following link;
Click the ‘Donate’ button and give something.  Whether it is £5 or $5 or 50 or 500 is a matter for you to decide, but do not make an excuse.  Forgive me my mistakes in trusting some horrible people and give so that these vehicles head to Gaza sooner rather than later.

To be clear, I will receive this money this time around, and has always been the case in the past, all of this money will be used for the stated purpose of the Trade Not Aid mission.

No joking, no fooling… as one of my respected brothers often says.  It is time to put up or shut up.  There are bee hives and textiles and computers and industrial sewing machines and educational materials and more waiting to be taken to Gaza and given to the Samouni kids and the good people of Gaza.  There is a truckload of ‘Made in Palestine’ products waiting to be exported to Europe and beyond and while there are many worthy causes, this is a cause that should have happened long ago.  Its time will come when WE make it so… so let’s make it so.


For the full video report on the hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission and UK Police Collusion watch the video below.

Transcript & Video – Update from Ken O’Keefe in Gaza Trade Not Aid/Samouni Project – Oct 2012

It is Ken O’Keefe back in Gaza. For the last 14, 15 months, I have been dealing with the results of the hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission, now I have provided a link to a video on Vimeo which gets into greater detail about this. 

But the short version of the story is that I made a massive mistake by trusting some horrible people particularly Catherine Myles. But she was partnered with Saeb Shaath and some others that effectively infiltrated the Trade Not Aid Mission and stole money, donated goods and vehicles, two vehicles including an 18 ton truck that had been filled with donated goods for the Trade Not Aid Mission. 

Catherine Myles & Saeb Shaath, “co-leaders” of the hijacked Trade Not Aid mission

Now, the trade not aid mission is effectively the brand name for a partnership between the two nonprofit companies, social enterprises that I am the Director of. One, Aloha Palestine CIC, a Community Interest Company and the other one, the Samouni Project.

Now, the Samouni project was formed on the back of my relationship with the Samouni family here in Gaza. I formulated the plan for the Samouni Project with the Samouni family. In fact, the Samouni family put together a board that was comprised of all family members and those family members are the ones that gave me the direction to move forward with the formation of the Samouni Project and the carrying out of the objectives. Now, the two main objectives of the Samouni Project were;

  1. To get the kids the education that they need because after operation Cast lead and the slaughter of the Samouni family by the Israelis, the children obviously were just a little bit traumatized to say the least. This has adversely affected their school and in this sense, they are just like the rest of the kids of Gaza. It is not just a Samouni family, but the Samouni’s have been so incredibly violated and traumatized that these children are suffering. And, one of the things that they are suffering from is lack of ability to concentrate on school and thus they need real special attention—many of them—to even think about concentrating on school again.  Well, here we are nearly four years later and they really don’t have that yet. So this was the goal that was set a year and a half ago when I was here with the Samouni family.
  2. The other objective of the Samouni Project is in line with Aloha Palestine and my goals as a whole which is “Fuck aid”. Aid is not the answer. Aid, okay, in the extreme circumstances where people are literally going to starve to death, yes, you have to do it. But generally, aid is for the aftermath of a natural disaster when you have a hurricane or a tornado or an earthquake or something like that. Then you need send aid because the people clearly in that emergency situation would not have everything they need to survive. But this is not an emergency situation and natural disaster. This blockade of Gaza is now five years plus; it is human created. It is carried out by both the Israelis and definitely under Mubarak it was the Egyptian side, and more importantly for us in the west, it is carried out with the complicity in the cooperation of our corrupt western governments who are taking all our money and giving’em to the banksters and all this sort of stuff. So without our western governments, this blockade of Gaza which is five years plus couldn’t continue and my goal with the Samouni family is to get beyond the blockade to be able to export products that they can produce because they are far worse (off then so many), be able to have them produce their goods, vegetables, chilies, tomatoes, things like this, dehydrate them. I wanted to bring them a dehydrator and use that dehydrator to dehydrate their vegetables and fruits and then we in turn would work to get them out. The plan of this was really that we would guarantee that those things they produced, we would market abroad. People would pay for them. We would pay the Samouni family with those funds and then it would be our task to export them out. So any of the purchasers of the products would have to understand that if we can’t deliver the product, it is because the blockade is still in place.

So, that was the plan with the Samouni family. That is complemented by Aloha Palestine which I formed with Lauren Booth in late 2008 and the whole objective of Aloha Palestine way back in 2008 was trade not aid, to establish a trade route in and out of Gaza so that the people could import and export and basically be able to develop their economy and get back on their own two feet and live a life of dignity. Even just recently here in Gaza, there is an organization set up on the principle of dignity by the youth here and the only way that dignity can be achieved is by the ability to do trade. And, the trade doesn’t sound as sexy and altruistic as aid and charity but it is more important than aid and charity. This is where we as people really need to think about our critical thinking skills. Do we have them or are we continuously being manipulated in the one stupid dead end or another. Aid is not the answer and I am not the only one saying that. It has been said by the Palestinians for a long time. Go watch a video called Donor Opium on youtube, excellent video. It will tell you a lot about how aid is actually insidious and destructive towards the Palestinians who are now per capita the biggest receivers of ‘AID’ in the world.

So that was Samouni project in Aloha Palestine. Now, I fucked up. I trusted the wrong people; they got on the inside. In that position of trust, they breached the trust, they stole vehicles, they stole donated goods, they stole money. Now, I from the beginning, if this had been dealt with properly by the UK police, this could have been sorted. On August 23rd, I submitted a report to the UK police establishing who raised the money for those vehicles. What the purchase of those vehicles was for which I purchased them. The transfer of funds for those vehicles while I was here in Gaza last year to trusted people on the European side back in the UK. The funds were transferred, authorized by me, the purchase of the vehicles authorized by me, the raising of the money by me and those vehicles were registered in the name of the people who I trusted on that end. They were never the legal owners of the vehicles. They were never the legal owners of the donated goods and they certainly were never the legal owners of the donated moneys which I authorized to be put in the Catherine Myles account because I trusted her. This is my fuck up and I apologize to everyone for my screw up as the leader of the mission, I cannot do anything but take responsibility for my fuck up and I fucked up.

Now, what can I do to recuperate that and correct. What did I do? I went to the UK police. I handed them all the evidence to show the ownership of the vehicles. What did the UK police do? Well, they did what the UK government does and that all the western governments are doing. They acted like the corrupt puppet bastards that they are. They didn’t arrest the criminals who provably had shown had stolen vehicles, donated goods and moneys, no, they arrested me. They ‘investigated’ me for five months and then said, “Oh! No further action.” Yeah no shit no further action. Keep in mind, these people had nine hard drives of mine, had every hard drive I had. They had two computers, the only computers I had. They had paper work. They went through my home; they took everything they wanted. They went through my wife’s underwear drawer. They went through everything in my house. Everything that might have established any kind of criminal activity on my behalf, they had access to it and they had it for five fucking months. I had to deal with that crap. I didn’t have any representation for a while and finally I did get a defense attorney, great man, thank you so much Simon Natas and ultimately the police dropped their farcical bullshit investigation and then they said, “Oh, the vehicles, it is a civil matter.” I then had to file a civil case to recover stolen vehicles which is the 18 ton truck and mini bus converted into the mobile office.  Now, that is now still in process and the court system, another story but nonetheless, it looks like I should be recovering in the court system because quite frankly there is no evidence on the side of the criminals to defend what they have done.

I provided that initial report. That was about 108 pages, that initial report. I then supplied a year later, I supplied another 106 page report on the stealing of the vehicles, the stealing of the moneys, the stealing of the donated goods. I handed that over to the police. Who do you turn it over to? I handed it over to the UK police. That was three months ago, haven’t heard back from them and I am talking about bank transfers, witness statements, emails, screenshots, all of it establishing that moneys were taken by Catherine Myles and moneys were transferred into her account and that those moneys are unaccounted for, that they have been stolen based on a principle of some collective and some bullshit group that somehow claims to have taken over the Trade Not Aid mission which they clearly did not. The UK police have dishonored themselves big time. FUCK the UK police that are at the top levels who are corrupt. I don’t fear you, I don’t give a shit what you do. I know who you are and plenty of people know who you are. Just like the UK government. I don’t care what you think you are going to do to me.

Anyway, I have done everything I could to affect legal remedy. But we don’t live in a lawful society. We don’t live with law. Law is violated. Tony Blair’s and George Bush’s, what happens to them? They kill people, what, a million, two million in Iraq, what happens to them? Nothing, there is no law. So the law did not help me. I was foolish to think that they would have. But nonetheless, I have supplied all the evidence to so called legal authorities in the UK; they have done nothing. Now in September just last month, I also compiled a 336 (page) report. This was the conclusive report of everything that happened with the Trade Not Aid Mission. Going back to the formation of Aloha Palestine, all the way through to the present day, this is a conclusive detailed report with every single piece of evidence to establish that those that hijacked the Trade Not Aid Mission, are in fact nothing more than common criminals and thieves. I have established with the evidence that clearly Catherine Myles in particular has committed fraud, she has committed theft. She has committed blackmail and blatantly, fourth, perverted the course of justice. She perverted the course of justice by lying on record to the police saying that she thought that I was the head of a charity, that I had defrauded her and others into thinking that I was a head of a charity and so therefore, they went out to solicit donations for a nonexistent charity. This is bullshit.

Catherine Myles acknowledging Trade Not Aid as a “CIC (non-profit making) trading company”

Every single thing I have ever said publically, in email privately, has always made clear. I am actually not a fan of charity. Charities are often times the means to infiltrate places like Palestine with over paid NGOs that can buy out the best of the private sector and ultimately get the agenda of the outside powers, the colonial imperial powers into lands like Palestine.  I am not a fan of charity. I wouldn’t want to live on charity. I want equality. I want justice and in a just environment, if we partner together, we will be able to provide for ourselves. Fuck charity.

So the idea I ever said that I was the head of a charity is ridiculous. Not only that, but I actually went to Sheikhs, more than one because there is something called Zakat. Muslims are honor bound if they have the means to give a certain amount of their money to charity each year. Now, because my nonprofit companies are not technically a charity, I went to sheikhs, and I asked them listen, is this possible that it would qualify—the zakat—that it would qualify for charity? And effectively, the answer was no. This was very frustrating to me because I knew I couldn’t say that it would qualified as zakat. I wanted to make sure and I did make sure by asking sheikhs, respected sheikhs about this. So I have never once represented myself as the head of a charity. The police could have easily verified that. They could have asked me questions and they could have shown some evidence. Where is the evidence? There is no evidence. And that’s why now, I have got the services of a law firm in London that is representing me in a complaint against the UK police and I can tell you what, they have taken this case free of charge; it is costing me nothing. You know why they are taking the case? Because I have got the fucking police by the balls, that ‘s why, because they have violated my rights. They unlawfully arrested me. They falsely imprisoned me. They assaulted me by taking my DNA and they violated my rights in the European Convention on Human Rights on two different levels.

So all the proof is there, just waiting for the police to give me through, my law firm, to give us all the information that they used to justify my arrest which I can’t wait for that because you know what they is going to do? That is going to show that Catherine Myles once again lied blatantly, perverted the course of justice.

Catherine Myles perverting the course of justice by lying to the police and public that she never knew Trade Not Aid involved non-profit trading companies

What are the UK police going to do then? Are they going to arrest Catherine Myles? I don’t think so. You know why? Because I believe she is definitely an asset of so called intelligence agencies or perhaps special branch. If not, its impossible to explain why are the UK police protecting this criminal? Why? What is the reason for this? I have the proof. I have submitted some of that proof online. You can look at it if you want.

And for you idiots out there that continue to believe in lives of these criminals, who are you? What have you done?

So, I am here in Gaza, amongst the millions of lies that have been told about me over the last 14 months, especially by Catherine Myles once again. One, I am not welcome. I am barred from Gaza. Here I am, I am in Gaza.

Catherine Myles repeating her slander by claiming I am “banned from Gaza”

That screen shot will be put up for you to see as well. I am barred from Gaza am I?  Well I’m here! I am also been suspected of luring young women into my apartment in Gaza and Hamas nearly arrested me twice. Is that right? Well here I am again. Why aren’t they arresting me?

More blatant slander from Catherine Myles

Not only that, but I have come to Gaza for two primary reasons. Two:

  1. To apologize to the Samouni family directly. Especially, to the kids. I love those kids and I am so sorry for what I have done to them by my failure to have the right people who can be trusted inside the Trade Not Aid Mission. I have done that now and I have come and I have explained to them my perspective and I have also submitted to them the evidence that I am talking to you about tonight.
  2. The other reason was to go to the government here.  And I have done that now. I have gone to the Minister of Interior and I have gone to the Minister of Justice and I have submitted 4 reports—the  ones I have just told you about—the initial report that I wrote in August of 2011, the 80 pages, excuse me it was 80 pages of evidence to the UK police in July of 2012 establishing the fraudster, the criminal, the hijacker, the absolute criminal, Catherine Myles with evidence, verifiable evidence I gave to the UK police in July of 2012. I then have the chronological report—336 pages of it—absolutely conclusive establishing everything that the UK police would need to arrest the right people. And lastly, the complaint filed on my behalf by law firm in London. I have handed all that over. All of that has been handed over to the officials here.

I have made it very clear to the government here in Gaza. I am here, I am ready to answer any question at all. In fact, I want to answer any question and I would like to see any evidence, any evidence that indicts me of anything not only illegal but immoral. Show it to me; I am ready for it. And if there is any legitimate evidence against me, which there isn’t but if there is, let’s go! Let’s go! I am here ready to face it.

So, I don’t consider the UK government anything but a bunch of corrupt bastards quite frankly and their little quisling underlings or the UK police. Which, let’s make no mistake as we get closer to the third world war are going to be called on to do horrible things to the UK people. So, I hope you do the right thing, the good people within the UK police.

I don’t believe the government here in Gaza is as corrupt as you are in the UK. And I have handed over all the evidence to the officials here and I have requested that they take all the evidence they have and if there is sufficient evidence to indict me of anything to charge me, I will come back to Gaza. I am coming back to Gaza because I would not be able to stay here too long this time around. But I am here if any charges need to be leveled. And I am coming back as well and here is my open proposal to Catherine Myles:

Catherine Myles, you still maintain possession of stolen vehicles, donated goods and also at least £20,000 of donated money went into your account all verifiable. You say I stole it, show the proof. How did I get money put into your account? Why was I so stupid as to allow it to be put into your account is really the question for me. But nonetheless, me being as stupid as I was, how did I get my hands on money put into your account because you are going to have to show somehow that it was put into my hands. You can’t do that because you stole it. Now, all evidence is there; it’s all there. Catherine Myles, I have found the funds for you to come to Gaza. We will pay for you to go to Gaza. I will pay for your tickets from the UK to Cairo and then your taxi fare to Gaza and your accommodation in Gaza and your return taxi fare back Cairo, back to the UK. You have a paid, PAID trip to Gaza. You come down to Gaza and all those things that you have said about me, everything you have said about me. I am a white supremacist, I am a Nazi, I am a fraudster. My wife is worse than me. My children are illegitimate.

Shame to everyone who supported this and so much of the other slander that even targets my wife and children

All of these lies that you have told, all of them, include accusations that I have stolen money and that I have somehow dishonored myself and harmed the Palestinian cause. You bring all your evidence to Gaza and you face the authorities here in Gaza. If you are not willing to do that, now, today, with the Simouni family coming out and making the statement calling on you, demanding you return all of the items back to me. If you don’t do that, let the whole world know and every single person who cares about Palestine, let them all know you have stolen directly from Palestine. You have stolen directly from the Simouni family and even after the Simouni family have demanded that you return all the stolen property back to me as their friend, as their brother, as their trusted partner. If you refuse to do that, let the wrath of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement come to you. Let it come to you. And Saeb Shaath, as a Palestinian, I suggest you tell Catherine Myles to return the stolen goods now as well.

That is my report from Gaza. I look forward to seeing what happens in the near future but let us make no mistake, NO mistake, no matter how corrupt, no matter how evil, no matter how servile and disgusting, there will be justice in this world, there will be justice in Palestine. And we will never give up and you can make damn sure that I will never give up. I will die with my honor and integrity and I believe that we will see Palestine free in the not too distant future. 

Full video report of the hijacking of Trade Not Aid Mission

Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe in Gaza – False Flags & America’s ‘National Interest’ – September 2012

Video: I think this is going to be one of people’s favorite videos as it is genuinely funny and yet very serious. Max Igan and myself get into this one by showing a sycophantic Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East spouting some truly incredible historical narrative. This useful idiot lays out the catalogue of US false flags and manipulations that have resulted in America’s perpetual state of war. After reviewing Clawson’s entire two-minute clip we then break it down piece by piece in a humorous way, after which we take a serious look at what this all means. Specifically, the ever-present threat of World War III and nuclear annihilation.

Not often do we see humour and seriousness in this way but we had fun making this and I believe most of you will not only laugh, but probably get fired up as well. Enjoy!

Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe Freestyle on Gaza Rooftop – September 2012

This was fun to do a video this way, for a first go I think it went pretty well.  Expect more.

Back in Gaza with Max Igan & the Samouni Family

When I came to Gaza in November 2011 I planned to stay for 2 months maximum, at least that was the deal I made with my pregnant wife.  But as happens Palestine has a way of seducing you, and in my case the Egyptian authorities have a way of imprisoning you, so my stay lasted 6 months rather than 2.  In turn I ended up missing the birth of our second child.

Although I planned to film 30 separate family profiles here in Gaza, to have these families tell their story directly to a western audience, I did not plan to meet the Samouni family as their story had been told many times before.  Fate had other plans however and this meeting was arranged without my knowledge.

Back in Gaza with the Samouni kids

It is ironic how unplanned events often impact your life far more than those that are planned.  Before you know it you are taken down a path of which the universe, God, some unknowable force is clearly in charge, we become but a passenger.  Meeting the Samouni family has been like that, it has caused a chain reaction of events that has dominated my life for the last 18 months.  In that time I have known the greatest of joy, the joy of receiving a child’s smile upon your return for instance.  I cannot guess at the amount of smiles reciprocated with the Samouni kids and yet the joy it produces never diminishes.

What is a child’s smile worth?

In the last 18 months I have also known rage, primarily from the betrayal of those I trusted.  To trust is to love, it is expose one’s underbelly in the interest of union.  It is the cornerstone of partnership, it is essential for any significant progress in effecting a better world.  Those that are afraid to trust, to love, will never know the joy of love, and my willingness to trust has been one of the greatest sources of the immense blessings I have known.  I have no regrets, even with the betrayals.

Max Igan meets the Samouni kids

So the price one inevitably pays for misplaced trust is to be praised one day, and then slandered with the most filthy lies the next.  This is the tactic of infiltration, get inside, develop trust, establish an apparently credible basis to defame the target, then attack.  For me this extends not just about me, but of my wife, my mother and even my children who have been called “illegitimate”.  I have even seen Palestinians create a Facebook page designed purely for the purpose of defaming me (a blatant violation of Facebook’s duplicitous, Israel slanted policies).  I have been unlawfully arrested by the UK police, my family home has been violated and my property stolen by thieves in uniform.  And yet I am grateful for it all because it is in these greatest of challenges, the injustices, that one finds the greatest opportunities to grow, to become wiser and stronger.

I am grateful because through the joy and through the hardship I have never lost sight of how blessed I am.  When I look back at my life there is such richness in the stories I have accumulated and the friendships I have developed.  I have thought with my heart more than with my head and in a world of collective insanity I realised long ago that popularity and approval is not what a content and honourable life generally provides, in fact it almost never does.  The path of popularity is not for me, it is self-respect, service to life, commitment to truth and justice that I am committed to. The hardship, ridicule and slander is all part of the path and ultimately can only be overcome by steadfastness and love, love of truth, love of justice, and ultimately love of peace.

Indeed I have taken the path less travelled by and without doubt this has made all the difference.  This path has lead me back to Gaza, and as potentially dangerous as this path is it doesn’t really matter, if my mortal life ends today I will leave behind an example of what blessings await those that “think” with their heart and more importantly, act in accord with their heart.

So I am back in Gaza, and I am back with the Samouni family.  What we have shared is what we shared before, love.  If the full truth be known about all that has been employed to tear or relationship apart it could be made into a movie.  Even a prominent human rights organisation has  been advising the Samouni family to divorce themselves of me because I was all that I was accused of being by the slanderers.  What makes this shocking is that this “human rights” organisation indicted me based on one source and one source alone, Facebook!

This organisation went even further to pressure the Samouni family to press charges against me.  When the family asked for one simple thing, evidence, this organisation refused.  Indeed this has been the judge of me for many, Facebook.  What does this say about some of the so-called “friends” of Palestine, that they are so incredibly stupid as to validate a known CIA/Zionist tool as a source to crucify one of Palestine’s most easily verified allies?

What I find myself saying more and more about the plight of the Palestinians is, “with friends like these, who needs enemies.”

Between the human rights organisation and the corrupt UK police and court system and Zionist agents online and importantly, the idiots who give credence to all of the above, it is safe to say that the only thing that has truly protected me is integrity.  And the only thing that will save the Samouni Project and the educational program it entails is steadfastness.  And even if these poor, poor human beings who wish otherwise were to succeed, I will die with my integrity as it is not subject to the whims of a human society that is, literally, collectively insane to the point that we remain on the brink of the human caused end of the world as we know it.

But make no mistake at all, those who have instigated baseless slander against me, those that have stolen resources for the Samouni Project, Aloha Palestine, Trade Not Aid, those that have been stupid enough to propagate lies without any critical thought, have not attacked me primarily, they have attacked Palestine and in particular, the Samouni family.  A massive amount of effort has been invested in destroying the trust between myself and the Samouni family, it has not worked.  I remain a loved member of this family and I love this family as if they were my blood.

In the next few days prepare to feel the joy I am feeling with me, as something beautiful is about to happen here in Gaza.

Hunger Strike in Solidarity with Palestinians

Today is day 1 of my 30-day hunger strike in solidarity with the Palestinian hunger strikers who will, within days if not hours from now, die for refusing to accept the unacceptable if we do not unite in their defense.

Left to right; Ayman Sharawna, Hassan Safadi & Samer Al-Barq

To those who say ‘Israel does not care what we do, they are merciless’; I say to you that you have fallen into a trap of cynicism that ultimately breeds powerlessness.  The entire system of tyranny as we know it requires such thinking to be maintained.  But make no mistake, when the people begin to exercise the knowledge and corresponding action that is consistent with our real power, the tyrants will cower and slither and beg for a mercy that they were never willing to extend themselves.  Truly the tables will be turned and I for one have no interest in vengeance, it is justice I seek.

The world is the way it is because tyrannical powers have managed to fool and manipulate us on multiple levels.  First and foremost is the false division of humanity along the lines of race, religion, sectarianism, nationalism, gender, etc.  Once divided we can be controlled, and in this state we feel powerless… and this is all by design.

Israel is a primary player in this scheme with its major contribution being that of perpetuating and maintaining perpetual conflict, both regionally and globally.  It manages this through its status as a sort of Rothschild’s fiefdom with its seemingly infinite supply of fraudulent fiat currencies that allow it buy anyone who can be bought.  The US Congress is the perfect example of a government that is bought and paid for under this inherently corrupt system.  Indeed the corrupt are rewarded while the virtuous are punished in every way.  In this way, Israel, a tiny state, has the facade of immense power when in truth it is a house of cards built on fraud.  This is how, in the simplest terms, Israel has managed to maintain an ultimately untenable position for decades now, but it will not last.

Over the decades however this game worked very well, yet it has always relied on people being divided and that is why so much energy and resources are poured into keeping us in this state of ignorance and division.  If the playing field were fair Israel could never have lasted this long.  But the privately controlled, fractional reserve fiat currency fraud system, the same system leading to ‘austerity’ and so forth, is in its dying days.  And the death of that system, symbolic of the ‘head of the snake’, means the unbridled power of Israel and the get out of jail free card it has owned for decades is soon to be no more.
The system is much weaker and vulnerable then people realise.  It has more than one Achilles Heel; it has major chinks in its armor and we need only to realise our power to see just how weak this tyrannical system is.

So let us compare the now with the potential of tomorrow.  When it comes to the Palestinian prisoners, those who are currently rotting away in dungeons, they and their families are violated in the most obscene of ways as a matter of course.  I have personally met dozens and dozens of Palestinian prisoners from the West Bank and Gaza and I can tell you that every last one of them was/is tortured.  There is no time in Israeli prisons for a Palestinian resister without torture; so let there be no mistake, this is the norm.

If a prisoner complains about being kept in isolation for months or even years what do you think is done about it?  In all likelihood the torture will be increased and extended even further.  When a prisoner complains about being kept without charge for months and often years with little to no access to family or legal representation, as is the case with Hassan Safadi, Ayman Sharawna and Samer Al-Barq and so many others, what happens?  Nothing, indeed Israel simply increases the pain and suffering as they are doing at this very moment by shackling these gravely ill hunger strikers and even banging their heads against prison bars and more.

So on an individual level the prisoners are to a large degree powerless, they are expendable sub-humans in the eyes of the Israeli power structure and anything can be done to them for they might as well be dogs in the eyes of a transparently racist, Jewish supremacist state and its managers.  Anyone who takes exception to hearing of the Jewish supremacism that is behind the torture and mass murder of Palestinians is not serious about the truth.  I do not indict all Jews for the actions of the Jewish state, but the fact that people consider themselves ‘chosen’ and by default others un-chosen, is in my opinion highly offensive and dangerous on its own. Combine such a mentality with the power and backing the Jewish state enjoys and you see what we have today, a world on the brink of World War III, being lead by a state that feels it is justified in virtually everything it does.  Whether it is the slaughter of the Samouni family in Operation Cast Lead or the murder/execution of 9 humanitarian aid volunteers aboard the Mavi Marmara or countless other hideous crimes, the supremacist ideology inherent in a Jewish supremacist state makes all such actions not only defensible, but ordained by God himself.  That is what the Palestinians are facing, especially the thousands of prisoners, a rabid form of racism and potentially endless imprisonment mixed with a continuous dose of torture and isolation.

And lest I be accused of that tired old smear of ‘anti-Semitism’, my wife and children are Semitic.
And beyond that, I remain ashamed and disgusted with the conduct of my birth nation, the so-called United States of America.  Without question this nation rightfully holds the title of being ‘The greatest terrorist state of all-time.’  Indeed Israel and America and Britain are one and the same and the powers behind them could care less about the people of any of these nations.  In my opinion Judaism is simply food for the Jewish masses, fostering a manipulated Jewish identity politics in which the eternal victim psychosis is at its core.  But those supposedly at the top of the Jewish pyramid, like the Rothschilds for instance, can and have used ‘Jewish’ people and even financed Hitler for their own personal gain.

George Bush the ‘Christian’ and his War on Terror “crusade” is another example of religion being used to falsely unite people behind a self-destructive ideology and course of action.

Jews and Christians and Muslims are all being manipulated in this way and for the sake of all humanity we should do all that we can to enlighten those being duped in this way.  If your religion breeds anything but love and respect for your fellow human beings then it is a false religion, it is nothing more than a tool of the tyrants to maintain their tyranny.  Nothing exemplifies this more than ideologies wedded to any form of supremacism.

Getting back to my point about our true power as people united.  I look at what happened early in 2012 when over half of the Palestinian prisoners committed to a united hunger strike.  What happened was the pressure on Israel became such that it was compelled to do something that it never had any interest in doing.  There was no choice in this, it was compelled to do so and this fact alone reveals the power of united action, even among those imprisoned.  The level of outrage both within and outside Palestine began to boil.  The true reality of Israel, not the bogus PR image force fed to the world by the prostitutes of propaganda in the MSM (mainstream media) was being dangerously exposed.

I say it again; people make a massive mistake believing and saying ‘Israel does not care what anybody thinks’.  If that were true then why do Jewish Zionists put so much effort into propaganda?  Why does Jewish controlled Hollywood constantly portray Arabs as violent, ignorant buffoons and Jewish characters as sensitive, intelligent and likeable?  Think for yourself and you will know why.

It is an obvious manipulation for people to think the Jewish State of Israel is unconcerned with its image; to the contrary, its ability to carry on is reliant upon ignorance among the human population, in particular the Western population.  Take away the lies and propaganda and see a naked, exposed Israel and you see the end of this tyrannical machine just like the racist Apartheid regime before it.

The CIA of all sources effectively stated in a 2009 report that ‘Israel will fall within 20 years’.  Why do you reckon the CIA would say such a thing?  I will tell you why, because Israel’s position becomes completely untenable when the truth be known and the truth will not be suppressed much longer; no matter how much propaganda the prostitutes pump out.  And united, the hunger strikers of Palestine can compel exposure of the truth like nothing else.  The Palestinian hunger strikers united are more powerful than Israel itself.  This does not mean that some will not die, as many Palestinians continue to die every day, just as the beloved Bobby Sands and many other Irishmen died fighting British tyranny with hunger strikes.  But in the end, a people united and relatively fearless have the power to achieve whatever they set their mind to, when their cause is just that is.  And the cause of Palestine is synonymous with justice.

I have not decided to end my life by committing to 30 days on hunger strike; I have merely decided to express my solidarity with those in Palestine who do risk their lives with open-ended hunger strikes.  I do not want sympathy or concern for whatever discomfort I may feel in this period, I want people all around the world to realise that we the people, united, can achieve anything we set our minds to.  With discipline, strength and determination we are the true power.  In Palestine the absolute end of solitary confinement, administrative detention and denial of access to family and legal representation must end immediately.  If not, then Israel must be made to pay the price in the form of being laid bare, naked for the entire world to see, as she exists today and she has been since her birth, a racist, violent state built on the back of Jewish supremacism and terrorism.

Let us as human beings reject any and all forms of supremacism.  Indeed a sane world, a world built on truth and justice, requires the end of any form of supremacism. Whether it be Jewish or American or Nazi supremacism is not the issue, each is offensive and dangerous and unacceptable.

We can and must celebrate our differences if we want a better world, but to be pitted against each other and falsely divided is to be our own prison keepers.  It is stupid and ultimately it will be self-destructive.  We are all members of one human family and to my Jewish brothers and sisters, I truly want what is best for you.  I want for you what I want for myself, but I will not pander to the racism and supremacism that is seemingly inherent in the so-called Jewish state.  And what that state is doing as the ‘Jewish state’ imparts a great responsibility upon you, whether you wanted it or not.

Whoever is part of a group that feels better than or superior to others is an indoctrinated fool and as an ex-US Marine I must include myself as one that was once within such a group.  The American people have been purposely infected with the idea of their ‘greatness’ and it was in that context that America has committed some of the most hideous crimes in history.  Hiroshima being beyond insane and Nagasaki being downright sadistic in its undeniable lack of necessity.

Let us face the truth and embrace it, we are all part of one human family and if indeed there are ‘others’ among us, i.e. those of otherworldly origins, even they are part of the family of life and if they do exist and they can adopt a sane perspective, great, if they cannot, then like every human tyrant we face we must expose them for who they are and defeat them with that most powerful weapon of all, truth.

These Palestinian hunger strikers are mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, they are our brothers and sisters and we should be willing to do for them what we would for our own blood brothers and sisters.  It is in this context that I have heeded the call of the hunger striker families and if this moves you similarly then now is the time for you to push yourself and act in the boldest, most effective way possible.  If we succeed these brothers will survive, they will be the fathers and sons and brothers they are meant to be.  If we fail these brothers will pass to the next realm and if that be the case we must make sure that they become the Bobby Sands of Palestine and the process of justice for Palestine is only accelerated.

I myself want them to live, I want them and all the other political prisoners of Palestine and beyond to taste the sweetness of freedom, the warmth of the sun and the touch of their loved ones.  I know that I have not done as much as I could for them over the last few weeks and I can only hope that what I do now can be a part of preserving their lives.  I want them to live and serve as an inspiration like brothers Khader Adnan, Thaer Halahleh, Akram Rikhawi, Mahmoud Sarsak and sister Hana Shalabi.

If we as people support the hunger strikers as we are capable they will live, and justice will come to Palestine sooner rather than later.  And on that day of justice all just minded people will feel a joy unlike any other.  Indeed the way of Palestine is the way of the world.

So let us not fall victim to the cynic’s perspective, which is in reality an impregnation of the tyrant’s psychopathic values into the psyche of a whole and healthy human being.  Let us reject this, let us be whole.  As my dear brother Vittorio Arrigoni used to say, “Stay Human”.

Today we are unwittingly our own prison keepers, but renounce the self-destructive ideologies of the psychopaths and truth and justice becomes inevitable.

Absolute love and respect to all the hunger strikers and their families and all who refuse to accept the unacceptable by acting in accord with their conscience.  When it comes to the people of our world who inspire me, you are top of the list.


PS – If you are a Facebook user, in the interest of solidarity with the thousands of political prisoners in Palestine, I ask you to consider using the following graphics as your profile picture(s).

Coming soon – ‘The Age of Responsibility’

My next article – soon to be released

‘The Age of Responsibility’
At what point do we as people take responsibility for the actions of the governments we outnumber tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands to one? At what point do we take responsibility for the governments we pay our blood money to in the form of taxes? At what point do we as people stop making excuses and accept the fact that we are complicit if not active participants in the crimes of our governments?

DU Baby Iraq

DU Baby Iraq

I say now is the age of responsibility. Whereas we might have pitifully claimed ignorance in the past, which is no defence for a crime, we cannot claim ignorance any longer. We are responsible.

Interview with Mark Glenn on ‘The Ugly Truth’ Program tonight 11pm London Time

TONIGHT! – I will be on ‘The Ugly Truth’ Radio Program with Mark Glenn – Program starts at 11pm London time (tonight) in what will surely be a no holds barred conversation about truth and justice. If you do not know Mark, you should. He is a courageous man who refuses to bow to tyranny and is spreading the truth without compromise. We had a conversation today discussing tonights talk and I can assure you it will be one to listen to. There is an opportunity to call in as well so if you have a question for either of us, do call in. We will be discussing the Israeli whitewash ‘investigation’ into the Samouni family slaughter. Here is the promo info as found at Mark’s website;

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy…You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”

–Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8

Israel’s decision NOT to investigate the slaughter of an entire Palestinian family–the Samounis–during Operation Cast Lead–An abberation?


The Palestinians, as alleged by political, religious and even secular leaders within Israel are NOT HUMAN, according to the dictates of Judaism, a religion characterized by Thomas Jefferson as ‘depraved’.

We are honored to be joined live from London by Ken O’Keefe, who spent a considerable amount of time with the surviving members of the Samouni family to discuss this and other relevant items.

Program begins at 6 pm eastern (Washington D.C., New York) and airs live at–

Those wishing to call in with their questions/comments can do so at 530.881-1300, access code: 179164#

Enemies Within the Gate – Police Corruption – Infiltration & Subversion – Trade Not Aid

Preface – Below you will read of DC Paul Harry of the Swansea Police, the man who falsely arrested me on November 2, 2011. This statement is being sent directly to him, as well as his immediate superior, Detective Inspector Darren George, Professional Standards of Swansea Police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission and of course many others in the independent media realm and law.

Infiltration & the Erosion of Trust
There is something admirable about an honest enemy; I rather respect people who at the least state very clearly who they are and what they stand for. Even if their views are morally repugnant, I still maintain a level of respect for the honest yet offensive opponent. The liar on the other hand, that is a different matter. The liar might be and often is the “nicest person you could ever want to know”, but an honest jerk is much better in my book than a lying “friend”, or as it is in my case, lying “volunteers”.

In my view the liar, fraudster, infiltrator and collaborator is the most vile of them all… and make no mistake, they are everywhere in this so-called “movement” of ours.

‘They show how Special Branch penetrated the (anti-Apartheid) movement from top to bottom, infiltrating meetings, recruiting informers and obtaining documents. Officers snooped on leaders including MPs, two of whom are now Labour ministers. Police spies slipped into meetings of local groups which were attended by as few as five genuine campaigners.’The Guardian (‘Documents show how Special Branch infiltrated Anti-Apartheid Movement’)

One of the most insidious aspects of infiltration is the erosion of trust. Think of it this way, how can a “movement” get meaningful work done when the people who comprise it and the leaders leading it cannot trust each other? The answer of course is work becomes difficult at best, and such our movement for a better world, all too often stumbling along with one setback after another. It is like this that the end goal of the powers that be is maintained, and that is the status quo of course.

And so it is that an activist leader like myself invariably will have more personal contact with devils posing as friends/volunteers then most can imagine, this is the nature of the game. I know this so very well, I understand how infiltration works, but with limited resources and big goals you have to be able to trust, and if you can’t, you really need to get out of activism. And in all honesty, I am probably more valuable in other ways. But I am not a quitter, I like to finish what I start, and I remain fully capable of trust, my faith in humanity will not be destroyed, absolutely not, I know far too many beautiful people. And for sure, the Samouni Project and the Trade Not Aid Mission must and will move forward.

But my purpose in this statement is to shed light on what has happened with the Trade Not Aid Mission so as to enlighten people in the tactical use of infiltration and subversion, a tactic I consider the most effective tool for the powers that be to quell the progress of virtually every social movement. But before we get into that…

The Head of the Snake
Let us start at the root level; let us address the “Head of the Snake” as it were. Let us understand the so-called financial system. The financial system denotes a system run by a tiny minority of the individuals who are undoubtedly the greatest fraudsters and financial terrorists in human existence. They have managed through treasonous “public servants” to acquire the ability to ‘legally’ print fiat money, to print money out of thin air. Furthermore, since their money is inherently debt generating, we all, the people, the 99%, we become enslave by debt. Entire nations are in debt, the vast majority of people are in debt, and we are in debt to the richest of the rich, the greatest fraudsters and thieves to ever walk this planet. Think about that next time the prostitutes of propaganda talk about “the debt”, because it is that debt which essentially says all the working class people have not worked hard enough, no, no, we all owe the Rothschilds and their ilk more money, trillions and trillions to be more precise. They are in the most incredible way mocking us. And in a way I respect them, I mean, if we the masses are so incredibly stupid as to allow this tiny minority to get away with it, I reckon we are more pathetic then them. Nonetheless, if there is one priority in the creation of a better world, it is the absolute destruction of this system and justice for those who have conspired to protect and maintain it.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.” - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Private control of the money supply is ultimate Earthly power, and it is that kind of power the bankster families have wielded for centuries, with devastating affects. All we need to know about the corruption and endless war humanity has been locked within can be understood by understanding this simple, fraudulent system. The ‘Money Masters’ are behind almost every war you can cite, usually investing in all sides. Their scam inherently encourages and manipulates never-ending wars, while providing the added benefit of dividing the people.

It is in this context that we find the most vile, bloodthirsty and sociopathic rising to the highest levels of power, below the Money Masters of course, while people of honour and integrity are punished, imprisoned, framed and often murdered.

Make no mistake, so long as we allow the banksters to continue this madness we the people will be victimised by it. The banksters can outspend the good people of the world a billion to one. For them money is not even paper, it is zeros added to bank accounts from the offices of Goldman Sachs and Barclays and all the rest of them. This system buys every last person that can be bought, so when you look at the top of the pyramids in politics, media, corporations, law enforcement, intelligence services, and yes, even within charities and social movements, eventually this system co-opts and corrupts every thing that can be corrupted.

Wolf in Sheep's clothing

This is the method for achieving controlled opposition, it wears the face of the sheep, but behind its mask it is indeed the wolf.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” - Vladimir Lenin

If you fail to understand this reality, you will have no clue at all of how the world truly functions. It is the ignorance of this reality that preserves its existence and maintains the tyranny that threatens to climax in the form of full scale World War III and nuclear Armageddon. Simply put, the stakes could not be any higher.

Support for Palestine = Contempt from the Powers That Be
Now if you want to effect justice in this world, especially in Palestine, and you are making any real progress in this area, you better be prepared for what will come. I have prepared myself as best one can for any consequence.

In order to repel the temptation of the honey trap or material wealth you will need to be beyond the pursuit of material wealth. Such people, those who is not addicted to material pleasures, they simply cannot be bought. I am such a person, I actually want the entire system abolished so that everyone will have what they need, I will not fight for the crumbs that the banksters and their minions brush of their parasitical dining table. By western standards and with this mentality I am in financial terms a poor man, but in real terms I am blessed with riches that money can never buy.

I believe this is why the powers that be have not tried to buy me; they have done their personality profile and concluded that I am indeed one of those who cannot be bought. When you see me driving a flash car and/or reversing myself of who is responsible for 911, this will be your first clue I have been corrupted. But don’t hold your breath, I intend to die with my integrity intact and even if I am effectively framed for a crime I did not commit, the truth remains in the all knowing wisdom of the universe and if I am to face my maker I will have nothing whatsoever to fear. I am not alone in this way of thinking, far from it, and it is such people that are impossible to control.

I know the game, and I shall deal with it and face it with the most powerful weapon of all, the truth.

Although my life did not begin on the Mavi Maramara, the humanitarian ship attacked in international waters by Israeli pirates in which 9 good people were murdered/executed, it was the aftermath of my role on the Mavi Maramara where my position as a first class enemy of the powers that be was cemented. It was from that time on that the tactic of slander was increasingly employed against me.

Slander & the ‘Terrorist’ Tag
In the aftermath of the Mavi Marmara and upon my release from Israeli jail and subsequent deportation to Turkey, the Israeli Defence (Offence) Forces issued a press release stating that I was an ‘operative of the Hamas Terror organization’ and that I was going to Gaza ‘in order to form and train a commando unit for the Palestinian terror organization’. Well you know you hit the big time as a humanitarian in this Orwellian world of ours when the greatest terrorists on the planet are calling you a terrorist. I am proud to share the company of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Nelson Mandela and countless others falsely labelled as terrorists simply because we refused to bow to tyranny and suckle from the tit of corruption.

In 2011 the honour was elevated when Rep. Gus Bilirakis of the United States Congress introduced a bill that links me to ‘Al Qaeda’. As Mayer Amshel Rothschild so arrogantly but all too rightly implied, the lawmakers are nothing more than minions. What more incredible display of that do we have then the last speech of Netanyahu at the United States Congress in which he received no less than 29 standing ovations.

Enemy Within the Gates
If ever there were an example of a “democratic” nation bending over, grabbing its heels, and taking it where the sun don’t shine it is in the spectacle of my birth nation, the good ole US of A, in full blown self-destruct mode. These bootlicking Chickenhawks in the US Congress mock every red-blooded American Patriot, it is way beyond embarrassment, it is treason that spans decades and which is on hyper display today. It is infiltration in full bloom; it is the enemy within the gate.

“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”Samuel Adams

The US Congress epitomises the last stages of Empire in decline, awash with decadence, exuding corruption, detached from reality and drunk on its own fraud-based power. It is the perfect display of what powers the Money Masters have over those who lust for money. If it can have this affect on people in such high levels, what affect can the powers that be have on the street criminal?

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

The UK government is no different from the US Congress, they are just a little bit more experienced and thus know a thing or two about how to avoid being seen as bought and paid for. While the idiot Yanks in Congress are on full display with their obsequiousness, the British/European political counterparts get to play the “civilized” role. And in terms of real power, London houses more high-level fraudsters and thieves and terrorists than any city on planet Earth. And the UK Parliament is a direct extension of this power gone mad, all the while looking oh so ‘civilised’.

“All the world’s a stage,”William Shakespeare

And below them we have the various branches of government and all too importantly, the physical arms of the powers that be in the so-called “intelligence” services, the military and the police.

“My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military.”Smedley Butler

Who Rises to the Top?
So we have the bankster families (powers that be) at the top of the pyramid, and these powers seek out and reward people with very specific qualities, the best of which will occupy the top levels of every institution that serves them. Regardless of the actual position, the essential quality sought by the powers that be for their legions of minions is a lust for money and power, for material wealth, often times fueled by sexual desires and perversions. These are the hallmarks of a person with a low level development, like so-called “primitive man”, these lot are motivated by food and sex. Today that manifests in the form of money and power. If you want the true qualifications for “stature” and “fame” and so on in this collectively insane world that is run by psycho/sociopaths, these base qualities are it.

So when we look at the world and all our so-called “leaders” what we will see is a large collection of hand selected sociopaths charged with maintaining the system. Morals and integrity are repugnant in such a system, although you always have some groomed actors who play the integrity role when needed. Colin Powell’s UN speech that sold the invasion of Iraq to the easily duped is a classic example.

Stupid is as Stupid Does
Almost all of these people have been thoroughly brain washed in so-called “higher learning” institutions, indeed the dumbest of the dumb are graduates of Harvard and Yale and Oxford and Cambridge. It is among these useful idiots that you find and endless supply of ‘experts’ who can educate us dumb masses about Saddam’s WMD threat and how 19 “Jihadist” hijackers armed with box cutters, lead by a man with Cocaine residue probably in his nose, possibly with a hangover, who just left the strip bar in Florida, after having sex with his stripper girlfriend, were all in turn lead by a man in a cave in Afghanistan who together managed to disable all of the mighty super powers air defences and defy the laws of physics and pull off 9-11.

It is like a bad B-movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, surely it is all one sick joke, but no, we are supposed to believe this fairy story.

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity, and the champions in this area are the ones rewarded by the powers that be. Don’t get me wrong, these minions can read teleprompters, many have great memories, they can articulate, they can not answer a question a million different ways and make the most simple reality a quantum physics exam.

So for sure, never, ever, lose your sense of humour. Look at this world like a reality TV show and the people are all trying to one up each other on the bullshit meter. If you do take it a little too seriously you might just seek out 18 buddies and a set of box cutters so as to vent your rage and pull a 9-11.

All this madness explains a lot about my very independent way about doing things. I simply have not found a group that I feel really right with, so I initiate my own missions, always unique, always intending to fill the void. But such goals require us to work with each other, there is clearly no other way to effect real and positive change. Thus I seek to connect with genuine people for genuine good, but humans can be incredible liars, and trusting people make for easy targets.

The Role of the Police & Intelligence Agencies
When I was last in the stolen nation of Hawaii, otherwise known (incorrectly) as the 50th State of the United States, a Special Agent of the FBI at my door, so I invited him into my mother’s home and we sat and talked for two hours or so. I did as I always do, I spoke politely and respectfully and completely honestly to this man; one of the luxuries of having no fear and nothing to hide. Furthermore, I looked at this man and I saw myself not too long ago. As a 19 year-old US Marine I believed there was honour and integrity inherently within the Marines, I was an idiot. And I was far to naïve to realise the direct contradiction in attempting to maintain personal honour while in reality serving a system of tyranny.

Nonetheless I refuse to paint all police and all military or FBI Agents with one brush, we must make distinctions between those on the ground, and those at the top. Of course you have gross corruption and violence and abuse of power at the lower levels, but many in the police and other such positions do have honour and when the big move in the last throngs of power is made by the powers that be, the ones with honour in the police and in the military will stand up. Just as they did under dictator puppet Hosni Mubarak in the face of a fearless and unrelenting Egyptian public.

Recruiting Informants/Infiltrators
Nonetheless, there is obvious and hideous corruption within the police and their systemic policies that do grave harm to society. One such trait is the use of informants and infiltrators. This is the realm of the professional liar; this is where the professional fraudster lands himself or herself the ultimate job. Here is how it works. The police, MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad, Special Branch or any other such entity, identifies a highly skilled fraudster, but only after having caught them (or framing them if necessary) in some criminal offence that will land them a long holiday in prison. In the US such a person will likely be reminded that “unpopular” inmates can find themselves in a place whereby their heterosexual status will be involuntarily converted to homosexuality via gang rape. There are similar such threats that can be wielded against women.

It is at this point the fraudster/criminal will be “made an offer they can’t refuse.” They are given two options however;
1. A long, torturous and possibly terminal prison term.
2. Regular pay in their chosen profession (fraud), as well as police, judicial, media and government protection, in return all they have to do is some work in infiltration. Their pay and protection being contingent upon befriending people under false pretenses, providing inside information and possibly subverting social causes, sabotaging or even framing innocent people. People like me for instance.

So it is, prison and gang rape or money and protection. In this way, with virtually infinite cash and resources behind them, the powers that be have infiltrated practically every level of society, especially the “problem” sections of society such as the black community, immigrants, Asians and for sure, Muslims and Arabs. And without question, every social movement has swarms of these characters I am describing above, two-bit fraudster sociopaths with the uncommon ability to lie and the servile lust for material gain… or outright fear of the alternative. These criminals who used to fear the police now have them as backup.

‘At the centre of the latest controversy is a set of documents, obtained by the Guardian and the BBC’s Newsnight, indicating that another police spy, Jim Boyling, who lived undercover among the environmental group Reclaim the Streets, concealed his identity in a criminal trial, giving false evidence under oath about his real name.

‘The accusation that police deliberately subverted the judicial process, and at worst sanctioned perjury, prompted outrage among lawyers and parts of the judiciary and led to the last-minute postponement of a major report into undercover policing of protests by the newly appointed commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Bernard Hogan-Howe.’The Guardian (Met facing mounting crisis as activist spying operation unravels)

This Guardian article goes further to say;

‘All seven spies shared similar modi operandi: they appeared out of nowhere, often had access to vehicles and showed an unflinching willingness to help run the logistics of protest organisation. Unlike undercover officers who penetrate serious criminal gangs, typically for no more than a few weeks or months, agents deployed in protest organisations are authorised to spend years living double lives as campaigners.’

Although the above description is not perfect, it does so closely resemble the primary infilTRAITOR of my Trade Not Aid Mission, one Catherine Myles to be specific.

Catherine Myles

Hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission & Police Protection for the Hijackers

What has happened to me is I have made the grave mistake of trusting people who are all too likely assets for Special Branch. Proving this is almost impossible however, but certain types of behavior go a long way to exposing the person and their true agenda. Put simply, Catherine Myles has managed to steal, blackmail, commit fraud and pervert the course of justice right under the nose of so-called “law enforcement”.

Let me make this crystal clear, she has blatantly, provably, committed the crime of fraud, theft, blackmail and perverting the course of justice, and not a peep from the police.

“Well come on Mr. O’Keefe, give that proof to the police and they will do as the law requires!” And this is what the mind controlled person will assume, there is no part of the their programming that would allow for them believe the police and criminals are all too often one and the same.

Nonetheless I have supplied the police with all the proof required to establish that the crimes of Ms. Myles. What did the police do when I supplied this evidence to them? Well they arrested me of course… for “fraud” no less. “Fraud by False Representation” to be precise, and they did this on November 2, 2011.

Perverting the Course of Justice
The accusation used to justify my arrest is pure comedy. The claim was that I had lied to Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins by saying I was the head of a “charity”, and on that basis I solicited their help in getting donations for my “charity”. Only later did they “realise” that I was in fact the Managing Director of a company, and that is when they realised they had been defrauded. They thought, so goes their fairytale, that I was the head of a “charity”, not a company, God forbid. And it was this testimony and nothing more from Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins that was used to arrest me. 3 people, just 3 fraudsters, were all that it took to arrest me. Next time I will expect at least 10 such criminals. With this the police stole (seized) 9 of my hard drives, two computers, one camera, my mobile phone, and reams of documents and most perverse of all, my DNA, which was taken against my expressed will of course.

Here is the problem with this action; I had already provided verifiable and conclusive evidence to the police, all recorded of course, that Catherine Myles was;
1. A fraudster who had lied to the police on several levels.
2. A blackmailer who threatened a material witness of mine about her having stolen the vehicles of the Trade Not Aid Mission. Again all verifiable, with the witness providing a written statement and volunteering her testimony with electronic communications proving the blackmail as well. That witness was never interviewed.
3. A thief who had knowingly stolen two vehicles, a truckload of donated goods and somewhere in the area of £15,000 that were deposited directly into her account as the “accountant” for the Trade Not Aid Mission.
4. A pervert… well that to I imagine but actually that she had perverted the course of justice as well by knowingly giving false testimony to the police which directly resulted in my arrest.

So let’s get this straight, Catherine Myles was provably been shown to commit 4 serious crimes, the last of which is punishable with a life sentence, and rather than her facing justice, I was arrested for what is a patently absurd accusation of fraud by false representation. What does this tell us? Well we can conclude one of two possibilities.
1. Either the investigating officer, the man who ultimately arrested me, DC Paul Harry of the Swansea Police, is the most thick, stupid, bumbling idiot of a cop who would give Mr. Bean a run for his money in the idiot department. Or…
2. This minion was charged with protecting the infiltrators, denying me the return of the stolen property, arresting me (but not charging me) so as to put a cloud of doubt over my head and drag out this disruption for as long as possible.

Although DC Paul Harry is clearly a very stupid man, that is not the explanation for what he has done. Clearly it is number 2 above that is his remit.

How can I make this charge? Surely I am waving the red flag in front of the bull on this one. Indeed I am and I say to the powers that be and their servile minions in the police and otherwise, bring it the fuck on. As I have said, I will die with my integrity intact and nothing makes me stronger than injustice and having to deal with bullies and abusers of power. I did not ask for this battle, but it has been brought upon me.

Here is the absolute proof that Catherine Myles and DC Paul Harry and his entire department have perverted the course of justice, a crime let us remember, that is punishable by up to life imprisonment. Let me quote directly from a UK Government website just what is perverting the course of justice.

Perverting the course of Justice
The offence is committed where a person:
• does an act (a positive act or series of acts is required; mere inaction is insufficient)
• which has a tendency to pervert and
• which is intended to pervert
• the course of public justice.

All that is necessary is proof of knowledge of all the circumstances, and the intentional doing of an act which has a tendency, when objectively viewed, to pervert the course of justice.

A false allegation which risks the arrest or wrongful conviction of an innocent person is enough.
Extracts taken from the UK Crown Prosecution Government website

To summarise, if someone has knowingly told a lie to the police and the person they lie about might POSSIBLY be arrested, much less does get arrested, is perverting the course of justice.
Here is the proof that Catherine Myles has committed this crime and that the police know this to be true? This is taken directly from Catherine Myles own blog.

Catherine Myles - Guilty of 'Perverting the Course of Justice'

So what we have above has already been verified by several Trade Not Aid convoy members who also read this blog, it is undeniable, and it is 100% prove of a serious crime. But there is something extremely important to acknowledge here, by the police refusing to even acknowledge this evidence, much less arrest and charge Catherine Myles, they are proving beyond any doubt that the police themselves are perverting the course of justice.

It is not often we have such concrete proof of serious criminal behavior with police involvement. It is not that the police do not do this sort of thing often, they do, but to have proof like this is a bit of a gift really, I am ready for them to make their move, this is my move. Ah but it gets even better.

‘Fraud by False Representation’ by Catherine Myles
What if I had proof that Catherine Myles was guilty of ‘fraud by false representation’? Remember that one? The thing I was arrested for on November 2, 2011. Surely it is not possible that the person whose testimony was used to justify my arrest was in fact provably guilty of that very crime. Well it is possible, and here is the proof.

Catherine Myles Committing 'Fraud by False Representation'

Catherine Myles Committing 'Fraud by False Representation'

What you see above is Catherine Myles soliciting funds for a “charity”, which is exactly what she accused me of doing, but of course I do not have a charity. Thing is that ‘Palestine Aid’, the “charity” she seeks money for, is not now and never has been a charity.

So when it came to me, 3 fraudsters said I said I had a charity and I was arrested and my property stolen as well as my DNA being taken against my will. When proof that Catherine Myles actually committed this crime, what happens? NOTHING!

Police Aiding & Abetting in the Theft of Trade Not Aid Vehicles, Donated Goods & Money

Stolen Trade Not Aid Vehicles

Stolen Trade Not Aid Vehicles

Moving on, in August of last year I made a complaint to the police about the Trade Not Aid vehicles (18-ton Renault Truck Reg. #V97 DBA & Optare Metrorider Minibus Reg. # P420 VRG) being stolen by Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert, Cath Jenkins and Saeb Shaath. All communications and evidence required to establish lawful ownership of these vehicles was of course provided to DC Paul Harry. Once again, here is the correspondence that proves this claim.

As a cover to avoid returning the clearly stolen property DC Harry arrested me on the bogus fraud charges on November 2, 2011. His superiors also directed him to drag out the investigation as long as possible so a date of April 2, 2012 (5 months later) was set to either bring charges against me (which was never going to happen) or conclude ‘no further action’. Well I waited these sickeningly long five months, thinking that at the end of these five months surely they will be forced to return the stolen vehicles. Well I was wrong.

Immediately upon my solicitor being told there would be no further action against me (March 30, 2012) he acted in accord with my direction, which was to demand recovery of the stolen vehicles and property. I always knew I would have to go to court to prove Catherine Myles has stolen somewhere in the area of £15,000, but the vehicles and donated goods onboard I thought surely must be returned. On their first conversation it looked like that was what DC Harry was going to do, even saying, “Mr. O’Keefe will need an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) licensed driver” for the 18-ton truck. The next day however he did a Jekyll & Hyde routine, not only was he not returning the vehicles, he would not even answer where the vehicles were or even if the “investigation” I had initiated 8 months earlier was still in progress.

Canon Fodder
He also revealed in coded language that this decision had come from above, as if I did not already know this. There is no doubt that DC Harry is just a willing dupe, and he like other such dupes will be hung out to dry by his bosses when he has exceeded his shelf life. I know this as an ex-Marine as well, and countless veterans know what I am talking about, including my dead father. Countless so-called “heroes” are left to languish with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cancers and birth defects and other maladies caused by exposure to experimental drugs and toxins like depleted uranium (DU). Many will commit suicide or beat their wives and children or end up homeless with not one bit of help from the governments who sent them to kill or be killed.

Understanding this I feel pity for DC Harry, he is a small-minded man being used up by a system that is a voracious and rapacious exploiter of ‘human resources’. If the world does change for the better, and I believe it will, the DC Harry’s of the world simply will not exist.

In Summary
There is so much more I could say about Catherine Myles, Saeb Shaath, and the rest of the people who have worked for and nearly achieved the goal of destroying the Trade Not Aid Mission. Indeed right now, today, the vehicles that Catherine Myles stole from the Trade Not Aid Mission, remain in her possession. As I have previously mentioned she also holds stolen donated goods and somewhere in the neighborhood of £15,000 of stolen money from the Trade Not Aid Mission, all of this being dutifully protected by the UK Police.

So my priority at this moment is getting back the vehicles and donated goods. My problem is that with the police protecting this fraudster, my only weapon is the truth. While the police remain un-exposed they remain capable of aiding and abetting in the crime of fraud, theft and perverting the course of justice.

As you will recall on March 30, 2012 I was informed that the police would be taking “no further action” with regard to the investigation into me. Surprise surprise. So after five months of depriving me of my property, having access to everything I have ever written, emailed, videoed, every file on my hard drives, “no further action”. I tell you what, and I apologise to the easily offended and my Muslim brothers and sisters, but given this reality I want to express my honest thoughts to the police involved in violating me and my family as they have. GO FUCK YOURSELF! That goes to you DC Paul Harry and also to all the minions and the powers that be that have done what they could to defame me and harm my mission for Palestine.

Who Pays?
Let us be clear, I am not the victim hear, I will never be the victim as I will never sacrifice my self-respect. The real victim is the good people of Palestine who have languished while our corrupt governments have provided material support, including weapons of mass destruction, preferential trade, billions in “aid”, and total cover for all the hideous crimes Israel commits against the Palestinians. And let this be clear, even though some collaborators of Palestinian blood who will be employed to try and defame me, I am a Palestinian. My heart and my commitment are to a Free Palestine. The way of Palestine is the way of the world. If I ever back peddle on that, then you know I have been compromised.

FOR THE RECORD – I see the so-called ‘two-state solution’ as the second Nakba, I see it as totally unjust and I hope the Palestinians never accept such an unjust deal. Although I fully accept that this is 100% up to the people of Palestine. I am a Palestinian citizen however and if I am allowed to vote on such a decision you will know where I stand. I want justice plain and simple, and justice requires;
1. 100% full right of return of all the Palestinian refugees spread around the globe.
2. That every single Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails is freed. And I mean every single one.
3. That every single person who can provide valid proof, whether it is land deeds or titles to land, pictures of them on that land, testimony that this was their home, they must be able to re-occupy and possess that which was stolen from them.
4. Full and complete compensation for the loss of life and property.
5. That the entire Apartheid system of Israel is dismantled and a system chosen by all the rightful citizens of Palestine replaces it with a government of their own choosing. Whatever form that may be.

These are just some of the prerequisites for justice in Palestine, but right now, I redouble my efforts for real support in the Trade Not Aid Mission. The only thing stopping this mission is not the police, or the governments nor the powers that be, it is us, it truly is up to us. We must simply never give up.

Power to the people, rise the hell up, 2012 is the year.


Tribute to my brother Vittorio (Vik) Arrigoni – by Ken O’Keefe

There simply cannot be enough praise for brother Vik, he was a man who exemplified what it is to be human, to be a loving, courageous, full fledged human being. I am blessed till the end of time for knowing him; I will love him to the day I die. And the greatest way to honour Vik is to never give up, to never abandon Palestine, to seek truth and justice at every turn, to shed the fear and never accept the unacceptable.

On this one-year anniversary of his murder I say to his family, thank you so much for producing this warrior for justice, this brother to humanity. He is with us always; he is among the greatest Palestinians who have ever lived. TJP – Stay Human

Thought Police within the so-called ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’

Who are the 'Thought Police'?

The holier than thou thought police within the so-called ‘Palestinian Solidarity Movement’ have said the following in response to a recent speech I gave at Middlesex University in London;
‘In line with these principles, we wish to openly state that Ken O’Keefe is not welcome to speak on our campus. We urge Middlesex University Free Palestine Society to distance themselves from his comments, and condemn them as anti-semitic.

‘We invite our fellow student Palestine activists to add their societies names to this statement.’

My response is as follows.


Given that my wife and children are Semitic, it is seems the critical thinking abilities of the above thought police is a bit stunted to say the least.  So let me help you out a bit by providing the actual meaning of the word Semitic;

Semitic |səˈmitik|


1 relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.

2 of or relating to the peoples who speak these languages, esp. Hebrew and Arabic.

Your lack of linguistic knowledge or more likely participation in the abuse of language with regard to this word is not surprising, especially as it becomes more obvious that the so-called ‘Palestinian Solidarity’ movement is rife with infiltrators and subversives posing as friends and allies of Palestine.  As the saying goes, ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies’.

The truth is that my actions, and my words are those of a person unafraid of the political correctness traps to which you seem to have submitted yourself.  You might well call me an “anti-American hate monger” and imply that I paint all Americans with the same brush when I have repeatedly called the United States the “greatest terrorist of the 20th and now 21st centuries.”  But I have never seen anybody suggest I be banned from speaking for having stated these words.

But alas, speak the words deemed taboo by the thought police and one becomes unworthy of speaking at all.  Think of how incredibly holier than thou and up your own arse it makes you sound when many if not all of you, do not have a Palestinian wife/husband, or Palestinian children, who have likely never been to Palestine, certainly have not risked nearly as much as I have in defending Palestine, say that I am unworthy of speaking about Palestine or any other issue in universities where I can assure you, many people would be happy for me to speak.  The arrogance and hypocrisy is quite simply over the top.  And if there are Palestinians among this cadre of thought police who genuinely think that I am a liability rather than an asset to the Palestinian cause, then stand up and say so.  I certainly will respect you for having the balls (in a figurative sense) to say so.

To put things in perspective, just over a year ago I was presented the Key to the City of Gaza by the last elected Prime Minister of Palestine, I guess I will have to settle for that instead of your approval.

Also noted is how you have provided a link to my speech, one that purposely edits out the context of what I said.  This is either a massive mistake on your part or a deliberate act that exposes your transparent agenda in attempting to marginalise a genuine ally of the people of Palestine.  Just in case you have made a mistake, here is a link to my entire speech;

As if my words in the above speech were not clear, let me repeat, I seek the destruction of every government and institution that is actively participating in the destruction of our world.  Some being so corrupt and vile that there seems little to no chance in them being reformed, I include the US, British and Israeli governments in this category, along with the United Nations.  All of these entities are vile and disgusting and are taking us straight to hell on Earth via World War III.

Let me be clear however, I do not give a free pass to the crimes of all the other corrupt, racist and violent entities and governments out there.  I simply recognize the obvious, in terms of total destruction and suffering, the entities I reserve my greatest scorn for, specifically the so-called ‘western civilisation’ I come from, represents the gravest threats we face in this tragic world of ours… we are in truth, barbarians.

As much as you seek to censor me or ban me, all you have really done is expose yourselves and a significant problem facing the Palestinians and everyone else genuinely involved in the struggle for justice.  That problem is the false allies of truth and justice, the subversives posing as friends and the dupes to blind to know how much these characters are manipulating them.  The direct enemy is plain to see, a more honest enemy, and in this regard I respect this enemy more than the western “liberal” dupe who is either so full of himself, or so corrupt, that he is blind to the traitor to humanity role he plays.

I am a disciple of Malcolm X’s way of thinking, on more than one level.  With regard to friends and foes he was astute, he was right.  He had no illusions regarding the illusory differences between the Democrats (friends to the black man) and Republicans (racist enemies). “One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.”

In the 1964 presidential elections, when the US presidential candidates were Lyndon B. Johnson (the “peace” candidate) vs. Barry Goldwater (the “war” candidate), Malcolm X exposed the deceit of this phony distinction.
“The shrewd capitalists, the shrewd imperialists,” he said, “knew that the only way people would run towards the fox (Johnson) would be if you showed them the wolf (Goldwater). So they created a ghastly alternative . . . And at the moment he (Johnson) had troops invading the Congo and
South Vietnam.”

Beware of the 'Thought Police'

This is my perspective, you, the thought police and false allies of Palestine, which can even include people with Palestinian blood, are the ones attempting to provide cover for the tyrants by prohibiting meaningful deliberation into matters that are of the most critical importance to our world.  A stark example of this is the Jewish supremacism that is of dire consequence to our world.  This is the taboo subject you are charged with enforcing, and in doing so you take sides with the same racist, supremacist ideologies you claim to oppose.  I am proud to be opposed by you, I shall wear your Scarlet Letter as a badge of honour.

I depart by saying that any group of people, whether it is the disciples of Hitler, the Christian Zionists of America or the Jewish supporters of Israel, or the brainwashed false Muslims, I say loud and clear, any group that believes they are “chosen” by God and thus superior to anyone else, is an enemy of all humanity.  Combine this sort of supremacist ideology with the power of America and Israel and we have a recipe for the end of the world.  The stakes could not be any higher, and you, my poor, poor minions, are on the wrong side of history.  You are not the friends of Palestine or justice, you are the guardians of tyranny whether you know it or not.

Ken O’Keefe

Thus far the following thought police entities have saw fit to stand by an anti-Ken O’Keefe agenda;

Glasgow Caledonian University Palestine Society

Leeds University Palestine Society

Dundee University Action Palestine

Edinburgh University Students for Justice in Palestine

Glasgow University Palestine Society

Liverpool University Friends of Palestine

It would seem that Scotland has a segment of the population feeling inclined to ban me from Scottish Universities, I invite the people of Scotland to express whether this is representative of their national perspective.  If you wish to speak on or against my behalf, please go to the following link and say what you have to say, in fact I encourage all of you to do this.  Perhaps the thought police are right, perhaps I should not be allowed to speak at any university in the so-called ‘western civilisation’.

For Love

I just want to say, need to say, for the record, that I want what is best for all people, and I mean all people.  I want no retribution, I feel no hate, I want truth and justice.  When I see my children, who deserve a good father, just like all children, I only hope that they, like all other children, have this.  I want a better world, a world based on Truth, Justice and ultimately Peace.  FOR THE RECORD, that is what I want.

The Criminal UK Police Looking to Arrest Me for ‘Incitement to Racism’ – Welcome to Orwell’s 1984

The mass murdering criminal UK Government and its equally corrupt police, the ones who are happy to protect Israeli war criminals in the UK by destroying universal jurisdiction. The same UK that is home to the worlds biggest fraudsters and financial terrorists, otherwise known as the banksters. This same UK Police that falsely arrested me on bogus ‘fraud’ non-charges so it could steal my property and support the criminals who have attempted to destroy the much needed Trade Not Aid Mission. This pathetic and corrupt government and all of its other minions and lackeys can stick it where the sun don’t shine. I will happily go to prison in this Godforsaken land as the price for shouting the truth. So let me repeat; Israel is a criminal state. As is America, which is the ultimate terrorist state and uber-hypocrite. Israeli Mossad worked with high treason traitors in the US government to set explosives in the twin towers and building 7 on 9/11 so as to instigate the fraudulent ‘War on Terror’, a horrendously, purposely un-ending war that has maimed and murdered millions and counting. All for the ‘full spectrum dominance’agenda that intends to enslave every survivor of this madness.

What I said the other night is more than true, Israel is beyond an Apartheid state. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have made that ever-clear, the people of Palestine and the scars they bare are a never ending source of proof.

I repeat, as we continue to sit on the edge of the cliff that is full scale World War III and likely nuclear annihilation, that every racist, corrupt, war murdering state, as well as the UN in its current form, should be destroyed. This includes more than any others, the true ‘Axis of Evil’ in Israel, Britain and America. These three nations are the scourge of humanity and the greatest threat this world has ever faced. Hitler will look like a saint compared to those behind these criminal states if they have their way. Mass de-population is not a ‘theory’, it is their ultimate agenda knowing full well that the fraud they have perpetuated on all of the people is being irreversibly exposed. Their time is running out… and they know this.

These three nations, along with a disgraced and disgusting UN, must be destroyed in their current form, in their place must be people who represent the true will of the people and an absolute commitment to respect for every single persons rights. The right of people to be free and to be happy is sacrosanct, fuck you with your ‘security’ bullshit, the people want freedom and a dignified life, your Orwellian frauds are your own demise should you continue to maintain this facade of ‘democracy’ and ‘civility’. The west have acted like true barbarians and all of us from these lands are guilty for the actions of our criminal governments to one degree or another.

We as people must take responsibility, we must stop shifting blame. These bastards could never get away with what they are doing if we were not so weak, divided and ultimately pathetic. Whereas they are tyrants, we are pathetic for allowing them to exploit and violate us as they do.

There will never be peace in this world as long as we the people allow this disgusting, fraudulent scam to continue. The truth is the truth, and when we rise, the banksters more than anybody else, better beg for forgiveness. And their minions, servile minions to the powers that be, these revolting, stomach churning puppets like the Tony Blair’s and Obama’s and so on, should just spend a few years in Guantanamo to think things out a bit… if they are lucky that is.

I propose a one year amnesty period for all the criminals who come clean, but if they do not, then they should be treated as they have treated others, like sub-human animals with no rights whatsoever.

In a world like this I am ready for whatever comes my way, slander, threats, torture, imprisonment, death, I like every genuine, intelligent person know all too well the price for wielding the truth. So it really does not matter what happens to me, because whenever it is that I meet my maker I shall smile, knowing that I did my best in this very, very fucked up world of ours. I have shown my ultimate respect for all life and made my life an example of the price we should be willing to pay in order to make the world right. I am not alone, I am proud to follow in the footsteps of countless people who made one decision, to face the tyranny without fear and without compromise.

And I am hopeful, I know we the people have the ultimate power. I know it is merely a matter for us to realise this fact, to seize that power, to ultimately create a better world. A world built on truth, justice and ultimately peace.

Watch and share the speech that could mark my imprisonment. Here is the Jewish supremacist Jewish Chronicle’s article spouting their same old hasbara.

Lecture at Middlesex University – Israeli Apartheid Week – February 23, 2012

Here is my lecture last week at Middlesex University. The one with our friendly Zionists. Watch the video to see what they reckon I should be jailed for; ‘incitement’ they call it. I would have to agree that telling the truth is the mostrevolutionary activity of our time and the UK police have already arrested me once on bogus pretences so we shall see. Either way so be it, in life, death or in prison I will not be silent, we will not be silent, no matter what they do to me, there will be justice. TJP

Here is the most contentious part of what I said in full;

“Now, let’s be clear, if it was possible, for an Israel to exist, in which it truly accepted all of the people of that region, especially the original inhabitants that were kicked out and murdered in masse, if it could somehow, legitimately recognise all of the people of that region, as brothers and sisters, and make sure that laws existed in which every last person was treated equally then I would shift my wrath towards Israel to an opening of seeing if this nation could conceivably act with any human decency.  But there is no indication that there is any genuine intention for anything like that at all, so, if Israel is inherently a racist state, if it is inherently an apartheid state, then I want no part of Israel, it has no place in this world. And it does in its current form, if you want me to use some inflammatory language, in its current form should be destroyed.

“Just like the UN in its current form should be destroyed, just like the American empire in its current form should be destroyed, just like the British empire in its current form should be destroyed, just like every corrupt, racist government should be destroyed.”

Memo to all Christians – The Heretic & Michael Rivero – Reposted by Ken O’Keefe

This is so worthwhile for every Christian to consider. Especially supposedly patriotic American Christians; think about what this short video is saying. Imagine that you, unwittingly or not, are paying for the murder of Jesus Christ’s blood relatives. Actually, do not imagine it; know it, and soak it up.

No matter how ignorant and manipulated we have become there is something so beautiful, about the truth… it knows nothing of ‘politics’ or ‘patriotism’, it is what it is, regardless of such things.

And while you ponder that, know that the little boy pictured in this video is 4-year-old Ahmed Samouni from Gaza. Murdered in cold blood by Israeli’s during so-called ‘Operation Cast Lead’. This little ‘terrorist’ is no more thanks to American ignorance manifested in Israeli mass-murder.  Make no mistake however, this co-operation not only marks the end of this little boys life, but the unfolding destruction of the once great American nation… right before (y)our eyes.

For more about Ahmed Samouni and his grieving mother, here are two videos I produced while in Gaza.

Dedicated to Brother Khader Adnan – Where 1 passes, 1000 will pick up!

I do not understand the French language, but I understand the meaning of this music video all too clearly. It seemed more than fitting to share it with brother Khader Adnan in mind. Brother Khader is refusing to accept the unacceptable, detained without charge by Israel, like so many others, with no human rights to speak of. I have met countless Palestinian prisoners while in the West Bank and Gaza, each and every one of them was tortured by the Israelis. America is no better, with Guantanamo, Bagram, Abu Ghraib and many others, fellow human beings rot away in dungeons and we have the nerve to call ourselves ‘civilised’. We are barbarians, all of us, for allowing our traitorous governments to effect this ongoing mass torture. We have not done all that we can do and thus we are all, to one degree or another, collectively guilty.

Brother Khader,
Like so many before you, and surely many more to come, between death with honour or life without it, you have chosen the former. Nothing but love and respect to you my brother, and to all the brothers and sisters of this world who refuse to accept the unacceptable, who resist the tyrants and their minions, who live and die with honour. There will be justice. TJP
le son téléchargeable sur
Réalisation et composition de base : Chairi Najib
retouche, arrangement, mastering: Joël Gires
Ce projet a été réaliser en collaboration avec Génération Palestine .
un grand merci au Jac et mouvement citoyen Palestine pour leur contribution.
Mon blog musique

Brother Khader Adnan

Not Facebook… Ziobook

Ziobook - Hazardous to the Truth

A message to the ZioNazi’s at ZioBook.  This is for all the good people posting the truth and getting their accounts deleted, for that Ziobook, go fuck yourself.  For all the ZioTrolls coddled and sheltered in their Ziobook home, how about, go fuck yourself.  A person should use Ziobook only as required, then treat it like the soiled condom of the most obnoxious guest imaginable.  TJP

Ziobook Not Facebook



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