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Ken O’Keefe in Tehran – “Iran is not the threat, we are.” – American Patriots Rise

It is time to stop being Israel’s Bitch!

I renounced my US citizenship and the United States of Hypocrisy refused to acknowledge my right, our right, to self-determination. Alright then, I am thinking now that maybe I just needed to leave for 10 years or so and reflect on things, now that I have, I have made some important conclusions.

First among them is that it remains an embarrassment, that idiot flag waving Americans have sat by while their Constitution was used like toilet paper and their government became a bought and paid for circus of clowns.

Ken O'Keefe & William Rodriguez, the "Last Man Out" of the Twin Towers on 9-11

Ken O’Keefe & William Rodriguez, the “Last Man Out” of the Twin Towers on 9-11

Second is that due to this despicable state of affairs of failing to pay attention on our watch we Americans have continued to be complicit in mass murder that is truly unparalleled in the modern age. God help us for what we are collectively responsible for.

Third, our American sons and daughters continue to be used as the meaningless pawns they are and ultimately, aside from those our sons and daughters murder in foreign lands, aside from those we rape and torture, our sons and daughters themselves are the biggest victims of all. We so pathetically spouted “support our troops”, like idiots, incredible idiots, while effectively sentencing them to a fate that makes post-traumatic stress disorder almost inevitable. Look at the drug abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide rates of returning soldiers and compare it to the returning soldiers of Vietnam, what the fuck are we doing to our supposedly cherished sons and daughters?

I have come to another conclusion, America is almost assuredly going down and going down hard, so hard that it might just bring the whole world down with it, for this reason more than any other I feel a need to exercise the best virtues I obtained as an American born son and do my best to sound the alarm. To reach out to every genuine, not fake ass idiot patriot, but to reach out to the genuine patriots.

And lastly, we need to acknowledge 100% that the American government is bought and paid for by the Zionist, Jewish supremacists, Israeli “dual citizens”, which in truth is a pyramid with the Rothschild’s and their bankster kin at the top. These are the puppet masters and they have used America as their strong arm, if we are so blindingly stupid as to continue this role as their enforcers, we will exterminate not only ourselves but possibly this beautiful world we live in.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof of just how horrendous we have been and thus are capable of being today.

It is time to stop being chumps, it is time to actually give some meaning to the word patriot. It is especially time for those in the police, military and government who took an oath to uphold the Constitution to honor that commitment. Are you a person of honor? Or are you a fraudster? A coward?

I couldn’t care less about fake patriots, but real patriots, I am serious about working with you. Get the fuck up and take the fake ideals of America and make them real. If that were to happen I will happily ask for my citizenship back… until such time I do not give my allegiance to this criminal entity and thus I am not a citizen regardless of the judgments of this corrupt government and its minions.

When America truly becomes a nation of honor I will be proud to stand among its citizens as a genuine member of the family. Let us make this so.

Thank you to Anthony Lawson for his reading.

Ken O’Keefe


Max Igan & Ken O’Keefe in Gaza – False Flags & America’s ‘National Interest’ – September 2012

Video: I think this is going to be one of people’s favorite videos as it is genuinely funny and yet very serious. Max Igan and myself get into this one by showing a sycophantic Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East spouting some truly incredible historical narrative. This useful idiot lays out the catalogue of US false flags and manipulations that have resulted in America’s perpetual state of war. After reviewing Clawson’s entire two-minute clip we then break it down piece by piece in a humorous way, after which we take a serious look at what this all means. Specifically, the ever-present threat of World War III and nuclear annihilation.

Not often do we see humour and seriousness in this way but we had fun making this and I believe most of you will not only laugh, but probably get fired up as well. Enjoy!

Coming soon – ‘The Age of Responsibility’

My next article – soon to be released

‘The Age of Responsibility’
At what point do we as people take responsibility for the actions of the governments we outnumber tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands to one? At what point do we take responsibility for the governments we pay our blood money to in the form of taxes? At what point do we as people stop making excuses and accept the fact that we are complicit if not active participants in the crimes of our governments?

DU Baby Iraq

DU Baby Iraq

I say now is the age of responsibility. Whereas we might have pitifully claimed ignorance in the past, which is no defence for a crime, we cannot claim ignorance any longer. We are responsible.

Interview with Mark Glenn on ‘The Ugly Truth’ Program tonight 11pm London Time

TONIGHT! – I will be on ‘The Ugly Truth’ Radio Program with Mark Glenn – Program starts at 11pm London time (tonight) in what will surely be a no holds barred conversation about truth and justice. If you do not know Mark, you should. He is a courageous man who refuses to bow to tyranny and is spreading the truth without compromise. We had a conversation today discussing tonights talk and I can assure you it will be one to listen to. There is an opportunity to call in as well so if you have a question for either of us, do call in. We will be discussing the Israeli whitewash ‘investigation’ into the Samouni family slaughter. Here is the promo info as found at Mark’s website;

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy…You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”

–Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8

Israel’s decision NOT to investigate the slaughter of an entire Palestinian family–the Samounis–during Operation Cast Lead–An abberation?


The Palestinians, as alleged by political, religious and even secular leaders within Israel are NOT HUMAN, according to the dictates of Judaism, a religion characterized by Thomas Jefferson as ‘depraved’.

We are honored to be joined live from London by Ken O’Keefe, who spent a considerable amount of time with the surviving members of the Samouni family to discuss this and other relevant items.

Program begins at 6 pm eastern (Washington D.C., New York) and airs live at–

Those wishing to call in with their questions/comments can do so at 530.881-1300, access code: 179164#

Enemies Within the Gate – Police Corruption – Infiltration & Subversion – Trade Not Aid

Preface – Below you will read of DC Paul Harry of the Swansea Police, the man who falsely arrested me on November 2, 2011. This statement is being sent directly to him, as well as his immediate superior, Detective Inspector Darren George, Professional Standards of Swansea Police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission and of course many others in the independent media realm and law.

Infiltration & the Erosion of Trust
There is something admirable about an honest enemy; I rather respect people who at the least state very clearly who they are and what they stand for. Even if their views are morally repugnant, I still maintain a level of respect for the honest yet offensive opponent. The liar on the other hand, that is a different matter. The liar might be and often is the “nicest person you could ever want to know”, but an honest jerk is much better in my book than a lying “friend”, or as it is in my case, lying “volunteers”.

In my view the liar, fraudster, infiltrator and collaborator is the most vile of them all… and make no mistake, they are everywhere in this so-called “movement” of ours.

‘They show how Special Branch penetrated the (anti-Apartheid) movement from top to bottom, infiltrating meetings, recruiting informers and obtaining documents. Officers snooped on leaders including MPs, two of whom are now Labour ministers. Police spies slipped into meetings of local groups which were attended by as few as five genuine campaigners.’The Guardian (‘Documents show how Special Branch infiltrated Anti-Apartheid Movement’)

One of the most insidious aspects of infiltration is the erosion of trust. Think of it this way, how can a “movement” get meaningful work done when the people who comprise it and the leaders leading it cannot trust each other? The answer of course is work becomes difficult at best, and such our movement for a better world, all too often stumbling along with one setback after another. It is like this that the end goal of the powers that be is maintained, and that is the status quo of course.

And so it is that an activist leader like myself invariably will have more personal contact with devils posing as friends/volunteers then most can imagine, this is the nature of the game. I know this so very well, I understand how infiltration works, but with limited resources and big goals you have to be able to trust, and if you can’t, you really need to get out of activism. And in all honesty, I am probably more valuable in other ways. But I am not a quitter, I like to finish what I start, and I remain fully capable of trust, my faith in humanity will not be destroyed, absolutely not, I know far too many beautiful people. And for sure, the Samouni Project and the Trade Not Aid Mission must and will move forward.

But my purpose in this statement is to shed light on what has happened with the Trade Not Aid Mission so as to enlighten people in the tactical use of infiltration and subversion, a tactic I consider the most effective tool for the powers that be to quell the progress of virtually every social movement. But before we get into that…

The Head of the Snake
Let us start at the root level; let us address the “Head of the Snake” as it were. Let us understand the so-called financial system. The financial system denotes a system run by a tiny minority of the individuals who are undoubtedly the greatest fraudsters and financial terrorists in human existence. They have managed through treasonous “public servants” to acquire the ability to ‘legally’ print fiat money, to print money out of thin air. Furthermore, since their money is inherently debt generating, we all, the people, the 99%, we become enslave by debt. Entire nations are in debt, the vast majority of people are in debt, and we are in debt to the richest of the rich, the greatest fraudsters and thieves to ever walk this planet. Think about that next time the prostitutes of propaganda talk about “the debt”, because it is that debt which essentially says all the working class people have not worked hard enough, no, no, we all owe the Rothschilds and their ilk more money, trillions and trillions to be more precise. They are in the most incredible way mocking us. And in a way I respect them, I mean, if we the masses are so incredibly stupid as to allow this tiny minority to get away with it, I reckon we are more pathetic then them. Nonetheless, if there is one priority in the creation of a better world, it is the absolute destruction of this system and justice for those who have conspired to protect and maintain it.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.” - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Private control of the money supply is ultimate Earthly power, and it is that kind of power the bankster families have wielded for centuries, with devastating affects. All we need to know about the corruption and endless war humanity has been locked within can be understood by understanding this simple, fraudulent system. The ‘Money Masters’ are behind almost every war you can cite, usually investing in all sides. Their scam inherently encourages and manipulates never-ending wars, while providing the added benefit of dividing the people.

It is in this context that we find the most vile, bloodthirsty and sociopathic rising to the highest levels of power, below the Money Masters of course, while people of honour and integrity are punished, imprisoned, framed and often murdered.

Make no mistake, so long as we allow the banksters to continue this madness we the people will be victimised by it. The banksters can outspend the good people of the world a billion to one. For them money is not even paper, it is zeros added to bank accounts from the offices of Goldman Sachs and Barclays and all the rest of them. This system buys every last person that can be bought, so when you look at the top of the pyramids in politics, media, corporations, law enforcement, intelligence services, and yes, even within charities and social movements, eventually this system co-opts and corrupts every thing that can be corrupted.

Wolf in Sheep's clothing

This is the method for achieving controlled opposition, it wears the face of the sheep, but behind its mask it is indeed the wolf.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” - Vladimir Lenin

If you fail to understand this reality, you will have no clue at all of how the world truly functions. It is the ignorance of this reality that preserves its existence and maintains the tyranny that threatens to climax in the form of full scale World War III and nuclear Armageddon. Simply put, the stakes could not be any higher.

Support for Palestine = Contempt from the Powers That Be
Now if you want to effect justice in this world, especially in Palestine, and you are making any real progress in this area, you better be prepared for what will come. I have prepared myself as best one can for any consequence.

In order to repel the temptation of the honey trap or material wealth you will need to be beyond the pursuit of material wealth. Such people, those who is not addicted to material pleasures, they simply cannot be bought. I am such a person, I actually want the entire system abolished so that everyone will have what they need, I will not fight for the crumbs that the banksters and their minions brush of their parasitical dining table. By western standards and with this mentality I am in financial terms a poor man, but in real terms I am blessed with riches that money can never buy.

I believe this is why the powers that be have not tried to buy me; they have done their personality profile and concluded that I am indeed one of those who cannot be bought. When you see me driving a flash car and/or reversing myself of who is responsible for 911, this will be your first clue I have been corrupted. But don’t hold your breath, I intend to die with my integrity intact and even if I am effectively framed for a crime I did not commit, the truth remains in the all knowing wisdom of the universe and if I am to face my maker I will have nothing whatsoever to fear. I am not alone in this way of thinking, far from it, and it is such people that are impossible to control.

I know the game, and I shall deal with it and face it with the most powerful weapon of all, the truth.

Although my life did not begin on the Mavi Maramara, the humanitarian ship attacked in international waters by Israeli pirates in which 9 good people were murdered/executed, it was the aftermath of my role on the Mavi Maramara where my position as a first class enemy of the powers that be was cemented. It was from that time on that the tactic of slander was increasingly employed against me.

Slander & the ‘Terrorist’ Tag
In the aftermath of the Mavi Marmara and upon my release from Israeli jail and subsequent deportation to Turkey, the Israeli Defence (Offence) Forces issued a press release stating that I was an ‘operative of the Hamas Terror organization’ and that I was going to Gaza ‘in order to form and train a commando unit for the Palestinian terror organization’. Well you know you hit the big time as a humanitarian in this Orwellian world of ours when the greatest terrorists on the planet are calling you a terrorist. I am proud to share the company of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Nelson Mandela and countless others falsely labelled as terrorists simply because we refused to bow to tyranny and suckle from the tit of corruption.

In 2011 the honour was elevated when Rep. Gus Bilirakis of the United States Congress introduced a bill that links me to ‘Al Qaeda’. As Mayer Amshel Rothschild so arrogantly but all too rightly implied, the lawmakers are nothing more than minions. What more incredible display of that do we have then the last speech of Netanyahu at the United States Congress in which he received no less than 29 standing ovations.

Enemy Within the Gates
If ever there were an example of a “democratic” nation bending over, grabbing its heels, and taking it where the sun don’t shine it is in the spectacle of my birth nation, the good ole US of A, in full blown self-destruct mode. These bootlicking Chickenhawks in the US Congress mock every red-blooded American Patriot, it is way beyond embarrassment, it is treason that spans decades and which is on hyper display today. It is infiltration in full bloom; it is the enemy within the gate.

“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”Samuel Adams

The US Congress epitomises the last stages of Empire in decline, awash with decadence, exuding corruption, detached from reality and drunk on its own fraud-based power. It is the perfect display of what powers the Money Masters have over those who lust for money. If it can have this affect on people in such high levels, what affect can the powers that be have on the street criminal?

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

The UK government is no different from the US Congress, they are just a little bit more experienced and thus know a thing or two about how to avoid being seen as bought and paid for. While the idiot Yanks in Congress are on full display with their obsequiousness, the British/European political counterparts get to play the “civilized” role. And in terms of real power, London houses more high-level fraudsters and thieves and terrorists than any city on planet Earth. And the UK Parliament is a direct extension of this power gone mad, all the while looking oh so ‘civilised’.

“All the world’s a stage,”William Shakespeare

And below them we have the various branches of government and all too importantly, the physical arms of the powers that be in the so-called “intelligence” services, the military and the police.

“My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military.”Smedley Butler

Who Rises to the Top?
So we have the bankster families (powers that be) at the top of the pyramid, and these powers seek out and reward people with very specific qualities, the best of which will occupy the top levels of every institution that serves them. Regardless of the actual position, the essential quality sought by the powers that be for their legions of minions is a lust for money and power, for material wealth, often times fueled by sexual desires and perversions. These are the hallmarks of a person with a low level development, like so-called “primitive man”, these lot are motivated by food and sex. Today that manifests in the form of money and power. If you want the true qualifications for “stature” and “fame” and so on in this collectively insane world that is run by psycho/sociopaths, these base qualities are it.

So when we look at the world and all our so-called “leaders” what we will see is a large collection of hand selected sociopaths charged with maintaining the system. Morals and integrity are repugnant in such a system, although you always have some groomed actors who play the integrity role when needed. Colin Powell’s UN speech that sold the invasion of Iraq to the easily duped is a classic example.

Stupid is as Stupid Does
Almost all of these people have been thoroughly brain washed in so-called “higher learning” institutions, indeed the dumbest of the dumb are graduates of Harvard and Yale and Oxford and Cambridge. It is among these useful idiots that you find and endless supply of ‘experts’ who can educate us dumb masses about Saddam’s WMD threat and how 19 “Jihadist” hijackers armed with box cutters, lead by a man with Cocaine residue probably in his nose, possibly with a hangover, who just left the strip bar in Florida, after having sex with his stripper girlfriend, were all in turn lead by a man in a cave in Afghanistan who together managed to disable all of the mighty super powers air defences and defy the laws of physics and pull off 9-11.

It is like a bad B-movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, surely it is all one sick joke, but no, we are supposed to believe this fairy story.

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity, and the champions in this area are the ones rewarded by the powers that be. Don’t get me wrong, these minions can read teleprompters, many have great memories, they can articulate, they can not answer a question a million different ways and make the most simple reality a quantum physics exam.

So for sure, never, ever, lose your sense of humour. Look at this world like a reality TV show and the people are all trying to one up each other on the bullshit meter. If you do take it a little too seriously you might just seek out 18 buddies and a set of box cutters so as to vent your rage and pull a 9-11.

All this madness explains a lot about my very independent way about doing things. I simply have not found a group that I feel really right with, so I initiate my own missions, always unique, always intending to fill the void. But such goals require us to work with each other, there is clearly no other way to effect real and positive change. Thus I seek to connect with genuine people for genuine good, but humans can be incredible liars, and trusting people make for easy targets.

The Role of the Police & Intelligence Agencies
When I was last in the stolen nation of Hawaii, otherwise known (incorrectly) as the 50th State of the United States, a Special Agent of the FBI at my door, so I invited him into my mother’s home and we sat and talked for two hours or so. I did as I always do, I spoke politely and respectfully and completely honestly to this man; one of the luxuries of having no fear and nothing to hide. Furthermore, I looked at this man and I saw myself not too long ago. As a 19 year-old US Marine I believed there was honour and integrity inherently within the Marines, I was an idiot. And I was far to naïve to realise the direct contradiction in attempting to maintain personal honour while in reality serving a system of tyranny.

Nonetheless I refuse to paint all police and all military or FBI Agents with one brush, we must make distinctions between those on the ground, and those at the top. Of course you have gross corruption and violence and abuse of power at the lower levels, but many in the police and other such positions do have honour and when the big move in the last throngs of power is made by the powers that be, the ones with honour in the police and in the military will stand up. Just as they did under dictator puppet Hosni Mubarak in the face of a fearless and unrelenting Egyptian public.

Recruiting Informants/Infiltrators
Nonetheless, there is obvious and hideous corruption within the police and their systemic policies that do grave harm to society. One such trait is the use of informants and infiltrators. This is the realm of the professional liar; this is where the professional fraudster lands himself or herself the ultimate job. Here is how it works. The police, MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad, Special Branch or any other such entity, identifies a highly skilled fraudster, but only after having caught them (or framing them if necessary) in some criminal offence that will land them a long holiday in prison. In the US such a person will likely be reminded that “unpopular” inmates can find themselves in a place whereby their heterosexual status will be involuntarily converted to homosexuality via gang rape. There are similar such threats that can be wielded against women.

It is at this point the fraudster/criminal will be “made an offer they can’t refuse.” They are given two options however;
1. A long, torturous and possibly terminal prison term.
2. Regular pay in their chosen profession (fraud), as well as police, judicial, media and government protection, in return all they have to do is some work in infiltration. Their pay and protection being contingent upon befriending people under false pretenses, providing inside information and possibly subverting social causes, sabotaging or even framing innocent people. People like me for instance.

So it is, prison and gang rape or money and protection. In this way, with virtually infinite cash and resources behind them, the powers that be have infiltrated practically every level of society, especially the “problem” sections of society such as the black community, immigrants, Asians and for sure, Muslims and Arabs. And without question, every social movement has swarms of these characters I am describing above, two-bit fraudster sociopaths with the uncommon ability to lie and the servile lust for material gain… or outright fear of the alternative. These criminals who used to fear the police now have them as backup.

‘At the centre of the latest controversy is a set of documents, obtained by the Guardian and the BBC’s Newsnight, indicating that another police spy, Jim Boyling, who lived undercover among the environmental group Reclaim the Streets, concealed his identity in a criminal trial, giving false evidence under oath about his real name.

‘The accusation that police deliberately subverted the judicial process, and at worst sanctioned perjury, prompted outrage among lawyers and parts of the judiciary and led to the last-minute postponement of a major report into undercover policing of protests by the newly appointed commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Bernard Hogan-Howe.’The Guardian (Met facing mounting crisis as activist spying operation unravels)

This Guardian article goes further to say;

‘All seven spies shared similar modi operandi: they appeared out of nowhere, often had access to vehicles and showed an unflinching willingness to help run the logistics of protest organisation. Unlike undercover officers who penetrate serious criminal gangs, typically for no more than a few weeks or months, agents deployed in protest organisations are authorised to spend years living double lives as campaigners.’

Although the above description is not perfect, it does so closely resemble the primary infilTRAITOR of my Trade Not Aid Mission, one Catherine Myles to be specific.

Catherine Myles

Hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission & Police Protection for the Hijackers

What has happened to me is I have made the grave mistake of trusting people who are all too likely assets for Special Branch. Proving this is almost impossible however, but certain types of behavior go a long way to exposing the person and their true agenda. Put simply, Catherine Myles has managed to steal, blackmail, commit fraud and pervert the course of justice right under the nose of so-called “law enforcement”.

Let me make this crystal clear, she has blatantly, provably, committed the crime of fraud, theft, blackmail and perverting the course of justice, and not a peep from the police.

“Well come on Mr. O’Keefe, give that proof to the police and they will do as the law requires!” And this is what the mind controlled person will assume, there is no part of the their programming that would allow for them believe the police and criminals are all too often one and the same.

Nonetheless I have supplied the police with all the proof required to establish that the crimes of Ms. Myles. What did the police do when I supplied this evidence to them? Well they arrested me of course… for “fraud” no less. “Fraud by False Representation” to be precise, and they did this on November 2, 2011.

Perverting the Course of Justice
The accusation used to justify my arrest is pure comedy. The claim was that I had lied to Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins by saying I was the head of a “charity”, and on that basis I solicited their help in getting donations for my “charity”. Only later did they “realise” that I was in fact the Managing Director of a company, and that is when they realised they had been defrauded. They thought, so goes their fairytale, that I was the head of a “charity”, not a company, God forbid. And it was this testimony and nothing more from Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins that was used to arrest me. 3 people, just 3 fraudsters, were all that it took to arrest me. Next time I will expect at least 10 such criminals. With this the police stole (seized) 9 of my hard drives, two computers, one camera, my mobile phone, and reams of documents and most perverse of all, my DNA, which was taken against my expressed will of course.

Here is the problem with this action; I had already provided verifiable and conclusive evidence to the police, all recorded of course, that Catherine Myles was;
1. A fraudster who had lied to the police on several levels.
2. A blackmailer who threatened a material witness of mine about her having stolen the vehicles of the Trade Not Aid Mission. Again all verifiable, with the witness providing a written statement and volunteering her testimony with electronic communications proving the blackmail as well. That witness was never interviewed.
3. A thief who had knowingly stolen two vehicles, a truckload of donated goods and somewhere in the area of £15,000 that were deposited directly into her account as the “accountant” for the Trade Not Aid Mission.
4. A pervert… well that to I imagine but actually that she had perverted the course of justice as well by knowingly giving false testimony to the police which directly resulted in my arrest.

So let’s get this straight, Catherine Myles was provably been shown to commit 4 serious crimes, the last of which is punishable with a life sentence, and rather than her facing justice, I was arrested for what is a patently absurd accusation of fraud by false representation. What does this tell us? Well we can conclude one of two possibilities.
1. Either the investigating officer, the man who ultimately arrested me, DC Paul Harry of the Swansea Police, is the most thick, stupid, bumbling idiot of a cop who would give Mr. Bean a run for his money in the idiot department. Or…
2. This minion was charged with protecting the infiltrators, denying me the return of the stolen property, arresting me (but not charging me) so as to put a cloud of doubt over my head and drag out this disruption for as long as possible.

Although DC Paul Harry is clearly a very stupid man, that is not the explanation for what he has done. Clearly it is number 2 above that is his remit.

How can I make this charge? Surely I am waving the red flag in front of the bull on this one. Indeed I am and I say to the powers that be and their servile minions in the police and otherwise, bring it the fuck on. As I have said, I will die with my integrity intact and nothing makes me stronger than injustice and having to deal with bullies and abusers of power. I did not ask for this battle, but it has been brought upon me.

Here is the absolute proof that Catherine Myles and DC Paul Harry and his entire department have perverted the course of justice, a crime let us remember, that is punishable by up to life imprisonment. Let me quote directly from a UK Government website just what is perverting the course of justice.

Perverting the course of Justice
The offence is committed where a person:
• does an act (a positive act or series of acts is required; mere inaction is insufficient)
• which has a tendency to pervert and
• which is intended to pervert
• the course of public justice.

All that is necessary is proof of knowledge of all the circumstances, and the intentional doing of an act which has a tendency, when objectively viewed, to pervert the course of justice.

A false allegation which risks the arrest or wrongful conviction of an innocent person is enough.
Extracts taken from the UK Crown Prosecution Government website

To summarise, if someone has knowingly told a lie to the police and the person they lie about might POSSIBLY be arrested, much less does get arrested, is perverting the course of justice.
Here is the proof that Catherine Myles has committed this crime and that the police know this to be true? This is taken directly from Catherine Myles own blog.

Catherine Myles - Guilty of 'Perverting the Course of Justice'

So what we have above has already been verified by several Trade Not Aid convoy members who also read this blog, it is undeniable, and it is 100% prove of a serious crime. But there is something extremely important to acknowledge here, by the police refusing to even acknowledge this evidence, much less arrest and charge Catherine Myles, they are proving beyond any doubt that the police themselves are perverting the course of justice.

It is not often we have such concrete proof of serious criminal behavior with police involvement. It is not that the police do not do this sort of thing often, they do, but to have proof like this is a bit of a gift really, I am ready for them to make their move, this is my move. Ah but it gets even better.

‘Fraud by False Representation’ by Catherine Myles
What if I had proof that Catherine Myles was guilty of ‘fraud by false representation’? Remember that one? The thing I was arrested for on November 2, 2011. Surely it is not possible that the person whose testimony was used to justify my arrest was in fact provably guilty of that very crime. Well it is possible, and here is the proof.

Catherine Myles Committing 'Fraud by False Representation'

Catherine Myles Committing 'Fraud by False Representation'

What you see above is Catherine Myles soliciting funds for a “charity”, which is exactly what she accused me of doing, but of course I do not have a charity. Thing is that ‘Palestine Aid’, the “charity” she seeks money for, is not now and never has been a charity.

So when it came to me, 3 fraudsters said I said I had a charity and I was arrested and my property stolen as well as my DNA being taken against my will. When proof that Catherine Myles actually committed this crime, what happens? NOTHING!

Police Aiding & Abetting in the Theft of Trade Not Aid Vehicles, Donated Goods & Money

Stolen Trade Not Aid Vehicles

Stolen Trade Not Aid Vehicles

Moving on, in August of last year I made a complaint to the police about the Trade Not Aid vehicles (18-ton Renault Truck Reg. #V97 DBA & Optare Metrorider Minibus Reg. # P420 VRG) being stolen by Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert, Cath Jenkins and Saeb Shaath. All communications and evidence required to establish lawful ownership of these vehicles was of course provided to DC Paul Harry. Once again, here is the correspondence that proves this claim.

As a cover to avoid returning the clearly stolen property DC Harry arrested me on the bogus fraud charges on November 2, 2011. His superiors also directed him to drag out the investigation as long as possible so a date of April 2, 2012 (5 months later) was set to either bring charges against me (which was never going to happen) or conclude ‘no further action’. Well I waited these sickeningly long five months, thinking that at the end of these five months surely they will be forced to return the stolen vehicles. Well I was wrong.

Immediately upon my solicitor being told there would be no further action against me (March 30, 2012) he acted in accord with my direction, which was to demand recovery of the stolen vehicles and property. I always knew I would have to go to court to prove Catherine Myles has stolen somewhere in the area of £15,000, but the vehicles and donated goods onboard I thought surely must be returned. On their first conversation it looked like that was what DC Harry was going to do, even saying, “Mr. O’Keefe will need an HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) licensed driver” for the 18-ton truck. The next day however he did a Jekyll & Hyde routine, not only was he not returning the vehicles, he would not even answer where the vehicles were or even if the “investigation” I had initiated 8 months earlier was still in progress.

Canon Fodder
He also revealed in coded language that this decision had come from above, as if I did not already know this. There is no doubt that DC Harry is just a willing dupe, and he like other such dupes will be hung out to dry by his bosses when he has exceeded his shelf life. I know this as an ex-Marine as well, and countless veterans know what I am talking about, including my dead father. Countless so-called “heroes” are left to languish with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cancers and birth defects and other maladies caused by exposure to experimental drugs and toxins like depleted uranium (DU). Many will commit suicide or beat their wives and children or end up homeless with not one bit of help from the governments who sent them to kill or be killed.

Understanding this I feel pity for DC Harry, he is a small-minded man being used up by a system that is a voracious and rapacious exploiter of ‘human resources’. If the world does change for the better, and I believe it will, the DC Harry’s of the world simply will not exist.

In Summary
There is so much more I could say about Catherine Myles, Saeb Shaath, and the rest of the people who have worked for and nearly achieved the goal of destroying the Trade Not Aid Mission. Indeed right now, today, the vehicles that Catherine Myles stole from the Trade Not Aid Mission, remain in her possession. As I have previously mentioned she also holds stolen donated goods and somewhere in the neighborhood of £15,000 of stolen money from the Trade Not Aid Mission, all of this being dutifully protected by the UK Police.

So my priority at this moment is getting back the vehicles and donated goods. My problem is that with the police protecting this fraudster, my only weapon is the truth. While the police remain un-exposed they remain capable of aiding and abetting in the crime of fraud, theft and perverting the course of justice.

As you will recall on March 30, 2012 I was informed that the police would be taking “no further action” with regard to the investigation into me. Surprise surprise. So after five months of depriving me of my property, having access to everything I have ever written, emailed, videoed, every file on my hard drives, “no further action”. I tell you what, and I apologise to the easily offended and my Muslim brothers and sisters, but given this reality I want to express my honest thoughts to the police involved in violating me and my family as they have. GO FUCK YOURSELF! That goes to you DC Paul Harry and also to all the minions and the powers that be that have done what they could to defame me and harm my mission for Palestine.

Who Pays?
Let us be clear, I am not the victim hear, I will never be the victim as I will never sacrifice my self-respect. The real victim is the good people of Palestine who have languished while our corrupt governments have provided material support, including weapons of mass destruction, preferential trade, billions in “aid”, and total cover for all the hideous crimes Israel commits against the Palestinians. And let this be clear, even though some collaborators of Palestinian blood who will be employed to try and defame me, I am a Palestinian. My heart and my commitment are to a Free Palestine. The way of Palestine is the way of the world. If I ever back peddle on that, then you know I have been compromised.

FOR THE RECORD – I see the so-called ‘two-state solution’ as the second Nakba, I see it as totally unjust and I hope the Palestinians never accept such an unjust deal. Although I fully accept that this is 100% up to the people of Palestine. I am a Palestinian citizen however and if I am allowed to vote on such a decision you will know where I stand. I want justice plain and simple, and justice requires;
1. 100% full right of return of all the Palestinian refugees spread around the globe.
2. That every single Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails is freed. And I mean every single one.
3. That every single person who can provide valid proof, whether it is land deeds or titles to land, pictures of them on that land, testimony that this was their home, they must be able to re-occupy and possess that which was stolen from them.
4. Full and complete compensation for the loss of life and property.
5. That the entire Apartheid system of Israel is dismantled and a system chosen by all the rightful citizens of Palestine replaces it with a government of their own choosing. Whatever form that may be.

These are just some of the prerequisites for justice in Palestine, but right now, I redouble my efforts for real support in the Trade Not Aid Mission. The only thing stopping this mission is not the police, or the governments nor the powers that be, it is us, it truly is up to us. We must simply never give up.

Power to the people, rise the hell up, 2012 is the year.


Tribute to my brother Vittorio (Vik) Arrigoni – by Ken O’Keefe

There simply cannot be enough praise for brother Vik, he was a man who exemplified what it is to be human, to be a loving, courageous, full fledged human being. I am blessed till the end of time for knowing him; I will love him to the day I die. And the greatest way to honour Vik is to never give up, to never abandon Palestine, to seek truth and justice at every turn, to shed the fear and never accept the unacceptable.

On this one-year anniversary of his murder I say to his family, thank you so much for producing this warrior for justice, this brother to humanity. He is with us always; he is among the greatest Palestinians who have ever lived. TJP – Stay Human

Thought Police within the so-called ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’

Who are the 'Thought Police'?

The holier than thou thought police within the so-called ‘Palestinian Solidarity Movement’ have said the following in response to a recent speech I gave at Middlesex University in London;
‘In line with these principles, we wish to openly state that Ken O’Keefe is not welcome to speak on our campus. We urge Middlesex University Free Palestine Society to distance themselves from his comments, and condemn them as anti-semitic.

‘We invite our fellow student Palestine activists to add their societies names to this statement.’

My response is as follows.


Given that my wife and children are Semitic, it is seems the critical thinking abilities of the above thought police is a bit stunted to say the least.  So let me help you out a bit by providing the actual meaning of the word Semitic;

Semitic |səˈmitik|


1 relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.

2 of or relating to the peoples who speak these languages, esp. Hebrew and Arabic.

Your lack of linguistic knowledge or more likely participation in the abuse of language with regard to this word is not surprising, especially as it becomes more obvious that the so-called ‘Palestinian Solidarity’ movement is rife with infiltrators and subversives posing as friends and allies of Palestine.  As the saying goes, ‘with friends like these, who needs enemies’.

The truth is that my actions, and my words are those of a person unafraid of the political correctness traps to which you seem to have submitted yourself.  You might well call me an “anti-American hate monger” and imply that I paint all Americans with the same brush when I have repeatedly called the United States the “greatest terrorist of the 20th and now 21st centuries.”  But I have never seen anybody suggest I be banned from speaking for having stated these words.

But alas, speak the words deemed taboo by the thought police and one becomes unworthy of speaking at all.  Think of how incredibly holier than thou and up your own arse it makes you sound when many if not all of you, do not have a Palestinian wife/husband, or Palestinian children, who have likely never been to Palestine, certainly have not risked nearly as much as I have in defending Palestine, say that I am unworthy of speaking about Palestine or any other issue in universities where I can assure you, many people would be happy for me to speak.  The arrogance and hypocrisy is quite simply over the top.  And if there are Palestinians among this cadre of thought police who genuinely think that I am a liability rather than an asset to the Palestinian cause, then stand up and say so.  I certainly will respect you for having the balls (in a figurative sense) to say so.

To put things in perspective, just over a year ago I was presented the Key to the City of Gaza by the last elected Prime Minister of Palestine, I guess I will have to settle for that instead of your approval.

Also noted is how you have provided a link to my speech, one that purposely edits out the context of what I said.  This is either a massive mistake on your part or a deliberate act that exposes your transparent agenda in attempting to marginalise a genuine ally of the people of Palestine.  Just in case you have made a mistake, here is a link to my entire speech;

As if my words in the above speech were not clear, let me repeat, I seek the destruction of every government and institution that is actively participating in the destruction of our world.  Some being so corrupt and vile that there seems little to no chance in them being reformed, I include the US, British and Israeli governments in this category, along with the United Nations.  All of these entities are vile and disgusting and are taking us straight to hell on Earth via World War III.

Let me be clear however, I do not give a free pass to the crimes of all the other corrupt, racist and violent entities and governments out there.  I simply recognize the obvious, in terms of total destruction and suffering, the entities I reserve my greatest scorn for, specifically the so-called ‘western civilisation’ I come from, represents the gravest threats we face in this tragic world of ours… we are in truth, barbarians.

As much as you seek to censor me or ban me, all you have really done is expose yourselves and a significant problem facing the Palestinians and everyone else genuinely involved in the struggle for justice.  That problem is the false allies of truth and justice, the subversives posing as friends and the dupes to blind to know how much these characters are manipulating them.  The direct enemy is plain to see, a more honest enemy, and in this regard I respect this enemy more than the western “liberal” dupe who is either so full of himself, or so corrupt, that he is blind to the traitor to humanity role he plays.

I am a disciple of Malcolm X’s way of thinking, on more than one level.  With regard to friends and foes he was astute, he was right.  He had no illusions regarding the illusory differences between the Democrats (friends to the black man) and Republicans (racist enemies). “One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.”

In the 1964 presidential elections, when the US presidential candidates were Lyndon B. Johnson (the “peace” candidate) vs. Barry Goldwater (the “war” candidate), Malcolm X exposed the deceit of this phony distinction.
“The shrewd capitalists, the shrewd imperialists,” he said, “knew that the only way people would run towards the fox (Johnson) would be if you showed them the wolf (Goldwater). So they created a ghastly alternative . . . And at the moment he (Johnson) had troops invading the Congo and
South Vietnam.”

Beware of the 'Thought Police'

This is my perspective, you, the thought police and false allies of Palestine, which can even include people with Palestinian blood, are the ones attempting to provide cover for the tyrants by prohibiting meaningful deliberation into matters that are of the most critical importance to our world.  A stark example of this is the Jewish supremacism that is of dire consequence to our world.  This is the taboo subject you are charged with enforcing, and in doing so you take sides with the same racist, supremacist ideologies you claim to oppose.  I am proud to be opposed by you, I shall wear your Scarlet Letter as a badge of honour.

I depart by saying that any group of people, whether it is the disciples of Hitler, the Christian Zionists of America or the Jewish supporters of Israel, or the brainwashed false Muslims, I say loud and clear, any group that believes they are “chosen” by God and thus superior to anyone else, is an enemy of all humanity.  Combine this sort of supremacist ideology with the power of America and Israel and we have a recipe for the end of the world.  The stakes could not be any higher, and you, my poor, poor minions, are on the wrong side of history.  You are not the friends of Palestine or justice, you are the guardians of tyranny whether you know it or not.

Ken O’Keefe

Thus far the following thought police entities have saw fit to stand by an anti-Ken O’Keefe agenda;

Glasgow Caledonian University Palestine Society

Leeds University Palestine Society

Dundee University Action Palestine

Edinburgh University Students for Justice in Palestine

Glasgow University Palestine Society

Liverpool University Friends of Palestine

It would seem that Scotland has a segment of the population feeling inclined to ban me from Scottish Universities, I invite the people of Scotland to express whether this is representative of their national perspective.  If you wish to speak on or against my behalf, please go to the following link and say what you have to say, in fact I encourage all of you to do this.  Perhaps the thought police are right, perhaps I should not be allowed to speak at any university in the so-called ‘western civilisation’.

No Fly Zone Over Palestine

As Israel once again flexes its psychopathic tendencies, I feel the need to expose the hypocrisy of the west once more in the form of a picture.

Fuck NATO & US/British Imperialism

The Criminal UK Police Looking to Arrest Me for ‘Incitement to Racism’ – Welcome to Orwell’s 1984

The mass murdering criminal UK Government and its equally corrupt police, the ones who are happy to protect Israeli war criminals in the UK by destroying universal jurisdiction. The same UK that is home to the worlds biggest fraudsters and financial terrorists, otherwise known as the banksters. This same UK Police that falsely arrested me on bogus ‘fraud’ non-charges so it could steal my property and support the criminals who have attempted to destroy the much needed Trade Not Aid Mission. This pathetic and corrupt government and all of its other minions and lackeys can stick it where the sun don’t shine. I will happily go to prison in this Godforsaken land as the price for shouting the truth. So let me repeat; Israel is a criminal state. As is America, which is the ultimate terrorist state and uber-hypocrite. Israeli Mossad worked with high treason traitors in the US government to set explosives in the twin towers and building 7 on 9/11 so as to instigate the fraudulent ‘War on Terror’, a horrendously, purposely un-ending war that has maimed and murdered millions and counting. All for the ‘full spectrum dominance’agenda that intends to enslave every survivor of this madness.

What I said the other night is more than true, Israel is beyond an Apartheid state. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu have made that ever-clear, the people of Palestine and the scars they bare are a never ending source of proof.

I repeat, as we continue to sit on the edge of the cliff that is full scale World War III and likely nuclear annihilation, that every racist, corrupt, war murdering state, as well as the UN in its current form, should be destroyed. This includes more than any others, the true ‘Axis of Evil’ in Israel, Britain and America. These three nations are the scourge of humanity and the greatest threat this world has ever faced. Hitler will look like a saint compared to those behind these criminal states if they have their way. Mass de-population is not a ‘theory’, it is their ultimate agenda knowing full well that the fraud they have perpetuated on all of the people is being irreversibly exposed. Their time is running out… and they know this.

These three nations, along with a disgraced and disgusting UN, must be destroyed in their current form, in their place must be people who represent the true will of the people and an absolute commitment to respect for every single persons rights. The right of people to be free and to be happy is sacrosanct, fuck you with your ‘security’ bullshit, the people want freedom and a dignified life, your Orwellian frauds are your own demise should you continue to maintain this facade of ‘democracy’ and ‘civility’. The west have acted like true barbarians and all of us from these lands are guilty for the actions of our criminal governments to one degree or another.

We as people must take responsibility, we must stop shifting blame. These bastards could never get away with what they are doing if we were not so weak, divided and ultimately pathetic. Whereas they are tyrants, we are pathetic for allowing them to exploit and violate us as they do.

There will never be peace in this world as long as we the people allow this disgusting, fraudulent scam to continue. The truth is the truth, and when we rise, the banksters more than anybody else, better beg for forgiveness. And their minions, servile minions to the powers that be, these revolting, stomach churning puppets like the Tony Blair’s and Obama’s and so on, should just spend a few years in Guantanamo to think things out a bit… if they are lucky that is.

I propose a one year amnesty period for all the criminals who come clean, but if they do not, then they should be treated as they have treated others, like sub-human animals with no rights whatsoever.

In a world like this I am ready for whatever comes my way, slander, threats, torture, imprisonment, death, I like every genuine, intelligent person know all too well the price for wielding the truth. So it really does not matter what happens to me, because whenever it is that I meet my maker I shall smile, knowing that I did my best in this very, very fucked up world of ours. I have shown my ultimate respect for all life and made my life an example of the price we should be willing to pay in order to make the world right. I am not alone, I am proud to follow in the footsteps of countless people who made one decision, to face the tyranny without fear and without compromise.

And I am hopeful, I know we the people have the ultimate power. I know it is merely a matter for us to realise this fact, to seize that power, to ultimately create a better world. A world built on truth, justice and ultimately peace.

Watch and share the speech that could mark my imprisonment. Here is the Jewish supremacist Jewish Chronicle’s article spouting their same old hasbara.

Lecture at Middlesex University – Israeli Apartheid Week – February 23, 2012

Here is my lecture last week at Middlesex University. The one with our friendly Zionists. Watch the video to see what they reckon I should be jailed for; ‘incitement’ they call it. I would have to agree that telling the truth is the mostrevolutionary activity of our time and the UK police have already arrested me once on bogus pretences so we shall see. Either way so be it, in life, death or in prison I will not be silent, we will not be silent, no matter what they do to me, there will be justice. TJP

Here is the most contentious part of what I said in full;

“Now, let’s be clear, if it was possible, for an Israel to exist, in which it truly accepted all of the people of that region, especially the original inhabitants that were kicked out and murdered in masse, if it could somehow, legitimately recognise all of the people of that region, as brothers and sisters, and make sure that laws existed in which every last person was treated equally then I would shift my wrath towards Israel to an opening of seeing if this nation could conceivably act with any human decency.  But there is no indication that there is any genuine intention for anything like that at all, so, if Israel is inherently a racist state, if it is inherently an apartheid state, then I want no part of Israel, it has no place in this world. And it does in its current form, if you want me to use some inflammatory language, in its current form should be destroyed.

“Just like the UN in its current form should be destroyed, just like the American empire in its current form should be destroyed, just like the British empire in its current form should be destroyed, just like every corrupt, racist government should be destroyed.”

Dedicated to Brother Khader Adnan – Where 1 passes, 1000 will pick up!

I do not understand the French language, but I understand the meaning of this music video all too clearly. It seemed more than fitting to share it with brother Khader Adnan in mind. Brother Khader is refusing to accept the unacceptable, detained without charge by Israel, like so many others, with no human rights to speak of. I have met countless Palestinian prisoners while in the West Bank and Gaza, each and every one of them was tortured by the Israelis. America is no better, with Guantanamo, Bagram, Abu Ghraib and many others, fellow human beings rot away in dungeons and we have the nerve to call ourselves ‘civilised’. We are barbarians, all of us, for allowing our traitorous governments to effect this ongoing mass torture. We have not done all that we can do and thus we are all, to one degree or another, collectively guilty.

Brother Khader,
Like so many before you, and surely many more to come, between death with honour or life without it, you have chosen the former. Nothing but love and respect to you my brother, and to all the brothers and sisters of this world who refuse to accept the unacceptable, who resist the tyrants and their minions, who live and die with honour. There will be justice. TJP
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Réalisation et composition de base : Chairi Najib
retouche, arrangement, mastering: Joël Gires
Ce projet a été réaliser en collaboration avec Génération Palestine .
un grand merci au Jac et mouvement citoyen Palestine pour leur contribution.
Mon blog musique

Brother Khader Adnan


Carrying on from the ludicrous claim by the Israeli Defence Forces (Offence Forces) that I am a ‘terrorist operative for Hamas’, myself and a US citizen, along with the IHH humanitarian aid organisation and several Turkish nationals are named as having ‘known links to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations’ in a US Congressional Bill now being processed through the traitorous US Congress. Here is the applicable paragraph;
‘(9) In 2010, IHH organized a flotilla that included the ship Mavi Marmara carrying 40 IHH members, including Fatima Mahmadi, Ken O’Keefe, Hassan Iynasi, Hussein Urosh, Ahmad Umimon, and others with known links to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations who were armed with 100 metal rods, 200 knives, 150 military self-defense vests, 50 wooden clubs, gas masks, and a telescopic sight for a gun.’
Read the entire bill here.

It seems we are living in Orwell’s ‘1984’.

In the last year and a half alone I have been jailed and/or interrogated five times by four governments under Orwellian terrorism pretexts; once by the Israelis (in which I was beaten), once by Canadians (held for two days), once by the Americans, and twice by the British. That is just the last 18 months. So what happened 18 months ago? The Israeli massacre on the Mavi Marmara in which I was involved in disarming two of their commandoes. Israeli power brokers and Zionist agents have hated me ever since. Even more so when I referred to “Israel’s best” as “cowards”, on BBC HardTALK .

Following on, we have the British government, Israels alter-ego, doing their part in the ongoing slander campaign against me by arresting me on bogus ‘Fraud by misrepresentation’ allegations; allegations that were made by the hijackers of my Trade Not Aid mission. A mission that addresses the needs and desires of the Palestinian people to escape charitable dependancy and live a dignified life.

So the UK police have used blatantly spurious allegations as the excuse to arrest me and steal my property for the second time in six months. They have also stolen my DNA (by forcefully removing 15 strands of my hair), a gross abuse of human rights and useful ‘evidence’ to frame me in the future. Oh but they wouldn’t do that now would they?

In the last eighteen months I have had my personal property stolen and/or seized five times, once each by Israel, Canada and the US, twice by the Brits. Each time of course everything on my hard drives is copied and scrutinised with a fine tooth comb by ‘intelligence agencies’. These agencies are in fact terrorist agencies of the highest order, especially when we look at Mossad, the CIA and MI6. Imagine having all of your business and private matters in the hands of such enemies? Continuously. So right now it is the Brits’ turn, having stolen and retaining possession of my property for over two months, with an eye to keeping it until April 2012. Keep in mind this is the second time in less than six months the Brits have done this. They have two of my computers and several hard drives, plus my phone, personal documents and even my camera.

There is always a way for governments to violate the rights of the people, in this case the facilitators are Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins, primary agents in the hijacking of my Trade Not Aid mission. These crooks falsely alleged that I had defrauded them by saying my mission was a “charity” when in fact it is and always has been a non-profit social enterprise. Their actions fit the classic profile of infiltrators aligned with or working directly for Special Branch, a notorious element of the UK police who make infiltration, subversion and even murder  their business.

The likelihood of Special Branch involvement is made harder to ignore given that the allegations against me hold absolutely no weight whatsoever,   never mind the fact that they are made by provable fraudsters.

Let us look to my press conference in Gaza last May, a press conference the police have been made aware of, it makes clear that my method of effecting positive social change is, once again, through TRADE… NOT AID, via “social enterprise”;

Additionally, my bank statements prove that I take no pay. So who is the “fraudster” exactly?  The police, government, mass-media and the banksters perhaps?

The fact is that my history of activism, social enterprise and ability to articulate the crimes of the powers that be is what has made me a target.   In terms of where I invest my time, the majority of it is dedicated to social enterprise.  Accordingly, I won a fellowship position with the prestigious London School for Social Entrepreneurs in 2010. I was also featured in Social Enterprise Magazine twice. Both times highlighting my Aloha Palestine trade mission for Gaza.

Featured in Social Enterprise Magazine for my Aloha Palestine Mission to conduct SafeTrade with Palestine under the auspice of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

So the record shows my position over and over and over again, Trade, Not Aid, is what is needed in Palestine and what I have spent years to develop.  This is completely undeniable and a matter of public record.  Yet the police arrested me because they saw merit in Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins claiming I said I represented a “charity”. It is the most pathetic, transparent excuse to steal my property and thwart my humanitarian work and why should any of this surprise us? It shouldn’t, because the British government is every bit as traitorous in its bend over subservience to the Apartheid state of Israel, as is the American government; traitors all.

So I have no money, again 100% verifiable, because I take no salary and do not even cover my expenses. In fact I have incurred provable debt for the work I have done. In particular with the playground I built in Gaza for the Samouni children.

Whats more, although I have the legal and moral right to take some pay for the work I do, from the money I raise no less, I have not taken any pay since early 2009 and that was a pittance which was agreed by the donor who supported the launch of Aloha Palestine. How many directors of charities, organisations or social enterprises work for free? I don’t know but I have, and the reason I do not take pay is because there is never enough money to do all that needs to be done. So I do the best I can with the limited resources I have got.

Myself with the Samouni kids in Gaza

What is even more astonishing is that I have absolute proof that Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins are guilty of the fraud they accused me of. The police know this because proof has been given to them beyond what I have posted here. Despite this, the police have used the allegations of fraudsters who are 100% provably guilty of soliciting donations for a charity that did not exist, as the basis of arresting/harassing me on that very same charge.

What’s more, these same people have attempted to give cover for their theft of Trade Not Aid cash, donated items and vehicles by launching an un-Godly slander campaign in which they have said I am a thief, conman, womaniser, adulterer, that my children are illegitimate, that I am a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘white supremacist’, that I was nearly arrested in Gaza twice, that my Palestinian wife is ‘worse than me’ and that I have effectively stolen from the Samouni family in order to fatten my pockets.

This is a classic example of ‘Ritual Defamation’ as practised most effectively by the greatest liars and defamers of our time, the Zionists.

I have never referred to Aloha Palestine, the Samouni Project or Trade Not Aid as charities and I have taken no wages for my work since early 2009, and yet I have been arrested by one government for fraud, accused of or linked to terrorism by two others.

Will the UK police arrest the real fraudsters? Not a chance.  Why?  Because their objective is the same as Israel and Americas, perpetual harm for the people and nation of Palestine.  Anyone in or from these nations who seriously endeavours to effect justice in Palestine is in effect, regarded as an enemy of the state.

Back to the pitiable traitors Myles, Cuthbert and Jenkins, here they are soliciting money for the non-existent charity ‘Palestine Aid’.

Here is the Facebook promotion for 'Palestine Aid' the 'charity'

One of many solicitations for donations for the non-existent 'charity' - 'Palestine Aid'

Jez Cuthbert, one of the accusers whose testimony was used by UK police to arrest me for fraud, committing fraud himself.

The main hijacker of Trade Not Aid Catherine Myles committing fraud by soliciting donations for a charity that does not exist.

With initial cover by the UK police, Palestine Aid is what these same scoundrels attempted to turn Trade, Not Aid, into. And this attempted transformation reveals something extremely important to understand if we truly care about the people of Palestine, and that is that a trade mission like mine is hugely problematic to the Zionist/EU partnership.  Why?  Because my Trade Not Aid mission will aggressively expose the EU’s disgustingly immoral trade with the Apartheid state of Israel, trade that amounts to over 25bn Euros annually, while the people of Gaza live in abject, donor dependent poverty.

Trade disparity between the EU & Israel vs. the EU & Palestine

Make no mistake there is massive money made within the ‘Aid Industry’ as I call it. Money to be lost by Israel should it lose its grip over the captive market of Gaza that survives on the aid dependency tit that Israel controls. The EU’s role in providing cover for the collective punishment of the people of Gaza, which includes over 800,000 children, is massively important to Israel. As I have said my mission intends to highlight the EU’s criminal complicity and active support for Israeli crimes in a bold and damning way. And it is through shaming the EU that we shall open up trade for real and end the blockade of Gaza.

We as people who claim to care about Palestine have done no favours to its people by investing so, so much of our energy into aid.  We are reinforcing the aid culture that Israel wants and the EU facilitates.  Well I listened to the people in Palestine, and they never told me “we want more aid”.  They talk about justice and dignity, and that is why I created Trade Not Aid.

Given that my mission seriously threatens the status quo, I find no favour at all with the government or their police in the UK. But Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert and Cath Jenkins most certainly do, hell they seem to hold a ‘get out of jail free card’, and that pretty much says it all.

Fraudsters Catherine Myles, Jez Cuthbert & Cath Jenkins

But hold on, it gets even better.

Not only can we establish that those accusing me of fraud are in fact fraudsters and thieves, but the police have been informed by myself, my solicitor and others that the primary fraudster, Catherine Myles, has had at least £10,000 (but probably twice that or more) deposited in good faith to her account for the benefit of the Trade Not Aid mission, and that money is still completely unaccounted for. The UK Police have the authority to verify what we have alleged, and if they were not stooges for the powers that be they would have established beyond any doubt that Catherine Myles has zero credibility, and furthermore she is a thief who has stolen over £10,000 of donations, holding it for purposes unknown for over 6 months now… with police cover no less. So who are the fraudsters?

Say hello to the Trade Not Aid hijacking crew; Catherine Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald), Saeb Shaath, Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana & Maitreyi Atmaja), Jez Cuthbert, Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn) Ismail Patel (aka Iggle Piggle), Cath Jenkins and Yousef Khalfan.

It has become crystal clear to me that the whole reason for this travesty is to justify the police stealing my property and casting doubt on my integrity. At this point it looks like the UK police will conclude their sham investigation by returning my stolen property after six months and saying it was all a “civil matter”. At which point I have to rely on the corrupt UK “justice” system to recoup this stolen money and property. This all takes time and money and more importantly it delays the mission. Which is the whole point now isn’t it, to get me to give up or at the very least to delay it all, water it down, Zionize it and make it another bullshit band-aid on a gushing wound ‘aid mission’.

Watch this video to see what I am talking about when I refer to the ‘aid industry’ and how those running it are doing so to inflict massive harm to Palestine;

Here is the truth, the British, US and Israeli governments are one and the same, a true ‘Axis of Evil’ comprised of puppets of the powers that be. The police within these nations have proven over and over again that they are servants to these traitors and tyrants. “Just following orders” as it were, like any good Nazi would.

Catherine Myles and Saeb Shaath have played the critical roles in thwarting the Trade Not Aid mission.  Myles was the key infiltrator, subverter, Shaath was the Palestinian turncoat who gave false legitimacy to the hijacking.  He is also responsible for attempting to turn ‘Trade Not Aid’ into ‘Palestine Aid’, a non-existent charity focussed on bringing more second hand shoes and stuffed animals to Gaza.  Ultimately these people are victimising the already terribly victimised Samouni family, all the while using disgusting slander to support their treachery.  This has put innocent women in grave danger in Gaza, once again all done with the UK police providing cover.

Fraudster Catherine Myles and Turncoat Slanderer Saeb Shaath

The point of all this madness is to intimidate me, it has not worked. Listing me as a terrorist is meant to scare me. It has not worked. Stealing my property and copying every last bit of my business and personal files is meant to frustrate me and stop me from carrying on. Once again, not happening.

While these bastards in MI5-6 and/or ‘Special Branch’ are copying every single file I have ever saved, looking into every single thing I have ever done, I say to them you are shameless cowards all. Good luck to you in doing your personality profiling of me, trying to find any weakness in me, any area to exploit, good luck.

And of course, if there was even a shred of evidence that I was a fraudster, they would lock me up in a heartbeat.

And if I was Arab or Muslim? I would have been put away long ago, or outright assassinated. But I am white, making things just a little bit trickier.

And so these pathetic minions will have to make something up.  When and if I am judged by my maker, I have absolutely nothing to fear. I am not one of the traumatised, fear induced masses, I will die with honour no matter what fraud or threat is used against me.

But I want this to be clear as well, for the honourable ‘intelligence’ agents or police reading this, I extend respect to you. I know you are there and I like many am counting on you to do the right thing when your orders amount to treason against the people. To the military, same thing. You are caught up in a machine that is using you, dishonouring you, and at some point you will know this and in order to redeem yourself you must speak out and disobey your unlawful, immoral orders.

The lesson here? The lesson is that when the ultimate fraudsters and terrorists call you a fraudster, terrorist, womaniser, thief, Nazi, conman, etc., you must be doing something right. So regardless of the effort to stop me from doing what I do, the next phase of the Trade Not Aid Mission will be launched, and we will see just how much damage to this cause the Zionist slander tactics have had. Either way I will never turn my back on my Palestinian family, whether it is my wife and children who have Palestinian blood, or my extended Palestinian family who I love deeply; there will be justice in Palestine.

For now however the world remains upside down, it is up to us to turn it round and make it right. Until such time I will take the accusations, arrests and harassment as a badge of honour.

PS – On the bright side, I filmed 26 stories in Gaza that have been edited and will be published on YouTube in the next few weeks. With the initial editing done we need only finish them off to the standard I require. Thankfully this entire job was made possible because I transferred all the video files to a friend before the police stole my property. For sure however this theft has prevented me from doing some important work, and of course that is part of the plan. I do not have my most vital piece of equipment, the laptop I use for all sorts of business, most notably my videos. I have had to borrow a machine to do this as I do not have the money to replace my equipment once again.

Congressional Traitors in the USA – Passage of the NDAA

Traitor Obama

The Fourteenth Amendment (Amendment XIV) to the United States Constitution – Section 1. ‘All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.’

The prostitute/traitors in the US Congress along with the Nobel Peace Prize winning traitor of a President have committed yet another act of treason, passing the National Defence Authorisation Act with provisions that make indefinite detention of US citizens “legal”, with no due process, no Constitutional rights, allowing for torture, even capital punishment, ultimately subjecting them to disappeared type status that historically has been reserved only for the foreign born Muslims and Arab “terrorists” in the farcical “War on Terror”, but now every American can share in this privilege. Hip, hip hooray! The “Greatest nation on Earth”, “Home of the free” and “land of the brave” and yada yada yada.

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry Give me liberty or give me death

What a sad, yet spectacular fall from grace. The nation that had it all, with an ancestry that gave them one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon a people. And we the descendants of these Founding Fathers sat on our fat arses while the nation we we were given, one with such potential for real greatness, was shit on to the point of turning it into one big cesspit of lies and hypocrisy and bullshit.

In the annals of history, true history, if future generations actually exist, given that we continuously flirt with total global annihilation, they will look back at the American people of my generation and say, “what the fuck were they thinking?!”

To the ever growing number of patriots, your time is upon you, “give me liberty or give me death” as one of the Founding Fathers said.

PS – One last point, the USA, it must be said, was built on genocide and slavery and thus I cannot praise the American nation as a whole. Being generous but not blind, I can see the whole and recognise some of the amazingly rare and good things that were handed down and how these gifts could have been transformed into real good for all people. Far from that however, we threw it all away… or at least it is looking that way unless real action takes place real fast.

Anonymous Retaliates: Massive Information dump released on Senators who Passed NDAA

An egregious violation of due process

American Patriot Ron Paul – Ron Paul 2012 – Endorsement from Ken O’Keefe

Never in modern day history has a presidential candidate with a real chance had as much integrity, intelligence and courage as Ron Paul. I renounced my US citizenship in shame for what America has become, but Ron Paul makes me proud once again. TJP

Igniting & Uniting – Working with Occupy Movement & Anonymous

Occupy Marines Movement

Have just got off the phone with Occupy Movement representatives including OMC (Occupy Marines), we are officially working together. Have had contact with Anonymous recently and the same is true. I will work with any and all who are serious about showing the powers that be that their time is running out. The will of the people, truth and justice, will not be denied. Imprison us, slander us, kill us, does not matter; there will be justice!

Dale Farm (a video poem) Read by the Heretic

Dale Farm


As I look over Dale Farm today I see the inevitable world envisioned by the 1%


A toxic, scarred, inhospitable landscape, a terrestrial hell suitable for Satan himself


I see a socio/psychopaths delight, a delectable appetiser… with a main course of World War III… and a desert of nuclear Armageddon


“Coming soon to a theatre near you” (very, very short pause)  as it were


I see the 99% constructing the ultimate prison, a prison large enough to imprison everyone… minus the 1% and their minions that is


I see the 99% voluntarily entering the prison and locking the prison door behind the last man, woman and child


I see the 1% with devils smiles as the 99% grovel


I see the 99% begging to be liberated by the 1%


I see the 1% laughing fiendishly, uproariously, as they eye the key to the prison door locked within the petrified hearts of a traumatised, mind controlled and compartmentalised 99%


I see the irony of humanity endowed with mastery of its collective fate… locked within a prison of it’s own making


I see Lemmings, I see Sheep


I see wage slaves and collective insanity


I see people fearing their governments instead of the other way around


I see Apartheid South Africa, Jim Crow America… I see Palestine


I see Soviet Gulags, Robben Island, FEMA Camps, Bagram, Abu Ghraib, San Quinton and Guantanamo


I see Iwo Jima, the Battle of the Somme, the Nanking Massacre The Battle of Stalingrad, I see cannon fodder all


I see Baghdad, Gaza, Beirut, Belfast, Kabul and Tripoli… I see Hiroshima and Nagasaki


I see my human family, intentionally, manipulatively, sadistically, divided…(longer pause) and yet I see my family igniting, uniting


I see Dale Farm… a microcosm,


I see Dale Farm… a wake up call


What do you see?





I wrote this in 2001-2002, just as I fled my paradise life in Hawaii because I was a serious target of the US government.  I was obviously a yonger man, admittedly very angry, seeing 9-11 for what it was and knowing that yet another  mass murder was coming in Iraq/Afghanistan, this notice however is just as true today as it was then.  This notice was posted on my website and is archived at

I am posting this International Notice now because I am once again under attack by the powers that be, this time in the so-called UK.  This notice is part of a huge body of evidence that it is my political stance that is the real reason why I find governments and police forces attempting to intimidate and possibly imprison or even murder me.  Those that are blicd to the ways of our world will doubt such a thing, those with their eyes open will know however that what I am saying above is valid and true.  Take it for what it is worth and consider copying this text and posting it elsewhere on the internet.

July 1, 2002

Kenneth Roy Nichols (Ken O’Keefe)

“Resist always the defeatist views of the cynics who voluntarily relinquish their power and claim that nothing can be done to create a fair and just world.”



Quilibet Potest Renunciar Juri Pro Se Inducto

Anyone May Renounce A Right Introduced For His Own Benefit


citizenship is synonymous with Allegiance, I have absolutely no Allegiance to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA;

WHEREAS, citizenship is synonymous with Residence, I maintain no Residence in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA;

WHEREAS, citizenship is synonymous with paying taxes, I pay no tax to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA;

WITH REGARD TO HAWAII, by virtue of “UNITED STATES PUBLIC LAW 103-150″, the U.S. has legally confessed to the international crime of conspiracy by overthrowing the “sovereign and independent Kingdom of Hawaii”;

WHEREAS, PUBLIC LAW 103-150 further concedes that “the Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent sovereignty” as a people or as a nation;

WHEREAS, in accordance with PUBLIC LAW 103-150, and superior Public International Laws, I recognize the Kingdom of Hawaii as the de jure (lawful) Government of Hawaii, as will all individuals and nations that honor law;

WHEREAS, Independence is synonymous with Freedom, the human right of Self Determination embodies the essence of Freedom;

WHEREAS, UNITED STATES Law, Public International Law, and Human Rights Law all affirm the right of Self Determination;

WHEREAS, every nation, state, or person violating the right of Self Determination is an enemy of Freedom;

WHEREAS, “We the People,” out of fear, have unwittingly relinquished our superior power in the face of a tiny minorities greed, manipulation, threats and violence;

WHEREAS, “We the People,” can take that power back at the very moment we realize that it is ours, and many of us have already done so;

WHEREAS, I call on the people of the world to exercise their inherent dignity and inalienable right to Self Determination in defiance of the “New World Order.”

WHEREAS, I call for non-violent lawful resistance in every form;

WHEREAS, I recognize oppression as the primary cause of violent resistance;

WHEREAS, the IMF, WTO, World Bank and the UNITED STATES create and enforce oppression;

WHEREAS, I embrace all my brothers and sisters around the globe, whether black, white, yellow or brown, who bravely resist oppression “By any means necessary.” But I urge all such warriors to hit the oppressors at their most vulnerable weaknesses, non-violence, truth and law;

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES is the only Western democracy in the world that opposes the newly founded International Criminal Court (ICC);

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES stands side by side with China, Libya, Israel and two thirds of the “Axis of Evil,” North Korea and Iraq, in opposing the establishment of the International Criminal Court;

WITH REGARD TO SO-CALLED “TERRORISM”, we must distinguish between true terrorism and politically defined terrorism. The true definition follows:

· terrorism, n. The use or threat of violence to intimidate or cause panic, esp. as a means of affecting political conduct. Black’s Law Dictionary

WHEREAS, the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation was terrorism;

WHEREAS, the extermination of aboriginal Americans was terrorism;

WHEREAS, the enslavement of Africans was terrorism;

WHEREAS, Hiroshima and Nagasaki was terrorism;

WHEREAS, the bombing of Southeast Asia was terrorism;

WHEREAS, military and economic supplying of Suharto was terrorism;

WHEREAS, the loyal support and aid of Apartheid South Africa was terrorism;

WHEREAS, the entire U.S. foreign policy of Central and South America was terrorism;

WHEREAS, the invasion of Panama was terrorism;

WHEREAS, using Depleted Uranium in Puerto Rico, Iraq, and the Balkans, was terrorism;

WHEREAS, the “Patriot Act” is terrorism;

WHEREAS, the “American Servicemembers Protection Act” is terrorism;

WHEREAS, the “War on Terror,” is terrorism;

WHEREAS, the overwhelming majority of “U.S. Foreign Policy” is based on terrorism;

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, by virtue of the historical facts, is the “Greatest Terrorist” of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries;

WHEREAS, I call on the unrepresentative, fascist, de facto, terrorist government of the UNITED STATES to be abolished and replaced by its opposite;

WHEREAS, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the single greatest terrorist organization of the 20th and 21st Centuries, and I call on the CIA to be abolished, as did John F. Kennedy shortly before his assassination;

WHEREAS, the true terrorists of this world, the CIA, the U.S. Federal Government, and others, are vile cowards and dupes who hide behind lies and secrecy in the name of “National Security” and the “War on Terror”;

WHEREAS, I HEREBY REJECT the farce known as the “War on Terror,” which is in reality the ultimate “War on Freedom”;

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES has no lawful authority to designate any individual, group, organization or nation as a terrorist;

FURTHERMORE, I hereby declare that I will support whatever individual, group, organization or nation I choose regardless of the absurd labeling of the UNITED STATES;

WHEREAS, the continued designation of Cuba as a “Terrorist State,” by the UNITED STATES, is yet another embarrassing farce;

WHEREAS, I stand with the Cuban people and they’re highly respected and popular leader, Fidel Castro, for whom I have tremendous respect;

WHEREAS, Cuba is a truly independent nation, a nation whose leaders have not sold out the interests of their people to “Foreign Investors” who would rape and plunder. A nation whose leaders, unlike virtually all other puppet governments of the world, have not become rich for their “Service”;

WHEREAS, the “New World Order” as carried out by the UNITED STATES for over half a century and most notably by George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush Jr. is the single greatest threat to all life and freedom that the world has ever known;

WHEREAS, “If you’re not with us, your with the terrorists” (George W. Bush – Sept. 20, 2001), I hereby declare that I am not with George W. Bush nor the U.S. Government, nor any entity loyal to them;

WHEREAS, under the so-called “Patriot Act,” “Law Enforcement Agents” in the U.S. can legally kidnap “Suspected Terrorists” with no “Due Process,” forcibly and indefinitely imprison them on U.S. military bases (by law), beat them (by law), torture them (by law), be denied chosen legal representation (by law), denied all contact with the outside world (by law), found guilty of “terrorist” crimes based on secret evidence and witnesses in a secret military tribunal (by law), and yes, executed (by law);

WHEREAS, the traitorous actions of the U.S. Federal Government through the passage of the “Patriot Act” has destroyed all civil rights the UNITED STATES Constitution and Bill of Rights were intended to protect;

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES serves as a model for the “New World Order,” and is now officially a “Police State” and will likely be under full “Martial Law” during George W. Bush’s presidential term;

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES has officially declared by law, that the President reserves the right to use “all means necessary and appropriate” to bring about the release from captivity of U.S. or allied personnel detained or imprisoned by or on behalf of the ICC. Literally interpreted, the U.S. has threatened to invade the Netherlands, a comparatively free and democratic society, should it employ the mandates of Public International Law;

WHEREAS, a world that allows the U.S. to “Lead” a so-called “War on Terror” in the name of “Freedom” and “Democracy” and the “Rule of Law” dooms itself to increasing terror, murder, and self-destruction;

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES has no regard for its own laws or International Law, unless it works to the benefit of the U.S.;

WHEREAS, the UNITED STATES fears more than anything a mass awakening of human consciousness and a true and equal application of the “Rule of Law”;

WHEN THE TRUTH BE KNOWN, George W. Bush will be identified for what he is, a traitor. A traitor whose will to power caused him to sacrifice his own people for untold profits through the Carlyle Group and oil interests. A traitor who by legitimate law, and even his own fascist laws, could be imprisoned for life or executed for high treason and mass murder;

WHEREAS, I publicly charge George W. Bush with active participation and/or direct involvement in the events of 9-11 for the purpose of advancing the “New World Order” and his personal wealth and power;

WHEREAS, I publicly charge George Bush Sr. and the UNITED STATES Government with “War Crimes” for its systematic Human Experimentation on myself and 600,000 other “Servicemembers” through the use of Pyridostigmine Bromide pills, Anthrax and Botulinum Toxoid vaccines, and exposure to Depleted Uranium during the “Gulf War”;

WHEREAS, I publicly charge George Bush Sr. and the UNITED STATES Government with “Crimes Against Humanity” for its systematic use of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Iraq, the Balkans, and Puerto Rico, with full knowledge of the hideous biological affects of DU radiation exposure on the health of the civilian population;

WHEREAS, I and others have proof of every charge made within and I challenge any and all persons, especially within the U.S. Government, to a public debate on these accusations;

WHEREAS, the current absence of a permanent international court with the power to address legitimate 20th Century Crimes demands that the newly formed ICC fulfill this necessary role. Should the ICC neglect to do this, myself and others will work for the formation of an independent tribunal to file legal charges against the UNITED STATES for the above crimes, and more;

WHEREAS, as a peaceful, lawful person I pre-emptively denounce any future criminal charges against myself as a political attack intended to silence me;

WHEREAS, I denounce true terrorism and will never be a terrorist;

TO THE CITIZENS OF WESTERN NATIONS, it is our fear, inaction, and blind ignorance of propaganda that has thus far led us to endorse (through acquiescence) the UNITED STATES in “Leading” the so-called “War on Terror”;

TO THE CITIZENS OF NON-WESTERN NATIONS, some of us from the West are truly ashamed of the historical and ongoing crimes of our nations and are committed to a process of true justice for all past and present crimes;

REGARDING POLITICAL ASYLUM IN HOLLAND, I was compelled to leave my home, family and Nation of Hawaii in order to avoid imprisonment and continue my role in the peaceful and lawful struggle for Hawaiian Independence and Global Justice;

WHEREAS, UNITED STATES Judge, David L. Fong, unlawfully issued an $11,000 Bench Warrant for my arrest on November 30, 2000;

WHEREAS, this $11,000 Bench Warrant is proven unlawful by the official audio recording of court proceedings on Nov. 30, 2000 and the official court transcript. (tape #W00-146: 414-464, Wahiawa);

WHEREAS, the action of the dishonorable Judge Fong, a sworn agent of the U.S., is a direct attempt by the UNITED STATES to intimidate and punish me primarily for my participation within and Allegiance to the Lawful Hawaiian Nation;

WHEREAS, this arrest warrant remains active to this day, in spite of its unlawful issuance and several attempts by myself to effect a legal remedy;

WHEREAS, I am not a criminal and am not fleeing any lawful prosecution;

In Recognition of the Above Facts, I acknowledge the nation of ones birth as an involuntary consequence, not duty. Therefore, I Kenneth Roy Nichols have Lawfully Renounced my UNITED STATES citizenship in accordance with U.S. Law, Public International Law and Human Rights Law, in favor of Statelessness; effective March 1, 2001;

WHEREAS, I have legally and voluntarily Renounced my U.S. citizenship and relinquished my US passport, # 120689595, to officials of UNITED STATES Consulates, twice (Us Consul Steve Giegerich – Vancouver 3-1-01/US Vice Consul Carl Risch – Amsterdam 11-26-01);

WHEREAS, I have publicly burned US passport #120689595 at the UNITED STATES Consulate in Amsterdam because it was returned to me for the second time;

WHEREAS, I claim the rights of no passport for any nation,

WHEREAS, I hold no US Social Security card;

WHEREAS, I hold no US drivers license;

WHEREAS, I claim no benefit, OF ANY KIND, from my former US citizenship;

WHEREAS, the might of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA is powerless in denying my Free Will, and therefore, there is no slave, subject, puppet or citizen for the UNITED STATES in Kenneth Roy Nichols;

WHEREAS, I will exercise and defend the Human Rights inherent in all people no matter who would attempt to deny them and no matter what the risks;

WHEREAS, I Kenneth Roy Nichols am a Self Determined Free Person of Planet Earth, and hereby pronounce my lawful status, effective March 1, 2001, as a Stateless World Citizen.


All objections to this Lawful NOTICE must be posted no later than July 31, 2002 to;


ATTN; Kenneth Roy Nichols

Schakelstede 1-3

3431 HB Nieuwegein


Thereafter All Objections Will Be Deemed Waived

“Power to the People”


1. INTERNATIONAL NOTICE (30 Day Objection Period)

2. Recipients

3. Ladies and Gentlemen of the US Federal Government

4. “Freedom”

5. UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – Article I

6. Summary to Date

7. “Citizen”

8. Human Experiments and the Gulf War – Miscarriages o Birth Defects o Depleted Uranium

9. “Allegiance”

10. Clarification of World View

11. Allegiance Hawaii

12. Historical Facts

13. US Opposition to International Human Rights

14. Renounce #1 – March 1st 2001

15. Public Law 103-150

16. US Response Lawful Renunciation #1

17. Jurisdiction

18. 15 Statutes at Large, Chapter 249 (Section 1)

19. The Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

20. Lawful Hawaiian Citizenship

21. Renounce #2 – November 26th 2002


23. Criminal Activity?

24. Tax Liability?

25. “The United States of Hypocrisy”

26. Does the State Department of the United States, still consider me a United States citizen???

27. Hidden Agenda of the US for Kenneth Nichols

28. I Am Not Your Property, Not Your Puppet, Nor Your Citizen. I Am Stateless!

29. Sowing Seeds

30. Conclusion


Date: May 1, 2002

To: George W. Bush – President (de facto)

Colin Powell – Secretary of State (de facto)

Ian G. Brownlee – Division Chief, Western Hemisphere Affairs

The Policy Review and Inter-Agency Liaison – US State Department &

William Margenhoff – Vice Consul US Consulate Amsterdam

From: Kenneth Roy Nichols

Ladies and Gentlemen of the US Federal Government,

Deceit and denial mixed with total disregard for internationally accepted human rights; that is how I would characterize your government. The purpose of this INTERNATIONAL NOTICE and Declaration is to establish the facts and lay the foundation for legal charges against you at a later date; my renunciation of US citizenship is by law already complete. So this Declaration in no way implies that I am in any way at the mercy of the US government. To the contrary, it affirms my perfect rights as a human being. The United States, for all its power, cannot shatter that hard fact. Enjoy the Declaration.

Be it known:

That I, Kenneth Roy Nichols, have been subjected to highly injurious & involuntary human experiments conducted by the US Military;

That the UNITED STATES of AMERICA has attempted to deny my freedom by violating due process of law via the Issuance of unlawful bench warrants for my arrest, and that these charges were proved false and yet remain active;

That the UNITED STATES of AMERICA intends to subvert my human right of Self Determination in order to retain jurisdiction over me;

That the UNITED STATES of AMERICA requires jurisdiction over me in order to extradite & imprison me at their convenience;

That I have entered the political asylum procedure of Holland in part, to defend myself against false imprisonment;

That I declare innocence to any & all charges against myself by the UNITED STATES of AMERICA or any of its puppet client states;

In Addition;

That the US Government has puppets and initiates serving elitist families and their agenda and that these elitists operate via secret societies;

That George W. Bush and his father are both members of one such society;

That 1% of US citizens control approximately 90% of US wealth;

That if I die or “Disappear,” no matter what the circumstances, I hereby charge these same secretive elitist cowards with responsibility no matter what “Patsy” is presented as guilty;

That the primary goal of these pathetic secret stooges via the UNITED STATES Military is the fulfillment of the New World Order;

That the goal of the New World Order is total global domination;

That despite the odds, I commit to resisting all forms of global domination, beyond mortal life.


I hereby Exercise/Retain Absolutely All Rights Inherent in Human Beings by virtue of International Human Rights Law & Public International Law;

Should the United States or its agents wish to claim that I am liable for any violation of their “laws” (including taxes), I demand that these charges are filed against me immediately, or cease and desist with all injuries directed at me.

Over the course of two and a half years I have fulfilled the numerous requirements as outlined by both US law, and Public International Law, for legal renunciation of my birth citizenship of the United States of America. This process culminated on March 1, 2001.

It is critical to acknowledge that I had absolutely no control as to where I was born. But now, as a thinking moral person, I do have complete control over my political status. I acknowledge no entity as my master but myself; I am free person exercising and defending all human rights.


“Freedom and fear are at war. The advance of human freedom — the great achievement of our time, and the great hope of every time — now depends on us.”

George W. Bush – State of the Union address on September 20, 2002

· freedom n 1 : the quality or state of being free: as a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : INDEPENDENCE c : EXEMPTION, RELEASE d : EASE, FACILITY e : FRANKNESS, OUTSPOKENNESS 2 a : a political right

Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary

· freedom, n. 1. The state of being free or liberated. 2. A political right.

Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

Your government continues to dishonor itself by attempting to deny my political and human right to freedom. By attempting to thwart these most essential political and human rights, you threaten the “Right of Self Determination,” and you expose yourself to be a true enemy of freedom.

UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Ratification and Accession by General Assembly. Resolution 2200A (XXI) December 16, 1966. (ratified by the US in 1992)


The States Parties to the present Covenant,

Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Recognizing that these rights derive from the inherent dignity of the human person,

Recognizing that, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ideal of free human beings enjoying civil and political freedom and freedom from fear and want can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his civil and political rights, as well as his economic, social and cultural rights,

Considering the obligation of States under the Charter of the United Nations to promote universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and freedoms,

Realizing that the individual, having duties to other individuals and to the community to which he belongs, is under a responsibility to strive for the promotion and observance of the rights recognized in the present Covenant,

Agree upon the following articles:

Part I Article 1

1. All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.


“Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,” and your government, as a Charter Member of the United Nations has the legal responsibility to “promote universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and freedoms.” The language is unambiguous, only I have the right to determine my political status, otherwise there exists no human rights whatsoever. If these rights are denied, then we as human beings become nothing more than citizen/slaves of Nation States. Dangerous indeed. And is that the position the most powerful nation in the history of the world?

Summary To Date

As you are well aware, I now reside in Holland and have formally requested political asylum from the Dutch Government. It is my politically “subversive behavior” towards your oppressive authority that necessitated this drastic decision. Your “intelligence services,” primarily the FBI, have for years had every incentive to monitor me. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the FBI does have quite a lengthy file on me, although by your own laws this is illegal unless I am a suspect of criminal activity. Yet I have never been accused of anything. I am what you call an “enemy of the state,” and indeed, I am an enemy of any state that puts power and greed above all else, even human life. Naturally, it was merely a matter of time before I would become a political target. This persecution became ever clear and ultimately unacceptable, and it began at the very time my commitment to the Lawful Hawaiian Nation was decided (1999-2000). This was no coincidence. My activity was and is tantamount to overthrowing (peacefully) the US Government in Hawaii. As a result, when I left Hawaii I had an active $11, 000 “Bench Warrant” issued to arrest me for something I had proved false, but this is but one example of my personal targeting at the hands of your government. The bottom line is that my freedom was in grave jeopardy, and police brutality with the excuse of acting on the arrest warrants was an every day possibility. I was forced into a defensive posture, thereby draining precious energy from the cause of Hawaiian Independence. I was being “neutralized” mentally and the threat of physical loss of freedom was looming. In order to remain physically free and mentally focused I was compelled to leave Hawaii, the nation of my allegiance, my home. I did not do so lightly. As for the nation of my birth, I do not plan to return to California or any other State in America. Such is the extent of my repugnance towards the American Government. Your disgusting contribution to this world has in my case shattered the sacred bond one has with the land of his birth. It is with Hawaii and the kanaka maoli that this sacred bond exists for me now, and forever. Holland for me, is a place of temporary refuge, and I am grateful for the refuge it avails me.

The need for me as a man of conscience to divorce myself from the US stems from the actions of your government from the moment it was born, but most of all, its actions over the last century. The level of injustice and hypocrisy is simply impossible to measure. What I am ultimately stating within this declaration is already known to thinking people (not “educated”) around the world, and the people on the receiving end of your bombs or economic oppression are difficult to brainwash, so it is that these people know the truth I speak. Aside from the comparatively wealthy Western societies of America and Western Europe, whose populations (to a great degree) have been lulled into a morally comatose state of existence, the United States is regarded as a hypocritical rouge nation that is tolerated only out of fear of reprisal. A rouge that is completely out of control, Drunk on its own Power. A rouge that seriously threatens to destroy all life as we know it through its global rape of the natural world and sheer insanity in developing weapons of mass destruction.

It is necessary to understand the relationship between the actions of your government and my actions as a human being. We cannot understand one without understanding the other. Central to my exercising the right of renunciation is the criminal terrorist policies of the U.S. My previous written explanations for renouncing US citizenship have not convinced your government of my seriousness, therefore I must address your actions in order to make myself completely clear.

“The contract (to build 3000 + Joint Strike Fighter Jets) could bring the winning firm some 400 billion dollars when global sales are counted. The sales will probably be more than 400 billion over the life of the contract. This would be without a doubt the biggest defense contract ever.”

David Williams – Washington (AFP) Oct 26, 2001

“This is a wonderful day for Lockheed Martin, one day that will set a course for the next 30 to 40 years,”

Vance Coffman – CEO & Chairman of Lockheed Martin on being awarded the 400 billion dollar contract at their employee celebration party. Oct 26, 2001.

“Have at the cake,” he added.

Truly perverse, only a society devoid of all compassion could see value in spending 400 billion dollars to build 3000 weapons of mass destruction. In fact, the total value of the contract is being estimated at 1 Trillion Dollars over the next nine years. One can only imagine what benefit that money could serve for humanity?

As a most recent example of direct US support and capitulation in war crimes we can look to the actions of your good buddy Ariel Sharon and your puppet state of Israel.

“Shocking and horrifying beyond belief. The stench of decaying corpses everywhere.”

Terje Roed-Larsen – U.N. Special Envoy to the Middle East on the Palestinian Refugee Camp of Jenin post Sharon/Israel/US Invasion – CNN – April 18, 2002

Later, when Roed-Larsen was asked if he saw evidence of war crimes he responded by saying; “No comment.” Seems Roed-Larsen is not naïve about the US power directly behind Israel’s criminal operation and the wrath sure to be brought down on him should he answer that question. The weapons used to carry out this atrocity were of course, supplied by the US and the US taxpayer. Little do the American people know the extent of atrocities committed with US tax dollars.

“Prime Minister Sharon is a dear friend” and “a man of peace!”

George Bush – Washington Post April 19, 2002, within 24 hours of the Jenin Operation

What planet are you from George? Is that how “peaceful” beings act there? Thinking people around the world including myself are in awe of your grandiose stupidity. “Dumb and Dumber” describes the whole soap opera sideshow that is the real America. It would be “comical beyond belief” if it weren’t for the horrendous tragedies that result from it.

Regardless of your insanity, my human rights are not conditioned on US approval. Otherwise they would not be human rights. The question is; how much longer will your government futilely attempt to deny my right of Self Determination? My rights remain in tact no matter how powerful you believe your government, police, military, FBI, CIA and all the rest to be. You have oppressed your benefactor population by extensive manipulation of facts, total control of major media, police action and intimidation, among other methods. The most courageous; indeed the best of America have been ruthlessly punished. Some murdered, some imprisoned, some simply beaten into submission. This is what you intended for me. This is a pattern so uniform, it is rare to find an exception. I had no intention of becoming yet another of your statistics, better to fight free in Holland, than fight and quite possibly die while imprisoned in America. Fight I will, and my greatest weapon? The Truth. Indeed it is the truth that has set me free, and I will till my death and beyond continue to help free others. As a result of the facts above, it has become necessary once again to explain the basics of law and procedure along with defining certain words in order to make everything crystal clear. First we shall start with a definition.


· citizen \sit-e-zen\ n 1 : an inhabitant of a city or town; esp : one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman 2 a : a member of a state b : a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to reciprocal protection from it – Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary

· citizen, n. 1. A person who, by either birth or naturalization, is a member of a political community, owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to enjoy all its civil rights and protections; a member of the civil state, entitled to all its privileges. – Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

So am I a citizen of the United States?

1. Well I am not the “inhabitant” of any US city or town. Furthermore I do not reside in any colony, such as Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, Diego Garcia, Guantanamo Bay, etc.

2. I vehemently reject the so-called “privileges”, “protections”, and enjoyment of “civil rights” of the United States. In fact, I have personally witnessed and documented blatant civil (human) rights violations of ARTICLE I, IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, XIV, XV of the United States Bill of Rights, and all of this carried out by sworn agents of the US Government.

3. I was born as a California native in the US; however, we now have to define the word “allegiance” which is conspicuously attached to the criteria for citizenship.

· allegiance. 1. A citizen’s obligation of fidelity and obedience to the government or sovereign in return for the benefits of the protection of the state.

Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

In order to identify any allegiance to America we should explore America’s treatment of me.

Miscarriages – Birth Defects – Depleted Uranium In 1989, I conducted one of the stupidest actions of my life; I joined the US Marine Corps.

“No President can easily commit our sons and daughters to war. They are the nations finest. May God bless each and every one of them.” – George Bush Sr. – State of the Union address, January 16, 1991 – Beginning of War on Iraq

“May God bless each and every one of them.” Cursed is more like it. I ultimately participated in the Gulf War massacre. Today, I consider this a shamefully ignorant act on my behalf. My stupidity was rewarded by experiencing first hand, the ground war that began a month later. During this “war” I was exposed to the combat environment of retreating Iraqi soldiers. For this, my unit (2cd Battalion 4th Marines) was awarded a “Combat Action Ribbon.” And it is combat conditions that provided the greatest exposure for ground troops to Depleted Uranium (DU), something we knew nothing about at the time. As you know, DU dust is produced via armor-piercing munitions used by the US and Britain. It is an undeniable fact that Bush Sr. was fully aware that the sons and daughters who were the nations finest were unwittingly being exposed to DU, something that has caused immense pain and suffering for Americans, but even more hideously, for Iraqi mothers and fathers and their children. I believe this is proof positive that Bush Sr. is a most dishonorable man at least, or a war criminal that is responsible for mass murder of his own “sons and daughters” at worst. I will charge the latter.

“Tests show Gulf War victims have uranium poisoning” - The Sunday Times (London) September 3rd 2000

American and British forces fired more than 700,000 DU shells during the conflict. This amounts to approximately 315 tons of DU dust left by the use of DU ammunition. 600,000 soldiers including myself were not warned of DU hazards in the Gulf. It is this Depleted Uranium dust that may ultimately lead to my death. My “blessing” as a US Serviceman.

“We tested urine samples from 30 veterans from the USA, UK, Canada and Iraq. Their locations cover the whole of the ground war region. The samples were analyzed for isotopic composition of uranium isotopes by the delayed neutron activation method and confirmed by surface ionization mass spectrometry.

It is more likely that it will take 10 years or longer, for six to ten percent, i.e. 36,000 of the 600,000 veterans exposed would succumb to fatal cancers.”

Dr. Hari Sharma of the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Eleven years later, just what is in store for me?

“Once inside the body, DU causes a slow death from cancers, irreversible kidney damage or wastage from immune deficiency disorders. In the UK (with far less combat soldiers than the US), there are more than 400 veterans who are estimated to have died from “Gulf war syndrome.” – Dr. Durakovic – Professor of Nuclear Medicine, Georgetown University & Former Head of Nuclear Medicine, US Army Veterans Affairs Medical Facility in Delaware

Upon returning I was among “America’s finest” greeted by massive ticker tape parades and euphoric jingoism extolling the defenders of law over tyranny, the “heroes” as we were parroted.

“A new study by federal researchers has found that babies born to Gulf War veterans suffer a greater number of certain kinds of birth defects than children of non-Gulf War veterans.” – CNN Washington December 8, 1997


My baby at three months old; dead. Dec. 1997

“More and more cases of birth defects are coming to the forefront. Some parents have also had miscarriages or become infertile following service in the Gulf. The wives of some veterans have complained that their husband’s semen caused a ‘burning’ sensation.”

Hilary Meredith – Veteran Liaison, Manchester England

I cannot emphasize enough the amount of terrible grief this miscarriage had on my wife and myself. I can only imagine what Iraqi mothers and fathers were experiencing.


More Birth Defects Found in Gulf War Babies

The rising number of cases in Iraq, particularly in the South where the greatest concentration of DU was fired, is simply staggering. Iraqi physicians have never encountered anything like it, and have made the perfectly reasonable point that similar increases in cancer and deformities were experienced in Japan after

the two US atomic bomb attacks. Cancer has increased between 7 and 10 fold; deformities between 4 and 6 fold. – LIFE magazine November 1995

Dr. Durakovic and his team’s findings regarding Gulf War Syndrome have been verified by four independent experts, yet your defense department has consistently refused to test Gulf war veterans for DU. Blood is on your hands. But this is nothing new; experimenting on humans is old hat. Pulitzer Prize winning author Eileen Welsome learned just how hard it is to find out what your government doesn’t want its own “heroes” to know. But she did so anyway. Searching out secrets dating back fifty years, to the dawn of the atomic age, she made quite a discovery indeed.

“I had come across a footnote in a scientific report describing 18 humans who had been injected with plutonium during the Manhattan Project.

The names of the scientists and the names of the patients were blacked out. And I was simply horrified. I wanted to find out who they were, why were they injected, did they develop cancer, did they have pain? What happened to them and why was it done?”


Iraqi Child with unknown white substance covering almost the whole body. Severe deformities of mouth and eyes. The welts appear to indicate open wounds, or unformed skin tissue. May 1992.


Iraqi child. Extreme hydrocephalus; deformity of face, body and ear. The line running down the right hand side of the head would appear to show that potentially two heads were forming. May 1992.

Welsome did find out who they were. Many did develop cancer, there was pain, and some did die. As for myself and the rest of the guinea pig heroes you have violated so grossly, our suffering strengthens the horrendous legacy of the true America. Having been experimented on myself, I would argue that the Manhattan Project subjects (guinea pigs) were injected because America’s government has no regard for human life whatsoever, not even their own, or any life for that matter.

The rising number of cases in Iraq, particularly in the South where the greatest concentration of DU was fired, is simply staggering. Iraqi physicians have never encountered anything like it, and have made the perfectly reasonable point that similar increases in cancer and deformities were experienced in Japan after the two US atomic bomb attacks. Cancer has increased between 7 and 10 fold; deformities between 4 and 6 fold.

Yet the US was well aware of the potential effects on civilians and military personnel of the chemical toxicity and radiological properties of DU ammunition long before the Gulf war began. – CNN – December 8, 1997

The horrifying reality of these birth defects is that midwives are purported to have said they no longer look forward to births as…. “We don’t know what’s going to come out.”

“There is no provision in the Nuremberg Code that allows a country to waive informed consent for military personnel or veterans who serve as human subjects in experiments during wartime or in experiments that are conducted because of threat of war. However, the UNITED STATES Department of Defense (DOD) has recently argued that wartime experimental requirements differ from peacetime requirements for informed consent. According to the Pentagon, “In all peacetime applications, we believe strongly in informed consent and its ethical foundations…..But military combat is different.” – Human Research Subject Protection Program

Iraqi child with extreme hydrocephalus, and defects of cerebral nerves. May 1992.

When the Nazi’s experimented on the Jews nearly sixty years ago it was a War Crime. What should we call it when the U.S. Government does this to its own people today?

· war crime. Conduct that violates international laws governing war. o Examples of war crimes are the killing of hostages, abuse of civilians in occupied territories, abuse of prisoners of war, and devastation that is not justified by military necessity. Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

“The FDA ruling required the military to fully inform U.S. troops about the side effects of the substances, keep records of everyone who received them, and monitor the health of the troops. Pentagon officials acknowledged the military did not follow those requirements. Some military officials thought the pill and vaccines were secret (oh really) and did not keep records of who received them. In other cases, troops medical records were lost, and troops self-administered the anti-nerve agent pills.” CNN – March 27, 1996

So there is simply no need to debate whether the U.S. Government conducted human experiments. But is it possible that the U.S. Government did not know the effects of radiation exposure from DU? Shocking as it sounds to most people, your government has openly admitted that it conducted human experiments on U.S. citizens as well, again without their knowledge. Not only were these experiments conducted, but they were systematically done over several decades

“Along with methodological and historical descriptions, topical discussions, and records series descriptions, the Roadmap included summaries of approximately 150 human radiation experiments associated with DOE (UNITED STATES Department of Energy) and its predecessors. Those summaries are included here, along with summaries of over 275 additional studies that have since been identified, documented, and confirmed. Taken together, these summaries describe a wide range of activities from the early 1940s through the early 1970s.” – Ellyn R. Weiss, Special Counsel and Director – Office of Human Radiation Experiments U.S. Department of Energy – July 1995

The knowledge gained from these human experiments means that the use of Depleted Uranium in Iraq, Puerto Rico, or the Balkans is with full knowledge of the effect on human health. In other words, the U.S. Government all the way to the top approved the horrendous birth deformities in Iraq.

· crime against humanity. Int’l law. A brutal crime that is not an isolated incident but that involves large and systematic actions often cloaked with official authority, and that shocks the conscience of humankind. · Among the specific crimes that fall within this category are mass murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts perpetrated against a population, whether in wartime or not. – Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition


This baby was born to a US Gulf veteran.

“In a veteran’s community in Mississippi, 67% of the children were born without eyes, ears, brain, thyroid and other organ malformations. In Bosnia after the NATO war (in which more DU was used), there was a massive rise of instant deaths for huge numbers of people in the war zone (acute radiation poisoning). Alterations in plant, animal and a horrendous rise of birth defects has been reported. Veterans with Gulf War Syndrome report symptoms similar to the Iraqi and Bosnian groups, namely multiple organ failure, AIDS like syndrome with very low immunity.” – Dr. Hari Sharma – University of Waterloo

“I doubt whether the MoD (British Military) or the Pentagon will have the audacity to challenge these results. I can’t say this is the solitary cause of Gulf war syndrome, but we now have clear evidence that it is a leading factor in the majority of victims.


I hope the US and UK governments finally realize that, Severe deformity of arms, this baby by continuing to use this ammunition, they are effectively poisoning their own soldiers.” – Dr. Durakovic

Dr. Durakovic subsequently fled the US because of threats against his life “if he was to continue his research.”

As if all this were not enough, I was one of hundreds of thousands who received a battery of immunizations and pills, specifically pyridostigmine bromide pills and anthrax and botulinum toxoid vaccines. These pharmaceutical creations were supposedly meant to protect us against chemical and biological weapons. That is far from true, but I am quite sure that these pharmaceutical companies did quite well financially “protecting” the roughly 600,000 guinea pigs in uniform. In reality, it is these same protective immunizations and pills that are admitted as experimental and now we find, are directly linked to Gulf War syndrome.

The anti-nerve agent pill and vaccine are (and were during the Gulf War) considered “investigational drugs,” which means they are not approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for use on troops without their informed consent.

CNN – March 27, 1996


I was not informed nor consented. Fuck you in the biggest way for that. How dare you. Not even Milosovic presided over human experiments. Here are the results.

It is worth noting that no French troops have reported symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome. Perhaps that might be because they were not “protected” with the experimental shots and pills like their British and American counterparts?

I have just provided proof that your government knowingly gave me experimental “immunizations.” Even Nazi’s would have condemned experiments on Nazi’s, but you did it to your “nations finest.” Both are equally vile. Most people in the world consider human experiments to be beyond any possible justification, including me. Human Experimentation is a serious Crime Against Humanity and justice demands these charges be brought against the U.S. Logically, the “Commander and Chief” (Bush Sr.) of the US military would be responsible, after all, he was the commander and chief.



My baby at three months old; dead. Dec. 1997

When the world reaches sanity, good ole daddy Bush will take his rightful place as a full-fledged War Criminal extraordinaire, along with virtually every other living US president. In fact, daddy Bush has already been found guilty of war crimes in 1989 for “excessive use of force” in Nicaragua, by essentially the same court trying Milosovic now. But instead of prison, an American president like Bush responds to such annoyances by increasing the “use of force” in Nicaragua and killing even more people. Just to make sure the world knows full well who is in charge.

Comparisons to Nazi’s are something you should get accustomed to. As you well know, I am only scratching the surface.


Now it becomes necessary to revisit that critical element of citizenship.

· allegiance n 1 a : the obligation of a feudal vassal to his liege lord b (1) : the fidelity owed by a subject or citizen to his sovereign or government

Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary

· allegiance. 1. A citizen’s obligation of fidelity and obedience to the government or sovereign in return for the benefits of the protection of the state.

Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

Lets make this crystal clear; I have no allegiance to the United States.

“Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” (Applause.)

George W. Bush – State of the Union address on September 20, 2002

“Terrorists” or America? It is constructive here to define terrorism.

· terrorism n : the systematic use of terror esp. as a means of coercion

Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary

· terrorism, n. The use or threat of violence to intimidate or cause panic, esp. as a means of affecting political conduct.

Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

Considering the amount of “panic” created by US bombs, guns, mines, and other weapons of mass destruction. Considering its virtual creation and support for the most brutal thugs and war criminals (bin Laden, Hussein, Pinochet, Suharto, Sharon, etc., etc., etc.). Considering the fact that all this is intended to affect “political conduct” conducive to “foreign investment” interests, specifically American and European “investment.” If I were seriously required to choose between these two ridiculous options, I will side with the lesser of the two “evils” and join the “terrorists.” Bit strange for me to reconcile this fascinating worldview of yours George. But it just keeps getting better.

“Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. (Applause.) From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime.”

George W. Bush – September 20, 2002

Enough said, case closed as it were, the Netherlands are home to a hostile regime harboring at least one terrorist. I’m sure your spineless puppet clones that control many of the positions of power here in Holland will continue to support your noble “War on Terror” and extradite me on whatever bullshit charges you bring against me as necessary.

Clarification of World View

1. I acknowledge the US for what it is, the #1 Terrorist on the Planet with the political goal of total global domination.

2. I acknowledge the US as a Classic Racist State that Happily Embraced the Worst Filth of Nazi Germany post World War II and incorporated them into the fabric of an already disgustingly obscene racist political system (which continues to this day).

3. The US is proven to have experimented on me. I may have likely lost my ability to bear young. And now I can ponder whether I will die a painful death by cancer.

4. The US is the #1 Experimenter on Animals (both human and non-human), including experiments on several hundred thousand of its own citizens in the last decade alone.

5. The US is the #4 State Executioner in the World, behind your good friends China, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Good company indeed.

6. I acknowledge the US as the Sole Purveyor of Weapons in Space, all but guaranteeing a “Space Race” with China.

7. By far the US is the #1 Purveyor of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

8. By virtue of your unparalleled military expansion you are clearly the #1 Threat to the Safety and Security of All Life on Planet Earth.

9. The US is so embarrassingly the #1 Hypocrite of All Time, to the point of sheer ridiculousness. “War On Terror”, “Rule of Law”, Operation “Infinite Justice”, “Enduring Freedom”, “Just Cause”, “Champion of Democracy”. “Land of the Free”. You must be kidding!

10. The US is #1 Destroyer of the Natural World by virtue of its insane contribution to petroleum use and resource consumption in general, global warming, ozone depletion, bio-diversity loss (extinction), nuclear waste, etc., etc., etc. All of this plunder under the guise of so-called “free trade,” and “globalization.” The earth has never known a greater enemy.

11. The US is the #1 Destroyer of All Life in the Last Century Period.

12. And for clarity, I have absolutely no allegiance to the United States of America!

Allegiance Hawaii

And if the above wasn’t enough, I formally swore my “allegiance” to the de jure Hawaiian Nation in November 1999 (your State Dept. has received the legal documents confirming this). Your own U.S. issued passports say directly on them that you will lose U.S. citizenship “by taking an oath or making a declaration of allegiance to a foreign state.” I have done both and more, and your denial of the existence of the Hawaiian “state” directly contradicts PUBLIC LAW 103-150. I remain loyal to the Hawaiian Nation and its truly democratic government. I remain loyal to the kanaka maoli, the aboriginal people of Hawaii, and I will continue to do so. I remain loyal to the primary goal of this nation, which is the peaceful transfer of power from your de facto government to the de jure Hawaiian Government. In other words, my goal is a Free Hawaii. Much of the need for a free Hawaii is for the purpose of removing your 3000+ nuclear weapons housed there. Weapons aimed at virtually every major city in the world. Europe beware.

Historical Facts

But that’s just the beginning. I actually think that George Jr. himself has described with admirable accuracy the real America;

“They are the heirs of all the murderous ideologies of the 20th century. By sacrificing human life to serve their radical visions — by abandoning every value except the will to power — they follow in the path of fascism, and Nazism, and totalitarianism. And they will follow that path all the way, to where it ends: in history’s unmarked grave of discarded lies.”

George W. Bush – State of the Union address on September 20, 2002

Of course you were supposedly describing the Taliban, which of course was created by the CIA.


The so-called “Land of the Free” has more people in prison than any nation in the history of the world (roughly 2 million). Over 60% are non-violent drug offenders.

500,000 people in the U.S suffered from abusive police treatment in various forms, including physical blows, assaults, or threats with police dogs and guns in 1996 alone.

The United States own Department of Justice indicates that a total of 125 civilians died of maltreatment at the hands of police officers between 1980 and 1995, with only one police officer punished for related crimes.

Since 1990, eight teenagers under 18 years old have been executed, and 60 other juveniles are on “death row.”

Over the past decade, the United States executed 30 people suffering mental disorders, including a convicted murderer in Texas with the mental capacity of a seven-year old child.

Between 1973 and 2001, 99 people in 24 States have been released from death rows across the USA after independent investigation proved innocence. Of these 99 “convicted murderers,” a collective total of 800 years was spent on death row.

At least 23 known now to be innocent people in America have been executed in the last century.

George W. Bush has signed more death warrants (135) than any US president ever.

Today, blacks account for 12% of the total American population, yet comprise 54.2% of the prison population.

Today, a black man in America faces a nine times greater chance of receiving a death sentence, than a white person convicted for the same crime.

20 million Indians inhabited North America when the American forefathers arrived, and less than 2 million survive today.

The US accounts for less than 5% of the earth’s total population and contributes to 25% of the Global Green House Gas emissions and despite this has withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Never mind the fact that tens of millions will die or lose their homes from rising sea levels due to Global Warming.

The US consumes over 40% of the earth’s resources.

As the wealthiest nation in the world, the US has ostensibly created the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, somehow resulting in a third world massively indebted to its Western oppressors.

Today, 1% of America’s population is in control of more wealth than the total wealth of 90% of the population.

Despite being the wealthiest nation in the world, the U.S. continued to reduce funding for social programs throughout the 1990’s in spite of major economic growth during that time.

Today, the divide between rich and poor in the US is staggering, and continues to grow.

The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that 41.7 million Americans lack medical insurance coverage,

but the US military budget does exceed the next closest 15 nations in the world in “defense” spending.

The US maintains over 7000 nuclear weapons directed at virtually every major city on the planet.

The US is the only nation in history, to use atomic weapons on civilian targets… Twice!

The US has far more nuclear weapons than all nations of the world, combined.

Today, the vilest terrorist organization ever known, the CIA is expanding power in the name of the “War on Terror.”

The CIA is accountable to nobody.

US “client” states, their puppets, and fanatics such as Saddam Hussein, Noriega, Marcos, Pinochet, Suharto, D’Aubisson, Mobutu, the Shah of Iran, bin Laden and the Taliban were all either trained, financed, and armed by the US or all of the above.

500,000+ children, thus far, have died as a direct result of the US led sanctions in Iraq. Sanctions considered “worth the cause” by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

Never mind the fact that the US and its clients are conservatively responsible for the impoverishment, starvation, rape, torture, mutilation, massacre and genocide of tens of millions of people world-wide over the last half century alone.

If Karma exists, the WTC attacks are an ominous sign indeed.

US Opposition to International Human Rights

The fact is that the US refuses to adopt human rights standards accepted throughout the so-called “civilized world.” Your nation that beats the drum of “Democracy,” “Freedom,” “Justice,” etc. is truly hostile, and increasingly so towards human rights that are the cornerstone of insuring safety and freedom for all people. Proof again of US rouge behavior intent on a “Rule by Force” policy. And even when it does sign on to human rights laws it invariably agrees only “within the limits of its own laws,” which means the agreement is useless. Objection to human rights becomes easy to understand when you realize that the US is the #1 profiteer in regards to the sale of weapons (restraining devices, firearms, grenades, depleted uranium, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, land mines, chemical and biological weapons, missiles, lasers, etc). This multi-billion dollar industry produces massive revenue. When we understand the magnitude of these profits and its role in global domination we can understand the root of why the US is hostile towards nearly all initiatives for disarmament and peace (1972 ABM Treaty and the recent Global Test Ban Treaty among them). Perhaps there is a connection between the Bush family interest in the defense contractor, the Carlyle Group, and the insane Bush (Jr. & Sr.) policies moving this world towards World War III? Maybe this explains why human rights are so despised by the Bush clan?

Opposition to United Nations Conventions, Security Council Resolutions, and Human Rights Law includes, but is not limited to;

1. The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (opposed until 1994 & ratified only within the limits of its own laws – Meaning it is useless)

2. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (opposed until 1992 & only within the limits of its own laws – useless)

3. The Security Council Resolution condemning International Terrorism (US veto 1987)

4. The Comprehensive Anti-landmine Treaty (opposed – signed by 135 other nations)

5. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (opposed – the only other nation that had not ratified this treaty was Somalia, which had no functioning government).

6. The Abolition of the Use of Child Soldiers (opposed until 2000)

7. The Abolition of Capital Punishment (opposed)

8. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (opposed)

9. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (opposed until 1994 & the US just plain walked out of August 2001 UN Conference on Racism)

10. The formation of a binding International Criminal Court (opposed).

As a comparison, the Netherlands has signed on to all of these international treaties and agreements. This is where I live now. And although it is one of the founding members of the Organization of American States, the United States refuses to either approve the American Convention on Human Rights, or sign other human rights conventions the organization has approved.

Now I am wondering to myself if I have made the allegiance issue clear enough? As you have had difficulty understanding this previously, I felt compelled to illustrate more clearly my true feelings. I am hopeful now that you will figure it out this time around, I have no allegiance whatsoever to the US Government!

Renounce #1 – March 1st 2002

I realized long ago that in my loathing of America’s horrific contribution to global mass-murder and so much more, that it was the least I could do to remove myself from any association with the US. This process began in 1994 when my knowledge of America’s extensive crimes against humanity was reasonably understood. It was at that time of awakening that I knew I would formally renounce my US birth citizenship. Instead of getting angry, I studied history, law, ecology, and philosophy and incorporated all of this into the fabric of my being. The question was not if I would renounce, but when?

“But every man is born free, and therefore the son of a citizen, when arrived at the age of reason, may consider whether it is well for him to join the society in which he happens to be by birth. If he does not find that it is to his advantage to remain in it, he has the right to leave it…”

The Law of Nations

It would be five years later, in 1999 that I commenced to formally renouncing. As a note of interest, the last straw for me was the ongoing genocide of the Hawaiian people via “Blood Quantum”, and the all but forgotten Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1999, which was supported the world over, and of course, rejected by America. That is when I swore my allegiance to the Hawaiian Nation and ordered your official INFORMATION FOR DETERMINING U.S. CITIZENSHIP, and STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING CONCERNING THE CONSEQUENCES AND RAMIFICATIONS OF RENUNCIATION documents. This process, lengthy and costly as it was, culminated in my sworn Renunciation before Consul Steve Giegerich of the United States Consulate in Vancouver, Canada on March 1, 2001;

· See 13 page attachment. Includes; INFORMATION FOR DETERMINING U.S. CITIZENSHIP form (5 pages), my attachment to said form (2 pages), my DECLARATION OF EXPATRIATION (5 pages), and most interestingly the STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING CONCERNING THE CONSEQUENCES AND RAMIFICATIONS OF RENUNCIATION

(1 PAGE).

It was at this meeting with Consul Giegerich, I affirmed under oath the truth contained within your documents and handed over my US passport. These are the exact documents I have supplied to you within the attachments above, for the third and last time now. Within the original “Declaration of Expatriation” submitted to you March 1, 2001 I made my rights and intent very clear;

Although the United States is fully aware of Hawaii’s Reinstated Government and their lawful status, it continues to ignore its existence as it runs contrary to U.S. economic and strategic interests. Understanding this I expect this written declaration to be rejected on the grounds that the United States does not recognize this government. Should the U.S. indeed use this farce of a reason to deny my expatriation I demand now that you usher me into the realm of statelessness that I shall embrace with pride. Remaining a U.S. citizen is simply not an option. – Kenneth Nichols “Declaration of Expatriation”


More than any other reason, I am an enemy of the state because of my loyalty and support for the de jure Hawaiian Nation, so lets revisit the facts in regards to this nation. Starting with your own federal law.

Public Law 103-150

Within my Declaration of Expatriation, UNITED STATES FEDERAL LAW 103-150 is cited. Federal Laws that all federal employees are sworn to uphold;

“Whereas, on January 14, 1893, John L. Stevens (hereafter referred to in this Resolution as the “United States Minister”), the United States Minister assigned to the sovereign and independent Kingdom of Hawaii conspired with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of the Kingdom of Hawaii including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the indigenous and lawful Government of Hawaii…”

It goes further to say;

“Whereas the indigenous Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people or over their national lands to the United States, either through their monarchy or through a plebiscite or referendum…”

Where else but America can a thief confess to a crime, with the thief left to keep the stolen property? Your law affirmed it; you stole Hawaiian nation by force, and the Hawaiian people (kanaka maoli) never gave their nation to you. Quite simple really, there is nothing to debate, PUBLIC LAW 103-150 makes it clear, and as a result, I answer to the government of the nation you admitted to stealing. Quite logical when you think about it.

It is now my honor to serve you with further proof of the lawful existence of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Attached is a copy of a legal notice that appeared in the legal notice section as required in the Honolulu Advertiser on September 9, 2001 (1 page). We all remember what happened two days later. In this notice it states the facts I have just summarized and further states that Kingdom of Hawaii has “manifested perfect right to exercise the rule of postliminium in accordance with international public law.” It further stated that the “government de jure of the Hawaiian Kingdom possesses the authority to reclaim any and all land within its territorial boundaries.” Something of interest to you I would think. Remember PUBLIC LAW 103-150?

“Whereas the indigenous Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people or over their national lands to the United States, either through their monarchy or through a plebiscite or referendum…”

This notice was legally served to your State Department and also served to local real estate agents, police, politicians and others notifying them that the U.S. Government had been served notice and had 30 days to “Object” as prescribed by law. Your government did not object so there is no debate on the perfect rights of the de jure Hawaiian Kingdom. But just for good measure I shall remind you by serving this notice once again but with international media and the world as our witness. If you have any objections than you can do so by contacting Prime Minister Noa in Hawaii.

US Response Lawful Renunciation #1

Despite federal laws you are sworn to uphold I received a letter dated August 8th, 2001 from the American Citizen Services Unit in Vancouver, signed by Consul Christine Harold Aluyen notifying me that my passport would be “returned” with an explanation to follow. Subsequently a letter dated August 13th, 2001 from the United States Department of State, signed by Division Chief, Western Hemisphere Affairs, American Citizen Services and Crisis Management Ian G. Brownlee announced that “we cannot approve the Certificate of Loss of Nationality.” The reason stated was that;

The Department has adopted a position that the intention to relinquish U.S. nationality for purposes of Section 349(a) of the INA does not exist where a renunciant plans or claims a right to reside in the United States, a right inherent in U.S. nationality, unless a renunciant demonstrates that residence will be as an alien properly documented under U.S. law.

The State Department simply ignored all reference to PUBLIC LAW 103-150 in my declaration and the undisputed facts of Hawaiian history that make it clear that the US is the de facto authority. Of course I am fully aware that you can never voluntarily acknowledge the existence of the de jure Hawaiian government, to do so would force a transition of powers. Since this government is not cowardly puppets motivated by greed, you will have nothing to do with them, yet they are there, and are not going away. Hawaii as far as the US is concerned, is stolen property that it intends to hold by force. I challenge your almighty power to state just one of objection to the existence of a de jure Hawaiian Government in the year 2002. Please, deny it exists; challenge its lawful authority, whatever? Of course the mighty bully who loves to spout all sorts of nonsense will keep their mouths conspicuously shut in regards to this subject, won’t you?


In law, jurisdiction has everything to do with authority.

· jurisdiction n 1 : the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply law 2 : the authority of a sovereign power to govern or legislate 3 : the limits or territory within which authority may be exercised

Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary

· jurisdiction, n. 1. A government’s general power to exercise authority over all persons and things within its territory. 2. A geographic area within which political or judicial authority may be exercised.

Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

I respected and acknowledged the de jure Government of Hawaii, not the inferior de facto INA?

· de facto 1 : exercising power as if legally constituted 2 : ACTUAL – compare DE JURE

· de jure : by right ; of right : by a lawful title

Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary

· de facto 1. Actual; existing in fact; having effect even though not formally or legally recognized. 2. Illegitimate but in effect.

· de jure Existing by right or according to law.

Black’s Law Dictionary – Seventh Edition

The fact is that I had no requirement by Public International Law, or Hawaiian Kingdom Law, to report to you. Simply put; “you” and the INA are nothing more than de facto agencies with no regard for even your own laws, much less those of the world. Why in the hell should I report to you? Your bullshit INA laws would only have jurisdiction over those within territories “lawfully” under your control, which aint Hawaii. Sorry for you. If I had reported to your INA it would have made a mockery of the de jure Hawaiian authority and compromised its integrity. I would sooner go to jail than betray my Hawaiian brothers and sisters by reporting to your INA as an alien in Hawaii.

15 Statutes at Large, Chapter 249 (Section 1)

Enacted July 27, 1868, one day before the 14th Amendment was declared “ratified”. CHAP. CCXLIX. — An Act concerning the Rights of American Citizens in foreign States Whereas the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and whereas in the recognition of this principle this government has freely received emigrants from all nations, and invested them with the rights of citizenship; and whereas it is claimed that such American citizens, with their descendants, are subjects of foreign states, owing allegiance to the governments thereof; and whereas it is necessary to the maintenance of public peace that this claim of foreign allegiance should be promptly and finally disavowed: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That any declaration, instruction, opinion, order, or decision of any officers of this government which denies, restricts, impairs, or questions the right of expatriation, is hereby declared inconsistent with the fundamental principles of this government.

This act has never been repealed and is yet another law affirming my right to renounce. You have hidden it from the public view in order to maintain your citizen enslavement via the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Soon people will know that the rights protected by the Constitution do not apply to them as federal citizens and that only by renouncing citizenship can they retain these rights. This is why you have tried so hard to deny me this right.

The Constitution of the United States of America

I would refer you to your so-called “supreme Law of the Land;” The Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA;

Citizens, Subjects = Slaves

In order for any government to grab power and maintain it, it must have “subjects” or “citizens”. According to Black’s Law Dictionary (Sixth Edition), “Citizens are members of a political community who, in their associated capacity, have established or submitted themselves to the dominion of a government for the promotion of their general welfare and the protection of their individual as well as collective rights. (Herriot v. City of Seattle, 81 Wash.2d. 48, 500 P.2d. 101, 109)” So, by declaration of the 14th Amendment, all persons born from that point forward, and all naturalized people, had just become citizens (i.e. subjects) of the United States Government, obviously without their knowledge (babies) or understanding (the Negroes). The Federal Government had just reached past the jurisdictional boundaries of the state and county lines and claimed all its babies and all Negroes. In Section 2, it then states that only males 21 years of age who are citizens of the United States may be allowed to vote in Federal and State elections. That means that only those men who willingly claimed U.S. citizenship on voter’s registration cards (though they didn’t realize the implications) were also brought in as subjects of the Federal Government.

L. C. Lyon – The Day Our Country Was Stolen:

How the 14th Amendment Enslaved Us All Without a Shot Fired

And here all this time the American people thought citizenship and voting was a good thing.

ARTICLE VI – This Constitution, and all the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby,…”

Unless you were fraudulently duped into giving up your rights in order to vote or get a drivers license or get a social security card or simply have a birth certificate.

ARTICLE 1 Section 8. The Congress shall have Power To define and punish Piracies and Felonies on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations.

The key word here being “shall”.

Shall, in all its ambiguity, is a wonderful word for deception in law. Apparently shall in this case means;

ARTICLE 1 Section 8. The Congress shall have the Power To (not) define and (not) punish Piracies and Felonies on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations.

What is the Law of Nations, aside from a document recognized in your supreme law of the land? It is what’s referred to as International Law (or Public International Law).

The Law of Nations is the science of rights, which exist between Nations or States, and of the obligations corresponding to these rights.

The Law of Nations – Introduction

The United States Supreme Court has declared, “international law is part of our law.” Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one of your most respected political figures and four time Senator has even wrote a book about the Law of Nations, in the book he states that the Law of Nations was;

“set forth as the foundation of our national existence,” and further stated;

“In the annals of forgetfulness there is nothing quite to compare with the fading from the American mind of the idea of the law of nations.”

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan – “On the Law of Nations.”

The continued hostility towards international law and in this case towards your legal commitments to the Law of Nations belies the fact that your Constitution is yet another fraudulent document intended to provide the illusion of law. I have only cited it as a means of exposing the lie that it is. The US is truly a lawless society. It is illuminating however to examine the words within the Constitution and the Law of Nations and contrast them with the reality.

Lawful Hawaiian Citizenship

Congress, and the then President Clinton confessed to the theft of the Hawaiian Nation and now blatantly ignore the Reinstatement of its Lawful Authority in response. Thus injuring the rights of Lawful Hawaiian Citizens and therefore the right of all kanaka maoli in Hawaii. This is of course no surprise; the beast you represent violates virtually all rights essential to peace and justice. This does not change the facts however. By all rights, I had no requirement whatsoever, by law or otherwise, to leave Hawaii in order to physically divorce myself of US citizenship and affirm my lawful status as a Hawaiian citizen,… but I did.

ARTICLE 15 – (1) “Everyone has the right to a nationality.” (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.” – United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

You ignore my Hawaiian citizenship because you fear truth and justice even more than bombs and “terrorists.” This is why you will not utter one word in response to my claim that the Hawaiian Nation and its de jure authority have been reinstated. It seems your almighty power by the rule of force has painted you into a corner. Making things even worse for your attempt to treat me as your property and deny my right to renounce is that now, I do not even live in the US, and have stated quite emphatically that I have no plan to return. And furthermore I know that if I did I would almost assuredly end up in prison or worse.

Renounce #2 – November 26th 2001

On November 26, 2001, I repeated my renunciation actions by filling out nearly identical documents to those signed in Vancouver on March 1, 2001. At that time I relinquished passport # 120689595, for the second and last time. And once again, for the last time, swore under oath my renunciation of US citizenship.


1. I, Kenneth Roy Nichols have the right to renounce my United States citizenship.

2. I am exercising my right of renunciation freely and voluntarily without force, compulsion, or undue influence placed upon me by any person.

3. If I do not possess the nationality/citizenship of any country other than the United States, upon my renunciation I will become a stateless person and may face extreme difficulties in traveling internationally and entering most countries.

4. My renunciation may not affect my liability, if any, to prosecution for any crimes which I may have committed or may commit in the future which violate United States law.

5. My renunciation may not exempt me from United States income taxation. With regard to United States taxation consequences, I understand that I must contact the United States Internal Revenue Service. Further, I understand that if my renunciation of United States citizenship is determined by the United States Attorney General to be motivated by tax avoidance purposes, I will be found excludable from the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended.

6. The extremely serious and irrevocable nature of the act of renunciation has been explained to me by Consul Steve Giegerich at the American Consulate General at Vancouver. I fully understand its consequences.

One. I formally renounced on March 1, 2001.

Two. I have never felt more free and clear-headed than when I exercised this right.

Three. I do proudly possess nationality/citizenship with the Hawaiian Nation, but for simplicities sake, I have embraced my Stateless status with pride.

Four – Criminal Activity?

I have committed only one crime, that of defending my freedom and exposing your lies. But I am sure your cowardly CIA, FBI, and your other numerous agents of oppression can arrange something. Interpret item #4 literally and I can continue be charged (framed) for US crimes regardless of where the alleged crime is committed, even if outside US Territorial Jurisdiction. That’s quite handy. To that I have just two words for you; POLITICAL PRISONER.

Five – Tax Liability?

The 16th Amendment to your “Supreme Law” Constitution that attempted to tax all US citizens (not just federal citizens) was never ratified. Contrary to the highly illegal threats of the Federal Government via the IRS, your own Constitution, the Internal Revenue Service’s own mandate (Internal Revenue Code), and the United States Supreme Court have all repeatedly upheld that; “Federal Income Tax is VOLUNTARY!” The only occasions I ever complied with your fraudulent tax system was because I was stupid beyond belief, and/or fearful of reprisal in the form of illegal property seizure, fines, imprisonment, etc. and was obviously “under duress”. The IRS ruthlessly threatens people by claiming citizens tax liability is based on their “voluntary” compliance with the tax procedure. But I was not a member of the US military (since 1992), a resident of the District of Columbia, a federal employee, a resident of a US colony (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.), and therefore do dot fall under federal jurisdiction, meaning I am not liable unless I “voluntarily” comply. Voluntary compliance is then fraudulently claimed by the IRS on the basis of citizens entering into “contracts” in the form of filling out IRS tax forms and INS immigration forms, obtaining a social security # or drivers license. In signing these forms and licenses citizens are ignorantly entering into federal jurisdiction and relinquishing all civil rights. In law however, fraud automatically nullifies all contracts, and that would include the “contracts” needed simply to live. Filled out or not, these so-called contracts are in no way binding under law. Even your own document states; “My renunciation may not exempt me from United States income taxation.” It “may not” because I am only liable as a federal citizen, otherwise everyone would be liable. Simply put, the IRS is completely without jurisdiction. Furthermore, the IRS with government support continues to commit fraud against its own people. But perhaps that issue would be best discussed in an international court so all American’s can know the truth. Please, I beg your challenge on this. And as for your Racist, Civil Rights Destroying Attorney General – Ashcroft, please communicate to him to kiss my ass and exclude me. If he has any balls, he must exclude me. I want to be the next (only?) excludable one. Aside from all the above facts, even if I were liable under the law to pay for your nuclear weapons, corporate welfare, global rape etc., through federal income tax, I would sooner go to jail. When laws compel you to fund horrendous domestic and foreign policies that destroy lives it is every moral persons obligation to defy such laws, and I encourage all people to do just that.

Six. I think my seriousness speaks for itself, and Steve explained it all to me anyway. That’s why I signed it, under no duress. To that I have one word; FREEDOM!

“The United States of Hypocrisy”

“As we defend our security after the tragic events of September 11, we have placed the preservation of human rights and democracy at the foundation of our efforts. We also have recommitted ourselves to recognizing and eliminating the conditions in which terrorism is bred and where freedom lies dormant.”

“Our commitment to human rights is not new. The United States took the lead in furthering the realization of universal human rights worldwide in the last half of the 20th century. The Department of State’s Country Reports on Human Rights Practices are a tangible manifestation of our deep and abiding belief in and commitment to the universality of human rights. They also remind those of us who believe in human freedom and the rule of law of the challenges that lie before us at the beginning of this century.” – Colin L. Powell – Secretary of State of the United States

“The U.S. Government’s steadfast commitment to human rights and democracy was left unshaken by September 11. Indeed these events further strengthened our resolve to help ensure these rights for people everywhere. We will continue to press for human rights, democratic processes, and civil liberties in all countries using the range of tools available to us.”

Lorne W. Craner – Asst. Secretary of State of the United States

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor

“As we defend our security after the tragic events of September 11, we have placed the preservation of human rights and democracy at the foundation of our efforts.” Well if Colin Powell says human rights are at the foundation of the government I would imagine that I have made my human rights quite well understood.

Throughout our ongoing dialogue I have asked many questions of you, challenged your authority, attacked your honor and integrity along with all who are complicit in America’s New World Order. I have otherwise made a mockery of your entire government. And now I ask you, after all this:

Does the State Department of State of the United States, Still Consider Me a United States Citizen???

According to Vice Consul Risch, in our April 4, 2002 telephone conversation, it appears that the Department of State is for some reason reluctant to acknowledge my right to renounce;

- Mr. Risch: No, there’s no way to compel them (to acknowledge my right to renounce). I will tell you that it is my understanding, that there were some questions and that’s why I talked to you that one time. (asking; “If I had intentions to return to the US”). Without having any other nationality, it’s unlikely that they will approve it. … tell you that right now;


- Mr. Nichols: Why does their own document (the famous STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING CONCERNING THE CONSEQUENCES AND RAMIFICATIONS OF RENUNCIATION) … say that (cut off)


- Mr. Risch: I have no idea. Don’t ask me cause I don’t know. You’re talking to the mailbox. All I know is that’s what they told me. I didn’t want to lie to you and mislead you. They told me they think it’s weak (my renunciation) and that they haven’t acted … and I’m waiting too …;

How long could that take I asked?

- Mr. Risch: Years;

- Mr. Nichols: They can take years;

- Mr. Risch: They can do whatever they want to do, yes;

Boy that kind of honesty is hard to come by in the US government.

Hidden Agenda of the US for Kenneth Nichols

But why in the world would the US want to deny me this right? You would think the Department of State would love to get rid of me. I’m totally lacking in patriotism, I’m not a “hero”, and I think America’s government is a pathetic joke filled with soulless individuals who sell their own children’s future for money and power. But then again, if you know what motivates the beast that is America today, you can determine the answer to such questions. What is the main goal of the US? Power and Control. Why keep me as a US citizen? Because I then remain within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the United States regardless of where I reside on this planet, and therefore subject to its laws. Until death do we part? Absolutely not. I am stateless regardless of your “decision” (or lack thereof). You can only control your paperwork and your “decisions”; you have long since lost control of me.

I Am Not Your Property, Not Your Puppet, Nor Your Citizen. I Am Stateless! I am as much humored by your ridiculous renunciation process, as I am annoyed by it. So it is time for you to decide between two options;

1. You can tap dance for me once again, amaze me with your creative justifications for keeping your precious son of America. Give me some of that pathetic “interpretation” of law crap that suits you so well.

2. Or maybe you just want to remain silent, “take the fifth” as it were and slither your way back into the halls of the federal government without objection.

Up to you? If you chose the former, once again you have 30 days from the date of delivery on July 1, 2002 to object in order for it to have any legal merit. If you do not object, this legal notice will destroy any such attempt by the United States to claim at a later date that I am a US citizen. Aside from this INTERNATIONAL NOTICE and Declaration being legally served to Vice-Consul William Margenhoff (and therefore your entire government) at the US Consulate in Amsterdam on May 1, 2002, it will also be submitted to numerous embassies or foreign affairs departments including but not limited to; the Hawaiian, Chinese, Dutch, New Zealand, Indian, Irish, and Cuban Governments. In addition to those governments it will also be submitted to numerous human rights and refugee organizations, my attorney Peter Bogaers, and national and international media agencies around the world. Make no mistake about it, this notice is a legally binding document that adheres to the “rule of law” and no response from your government within the 30 days is legally sufficient to prove “tacit consent” on the United States Governments behalf. At that point there will be absolutely no question as to my political status. Furthermore, I will be burning passport #034552463 outside of your Consulate to further clarify my absolute void of U.S. allegiance. This passport you will remember, was reported lost by myself in January 2000. Indeed it was lost and then found earlier this year in old clothing that had been in storage. I realize that this is not a valid passport but the symbolic value of burning it could not be denied since you have so pathetically tried to deny my Self Determination to define my political status. If you had simply honored my rights I would not have done this. You have only yourselves and your disgraceful government policies to blame for this.

Sowing Seeds

For those in the US government who read this, I encourage you to follow your heart. In the inevitable battle for global justice, even patriotic intelligence agents, bureaucrats, and politicians alike have a place in a world governed by sanity and compassion, and many of them are already speaking out. By continuing your all to necessary role thus fulfilling the current 21st Century agenda of global domination for your masters, you doom yourself, and most shamefully, your children. May your conscience rise to the occasion?


In this document I have provided evidence above and beyond what is necessary to exercise my rights as a human being. I have announced plans to bring serious charges against the UNITED STATES. I have voluntarily put my life at risk in order to be able to look myself in the mirror and not feel shame. I can honestly say that I am at absolute peace with myself and I fear no entity whatsoever. You and your government are vile disgusting killers and people like myself have been and will continue to be attacked because we refuse to acquiesce or participate in your wretched policies.

Having said all this I do not hate you or America. I have no hatred period, although I know you would prefer it that way. Mostly I feel sorry for the Bush family and the rest of the power mongers who rule this world, for now. They are all truly tormented people with a twisted set of values that attempts to disconnect them from the Universal Kinship that unites us all.

I see the problems of this world as human problems and I know that even the U.S. has no monopoly on that. Instead of hate it is love that calls me to the words and actions herein. I have at my young age become wise enough to know the secret to immortality, energy never dies, it simply transfers. No matter what happens to my physical being I have already touched so many by my life’s work and love that I cannot be killed. In fact, if any harm does come to me it only assures that my energy will flourish. I am connected to the Universal Kinship and I feel the pleasure and pain of all my brothers and sisters in human and non-human form. I am a rich man in the truest sense. I see and feel the mass awakening you so fear and its inertia is that of a million locomotives traveling at the speed of light. This world is in the final stages of a revolution that will right the wrongs of the past and create a New World Order of peace and harmony, once and for all. The question is, will you be joining us?



Kenneth Roy Nichols


“Loyalty to petrified opinion, never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.” – Mark Twain



Slander vs. Sanity – Pathological Liars & A Message to Muslims

UPDATE – For the idiots who bought the lies and slander of Catherine Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald), Saeb Shaath, Jez Cuthbert, Cath Jenkins, Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn), Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana & Maitreyi Atmaja), Mary Rizzo, Mary Shepherd, Miri Wood, Jo Ann Westcott and court jester Ismail Patel (aka Iggle Piggle), here is a little revisit of a post that shows just how stupid some of you can be.

Say hello to the Trade Not Aid hijacking crew; Catherine Myles (aka Soraya Fitzgerald), Saeb Shaath, Sammi Coulthard (aka Saja Rana & Maitreyi Atmaja), Jez Cuthbert, Allison Hubbard (aka Vera Lynn) Ismail Patel (aka Iggle Piggle), Cath Jenkins and Yousef Khalfan.

You see, a pack of lies, repeated parrot style, is all that is needed to dupe the idiot.  For the robber barons named above the justification for the theft of the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid was based on me being a;

1) Liar

2) Thief

3) Womaniser/Adulturer

4) Nazi/white supremacist

5) Zionist/CIA

6) Money launderer

7) Wealthy landowner

8) Murderer (yes I murdered or was involved in the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni according to some of these people)

9) Blackmailer

10) Violent thug

11) Abuser of women

12) Media whore

13) Basically I am simply a conman using Palestine and human rights to rake in millions.

More lies from Catherine Myles, once again no contact from any police because I did nothing she says or implies here.

For the idiot, the fact that so many people can say or repeat so many bad things is all that is needed.  So who pays?  This may seem a rhetorical question but it is not; so seriously who pays?  Well hard as it is to believe a person like me, someone grounded in morality and genuine brotherhood can never be victimised because victimisation is rooted in denying ones humanity, and I will never do that.  So I am not the victim here, I am fine, continuously blessed actually, despite the personal discomfort and injustice of the hijacking.  The truth is that not being on the road for at least two months has resulted in me spending more time with my family than I had thought possible.  As a result I am a better, hands on father.  A true blessing if ever there was one, turning a negative into a positive big time.

Slanderer Jo Ann Westcott

So if I am not the victim, who is?  Well first let me say that I have experienced for many years this smear tactic, I have been accused of being a thief and CIA and other such slanders since 2003 when I lead the Human Shield Action to Iraq.  It was at that time that the powers that be could see that I might present a bit of a problem for them.  I am not alone in this characterisation, so it is nothing new at all to any of us who have stood up and faced the tyrant’s head on.  To the contrary, it is an inevitability to be slandered, as this is one of the favourite tactics of the tyrants and their minions.  If you are doing something real, you will be attacked, end of.

Slanderer Mary Rizzo

If I was not being attacked you could rightly write me off as a blow hard that the tyrants can ignore.  Clearly the tyrants, the Zionists, American imperialists and so on do not like me at all, and they have a supply of money that has up to now been as abundant as the paper they print their fiat, monopoly money on.  And so it goes they will do all they can to assassinate me physically (although this would have to look like an “accident” or like Muslims or Palestinians did it).  Or they will do all they can to assassinate my character, which is exactly what this well orchestrated campaign is all about, such is the reward for the type of work I do.

So let us return to who are the real victims in the campaign to smear me and steal my mission?  No surprise here, first among them is the Samouni family.  The bond that we created is a powerful one, one that has lead to more people being aware of the hideous crimes Israel committed against this family.  For this reason alone these tyrants are scared about me being part of the Samouni family, because I have the ability to make their story more well known, and importantly, to show the American people how they are guilty of slaughtering Samouni family members and more.  Of course any intelligent observer would already have figured this out.  Here is just one video that shows what I am talking about;

If the slander campaign against me were to be truly successful I would give up or rendered useless and the Samouni family could go on as they have, suffering, traumatised and to a great degree, hopeless.  So let this be clear, those that have abandoned me and/or my mission, based on a pack of lies no less, have in truth abandoned the Samouni family.  I could not steal from this family any more than I could steal from Palestine, to do so would be to steal from my own family.  Did I leave Hawaii, my own business, money, life in paradise doing something I loved so I could take great risk with my life in order to exploit the people of Palestine and a family like the Samouni family?  Idiots and dupes can believe such nonsense, and that is precisely who the slander crews prey on.

The slander continues and these same people (Saeb Shaath & Catherine Myles) are to this day attempting to steal all that was given to the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid and turn it into their disgraceful 'Palestine Aid' sham.

So this brings us to the ultimate victims, the people of Palestine as a whole.  Allies like myself, like my brother Vittorio Arrigoni, do not grow on trees.  There are very few of us and although we are flawed human beings, our hearts and our conviction drive us to support justice in Palestine in every way possible.  To kill people like Vittorio or assassinate my character serves nobody more than Israel because Palestinians lose essential allies whose only agenda is for truth and justice.

So as per usual it is lies and the gullibility of people that maintains the victimisation of the people of Palestine.  As an example of just how stupid people can be, take a look at slanderer idiot Ismail Patel’s (aka Iggle Piggle) post and my response from September 22. (since removed by Facebook, what a surprise)

This joker (Iggle Piggle) is part of the Catherine Myles, Saeb Shaath ‘Palestine Aid’ monstrosity, an ‘Aid’ organisation that is seriously attempting to steal vehicles, cash and cargo/aid given to me for the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid, and pass it off as something given to them and their disgraceful project.  Iggle Piggle announced last month that he proudly serves this pack of thieves.

What I am going to say here is critical to understanding how easy it is to manipulate some.  Iggle Piggle stated in the linked post above that he had been “threatened” by me, a direct threat to his life and his “family”!  And he further stated that he had this threat recorded and that the recording had been “handed to the police”.  In addition his farcical “legal team” was advising him, that is code for Catherine Myles and the slander crew were guiding him in his lying ways.  Iggle Piggle also said that I was a “bully” and that he and his family feared for their safety!

Iggle Piggle slander and lies

Here is the thing, an idiot who knows nothing of how slander works and whose memory is so Goldfish like that all the good work a person has done can vanish in the wake of a lie(s), will believe such lies because “surely he/she would not say he/she had recorded evidence of such threats if he/she did not have it.”  Ah, actually, that is exactly what a pathological liar and slanderer will do.  This is just one tactic of the slanderer, and an effective one for the idiot, the idiot will believe or at least give certain credence to the lie and when the evidence is never provided or the arrest of the alleged criminal never happens their Goldfish memory forgets such matters and all that sticks is the mud of the mudslinger.

Never once contacted about any of this rubbish because it is all lies. Shamefully using now departed Patrick McManus (a friend and supporter) as cover to curry Irish favour just like the Chameleon Catherine Myles does with less intelligent Muslims.

And you know what, if you have no morals, if lying is a thing that comes easy to you, as it most certainly does to the Israeli’s, then this is a great tactic.  If you are like me however, unwilling to return lies with more lies, and your only weapon is the truth, you are at a disadvantage as the position of attack with such lies is more damaging then the defence of ones character with truth.  Lack of evidence matters not to the dumb witted, outrageous accusations ala News of the World sensationalism is all that is needed.

Anyway, here it is over one month later, my alleged threat to Iggle Piggle and his family that was recorded and handed to the police has resulted in… nothing.  I have received no call, no visit, no nothing.  Apparently I can violently threaten an entire family and nothing happens to me… right.

The truth is Iggle Piggle, along with the Catherine Myles, Saeb Shaath hijack team are pathological liars.  Saeb Shaath will go down as among the most treacherous and treasonous of all, he has been party to a theft of goods destined for the Samouni family.  He has acted to cut the family out altogether and this is proved by his own words, he is a traitor in this regard.


“The best thing is to make Trade Not Aid block Aloha Palestine and Samouni Project.” – Saeb Shaath July 25, 2011

Never mind me, this has never been a personal dispute, this is about infiltration, lies and Zionist styled treachery, taken right out of the Zionist handbook.  But despite the early success of this plan it is beginning to crumble, and soon enough even the idiots are going to take a big bite of humble pie and admit, “I was a flippin idiot!”  Bank on this.

And a special note of shame shall go to any and all Muslims who bought into, fed or spread this backbiting and slander, something that every genuine Muslim knows is expressly condemned in Islam.  Here is an example of how you have been played, by a false Muslim like Catherine Myles;

Catherine Myles pretending to be a Muslim in order to dupe less intelligent Muslims.

This email was sent to a witness of the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid fraud and theft, this witness was subsequently unsuccessfully blackmailed by the fork tongued, false Muslim Catherine Myles.  It is just this same type of sweet-talkin, false Muslim chatter that is used to prepare the unwitting dupe into believing the next stage of slander;

Yes I am a Nazi & white supremacist with a Palestinian wife and two Palestinian children. How many Muslims believe this?

Some Muslims in particular have turned your back on a brother, me, a genuine brother who has done more than his fair share justice.  You turned your back and in a cowardly way let some false Muslim con artists spread filthy lies in true Zionist style without so much as a peep.  You have not only acted an idiot, you have partaken in a plot to steal from the Samouni family.

For my part, I deserve to be condemned for my horrible judge of character, although we must have some level of trust in order to effectively work for justice, there were things I could have done to prevent them from driving off with vehicles, cash and donated goods.  For my part I will do as I have always done, learn, grow, be that much stronger.

Slander accusing me of stealing money from the campaign.

Truth showing Catherine Myles trying to get me to keep funds for my expenses.

To my Muslim brothers and sister, with regard to what these vipers have accused me of, Allah knows the truth, as do I.  As a Muslim I believe your duty was to repel any accusation not based on verifiable fact… especially since the verifiable truth of my work for justice is undeniable.  According to my understanding of Islam a brother would have stood by me until the accusations were made consistent with the facts.  But that was never the case for too many of you.  When it comes to friends like these, they are not really friends at all.

Disgusting falseness from Catherine Myles

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful”

[al-Hujuraat 49:12]

Let me repeat one thing, I along with Allah know exactly what I have done.  I know the truth, and the truth is I could not give any more for the cause and thus I am blessed.  Only the most infantile and mentally stunted man believes that “an easy life” is a blessed life.  My life is full of challenges because I fear not the consequences.  My love of truth and justice is such that I will never sacrifice my honour, I will die with my self-respect and that is not something many people can honestly say to themselves.  To say such a thing and to have it be true requires that a person do right no matter what the cost.  I can say this… can you?

For a person to say of another, “He cannot control his tongue (or he has a loose tongue)” is undoubtedly one of those things that a person would dislike to have said about him. If it is true, then it is gheebah (backbiting), and if it is not true then it is buhtaan (slander).

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2317

Simply praying five times a day does not a Muslim make, even I know this as a non-Muslim.  With regard to Catherine Myles or Saeb Shaath I have spent considerable time with both, months together all tolled, and I have seen neither pray even once, much less act like a Muslim in terms of honesty, fairness, loyalty and justice.

Disgusting falseness from Saeb Shaath (Birthday Card to me 4 days before he and Catherine Myles instigated the theft of the Samouni Project/Trade Not Aid.

And this brings me to my last point on this matter, does it matter that I am not a Muslim?  The Islamaphobes want people to believe that deep down all Muslims see non-Muslims as infidels and much like the Talmudic version of Judaism, the fingernail of a Jew/Muslim, is worth more than all of the goy/infidel life.  To some Muslims I have never truly been a brother, I am simply a non-Muslim, slandered and easily abandoned despite the good work I have done and continue to do for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

So read the above post again (removed by Facebook) and know that Iggle Piggle and that whole clan are nothing but a pack of lying thieves, and know that I will recover most of the stolen goods, but not all, because WE did not confront these miscreants as We should have.

No worries, a few good people and myself are doing the work that needs to be done, the Samouni family will have justice, and the mission I created will achieve its goal, because WE shall indeed make it so.

As a last note here, I have far too much fruitful and important work to spend much more time on the assets and agents of deception and or defending myself.  The only real reason I am doing this is to help people understand the nature of deception and how it is used to divide and control.  It is important we understand these methods and what is happening to me offers a great opportunity to educate those who are otherwise oblivious to these tactics.  The lying and slandering, infiltrating and subverting strategy is an immensely effective one and it has prevented much good work from being done.  Learn through me and let us become wiser and stronger together.

The divide and rule strategy is essential to the maintenance of tyranny, we as people must transcend the artificial barriers put between us by these tyrants and realise that we are all part of one human family, our collective fate inseparably intertwined. Using lies to foster division is as old as tyranny itself, they are one and the same because a people in the knowledge of the truth could never be so stupid as to fight each other while the tyrants look down on them as the dupes they are. This is our prison, and only we can free ourselves from our self-imposed prison.


Truth & Lies – Why Dale Farm Matters Promo Video

The Irish traveler community of Dale Farm in England are facing a forced eviction, they are also facing a racist system that falsely claims that the residents of Dale Farm are flouting the law. That is a lie, and the truth will be set out in the full documentary set to be released on October 1, 2011.

I agree with Martin Luther King Jr. who all too rightly said “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.” Those of us who care about justice should care about the nearly 90 families facing eviction at Dale Farm, this documentary intends to prove why that is the case. TJP – Ken O’Keefe


Announcing the Gaza to Ireland Youth Exchange

I am beyond excited to announce that we are formalising a partnership that will ensure one of my fondest goals shall be achieved, that of a youth exchange between the children of Gaza and those of Europe. I am even more excited because we are focusing on the youth of Gaza as well as Belfast and Free Derry in the North of Ireland. These kids, ages 15 to 18, all know what violent conflict is about, and all of them deserve a chance to play with and understand their brothers and sisters from distant but all too similar conflict zones.

The measure of our success

Our success will be measured in smiles and laughter and the building of bonds akin to creating a cherished extended family… and we will succeed.

I have wanted to do this for years, giving serious motivation to youth workers in an attempt to make it happen, trying through volunteers to get a program written up and funding to make it so. But with all that I was doing I simply had not managed to secure the right partners and funding, until now that is.

Myself and my partners are now entered into an agreement in principle with Mr. Maamon Hashem Khozendar, a prominent businessman and philanthropist from Gaza. As a resident of Gaza, Mr. Khozender is also witness to the atrocities committed by Israel against the 800,000 plus children there. His people are providing logistical support in Gaza and my team are partnered with people in the North of Ireland who are doing the same. In Gaza and Ireland we are working to identify eight youth to be part of our first exchange.

First we plan to fly the kids from Ireland to Gaza (via Egypt), or possibly carry them on our convoy from London to Gaza in July of this year. After roughly two weeks of educational tours and fun based activities with four youth from Gaza, all will return to Ireland for similar activities there. Mr. Khozendar will be providing the facilities and funds in both Gaza and Ireland and we have high hopes that the program will soon be expanded; which indeed it will if support from people of goodwill is what I think it will be.

I would love to see 50 or 100 children at a time for each exchange, but we shall start with eight kids, and work our way up from there. Plans are flexible, but again we are looking at two weeks in Ireland, two weeks in Gaza, with ongoing support to facilitate continuing communications and hopefully, regular reunions.

If you live in the North of Ireland and wish to nominate a child for this exchange or support this project in meaningful ways, please contact me at Together we are going to do something truly special and everyone will get to see the initial results by July at the latest.




One for the Women

This is one of those very unplanned articles born out of inspiration in Egypt.

I arrived in Egypt after being blocked by the Egyptian security services four separate times over the course of nearly three months.  During this period, with an easy opportunity for attention and exposure, I kept my mouth almost completely shut.  In the meantime I have quietly done what I could to depart Gaza and return to my family and to join my wife for the birth of our second child.  Instead I was repeatedly blocked, missed the birth of our child and have been unable to give emotional, physical and even financial support to my family.  All the while it has never been lost on me that this is only a small fraction of the injustice thrust upon Palestinians every single day.

The blessing in this is that the Samouni Project and other very promising work has transpired, due directly to me ending up in Gaza longer than planned.  I am always keen to turn negatives into positives, and that is exactly what I have done.

In this extra time in Gaza, being separated from my wife and family I have become that much more aware of how ultimately blessed I am as a man.  What my wife endures, all too often without any tangible support from me, is a man who is gone much of the time, who works every single day when he is absent or around, a man who earns almost no money and who by the nature of his work brings danger not just to himself, but possibly to her and our family.  When you add all this up, I have a gem of a woman, the best kind of woman (in my mind anyway), a Palestinian woman, a shining example of womanhood.

It is said that behind every great man you will find a great woman.  I do not look at myself as a great man per se, but I do see the greatness of the women in my life, and if I do indeed succeed in my ultimate goals, you can thank these women every bit as much as me.  They have played the essential role in my character development, they are Goddesses, the fabric of a healthy society and responsible for the most important job that exists, that of being a mother.

My mother, my first great blessing in life.

My mother, my grandmother, and my wife are such women; all of them have shown me a love that is boundless and unconditional.  Because of them, more than any other factors in my life, I hold great love for my fellow human beings and all life in general.  When you combine true love with the understanding of a women’s intimate relationship and experience with injustice, you will be empowered.  The strength that myself and countless others exhibit in the face of the sadistic tyrants and their minions in this world, is derived in great part by the beauty and essence of the women in our lives.  I feel sorry for the lowly men trapped in the simplistic attraction of the sexual essence of a woman, there is so much more, so, so much more, and to know women as I do is to know the whole beauty of them.

I had no plans to write about women when I arrived in Cairo, but something happened and a link in my mind was made between the Egyptian Revolution and the cause of women in general.  And I am always keen to link causes, always.  I have met many people since arriving in Cairo and what has been communicated to me is that the revolution continues as a non-stop endeavor.  I have been told the demands of the revolution are beginning to center around financial justice, workers rights and an egalitarian tax system that would result in a redistribution of wealth.  The achievement of these demands would inevitably lift countless millions of Egyptians out of the deep poverty that Western cultural imperialism and Egyptian corruption have relegated them to.

As fate would have it I watched a movie in Cairo that developed a link worthy of sharing.  I seriously recommend this movie to everyone, but especially to women.  And though it may seem the message of the movie centers around equal pay for women, I have to disagree.  I believe the central theme is justice, and as Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The movie is called ‘Made in Dagenham’, watch it, breathe it in and realize that the struggle for equal pay in Britain, the struggle for redistribution of wealth in Egypt, and every struggle you can think of has just one thing obstructing justice, and that would be unity.  In the movie men and women of the workers unions united, despite the best efforts of the sell-outs, and in the end men and women united and gained.  That is the secret waiting to be figured out by us, we all have the same cause, when we unite, we can achieve anything.

I supported the Egyptian Revolution from the moment I heard of it, which was before it officially began, and that explains the reason I have been blocked by the security services up till now.  But I want Egypt to know, and the workers of England to know, as well as the Palestinians, the American’s, the students, the oppressed everywhere, to know, that you all have the same struggle, against the same centralized enemy.  Think critically, open your heart, shed the fear, and you will know this to be true.

If you see the world the way I do, and I know I am not alone in this, you will see the methods of divide and rule are everywhere.  The powers that be know all too well that we, the masses, the working class, the immigrants, the women, the blacks, the Hawaiians (kanaka maoli), the Palestinians and the occupied, oppressed and violated from all around the world are all fighting the same system.  God help the tyrants should we ever figure this out, because the moment we do, we will begin to experience the sweet taste of justice and the liberation of a dignified life.

And so I go back to the women, the massive numbers of women who have been raped and beaten and exploited and violated, and yet they do what women do, they are moms.  They look after us, love us, nurture us and support us, they shelter us from a cruel world.  God help the child whose mother does not fulfill this role, I reckon you can explain to one degree or another the level of insanity in our collectively insane world, by the success or failure of the mothers in every child’s life.

Zeinat Samouni, a great, great mother.

I was blessed in this regard, my children are equally blessed, and now I finally see my failure as a man, my failure to be the father and husband, something that every woman and child deserves.  As I return home to my family, after 8 months of absence, during almost the entire pregnancy of our second child, I vow to give the time and support my family deserves.  I will finally find the balance of time for my family and time for the cause.  I will not sacrifice my family for the cause any longer, I cannot, simply because I cannot respect myself as a man, when I chose my woman, impregnated her , while not honouring the commitment and responsibility that this inherently involves.

You will see less of me on Facebook and Twitter, but you will get more from me in the end.  Leadership by example is a principle I believe in to the hilt, and to be a good father and husband is essential for me if I am to be considered a leader.

For those of pure heart and genuine support, know this, as I achieve greater success in my stated goals, I am all too predictably to be increasingly attacked by the idiots and agents.  It seems the central charge, although there are so many, is that I do what I do for money and fame.  Make no mistake; the timing of these attacks is not accidental.  This latest round of attacks began just days after the birth of our second son, while I was involuntarily thousands of miles away from my wife.  This attack included an extra charge that I was committing adultery, again within days of my wife giving birth… alone.  Whether Zionists initiated this attack or not, they would be the first to cheer it on.

What can one say who is the target of such libel?  Not many are willing to subject themselves to this type of poison, but putting yourself out there on the chopping block is inevitable should you walk the path that I do.  Again it comes down to the love given to me by the women in my life.  Does a mother abandon her child because her own life or character is at risk?  Of course not, and so it is I will not abandon my brothers and sisters in Palestine, Hawaii, Iraq, Afghanistan, and indeed America and every corner of the Earth were people endure injustice.  We are all family, flawed as we may be, and I am a brother, and I will act as such.

Through the women in my life I have been given love that has afforded me the self-respect so many others can only yearn to know.  Rest assured, I will not abandon my mission for a better world, no matter how vicious the attacks on me.  I prefer to die, as a mother does to protect her vulnerable child, then live and turn my back on my brothers and sisters who constitute my human family.  And the women in my life are every bit as strong as myself, and they too will not be swayed by attacks on me or even themselves.

As for the slander directed at me, slander flying in the face of the facts, those of you who subscribe to this garbage make yourselves out to be dupes and fools.  You are indeed a significant part of the problem.  Do not get me wrong, nobody should be followed blindly, myself included.  Never should a person abandon critical thinking.  But to ignore the obvious commitment a person like myself has shown, by words spoken and deeds carried out, to buy into the slander leveled at me simply because supposed “allies” say it is so, is a disgrace.  In doing this you feed tyranny and division, you attack a brother who has put his life on the line numerous times.  It really is a disgrace, especially since most if not all of you have never risked what I or my family have.

The dupes fail to see that anyone who stands as I do against injustice, especially if they are getting results and inspiring others to act, will be attacked.  They fail to understand the method of divide and rule through slander and liable.  Wake up, smell the coffee, stop being dupes and join the struggle or identify yourselves as the agents of the enemy you are, unwittingly or not.

As the character Forest Gump says in the movie of the same title, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

As yet another means of educating the idiots I shall take an extraordinary step.  My wife and family and all of my closest friends already know this truth, but some of you are suckered into doubting it.  My path has meant an enormous amount of unpaid work; spiritually rewarding I must say, but the vast majority of it unpaid.  And yes many people have helped my along the way, so that I could do what I do.  The result however, in travelling this dubious, perilous path, for my wife and kids, is a sacrifice in which they are deprived of the resources required for financial security.  I could make money a priority, but I have not.  Nonetheless, I am not willing to subject them to this insecurity any longer; accused or not of doing what I do for money, I will secure a modest paycheck earned out of an honourable and altruistic job.  My benefits will derive from the benefits of others.  If you see me sporting flashy cars and living in a mansion, then you will have every right to sling mud my way, but bank on this, that will never happen.  Riches for me are measured in terms of what you give, not what you take. And in this sense, I am one of the richest men on the planet, I will continue to give everything I have, except my self-respect.

And as I venture to earn this pay, to honour my duty as a father and a husband, I will submit my bank statements for the world to see.  Thus you will all be able to see that while I have risked life and limb, as do so many others, I have done so with little to no reward in financial terms; and yet some very stupid or very evil people, have been spreading the lie, that I do what I do for money.  I do not say this to defend myself, really I don’t, I say this to help others understand, because enough of us must understand in order to create a better world.

But I am telling all the idiots right now; I will not take on the full time job of responding to every spurious claim made about me.  After I show my bank statements, the next charge will be that I have taken cash payments which were never deposited.  How will I prove this false?  The answer is there is no way to disprove this, and that is why such charges will inevitably come.  The idiots will buy it, I do accept this, but the thinking people, those not clouded by jealousy, insecurity, cynicism and outright stupidity, you are the ones I am talking to now.  You are the ones that matter, idiots do as idiots do, it is irrelevant as long as thinking, conscientious people do what they can do.  And that really is the question, will enough of us do what we are capable of doing?

I have made it a goal of mine to help the stupid people who bite hook, line and sinker into the slander written and said about me, and I will help you.  I will help you see the character assassination trash for what it is, and how it makes the Zionists and the tyrants smile.  But I will not dedicate limitless time to this endeavor.  I will do it because I know many of the idiots, like myself when I was a US Marine, are not bad people.  You are just stupid, and easily manipulated, a crime worth forgiving.  Like myself 20 years ago you deserve some love and effort, how could I not extend to you what was given to me when I was once you?

But the rest of you, the insidiously false “allies”, you I am happy to expose.  You are often the neo-liberal wanker “activists”, you make us Western people of good heart look like the enemy.  You are even worse then the direct enemies, at least they are much more honest about where they stand.  You on the other hand are the people who destroy the capacity of good people in the West to express genuine brotherhood and sisterhood with our non-Western family.  The damage you do is incalculable, and exposing you is a task of significant importance.

And so I return to the women, the women in my life are the core of my strength.  Ultimate love and respect to all the sane and beautiful women out there.  In me you have a brother or a son, look at me as you would your blood brother or your beloved son, and I in turn I shall give what you deserve of me.  You, the true woman, you are our greatest hope; you are at the center of a just and peaceful future, I am born of you, and I will die of you.


Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine, Trade Not Aid

Today my team heard from mothers, fathers and children of the Samouni family their story of the Hell on Earth created by Operation Cast Lead.  Twenty-nine people were killed in this family: children shot in front of parents, parents shot in front of children, 97 people in one home blasted to bits by rockets and mortars.  They were made to live amongst the mutilated and dead for several days; while ambulances were kept away some died slowly over hours and even days. 

Ken O’Keefe (Gaza, March 2011)

Our Mission
Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine (SIP) is a social enterprise international trade mission. We endeavour to catalyse the end of Gaza’s charitable dependency through import and export trade.  We do not seek simply to alleviate the suffering of the people in Gaza. Our ultimate objective is to eliminate preventable, blockade-derived suffering.  We recognise the loss of dignity that is inherent in compelling a people to live on aid.  We are focused on the root of the problem and thus we are committed to replacing aid with trade.

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine logo

Our motives are humanitarian and non-profit. Our objective is to regularly transport people and cargo through Rafah Crossing without obstruction, which is an essential prerequisite for viable trade.  In the long-term, our goal is for Gaza to be rebuilt with its infrastructure functioning to capacity, for an egalitarian economy to develop and a transformation from despair to prosperity to take place.

First Board Meeting for the Samouni Project

Our Method
We will take an international trade convoy from London on July 2, 2011, intending to arrive in Gaza on July 22.  Among our drivers will be members of the Samouni family.  Our cargo will include raw materials such as textiles and building materials, industrial machinery and equipment geared towards economic development and the rebuilding of Gaza.  Upon offloading our cargo we will immediately begin to reload our trucks with ‘Made in Palestine’ products. Our task then will be to export these products to markets abroad.

Aloha Palestine CIC & the Samouni Project

This convoy is comprised of two primary partners, Aloha Palestine CIC and the Samouni Project.  Both are EU registered, non-profit companies, with Aloha Palestine being a community interest trading company.

The Samouni Project mission is to provide long-term quality education along with community services to over 200 members of the Samouni family, as well as residents of the surrounding community of Zeitoun in Gaza.  To date the Samouni Project has planted an olive tree orchard, built a playground, procured our classroom/community centre, and recruited teaching staff who are currently developing the curriculum.  In addition, we have painted the classroom and collected textbooks, computers, arts and crafts, school supplies, a microscope, telescope, globe, screen projector, and musical instruments in order to create a welcoming and well-supplied classroom.  Our next essential task is to transport all these materials from London and to secure running costs for teaching staff and administration of approximately £2400 a month.

Samouni family members authorising Samouni Project Mission

The aims of the Samouni Project complement and empower the mission of Aloha Palestine, whose function is to transport the cargo in order to complete the classroom and begin classes.  Any attempt to block Aloha Palestine will be publicised as highly injurious to the Samouni family, and tantamount to denying this family and its children the education they deserve.

Trade Not Aid
Many people do not appreciate the damage caused to a society when citizens are compelled to live long-term on hand-outs as opposed to being able to provide for themselves.  Normally aid is provided to people in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  But in the case of Gaza it is political corruption and the failure to defeat this corruption that has resulted in the people of Gaza enduring more than four years as a charitable dependency.  The result of this is devastating. In simple terms the parents are not only unable to protect their children from Israeli aggression, but are also incapable of providing even the bare essentials without aid.  Children become both witnesses to and victims of this reality. Many begin to lose respect for their parents, which in turn causes parents to suffer from diminishing self-respect and depression.  If no other options exist and aid becomes institutionalised, as it has become in Gaza, people begin to see it as their only means to live. Dignity is stolen from the recipients, and an insidiously destructive weapon becomes self-feeding, destroying a society from within.

At the root of this all is the blockade and the inability to conduct trade.  At a certain point, it becomes arguably criminal to relegate people to living on hand-outs.  SIP’s position is that Palestinians are more than capable of standing on their own two feet, but our collective failure to direct our energy at the root of the problem has relegated them to the status of beggars.  Doctors and engineers are picking up trash in Gaza today because it is the only job they can find.  And they are the lucky ones who at least have a job.  SIP intends to confront the problem head-on, to strike at the heart of the problem and eliminate this injustice by proactive, as opposed to reactive, means.

Wael Samouni holding the first Samouni export of Chilies

Social Enterprise

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine is a social enterprise collaboration. The nature of a social enterprise is to confront social problems and effect solutions through intelligent business models. Contrary to the standard business model, financial profits are not “the bottom line”.  The key here is self-sufficiency and social impact.  Social Enterprises do not rely upon donations for survival; this makes them much less susceptible to coercion from large donors.

Most of all, success for a social enterprise is measured by it’s impact on society.

SIP’s success will translate to the creation of jobs in Egypt, Europe and Palestine and intrinsically, stimulating the economies of each nation.  Among the Palestinian jobs created in Gaza, 10 positions for teachers, counsellors and administrators for the Samouni Project’s education program, 2 positions for truck drivers, both to be filled by men of the Samouni family.  Within our business model we work with the Palestinians as partners, as equals, not benefactors.

As the Managing Director of the Samouni Project I answer to the members of the company, who happen to be the Samouni family, if I do not carry out their will, they have the power to remove me.

The "Mukhtar" gives direction for the Samouni Project

We are not a charity; we are a partnership of Palestinians and internationals working together for common and mutually agreeable goals.  Together we have the wisdom of Palestinian culture, the understanding of the Western market and mind-set. We are young and old, we are Internet and social media savvy, and we have significant backing from around the globe.

Make no mistake, the people of Palestine have determined SIP’s priorities and they are the primary stakeholders in our mission.  As a social enterprise our success will not be measured by profits. It will be measured by the ability of the people of Gaza to work in dignified jobs, create and run their own businesses, rebuild their homes and factories, conduct international trade profitably, and develop their economy in order to shed their charitable dependency status.  That is our ultimate mission.

Ken O'Keefe takes direction for the Samouni Project


All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

We are committed to manifesting the transformation of the world’s largest open-air prison into a thriving Mediterranean metropolis.  We will not celebrate the ‘breaking of the siege’ upon arrival in Gaza; instead we will offload our cargo, reload our trucks with cargo ‘Made in Palestine’, and then set off to export these products to markets abroad.  Then we will repeat the cycle.

Ultimately this is a matter of the people of Gaza being able to exercise self-determination, which inherently includes the ability to conduct viable international trade and commerce.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

The declaration is intended to establish a comprehensive Euro-Mediterranean partnership in order to turn the Mediterranean into a common area of peace, stability and prosperity through the reinforcement of political dialogue and security, an economic and financial partnership and a social, cultural and human partnership.

Euro-Mediterranean Partnership/Barcelona Declaration

Reading the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) agreements reveals continuous proclamations compelling respect for “human rights”, “democracy”, “free-trade” and “shared prosperity”.

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership claims to focus on three key objectives:

·      fostering “peace and stability”

·      “promote understanding between cultures and exchanges between civil societies”

·      and the “creation of an area of shared prosperity” in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Under the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Israel has done extremely well, prospering to the tune of roughly 25bn Euros a year in trade with the EU.  Palestinians, on the other hand, conduct a miniscule amount of trade by comparison.  Even worse, the people of Gaza are almost completely barred from international trade and have been made to endure a brutal and illegal blockade for over four years.

Adding insult to injury, the Palestinians of Gaza are compelled by lack of choice to increase the profitability of their Israeli oppressors by buying the products Israel exports to Palestine.

Samouni Children

EU Obligations with Regard to the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

There are 27 Member States of the European Union who have entered into treaties that mandate a ‘Free Trade Zone’ in the Euro-Mediterranean region.  The multi-lateral and bi-lateral treaties are contracts with ‘partner countries’ in the region. These countries include Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, all of which we will travel through en route to Gaza.  Importantly, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership includes a treaty between the EU and the Palestinian Authority, identifying the ‘Palestinian Territories’ as a partner country, under this treaty, import/export bans are prohibited and free trade is sacrosanct, at least when it comes to Israel.

Legal precedents have been established to protect against import/export bans.  Over the course of two years Aloha Palestine has been committed to due diligence by investing nearly one third of its entire budget on legal advice, with emphasis in public international law, human rights law, and international trade law.  We have retained some of the top legal minds in preparation for the trade mission we are set to conduct this June.

Cultural Imperialism
Cultural imperialism is domination through policies that exploit the economic and/or technological superiority of one over the other, in this case the West over the Arab world.  The EU and Israel are partners in cultural imperialism and the EMP has been one of their primary tools, especially with regard to Palestine.  No significant challenge to this injustice has been conducted by trading with Palestine as Israel does with the EU, but that is exactly what SIP intends to do.  We shall challenge the cultural imperialism of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership while citing the agreement itself.  And we shall expose the hypocrisy of the EU should it not protect the interests of an EU-based trading company.

SIP intends to have top attorneys on retainer, prepared to take legal action should SIP be blocked or unjustly delayed.

Historic Role of the European Union

As an occupying power controlling Gaza’s air, land and sea space, Israel has been in grave breach of its obligations under international law.  In addition, Israel has continuously violated the stated principles of the Euro–Mediterranean Partnership.  Despite this, the EU has supported Israel without pause, firmly establishing its complicity in the crimes committed against the people of Gaza.  Making this particularly reprehensible is the presence of over 800,000 children in Gaza.  The reality is that innocent children in the eyes of the EU do not warrant even a fraction of the favour that the EU affords Israel.

The justification for the EU’s complicity in Israeli crimes is the democratic election in which Hamas came to power, since Hamas is listed as a terrorist organisation.  A worthwhile comparison to Hamas however would be the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the African National Congress (ANC), both of which were deemed to be terrorist entities, both eventually having the opportunity to utilise politics as an alternative to violent resistance.  Hamas, however, has repeatedly been denied this opportunity, despite making repeated offers for a long-term truce and a negotiated settlement.

It bears repeating, the EU has collaborated in collectively punishing the people of Gaza while rewarding the state that is guilty of the crime.

As an EU-based company, Aloha Palestine will demand the right to trade with Palestine just as other EU companies trade with Israel.  If the EU fails to do this, we will employ every means possible to expose the EU not just for complicity, but active participation in the collective punishment of the people of Gaza.

Egyptian Blockade of Gaza
It must be said that the Israeli-led blockade of Gaza is in itself useless unless Egypt conducts its own blockade of Gaza.  Under Mubarak Egypt did precisely that, justifying the blockade by citing agreements brokered for Israeli/US interests and at a terrible cost to Palestinians.  However with the rising of the people of Egypt and the subsequent fall of Hosni Mubarak, the people of Egypt, especially the youth movements, hold the key to Gaza’s future.

First Bag of Cement through Rafah Crossing Since Blockade

Egypt’s new Foreign Minister Nabil al Arabi has stated that the time to end the Egyptian blockade of Gaza is now, and he further clarified that the blockade “is contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law which prohibits the siege of civilians, even in times of war.”

In this context we shall cooperate with the post-Mubarak government so as to ensure the economic and human rights of the people of Palestine are finally respected.  On April 28 2011 Egypt formally announced the end of the Egyptian blockade. The stage is set for SIP to conduct a historic mission that should spell the end of a shameful chapter in Egypt’s history.

The timing of our mission could hardly be better.

Regional Security

…it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law…

 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

SIP’s position is that respect for human rights, ending of the blockade, normalising trade and the establishment of legitimate security procedures at the Rafah Border Crossing is in the best interest of security for every nation in the region.  We argue that by reviving the crippled economy of Gaza/Palestine and boosting the ailing economy of Egypt, stability through prosperity will develop.  Stability is a prerequisite for security and we must not ignore the fact that corrupt economic and political systems, inequitable distribution of wealth and the deep poverty that results, are at the heart of the civil unrest reshaping the Middle East at this critical point in human history.  Therefore, the development of the Egyptian and Palestinian economies is essential for a just and peaceful Middle East.

Safe Trade

Aloha Palestine is committed to enhancing regional security by conducting Safe Trade:

 The commercial exchange of non-hazardous items; trade that stimulates economic growth while posing no danger to society. Trade involving transparency, fairness and social responsibility that fosters prosperity while enhancing security in the regions of the world in which it is conducted.

Unlike the free trade that is conducted between Israel, the EU and the United States, there will be no trading of weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction.

SafeTrade - No Guns - No WMD

… recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world…

 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine is indeed a trade mission, but our motives are grounded in humanitarian principles.  While the past is characterised by a system of tyranny, concentrated wealth, power in the hands of the most corrupt and violent, and ceaseless suffering and injustice, the future holds great promise for a better world.

Like the mythical phoenix, a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal, we see Gaza/Palestine at the end of its period of fire. From the ashes Gaza will be rebuilt, and the people will rise to claim their inherent right of self-determination.  And it will start with connecting Gaza to the world once more with viable international trade.

Slander vs. Sanity

The last week and a half has been increasingly entertaining, albeit in a seriously dangerous way.  First I had the head of an Irish charity send me a message threatening to expose me as a fraudster and extortionist.  My plan, apparently, involved producing a video of a poor and suffering child in Gaza (Areej) and soliciting funds to be given not to me, but to the Irish charity.  Then I would extort the money from the family by use of a Palestinian collaborator (a Facebook “friend”), but of course, only after the charity gave them the money I had raised with the video.  They never really explained why I had the money sent to their charity in the first place.

I responded to the threat by posting her accusations on Facebook and soliciting facts about how much money was sent to the charity.  I then visited the family to hear their side of the story.

Revisiting Areej & family in order to get to the bottom of what I am being accused of.

A few days later I received the following email through a close friend and Chief Legal Advisor to Aloha Palestine CIC, the non-profit social enterprise I set up in 2008 to conduct trade with Palestine.


I am wondering of you are still acting for Ken O’Keefe – you are still on his Aloha (Palestine) Website. I wish to sue him from here to eternity and want to be sure where to send the letters.

Kind regards, 

Felicity Arbuthnot.

I responded on April 26th with the following.

Aloha Felicity,

First off let me thank you and all the others who are a continuous source of motivation, I simply could not have done all that I am doing without you. 

FYI; Daniel Machover is a dear friend and has been invaluable for Aloha Palestine’s mission, but he will be of no use to you with regard to any legal matters directed at me.  He is not my personal legal counsel.   

I have been living in Gaza for 5 months now and I can receive mail at our Samouni Project address;

Samouni Project 

Al-xxxxxx Street

Gaza City

Gaza Strip

Palestinian Authorities

DHL is just about the only way for delivery, I should have the papers in less than a week if you can get them in the mail right away.  Wish that there were a quicker way, but I will just have to wait unless you would be so kind as to send me an email copy as well.  That would be lovely, can’t wait to hear from you, please do keep up the good work. 


Ken O’Keefe   

I am awaiting Felicitiy’s response.

Now Felicity is one of the many figures in and around the Human Shield Action to Iraq that I created in late 2002.  She is also one of the “seasoned activist” nut cases whose mission in life is to convince the world that the devil incarnate is alive, and his name is Ken O’Keefe.

Joining the circus yesterday was another Facebook “friend”, one who had supposedly put me in her will as the beneficiary of her land in Texas.  In a shocking turnaround, over the course of less than 24 hours, she realised that my upcoming trade mission to Gaza was merely a ploy to exploit the suffering of the Palestinians in order for me to make “millions”.  She provided no evidence of this, but also decided to name my wife several times and stated that I was committing adultery here in Gaza; all this just 4 days after my wife gave birth in London… without me.

In the case of accusing me of having sex with women in Gaza, this accusation puts me, and the woman I know here at serious risk.  The accusation of a married, non-Muslim man, committing adultery with Palestinian women is reckless endangerment at best, a willful intent to do harm at worst.

Should I be compelled to dignify these charges with a response?  I think not.  But for the sake of everyone’s safety, I categorically condemn such charges as criminal and 100% false.

UPDATE – I have just been given messages sent to two other Facebook friends in which the following was said;

OMG!!!!! I had that go through my mind to!! Because, ken has taken money from everyone! In the thousands! Wonder how much he got from Vik (Vittorio Arrigoni)!!! There is this other guy that is going with ken and I know he is going to die while he is there. He put $45,000 dollars into ken just a few days ago. And he will be along side Ken. I think it will be easier for Ken to kill him than be obligated to him for the money or even pay him back some of the money. Ken is suppose to make millions on the gig and the guy who put in $45,000 is promised that he will get a little something back. But, I don’t this this (sic) guy will make it back alive. – Jo Ann Wescott

Jo Ann Wescott’s profile picture complete with my TJP logo.

Two of these cases involve Facebook hero worshippers becoming highly injurious to my interests, with the latter case becoming as hateful as a jilted lover… despite me never having never met her personally.

So what does all this mean?  Well I guess from the point of view of those who are not me, and thus do not know the truth as only God and myself can know it, questions will arise, doubts will form.  And that’s really the point now isn’t it?

The other point of slander is to divert attention from more useful matters, such as setting up the Samouni family classroom and community centre, or from challenging the Israeli blockade of Gaza on every level.

It goes without saying that the real winners in a slander campaign like this is the enemies of Palestine.  When you say and do the things I do, there is simply no way to secure the favour of everyone, to the contrary, the Zionist and American imperialists and their minions will come after you.

I accept this, I really do, I have never been one for popularity contests and I have always chosen quality over quantity.  Idiot allies are liabilities more than friends; I count myself lucky to shed them.  I also realize that my path is inherently dangerous, with the ever-present possibility of torture, kidnapping, imprisonment and death by murder.  So slander is, quite frankly, a rather mild and amusing tactic of my enemies.  But there can be no ignoring the fact that the frequency of these attacks, and I am sure moving forward, the intensity of the attacks, will run parallel to my increasing ability to get good and meaningful things done for the cause of justice.

In my chosen path success is inherently proportionate to risk, so over the coming weeks I volunteer myself as a sort of human bait, my mission, to lure the nut cases, to expose the nature of subversion through slander.  Together we shall take a course in how it works and who is behind it.

Lesson number one, the actual agents who direct slander campaigns, those working for MI6, CIA, Mossad and other so-called “intelligence” agencies, they and their tactics are rendered useless without the presence of the most important element for successful subversion, and that would be… the idiots.

Make no mistake, the idiot is the key to subversion, and we as a movement have a ready supply.  Indeed they are pervasive throughout our so-called “movement”. Without the idiots, or as I choose to refer to them, the clowns who comprise the circus, the agents of tyranny would easily be exposed and their tactics rendered utterly useless.  This being one massive step in the right direction.

Thankfully, more and more of us are capable of using our brain and thus we aware of the tried and true tactics of divide and rule; in other words, more and more of us are not idiots.  This is promising, gives me increased confidence that we as a people are about to behold a great irony, that we are indeed our own gatekeepers, holding the keys to the prison to which we have constructed for ourselves, haplessly awaiting liberation at the behest of some illusory saviour.

It has been said, “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”  Ain’t that the truth.  You gotta laugh really, if you fail to maintain a sense of humour, end up taking all this madness to seriously, you will indeed become a participant in the collective state of insanity that defines human kind for many millennia.  We are indeed nuts; clowns in our own mad circus.

As amusing as it all is, and it is amusing, I am wanting for something more, something sane, something just, something human.  And then I look to the younger ones and I smile.  I look to them and I see those who are leading the Arab revolutions.  I look to them and see the coming Global revolution.  Whereas I was part of Generation X, I see them as Generation TJP.  The next generation is bringing Truth Justice & Peace and I can see it all too clearly.  They are the younger ones, and they just aren’t buying the bullshit.

I do not intend to be one of the old farts feeling nostalgic about yesterday’s world; yesterday’s world is bullshit.  The “War on Terror”, “austerity measures”, presidential and prime ministerial puppets, economic slavery and the prostitution of journalism, all of it, bullshit.

Instead I intend to collaborate with the younger ones, the ones of wisdom and integrity, people who are breaking free of the chains of indoctrination and ignorance, who can see the forest through the trees and who know a brother when they see one.

As long as I am on Facebook I accept that the nutters and the false allies will stalk me, but as long as I continue to enjoy the benefits of working with people of conscience in the creation of a better world, it is worth it.

Through me, let us look at the clowns as entertainment, and try not to get to distracted.

Stay tuned for the executive summary of my “millionaire” making trade convoy, to be announced in the next 24 hours.


Samouni Family Responds to Goldstone Backtrack on Israeli War Crimes

During Operation Cast Lead Israel committed massive war crimes for all the world to see.  Among these crimes the use of White Phosphorus in densely populated areas, use of Depleted Uranium, bombing civilian targets of all sorts without military necessity, destroying civilian infrastructure with no military justification and the infamous massacre of the Samouni family… among many other crimes.

In the aftermath of Cast Lead, Justice Richard Goldstone, a Zionist Jew, was commissioned by the United Nations to write a report on the alleged war crimes.  Although the report did not go nearly far enough in exposing the brutality of all the crimes committed, crimes committed by the fourth largest military in the world against a essentially defenceless and captive population, it did allege that Israel (and Hamas) was almost undoubtedly guilty of war crimes and possibly, crimes against humanity.

But on April 1st, 2011 Justice Goldstone had an apparent change of heart and effectively said that he was wrong.  With regard to the Samouni family he said, Israel simply made a mistake.  It seems that the world in which we live in, a world of impunity for the favoured Israeli state, is set to continue.  Unless of course we the people decide enough is enough. – Ken O’Keefe


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